It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 10 Thoughts

Young Jin: “Hidden emotional scars always make a person sick. That’s why it’s frightening.”


Jo sunbae finally gave Jae Beom the amytal injection so the “truth” behind the “murder” from 13 years ago was revealed. From the bits and pieces that we’ve been given from the previous episodes, I think most people have already figured out what happened on that fateful day. The step-dad was beating Jae Yeol again and Jae Beom, angry that his younger brother wasn’t fighting back, tried to defend Jae Yeol. Instead, the step-dad started beating Jae Beom so Jae Yeol picked up the fruit knife that on the table but in that moment, Jae Beom pushed the step-dad away who landed on the knife. Jae Yeol passed out and Jae Beom removed the knife from the step-dad as mom entered.

The twist I didn’t expect was that Jae Beom told mom that Jae Yeol stabbed the step-dad but told her to tell the police that he did it. That goes to show that Jae Beom does in fact love his younger brother a lot and did try to protect him. He thought the sentence was going to be a couple of years but when he found out that the sentence was for 11 years, he told the truth but mom remained silent and Jae Yeol pointed his finger at Jae Beom.

I’m still speechless at the fact that Jae Beom was sentenced to prison at all for what should have been deemed as an accident and an action taken in self-defense. None of the brother’s were at fault and the law failed to protect them. As Jae Yeol said when he was talking to Choi Ho:

“What’s most suspicious is the penalty sentence. They couldn’t even tell apart violence from self-defense and there was no evidence, but they laid out a sentence of eleven years in prison. I beg you. Make my brother regain his name. If you do that, I’ll respect you.”

Jae Beom continues to have my sympathy and my compassion and now I see that his anger is not uncalled for. He spent a good chunk of his life in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit and after having his truth tossed to the side, he was also questioning what is real. The part that really tugs at my heartstrings is the fact that most of his anger actually stems from a sense of betrayal. His whole life, Jae Beom was treated as a second-class son. Although he loved his younger brother, he was bound to get jealous at how different his mom treated him. All he’s ever wanted was his mom’s love so when he needed her to tell the truth and she remained silent, all he could think of was that his mom wanted to get rid of him. He thought that mom and Jae Yeol conspired together to frame him so that they could live happily together without him.

As for Jae Yeol pointing his finger towards Jae Beom, it’s sad that Jae Beom thought his brother’s motives were filled with malice. Jae Yeol was only 16 years old and he was also knocked unconscious in the aftermath of the accident. It’s understandable that his memory of the event might not totally be accurate but I don’t believe for a second that Jae Yeol was intentionally trying to frame Jae Beom. However, I am curious to to know what motivated him to say that it was his older brother at all instead of staying silent.

That’s why I love Jo sunbae’s conclusions and hypotheses from his amytal interview with Jae Beom. I’m glad that he didn’t judge either brothers and is more concerned about healing their wounds. I guess this is why it’s great that so many characters on this show are psychologists since they understand the intricacies of the mind and the pain that their patients suffer. The incident that the law deemed as murder was really just an accident. Although Jae Yeol knew that the stab could be argued as self-defense even at his young age, Jae Beom saw the accident as a murder. I really don’t know who their lawyer was because he sure did a terrible job on this case.

Mom didn’t really know what the truth was since she did walk in when Jae Beom was holding the knife so she couldn’t really say much during the court hearing. Initially, Jo sunbae thought that Jae Yeol might have mistaken the accident as a murder and therefore put the blame on Jae Beom but after having the following conversation with Jae Yeol, he knew that wasn’t the case.

Jo sunbae: “How did you know about the word ‘defense mechanism’ at age 15?”

JY: “I saw it in the news on TV. It was a case where the victim of a rape took revenge on the attacker. After seeing that the victim was announced not guilty due to actions taken out of self-defense. I was really amazed after seeing that news. The law is more gentle and fair than I thought. Although after Jae Beom’s case, my thoughts have changed.”

Since Jae Yeol knew about the terms ‘self-defense’ and ‘defense mechanism’ at the age of 15, he knew the difference between an accident and a murder so he should have known that his actions had a chance of getting a not guilty verdict in court. I’m glad Jo sunbae knows Jae Yeol enough to see that he has a deep affection for his older brother and that he’s making no attempts to hide the accident. If you think about it, Jae Yeol only picked up the knife as a way to protect his older brother who was then getting beaten by their step-dad.

I’m so glad we have Jo sunbae who knows that truth to be there to look out for Jae Yeol and help try to heal the Jang family. He sees that Jae Yeol seems like a bright and positive person but no person, especially a child, can go through such a traumatic experience without being hurt in the process. Jae Yeol definitely needs help; his attempt to block out this incident has given him both physical and mental injuries so I’m glad that he has Hae Soo and Jo sunbae to support him.

Young Jin and Jo sunbae also ask some great questions. Why did Jae Yeol falsely accuse hyung if he knew better? Is there a secret that we have yet to uncover? I’m curious to see what Jo sunbae and Choi Ho will find out after talking to the lawyer. Maybe he’s the missing link to completing this mystery…

I’m seriously sitting on the edge of my seat every time Jae Yeol interacts with Kang Woo in public. Now that Tae Yong is well aware of Jae Yeol’s hallucinations, it’s only a matter of time before everyone in his life starts to find out just how mentally unsound Jae Yeol actually is. I was surprised that Soo Kwang didn’t think more of the scene where he saw Jae Yeol talking to thin air. Why didn’t he bring it up to Hae Soo or Jo sunbae? I’m just curious to know what Tae Yong will do with this information. Hopefully he’ll tell Jo sunbae about it, and with the information he got from Hae Soo today about Jae Yeol’s compulsion to sleep in the bathroom, he’ll be able to make a more informed diagnosis.

It also seems like Jae Yeol’s grasp on sanity and reality is quickly unraveling. He’s seeing Kang Woo a lot more now and in situations where before his mind wouldn’t think of conjuring up Kang Woo’s presence. It’s like his mind wants to call for help, like he unconsciously wants people to find out about his illness so that he can begin to heal. We also see that Jae Yeol’s hand is still cramping, however, I still remain rather optimistic (in denial? perhaps…) and think that Jae Yeol actually suffers from a somatic symptom disorder; his mental illness is manifesting itself as a physical condition. I feel like his body has been slowly deteriorating from the many years of stress and trauma that his mind has created this illness and he has projected this fear onto Kang Woo as well. Until I get concrete evidence that Jae Yeol actually suffers from ALS, like a doctor’s diagnosis, I’m going to assume his symptoms are manufactured by his mind.

If the writer decides to go this route where Jae Yeol does in fact suffer from a physical illness, along with his other mental disorders, it would just be overkill. Winning the ‘Most Tragic Lead’ award is not something that writers should aspire for. Jae Yeol was abused as a child, he has OCD and suffers from hallucinations that MAY stem from schizophrenia, and to add to all that, this possibility of ALS is just way too much for one character to handle. The guy deserves a break!

On the romance front, I was glad that Jae Yeol finally told Choi Ho to stay away from Hae Soo, like a boyfriend should, and it’s great that he doesn’t kiss/sleep and tell. How many people have asked if Jae Yeol has slept with Hae Soo and he’s kept quiet each and every time. But did anyone else freak out when Choi Ho fell unconscious and wasn’t responding?

But I was sad that we got few interactions between Hae Soo and Jae Yeol since he decided to move out. Hae Soo and Jae Yeol seemed so distant from each other, physically and emotionally for the majority of the episode. It was obvious that the both of them missed each other and finds comfort in the other person’s presence but for some reason, it took 5 days before either of them reached out to the other person.

Hae Soo worries about him but she shows it in her usual gruff and cold manner. When she loves, she loves intensely although doesn’t admit it. One of my favorite parts in this episode was their heart-to-heart where they were honest with each other about what was bothering them.

Jae Yeol: “By any chance, you—are you confusing the words “I love you very much” as saying you can treat me however you like? If you are, then don’t. I think that it’s very inconsiderate.”

Hae Soo: “I should be the one saying that—not you.”

Jae Yeol: “The reason why I’m moving-”

Hae Soo: “We are dating, aren’t we?”

Jae Yeol: “Are you still confused by that, even after sleeping together? When you’re working, I ask if you’re free to talk on the phone first, and I get your permission before calling. So that I don’t interfere with the job you love. The reason I’m moving-“

Hae Soo: “-Is because you can’t work here. It’s because of work. I’m a working person, too, did you think I wouldn’t understand? Moving? Hey, even if you say that you won’t go, I’m about to push you to go.”

Jae Yeol: “But what did you mean by you’re the one who should be saying I’m inconsiderate? What does it mean by what you said earlier about not being able to be my girlfriend?”

Hae Soo: “I meant you’re inconsiderate because without eating, without sleeping, just working, you appear haggard after five days, which makes my heart hurt. My saying that I can’t be your girlfriend, as expected, your appearance now is too painful for me.”

Awwwww. It was also super sweet that when Jae Yeol heard Hae Soo’s concern for him, he had tears in his eyes and told her that it sure sounds like she loves him.

Anyways, these two seriously have some issues they need to work on. As Hae Soo said, they fight a lot and nitpick at every little thing and Hae Soo still has difficulty trusting that Jae Yeol is serious about her. I did laugh, though, when Jae Yeol was so quick to agree to her suggestion to normalize his schedule as soon as she mention that it would be for 1 night and 2 days. Someone wants some regular loving. I guess that’s not a bad compromise. I do appreciate the fact that Hae Soo is aware that when they get into fights, he’s usually the first to concede, since there’s something really sweet about that. I also laughed when she called out how atrocious his goatee looked! And is it too much for the show to let us see a little bit more action during their sexy times?!

However, I was bothered by Jae Yeol’s actions right before their honest conversation with each other. Jae Yeol was on the phone with Tae Yong but the face he had as he pushed Hae Soo away from him when she gave him a hug was a cause for alarm. As a few readers have mentioned, Jae Yeol’s transition from being lovey-dovey to hostile towards Hae Soo is too abrupt… 

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6 thoughts on “It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 10 Thoughts

  1. rarapop says:

    Thanks for the excellent review! This show has completely sucked me in and I’m glad to read your concerns and thoughts about it. Jae Yeol and Hae Soo certainly have a long way to go before they can reach a more “healthy” relationship status.

    Jae Yeol’s mental problems are keeping me on pins and needles the entire. I’m anxious to see how everyone will react once they know the truth about his hallucinations. Also, I’m right there with you hoping that his symptoms aren’t an indication of an actual physical illness. PLEASE STOP COUGHING.

    I can’t wait for the next episodes!


  2. Jill says:

    Excellent job. I love reading your thoughts and seeing things I didn’t catch myself. This is why I don’t go to DB for the recaps for this show anymore. You and Softy are the best!


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