Scavenger of Happiness 幸福的拾荒者 by 胡歌 (Preface)

Lately, I’ve been a little restless. Perhaps it’s the weather. Perhaps it’s my age. I can’t quite pinpoint the reason why. And as such, I thought about Hu Ge and this book “Scavenger of Happiness”.

“Scavenger of Happiness” is a collection of essays that Hu Ge wrote following the aftermath of the car crash that almost took his life. It recounts stories about his recovery process, stories from his childhood, etc.  He writes with a certain optimism that is befitting of a man with his inner strength. His writing is beautiful, heartfelt, deep, inspiring, and poetic. A perfect antidote to this recent slump.

Enjoy this preface and hopefully it too will inspire you.

***Please forgive any mistakes***

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Hu Ge Wins ‘Best Male Actor’ Award at Anhui TV’s ‘National Drama Festival’


Happy New Years! What a great way to start off 2016! 😀

Congratulations to Hu Ge for winning the ‘Best Male Actor’ award at the 2015 National Drama Festival! You wouldn’t believe how proud and happy I am for him. As a fan, I’ve watched him grow and improve as an actor  for 10 years now and I can honestly say that he truly deserved this award for his phenomenal performance as Mei Chang Su in Nirvana in Fire. 2015 was definitely ‘Hu Ge’s Year’ (he even got nominated for the most prestigious Feitian Awards, although he did not win). Looking forward to what 2016 has in store!

Below is the video of his beautiful and heartfelt acceptance speech and a translation:

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Free Thought Friday #4: Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang/琅琊榜) BTS/Making Of

For anyone still sad about Nirvana in Fire ending (read my review here), here’s a little pick-me-upper. Seeing the cast members mess around off camera always puts a smile on my face! 😀

Hu Ge=Fei Liu
Liu Tao=Mei Changsu
Liu Tao: Hu Ge! What are you doing?
Hu Ge: Eating mooncakes.
Liu Tao: You’ve been eating mooncakes all day! Do you know what day is today?
Hu Ge: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
Liu Tao: What should we do on the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival?
Hu Ge: Eat mooncakes.
Liu Tao: What else?!?!
Hu Ge: Look at the moon.
Liu Tao: And turn the channel to Beijing TV to watch…
Liu Tao & Hu Ge: ‘Nirvana in Fire’!
Hu Ge: Look at the moon. Watch ‘Nirvana in Fire’. Eat mooncakes. Look at the moon. Watch ‘Nirvana in Fire’ ( 😀 LOL!)

More goodies below! Image heavy 🙂

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Series Review: Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang/琅琊榜)


During the 4th century, war broke out between the feudal Northern Wei dynasty and Southern Liang dynasties, leading Liang’s General Lin Xie to take his only child, the 19 year old Lin Shu, to battle. Unexpectedly, Lin Xie was framed by a political rival, causing the unjust deaths of seventy thousand Chiyan army soldiers, just after they drove off the hostile Wei forces.

After barely escaping with his life, Lin Shu establishes the Jiangzuo Alliance with the help of Langya Hall and makes a name for himself as Mei Changsu, chief of the pugilist world. Under the alias of Su Zhe, he returns to the capital of Liang 12 years on to overturn the injustices imposed on the Chiyan Army and secretly assist his friend the unfavoured Prince Xiao Jingyan in his battle for the throne. (source dramawiki) 

Main Cast:

Hu Ge as Mei Changsu/ Su Zhe/ Lin Shu***
***I will be alternating between these names where I see appropriate
Liu Tao as Princess Nihuang of Yunnan
Wang Kai as Xiao Jingyan, Prince of Jing
Victor Huang as Xiao Jinghuan, Prince of Yu
Chen Long as Meng Zhi, Commander General of the Imperial Guard
Liu Min Tao as Consort Jing
Ding Yong Dai as Emperor of Liang

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of a little commercially and critically successful C-drama called Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang). This is a show that has taken China and international viewers by storm—and for good reasons. An adaptation of a popular online novel by the same name, Nirvana in Fire is a complete and utter masterpiece. The show has an engaging story, is beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, and smartly written. Words cannot possibly do this piece of artwork any justice, but I will give it my best shot. I hope this review will bring back some fond memories for those who have watched it and possibly convince those who haven’t to pick it up. This is undeniably my favorite drama of 2015 and I unequivocally recommend that everyone watch it!

*Spoilers ahead*

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Series Review: Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up)


“Two things you need to find in your school days: a friend who you can do anything together with, and an adult who can be on your side no matter what. That’s how you can endure in this ruthless school.”

A great high school drama always gets me right in the heart. Maybe it’s nostalgia and a desire to vicariously relive that time of youth. Maybe it’s in hopes of experiencing the giddiness of first love once again. Maybe it’s the youthful fervor that emanates from the screen. Maybe it’s the fact that we never really grow out of high school. Whatever the reason, a series set during this period of adolescence should focus on what it means to come of age, the difficulties of figuring out who you are, what you stand for, what you want in this life and, if you’re lucky, possibly who you love. In the end, Sassy Go Go fell short of becoming a great drama but the show did manage to push a lot of the right buttons for me and ends up being an overall feel good teen show with some very cute and addicting moments in addition to having some very sweet sentiments to impart.

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Rain, Bathtubs, Angst, Betrayal and Cuteness Overload In The New ‘Oh My Venus’ Trailer

Not one, but TWO oppas were needed, for this sleeping giant to be awaken. For a refresher, see my ‘Hello!’ (not from the other side 😀 ) post. Now, where was I? Ah right, two oppas. My favorite drama is “History of the Salaryman” and my second fave is “Master’s Sun”. Wait, is it Christmas already? Because it surely feels like it. Sooo…I saw the ‘Oh my Venus’ trailer, so that you don’t have to! OK, who am I kidding, you HAVE to see it and it’s here, in all its goddess glory!

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She Was Pretty Episode 2 Thoughts

I know this is a dumb thing to do but whenever I’m with him, I feel like a sock with a hole. ‘What if he realizes?’ ‘Wouldn’t I be caught?’ I feel embarrassed and poor, so I shrink not knowing that I am. I’d end up hiding and concealing myself over and over again. Like a sock with a hole. I don’t want to be a sock with a hole anymore. 

Well when the girl puts it like that, how can you not root for her? It looks like viewers in Korea also really enjoyed the first episode of She Was Pretty seeing as the ratings jumped from 4.8% to 7.2% for episode two! Yay!

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