There is a new sheriff in town!

‘ello all! *virtually waves hand*

I’m buticut – but you can call me, ehm, buticut. If you are confused about this: 1) the nickname doesn’t have any particular meaning and 2) I am a girl, although you couldn’t tell. This is to avoid the surprise of thinking that this page features a man cool enough to SQUEEEEEE over various Korean actors in a potentially outrageous manner. Nah, no surprises here, it’s just another mad day at the K-drama office.

I am writing this introduction to let you know that I will take over this blog. I tied Dramapenchant to a chair and put her in a room where all she can see on TV are non-stop makjang dramas. She must be having a blast right now! Ok, I might have exaggerated a bit on that last part. And on the first one.

The truthful truth is that Dramapenchant was kind enough to invite me here to write, wanting to bring some fresh blood to the blog.


Err, not THAT blood!

For some absurd reason, she figured I had interesting things to say; therefore, I happily obliged. I felt humbled and honored to have a space where I can unleash my inner fangirl and quite possibly, my bitchiness as well.


    Oh, this is going to get ugly!

Hey, it’s not my fault – some things just seem to purposely try to get me on a rant rampage. But of course, she wouldn’t have trusted me the keys to her castle, if it wasn’t for the fact that we are pretty tight. In fact, more than being collaborators/colleagues/partners, we agreed to settle down to call each other “unnies”. Our relationship developed at a fast pace (and yes, delete your kinky thoughts – this is just intentional poor phrasing on my behalf) and it all started with….

*drum roll*


 Image        Surpriiiiiiiiiiiise!

Shock! I know, right? We were both watching the show as it aired and we would find ourselves commenting in the same places, pretty much being on the same wavelength as well. I was happy enough to have a collective to fry my brain with, but I was happier to be able to share my testaments a.k.a. very very VERY long comments and theories with people like her, who challenged me not only in terms of length (TEXT length, TEXT length, errr), but also in terms of intriguing and clever theories. So, we share this love-hate relationship with God’s Gift (FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD, THAT ENDING WAS SO ATROCIOUS!!) and fortunately for her, we don’t share Jo Seung-woo. We don’t share him, because he is actually MINE MINE MIIIIIIIIINE !! Well, I’ll be honest here and say that this is one of those rare occasions where I’d rather not fight with someone over an oppa, because I already have mine, who is a keeper. I luuurve JSW, but she has him, I have mine and we are all happy. Rainbows and unicorns all around. And if you were wondering, I have an undying (at the moment) love for Jung Gyu-woon. And don’t go WHO??? on me, because I might kill you with my long range laser eyes. I might have an unhealthy obsession over him and that “might” isn’t questioning whether or not it’s an obsession, but if it’s unhealthy or not. Seriously, this guy has been around for a decade, mostly playing supporting or minor characters in mostly crap shows (I shouldn’t have said that!) – but he puts so much heart in his performances, that I can’t help but love his dedication. I might not like the overall quality of the show he is in, but I always like him. It speaks volumes about his acting if I endured a maelstrom of tragedy (“Loving you a Thousand Times”, I am looking at you) – he was the saving grace of that traumatic experience in my life. He’s a workaholic who is game for everything and who manages to challenge me, creating a bunch of characters I should normally hate, but he doesn’t allow me to. I am a sucker for dedicated, hard-working actors who have more than just a beautiful face and choco abs and who actually show progress along the years. I really feel he stepped up his game in these last 5 years or so and I was happy to see him in such an ensemble like “God’s Gift”. So, yeah, God’s Gift + JSW + JGW…you do the math :).



     How can I not love this adorable goof? 


But enough with my oppa (and yes, I know he’s a newlywed, so don’t you dare reminding me that!) – I can go on and on and on writing thesis papers on this subject, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have more important things to tackle in this post. MUST. RESIST. TALKING. ABOUT. HIM. Well, I am not here just to split the chores and make Dramapenchant’s recapping life a lot easier. I came up with an ingenious plan (“ingenious” according to my very subjective views) to shake up the monotony and laggardness which affected both of us after “God’s Gift” ended. We didn’t feel like starting anything, since this show had sucked all the life out of us.


                                Post-God’s Gift-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Therefore, I figured that the best way to feel motivated about watching more K-dramas is to challenge ourselves and start things together – you know, just like when someone wants to lose weight and the partner helps him, so that it’s less of a burden. But, there is a twist. We’ll be introducing fairly soon a section tentatively called “What I watched, what she watched”. The idea is that I give Dramapenchant a drama to watch (which I’ve already seen) and she gives me one. So, she watches the first episode of my recommendation, I watch the first episode of her recommendation and we both share our thoughts on them and crash the other one’s post. For instance, she comments: “OH MY GOD, I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT ABS LIKE THAT EXISTED!” and I crash her post, adding something like: “HAHAHAHA, right?? I fell off my chair and checked my pulse after seeing that”. Stop and repeat till the bitter end of the shows. It will feel like a conversation between the two, with the excitement that one of us knows what’s going to happen, while the other one doesn’t. Of course, this is meant to be a pleasant activity, so you won’t see us (at least me, I don’t know about her 😛 ) giving the other one a 50+ episodes drama which ends with the protagonist dying of ovarian cancer, while she received a great show of 16 episodes. We are not ready to end our friendship. Yet. Har-har-har.


Another thing I am planning to do is to open a section called “I watched this so that you don’t have to” and as you probably figured, it will deal with very very BAD shows, which are actually bad from the start. Basically, it will be me going on a crazy rant – and I can do crazy very well, especially at late times, when I have a blabbing incontinence and I release the Kraken. It will be a reckoning. By the way, if you have recommendations of awful shows, just send them over my way.


This is it for now. I hope that rather than indulge me, you will actually enjoy my presence here. Thank you once again, Dramapenchant, for this opportunity. If the page views will have a sudden drop, feel free to kick me into the street with nothing but a soju bottle to keep me warm. Never mind that it’s summer with 35 degrees Celsius over here.


5 thoughts on “There is a new sheriff in town!

  1. dramapenchant says:

    Welcome unni!!!

    There you have it guys! This post alone shows how much of an honor it is to have buticut writing for this small blog. She’ll definitely bring a lot of humor and wit so please look out for her posts because I will be!!! 😀


  2. buticut says:

    I wanted to unapprove your comment, just so I can practice my abuse of power as your unnie – MWAHAHAHAHHAHA. OK, struggling to be nicer, thank you for everything :D. This is just a taste…there are many zany posts to come :D, which does not necessarily mean “good”.


    • astantyontheblog says:

      Helloooo Buticut..
      As much as I love what Dramapenchant has written and reading latest news about Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin from this blog, I would love to hear also about Jo Seung Woo. Honestly didn’t quite enjoyed the Gods Gift 14days storyline (imho too confusing) but this Jo was always enjoy to watch. His acting looks believable. Uri two amazing Jos 😀


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