Hu Ge Wins ‘Best Male Actor’ Award at Anhui TV’s ‘National Drama Festival’


Happy New Years! What a great way to start off 2016! 😀

Congratulations to Hu Ge for winning the ‘Best Male Actor’ award at the 2015 National Drama Festival! You wouldn’t believe how proud and happy I am for him. As a fan, I’ve watched him grow and improve as an actor  for 10 years now and I can honestly say that he truly deserved this award for his phenomenal performance as Mei Chang Su in Nirvana in Fire. 2015 was definitely ‘Hu Ge’s Year’ (he even got nominated for the most prestigious Feitian Awards, although he did not win). Looking forward to what 2016 has in store!

Below is the video of his beautiful and heartfelt acceptance speech and a translation:

Thank you to the National Drama Festival, thank you Anhui TV.

As far as I’m concerned, these five words [最佳男演员] weigh too much. I spent almost 10 years and a lot of effort in order to lift up this award. These five words took a grasp of my hands. I hope that in the future, for a long period of time,  using more strength I will forever hold in my hands those two words: ‘actor’ [演员].

I am very lucky to be able to interact with actors of this profession, to take pleasure in the performing process. It is not easy to be an actor. One needs to have a good script, a good director, a good team. Therefore, I would like to thank producer Hou Hongliang, Directors Kong Sheng and Li Xue, all of the behind the scenes staff members of Langya Bang, and I would like to thank screenwriter Hai Yan laoshi and Wang Liping laoshi.

[Asks the host] Can you give me a minute?

Today, I would like to thank one particular person. That person is my mom. Because two days ago, something happened. My agent Yaoyao went to my house to visit my mom. After that, my mom told her, in short, my mom told Yaoyao, ‘Hu Ge has won so many awards. Where are all of these awards placed? I have never seen one.’ When Yaoyao conveyed these words to me, I listened to them and I felt extremely, extremely sad. During my time of happy success, I didn’t share it with my mom. I was wrong.

For so many years, she is not only my most faithful viewer, she has also given me a lot of guidance.There are two phrases that I will never forget in this lifetime. The first one was when I just started in the profession, she told me that acting does not depend on if there is a lot of money but it depends on whether the script is good or bad. The second one was during 2006 when I hit the lowest point of my life, she told me, she said: ‘Before, the viewers care the most about your outer appearance. Now, on your face, the Heavens has opened a window in the hopes that viewers can see more of your inner self’. Therefore, I would like to give this award to my mom.

A lot of people say that 2015 is the year of Hu Ge’s harvest. If that is really the case then 2016 is the year of re-seeding.

[This part was cut but I’m going to include it because it was adorable. Hu Ge runs back to the mic because he forgot to thank his fans lol] Sorry. I forgot to thank my fans. Sorry. Sorry. I am honestly very sorry to have forgotten. Sorry. It is not easy, it is not easy, you all have to always deal with my bit of disorder. This honor also belongs to you all. Let’s be together forever!


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