Free Thought Friday #4: Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang/琅琊榜) BTS/Making Of

For anyone still sad about Nirvana in Fire ending (read my review here), here’s a little pick-me-upper. Seeing the cast members mess around off camera always puts a smile on my face! 😀

Hu Ge=Fei Liu
Liu Tao=Mei Changsu
Liu Tao: Hu Ge! What are you doing?
Hu Ge: Eating mooncakes.
Liu Tao: You’ve been eating mooncakes all day! Do you know what day is today?
Hu Ge: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
Liu Tao: What should we do on the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival?
Hu Ge: Eat mooncakes.
Liu Tao: What else?!?!
Hu Ge: Look at the moon.
Liu Tao: And turn the channel to Beijing TV to watch…
Liu Tao & Hu Ge: ‘Nirvana in Fire’!
Hu Ge: Look at the moon. Watch ‘Nirvana in Fire’. Eat mooncakes. Look at the moon. Watch ‘Nirvana in Fire’ ( 😀 LOL!)

More goodies below! Image heavy 🙂

琅琊榜 Nirvana in Fire – Hu Ge Liu Tao Interview – 10 Years of Change [ English Subbed]

❤ ❤ ❤

《琅琊榜》 北京卫视反转剧场 – 太皇太后

Hu Ge=Su Zhe
Wang Kai= Nihuang
Liu Tao= Grandma
Hu Ge: I’m Su Zhe.
Liu Tao: Come over. Come beside grandma. Xiao Shu. You’ve gotten a lot skinnier. Here, have a bite. This is the hazelnut pastry that you like the most! This child is so obedient.
*Hu Ge reacts*
Liu Tao: What’s wrong?…Grandma forgot! You’re allergic, right?…Come over. Very good. You two, when are you going to get married?
Wang Kai: I don’t want to marry him. I don’t want to marry him.
Liu Tao: Don’t want ‘her’, marry grandma! (Hahaha!)

【琅琊榜】反转小剧场 “一颗痣”

Jin Dong=Director
Hu Ge=Nihuang
Liu Tao=Lin Shu
‘Director’ Jin Dong: Right now we have four cameras.
Hu Ge: Are we on the same or opposite sides?
Off camera: Opposite
Jin Dong: Assistant director, don’t speak. *explains to Hu Ge* Because this is a switched-role performance.
Hu Ge: Understood!
*watches scene*
Hu Ge: Do you know Lin Shu?
Liu Tao: Yes.
Hu Ge: Did he really die on the battle…battlefield? [Take 2] Where did he die?
Liu Tao: What are my lines?
Hu Ge: I remember his body had a mole right here.
Liu Tao: Correct. *opens shirt* ‘He’ does have a mole right here.*places mole on Hu Ge’s face* ‘She’ also has a mole right here.
Hu Ge: This is the mole that belongs to the both of us, which represents our love. Long live the black mole. A mole passed down through the generations.

Some [NGS]

《琅琊榜》场景特效花絮 Nirvana in Fire CGI and Special Effects


《琅琊榜》未删减版结局: Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire

Starts at 4:24. Glad this was cut!

Enjoy these adorable behind-the-scenes pictures! The entire cast is sooooo cute!




One of my personal favorites 😀

We know! You’re Beautiful!

Those sleeves man

What a smile~~


Awww. Adorable!

Them legs 😀

A beautiful bromance ❤

Boys. Smoking is bad!

These two have quite the drama history together! So cute!

Just love this pic

Chen Long and Hu Ge = Adorable



15 thoughts on “Free Thought Friday #4: Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang/琅琊榜) BTS/Making Of

    • Vy says:

      It’s always great to see that the cast members are all quite close in real life 😀

      Me too! It’s been months but I still haven’t gotten over how great of a show NIF was~~~

      Liked by 1 person

    • Vy says:

      That would be the assumption from the cut ending…I actually like the ending we were given in the series. Very apt.

      As for the book, I haven’t read it yet so I not 100% sure but I think the drama followed pretty closely to the book. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ngan says:

        Yeah I think the ending in the series is good. But I’m hoping for season 2 with Mei Changsu in it, which is probably quite unlikely.


      • Vy says:

        I would like to watch a prequel~~~But I think the producer said they were thinking of making a part 2 focusing on another person on the Langya List, which could be interesting as well

        Liked by 1 person

  1. diehardNirvanainFirefan says:

    Hi! I wanna say thank you for posting all these videos and photos. Really made my week brighter :’) I’m so depressed and currently still longing for more NiF huhu but seeing them here with all the smiles and laughters made it more bearable and I can convince myself that it’s just a drama. Lol. So great to see that they’re really close in real life too. Hoping to see season 2, soon!


    • Vy says:

      Yay I’m glad these made your week brighter! That was the point 🙂

      The cast and crew are so adorable together! You should check out The Disguiser if you want to help ease ease the withdrawal!


  2. Miha says:

    tvb aired the final episode of Nirvana in Fire with the uncut ending suggesting Mei Chang Su didn’t die and I find it so much better! a man with his wisdom and supporters can achieve extraordinary goals. I consider him a role model for his values, wisdom and attitude which had made a big impact on me.


      • tieuphulanggiason says:

        Well, to be honest, it would be great if he could’ve lived and started a new life with Ni Huang, in my opinion. I wouldn’t accept the fact that he’d live and stay away from her, as there was no Ni Huang in the cut scene.
        He’d better die, though. It felt so much more…I don’t know…heroic? Let him die and be an ever-lasting pain in the hearts of the alive *evil laughter*
        Though I did cry a river when he died too 😦


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