It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 4 Thoughts & Songs [Updated]

So I have been casually watching It’s Okay, It’s Love and it’s a “fun” show with a wonderful cast, great music selection and of course, gorgeous to look at. However, the main reason I tune in every week is because the show makes an effort to normalize mental illness in a society that stigmatizes it. That alone is very praiseworthy, but it wasn’t until episode 4 that I really became emotionally involved in the show.

Updated with the song from when Jae Yeol watches Hae Soo sleep, thanks to reader dimakat!  

[Spoilers Ahead]


I think this attachment grew out of intense interest in Jo In Sung’s character, Jang Jae Yeol. His character is so complex and layered and in this episode, we get a lot of “answers” (maybe…) to his painful past.

As many people suspected, D.O.’s character, Kang Woo, is only a facet of Jae Yeol’s imagination. Whether or not he is Jae Yeol’s past self is still up for deliberation but the two definitely have many things in common that help us look into Jae Yeol’s tormented childhood. Based on the things that we learn through Kang Woo and Jae Yeol’s older brother, Jae Beom, we can deduce that Jae Yeol and his mom were abused by his dad growing up. So I’m assuming that after years of such agony, he took it into his own hands and killed his dad. By doing so he managed to finally protect himself and his mom. The psychological trauma was so much that he now suffers amnesia about the specific event but the guilt seems to remain so intense that he created Kang Woo as an outlet.

We see that Kang Woo suffers the exact same home situation as Jae Yeol did growing up but in this episode, we have a very telling scene in which Kang Woo runs to Jae Yeol after he hit his dad in order to stop dad from hitting his mom. As he hugs Kang Woo, with tears in his eyes Jae Yeol says, “You didn’t hit your dad. You blocked his attack. You just blocked his attack”. Sure seems like he’s unconsciously consoling himself and rationalizing his own actions against his dad those many years ago.

How heartbreaking is that? There are not many things that I despise but one of those things is people who use their authority and position to abuse children. Children should be protected by the adults in their lives and should not be taken advantage of. It’s despicable. (Edit: It’s telling when Jae Yeol takes offense at Hae Soo accusing that he was hitting on a minor and he says, “I treat a minor like a minor“. It’s a sore subject, especially when the adult figures in his life failed to do the same for him…) I’m not saying that murder is the best solution but I definitely sympathize with Jae Yeol immensely. When the law is set up in a way that it makes it difficult for victims of abuse to find justice and solace, it pushes them into a pit of despair and they can only see one way to escape the darkness. In these situations, it is an act in self-defense and the law should see it as such and only give a punishment that is worthy of the crime.

In Jae Yeol’s case, the interesting (and sad) part is that his older brother, Jae Beom, was punished for a crime he might not have committed but at this point, I don’t know if either brothers are reliable sources and narrators. Maybe they killed the dad together or maybe only one of the two did but it seems like both are in need of some serious counseling. It does look like Sung Dong Il’s character, Dong Min, is slowly figuring out about Jae Yeol’s past now that he’s heard  Jae Beom’s side of the story. (But from the flashback, it kind of looks like the dad jumped on the knife rather than Jae Yeol stabbing him so maybe someone pushed dad onto the knife…??) The scene where Jae Beom pleads Dong Min to administer the amytal sodium injection to his mom and brother was rather heart-wrenching though.

Now that I am hooked on IOIL, I’m very curious to see how this all plays out since Jae Yeol is a lot more ill than he thinks. Jae Yeol knows he suffers from OCD but he doesn’t know that he has been interacting with a figment of his own imagination. It also seems like he actually sleeps in the bathroom, thus explaining the lock. How will he handle it if he finds out he is the real killer? Of course, that’s only if he really is since I feel like the writer has a lot more under her sleeve than we think. It is only episode 4.

I’m also wondering how writer Noh is going to work this with the whole romantic comedy element. How will Gong Hyo Jin’s character, Hae Soo, deal with this discovery? Sooner or later , she’s going to find out that Jae Yeol is definitely not as okay has he seems. But for now, I’m going to bask in their romance especially since both of them are so good at getting under each other’s skin. At the same time, hopefully they will slowly heal each other’s deep rooted scars through the great power of love.

I’ll probably only comment on the show every now and then so for now,  enjoy some of the songs from the show:

Song from when Jae Yeol watches Hae Soo sleep titled Crush (feat. Punch)-Sleepless Night: (thanks dimakat)

IOTL OST by EXO’s Chen:

From the scene where Jae Yeol DJ’s and make hearts at Hae Soo:

Another song from his DJ session:

The opening theme:

Preview for Episode 5:


37 thoughts on “It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 4 Thoughts & Songs [Updated]

  1. Zee says:

    You wonderful wizardly mindreader! I checked your page today knowing not to expect a recap for the new Marriage Not Dating until at least tomorrow (as I write this Viki isn’t even 100% subbed) and thinking to myself that it would be so nice to hear your thoughts about the most recept episode of It’s Okay, That’s Love.
    Imagine my joyful surprise to see that you had posted exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for! ^_^
    Like you, it also took me until episode 4 to really fall for this drama. I watched episodes 1-3 with fascination and pleasure that a KDrama was going to tackle oft-ignored topics (mental health/human sexuality) but I must admit that despite loving the soundtrack and the actors and even the premise, I was only half sure what was going on at any given moment and I wasn’t sure how our main couple were going to get to any romance when she was busy seemingly hating his guts (or at least antagonizing the heck out of him!)
    Episode 4 charmed me, convinced me, and has me eagerly awaiting more (even though I can tell from some of the e4 revelations that some of it is going to hurt).
    I’m curious how Jae Yeol’s peculiar sleeping arrangements (I feel like it is reasonable to assume he is sleeping in his bathroom) are going to tie into his other…quirks (which may include an imaginary teen friend/self?)
    In general I still have so many unanswered questions about him, his brother, his mom, his Benedictine childhood friend…
    But I trust my questions will be answered in time.
    Anyway, I love the show and I’m so thankful you will be sporadically weighing in because you tend to have great insight and perspective (and you give me a forum to obsess about Dramaland).
    By the way: thank you for posting the music!!! I have been craving some of these songs (:


    • dramapenchant says:

      Zee, have I told you lately how much I appreciate your comments? It’s always lovely to have fellow drama fans to obsess over current (and past) shows with and I feel like you’re a kindred spirit in that realm! 😀

      Oh but it’s going to hurt so good…hopefully…

      And I’m working on the ep. 9 MND recap as we speak.


  2. Honey says:

    maybe you can help me. shazam couldn’t. wanna know the song in episode 4 42:30. where she was sleeping and he was watching her sleep. many thanks.


  3. mylovebuggeroos says:

    I am a little confused though because clearly the phone did ring in ep. 3 right when he was talking to K.W. right? Or am I going crazy too?! I mean do you think it is interesting that although many people have been around him but no one has caught onto the “bathroom locks” yet? I mean if I had a best friend for years beyond years, I think I would have caught onto the bathroom thing or if I was dating someone for three years, I think that would be hard to hide right?


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hmmmm The people around him might just think that it’s one of his many quirks and haven’t thought much of it and it also might only be a recent phenomenon (since the stabbing). As for the phone call, either the ring was only in his head, and hae soo thought he wad returning to a phone call or he unconsciously set a timer for the ring to go off…hopefully we’ll get some solid answers later 🙂


  4. freedz says:

    I sooooooo love all the songs in this drama. Thank you so much!

    *and yes, I think I’ll be hooked in this drama starting ep 4 too =)


  5. Rigby says:

    Hi thank you for your recap and review of IOIL ep4. Your review insights and comments provided me a clearer perspective at least of the character of the lead actor. Btw i am an instant fan of yours, i am now looking forward to your reviews of all ongoing and and past drama series. I just read ur latest review of MND, it was great reading your writings and it gives more inspiration to continue watching MND. Going back to IOIL, been watching this since ep1, loving so in sung and gong hye jin so much, they have chemistry and strong screen presence….hope the series will live always to the viewers expectations.
    Love to see your future reviews.


  6. Jokerman says:

    Have you guys managed to find the song where Jae Yeol was watching Hae Soo sleeping? I’m pretty sure lots of other drama fans have been looking for this song.


      • mylovebuggeroos says:

        Ah from all my searching…I have found out it is called “While you are there” but I could be wrong because it is from other people’s comments on other websites. According to them, they said the track has not been released??? I guess everyone wants to know as badly as I do too!


      • mylovebuggeroos says:

        Ah from all my searching…I have found out it is called “While you are there” but I could be wrong because it is from other people’s comments on other websites. According to them, they said the track has not been released??? I guess everyone wants to know as badly as I do too! So frustrating!


  7. Honey says:

    hope you can update us when the full OST for this show will come out. there is only 1 song available thru iTunes. technically, its two versions of the same song. =)

    can’t wait to read your recap and insights for this week’s episodes


  8. dimakat says:

    I’ve finally found the title of the song when Hae Sung was sleeping :
    Crush (feat. Punch) – Sleepless Night (잠 못 드는 밤) Lyrics
    Translation =>

    I am in love with you, can’t you see my heart?
    Please don’t go far away because my
    tears are about to fall

    I am waiting for you
    I’m at the same spot, at the same place
    Just like how spring comes after the winter (with you)

    Feelings rush over me like waves
    Tears fall like the star light
    It crushes into my heart
    Why don’t you love me? (Why?)
    Why are you in my head? (Love you)
    I can’t say anything but (I don’t wanna cry)

    The green roof in front of my house
    Are you living there?
    All night, I’m staring at that house
    I am in love with you, can’t you see my heart?

    Please don’t go far away because my
    tears are about to fall

    The coat you always wore, the worn out, brown ruler
    The bus that goes home, the
    restaurant you always went to
    These are all memories of you, I remember you

    The indie songs that played in your favorite bar
    Your old sweater, your red scarf
    These are all memories of you, you know?

    Like finding shelter when it rains
    Like resting when things get hard
    I would always protect you from behind (with you)

    It’s already past evening
    The world silently closes its eyes
    Only I have insomnia because of you
    Am I the only deserted island?
    Or did I set up a prison in my heart?
    This is too cruel to be a punishment for love
    I hate my heart
    I know it love is pain

    The crumpled up letter in my blue coat
    It’s my true heart that I couldn’t tell you
    In my lonely empty room, I confess
    alone on this sad night
    I love you
    I am in love with you, can’t you see my heart?

    Please don’t go far away because my
    tears are about to fall

    Tonight I wanna cry oh lady tell me
    On this sleepless and lonely night

    Tonight I wanna cry oh lady tell me
    A lonely night at thoughts of you


  9. mylovebuggeroos says:

    Thank you both! It is definitely on my playlist right now…on repeat, of course! So I have been busy all day catching up with my two favorite shows. Will there be a new review for Episode 5? I am dying to discuss! What about FTLY? Ah, so much is happening there too, I cannot help but feel all the anxiety from both of these shows.


  10. Teri says:

    Just finished Ep4 of IOIL y’day. Goodness, this show is not only good (GHJ!!! She’s just in a class of her own), the songs used are sooooo good!! Gives me extra excuse to follow the show. Thanks a lot for listing all of then down in a post!!
    Now, on to MND tonite!! Can’t livestream but will definitely watch raw first before watching sub tomorrow. Any news with the song to the beach yet?


  11. Stef says:

    Hello I loved your blog, but please I am slowly dying because I can’t find the song that plays at minute 2:00 or so in episode 4. I love that melody so much. I´d be forever grateful if someone could tell me please!


  12. Rahmaayunda says:

    Hii i hope you know this song when hae soo and jae yeol see band with senior hae soo and lee kwang soo (sory im forget the name cast) the song the singer in the drama is band please tell me the tittle song i really need it


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