Rain, Bathtubs, Angst, Betrayal and Cuteness Overload In The New ‘Oh My Venus’ Trailer

Not one, but TWO oppas were needed, for this sleeping giant to be awaken. For a refresher, see my ‘Hello!’ (not from the other side 😀 ) post. Now, where was I? Ah right, two oppas. My favorite drama is “History of the Salaryman” and my second fave is “Master’s Sun”. Wait, is it Christmas already? Because it surely feels like it. Sooo…I saw the ‘Oh my Venus’ trailer, so that you don’t have to! OK, who am I kidding, you HAVE to see it and it’s here, in all its goddess glory!

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Blade Man/Iron Man – Episode 1 Recap and Review


Today begins a glorious journey. The road will be paved with anxiety, angst, anger and many, many spines. Cactus Man will be mad and you won’t like him when he’s mad. Or maybe you will. Regardless, the first episode of “Blade Man”, also known as “Iron Man” and tenderly called “Cactus Man” by yours truly has just seen the light of day and I was brave enough to recap it thoroughly and review it.
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“Blade Man/Iron Man” 5-Minute Teaser (With English Subtitles) ~ Video and Review


Ohhh, guess what we have today in store for you? It’s a 5-minute teaser of “Blade Man”, previously known as “Iron Man”, but who will be called “Cactus Man” around these parts. At least the “Man” part is constant. If you want (or dare) to see the preview or read my thoughts as I am commenting on the scenes as they appear…
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Sharp Minds And Random Ramblings: “Iron Man”


Before you go all “Why are you proclaiming yourselves as being sharp?” on us, allow me to explain that the “sharp” part, more than being a display of cockiness on our behalf, is in fact a not-so-subtle pun on our K-drama of the day, called “Iron Man”. It’s an upcoming show that will take over the slot previously occupied by Joseon Gunman, starting September 10th. It tells the story of a rich man difficult to deal with, who suddenly gets the ability of sprouting knives from his body. Let this be a lesson to all those wishing to have a supernatural power: be specific! Anyway, this peculiar plot sparked quite the discussion between me and DP…
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There is a new sheriff in town!

‘ello all! *virtually waves hand*

I’m buticut – but you can call me, ehm, buticut. If you are confused about this: 1) the nickname doesn’t have any particular meaning and 2) I am a girl, although you couldn’t tell. This is to avoid the surprise of thinking that this page features a man cool enough to SQUEEEEEE over various Korean actors in a potentially outrageous manner. Nah, no surprises here, it’s just another mad day at the K-drama office.
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