The Cast of It’s Okay, That’s Love Vacation in Thailand [Update 7]

The cast and crew of the recently wrapped It’s Okay, That’s Love have arrived in Thailand for their 6 day vacation in Thailand. They will be there from September 17-22 and will be spending time in Bangkok and Pattaya. After the vacation, a number of the cast members (including Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, D.O., Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il), the writer and the director of the show will get together to do commentaries and interview for the It’s Okay, That’s Love DVD director’s cut from 9/22-9/28.

I think it’s adorable and telling of how lovely the atmosphere on the set must have been for the cast and crew to develop such a tight bond with each other. I almost think they’re purposefully doing everything they can to delay the inevitable separation.

This trip seriously looks just like a regular family vacation (minus the reporters and rabid fans). The main cast all met at the airport and flew together! It’s always fun and exciting to travel abroad with good friends; just think of the crazy hijinks that probably happened during that flight and will happen on the trip! (I wish a camera crew could follow them around…)

This post will be updated with more pictures and videos as they are released! 😀

Here are some pictures and videos of the casts’ arrival at the airport(s). All photos and videos belong to their respective owners. Credit is as tagged. 

1. I absolutely love how everyone seems to be in such a good mood and are so respectful to the fans and the reporters!

So cute! Waving to all the reporters before going through security!

2. Incheon Airport arrivals

Loving his new haircut.

Ever the fine wine. He just gets better with age…

3. I think Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo have been friends for a while but I seriously love their brotherly relationship. Kwang Soo legitimately followed In Sung around the entire airport! It’s cute! 😀

4. Writer-nim and Tae Yong (don’t know the actor’s name…)!

5. Video of their arrival in the airport in Bangkok. It’s sweet that Gong Hyo Jin is walking with Sung Dong Il’s son.

6. For all delusional shippers, this is an image of Jo In Sung playing with Sung Dong Il’s son, and yes, that’s Gong Hyo Jin standing next to him!

7. Bangkok Airport Arrivals 


[Update 1]

8. Gong Hyo Jis is adorable with Sung Dong Il’s son. For the cast to be that comfortable with each other, Sung Dong Il must have either brought his kids onto the set a lot or they all hang out often 😀

 10. Video of airport arrival from DC Gall. You can see Hyo Jin walking in front with Kwang Soo and then In Sung behind them.


[Update 2]

11. I love how Jo In Sung just looks like he’s modeling, regardless of whatever he’s doing. Drinking coffee? Werk it! 

12. I wonder how long Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo sat at their table to drink their coffee. Were they waiting for others to get some, since it’s strange that we see Gong  Hyo Jin  there yet she’s not sitting with them…I’m so paranoid right now… Okay, never mind, the person in the photo is not Gong Hyo Jin but Lee Sung-kyung, the actress who played Oh So-nyeo…


[Update 3]

13. A clearer picture of the gang, grabbing coffee. Seriously though, where is Hyo Jin? 

14. The story goes that as the crew was entering Starbucks, Jo In Sung stumbled upon a girl who just happened to be watching It’s Okay, That’s Love on her ipad. So what does he do? In Sung decides to (as the picture shows) stop and watch the show with her, pats her head, and gives her his autograph! Lucky, lucky girl! Seriously, what a coincidence?!

15. Another video of the Bangkok airport arrival, this time with a focus on In Sung. 


[Update 4]

16. The cast and crew at the beach, on an island off the coast of Pattaya. Gong Hyo Jin was not there. 😦

17. We finally get pictures of Gong Hyo Jin in Thailand. 😀

18. More pictures from our ‘Boys Club’. Seriously, these two go everywhere together! 


[Update 5]

19. Videos from their trip (mostly videos from their adventures in Pattaya). I love the dance video and the videos of Jo In Sung interacting with fans! I love how he seems like a genuinely nice guy who’s ecstatic about how excited everyone seems to be! 

20. Pictures from Pattaya. 

I love this picture! Sung Dong Il, and two ‘uncles’, watching over his kids while they play on the beach. So protective!

21. Some mores photos from their airport arrival

22. More random pictures 

Jo In Sung and his lollipops!

They’re too cute!



[Update 6] They have left Thailand and are back in Korea! 

23. FINALLY, pictures of Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin in the SAME frame!!! It’s kind of strange, yet hilarious, that suddenly, the end of their trip comes AND THEN we see some pictures of them together! Like 1st with Director Kim and then suddenly all these pictures of them at the airport together! :)) Thank you fans who heard our pleas and requested this group picture! 😀 

24. Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin and Director Kim posing for fans (who has the clear pictures?!?!) 

25. Our favorite bromance(s)…and Jo In Sung being his handsome self! Most of these pictures/videos are from their day at the Siam Shopping Center.  I do like the inclusion of Lee Sung-kyung though, otherwise it would seriously be a men’s club…

Hope you have a great vacation in Thailand, safe flight 😊 #Joinsung

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ในที่สุดก็ได้เจอป๋าโจ #joinsung

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โชคชะตา หรือพรหมลิขิต หรือความบังเอิญ ขอบคุนที่เซ็นเวิร์ลใหญ่จนฉันเดินหลง ทำให้รู้สึกถอดใจคงไม่ได้เจอ แต่แล้วก็มีผู้คนมากมายที่เดินตามหลังมา มันดูวุ่นวายมาก จึงหันกลับไปมอง เม็ดแน่!!! อินซองโอป้าเดินอยู่ข้างหลังกูค่า ช็อกแบบสะเทือนโลก ตกใจ น้ำตาคลอ แต่ก็ยังทันหยิบไอแพดมาถ่ายและเดินเคียงข้างไปกับโอป้า 6 ปีที่รอคอยมาตลอด วินาทีนี้รู้สึกคุ้มค่ามาก ไม่เคยคิดว่าเค้าจะมาปรากฎตัวตรงหน้า ในตอนที่ถอดใจ รักนะค่ะ จะติดตาม จะอยู่เคียงข้างอินซองโอป้าไปตลอด ❤️😍😘 #โจอินซอง #joinsung

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This close 😭😭😭😭😭 #joinsung #itsokthatslove ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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26. At the same place, at the same time, yet Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung were not seen together! …and other pictures/videos of Gong Hyo Jin. 

เจ๊และคณะ กำลังหาพิกัดกลับโรงแรม งมใหญ่เลย อยากจะช่วยบอกนะ แต่ภาษาอังกฤษ อ่อนแอฝุดๆ เกาหลีนี้ยิ่งกว่า ซารังแฮโยเปนอย่างเดว เราก็เดินตามอย่างห่างๆต้องขอบคุณไฟแดงตรงพระพรหมที่ให้เราใกล้กัน แค่เสียววินาที แล้วเจ๊และคณะก็เดินหลงขึ้นไปตรงหลังพระพรหมเราก็คิดว่าเจ๊และคณะคงจะเดินเท้าไปล่องเรือที่แม่น้ำ แต่เจ๊และคณะก็หยุดถามยามแถวนั้น เจ๊และคณะจึงเดินย้อนกลับมา ขึ้นสกายวอคเดินไปจนจะถึง ที่จะซื้อตั๋ว เจ๊และคณะก็เดินย้อนมาลงบันไดและเดินเท้ากลับโรงแรม ด้วยอากาศที่ร้อน เจ๊ตัวเล็กมากก ขาเล็กฝุดๆ 😊😊😊#공효진 #공블리 #괜찮아사랑이야 #태국 #konghyojininthailand #ItsOkayThatslove #Thailand #CTW #20092014 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #puipuimemories

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[Update 7] 

27. Another version of the picture with Hyo Jin, In Sung and director Kim

28. The bromance between In Sung and Kwang Soo continues. Plus, In Sung seems to love kids!!

29. The cast and crew have arrived safely back in Korea! 

Back #joinsung #조인성

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28 thoughts on “The Cast of It’s Okay, That’s Love Vacation in Thailand [Update 7]

  1. astantyontheblog says:

    Hi…Dramaperchant! Been following your blogs this couple of days. Just curious about the truth whether JIS is really dating KMH coz I’ve never seen any pics or sighting of them together beside the ones published by Dispatch and their olds pics. I could probably missed it becoz I live outside Korea. Have you ever seen any? Nice blog ^_^


  2. astantyontheblog says:

    Forgive me for miss-spelling your name (dramapenchant). So difficult to switch from denial mode to reality in this case..sigh! Was Gong Hyo Jin had a new hair cut too? Thanks for sharing.. Have a good weekend.. 😀


  3. fuudeebee says:

    Hey dramapenchant! I’m really grateful for your blog because ever since I finished IOIL I’ve been looking for reviews on the drama and updates on the cast and your blog is the place to provide everything for us fans! And I really appreciate your insights on the show as well, they were really good (: thanks for updating!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Thanks for the link!

      I think they go to a lot of places together, but what bothered me was the fact that there seemed to have been two groups. But then again, GHJ’s leg is still pretty injured so she might have decided to go on her own, at her own pace, without “slowing” the rest of the gang down. I’m just hoping we get clearer pictures of the entire team together soon! 😀 But those pictures of JIS and GHJ in the same frame made me a very happy girl!


  4. LoveGong Jin says:

    Hi dramapenchant !

    I’m happy to see IOTL family went out for a well-deserved vacation.
    Just sad , because idol GHJ can’t hang out with JIS , LKS, So Nyeo & others in public . I want to see her enjoying with them .
    ( yeah I got it ! To avoid the papparrazi! because of the recent news )
    I felt much annoyed about the wrong timing . Why would they announce it on that day where iotl was about to leave . Publicity sooo obvious ! Too selfish thinking only about LJW’s promotion gggrrr makes me angry !
    But anyway , that’s showbiz ! Full of gimmicks !
    I hope idol GHJ enjoying much with the team . It’s very hard though , but iotl family will surely be there to cheer her up ..


    • dramapenchant says:

      There could be a variety of reasons why she didn’t hang out with the rest of the gang. It could partially be because of the fear that rumors might spread but also, we have to remember that her leg is injured so she probably preferred to go at her own pace instead of “slowing” the gang down….

      As for the announcement of the break-up, it makes sense that they made it before the Thailand trip since if it was announced afterwards, people might speculate that it’s a result of something that happened on the trip. But again, celebrity lives are a mystery.


  5. astantyontheblog says:

    Omooo…yep they both did look unhappy but why do I see it as they re being force to stay away (from each other when they dont want to) 😦 Pics of them standing next to each other at the airport can be a proof. But, I agree they probably need to take ‘sabatikal’ (for a year maybe :-)..) for advertisers and previous engagement’s shake. Scandal is not good for business. So…my ship is still sailing Dramapenchant …definitely! ^_^


  6. fuudeebee says:

    Well, we have to take into consideration the size of their group o_o they had 115 people altogether so perhaps they split into a few so that different groups with different preferences could go together? I think it’s gonna be pretty difficult to navigate places with such a huge group without wasting time and plus with the break-up announcement the crew/cast probably felt it safer for Hyo Jin to have her own agenda with lesser people. They all probably grouped together for one last meeting on the last day before heading back to Korea.

    I personally believe JIS and GHJ have quite a close relationship (I mean how can you not when you act together in such a profound drama? You’re bound to bond over such delicate and relate-able topics) and based on their personalities, they most likely talked it out like mature, rational adults regarding the break-up issue and the upcoming rumours so the intentional avoidance during the trip might have been part of letting rumours die out. Most actors and actresses are well aware of the impact their on-screen relationships have on fans so they probably expected this.

    However… that doesn’t mean my JIS-GHJ ship isn’t still sailing…. :p

    (could you please delete my previous post ^^; hehe sorry got my email on it…)


    • astantyontheblog says:

      Hahaha… sailing on Girlfriend fuudeebee and make yourself at home. We are all happy campers in Delulu Island indeed 😀 Just as Dramapenchant’s quote: shippers gotta ship.

      Some thoughts (based on my ridiculous and desperate observation) may increase probability that this ship might heading to our ‘dreamy’ direction (instead of heading to Dramapenchant’s Delulu island):
      1. From BTS scene while they were filming in Okinawa (day light shoot – JIS in yellow pants), I found both of them couldn’t help themselves to touch each other (JIS asked for a hand shake, played with her dress, embraced her while she was a bit annoyed by a strong wind). Those behaviors are very common to express ‘I like you’ at the beginning stage of attraction. JIS looked very protective to GHJ…(unless he did it because GHJ was just got an accident). It’s too bad that we haven’t seen any BTS scence from last episodes (Eps 12 onwards). I assume the connection would be spark a little more…(sigh…go get ticket and fly Delulu Airways..)
      2. Both have been portraying characters who involved in ‘againts all odds’ type of love during their whole career. JIS in WHIB (chaebol dating a poor girl, then die for her…omooo), Frozen Flower (a guard dating both King and Queen…then die for her..again), TWTWB (a thug fall for a rich girl…and almost die for her, too). While Gong (haven’t seen much of her work). But on her two dramas I have seen: Beautiful Teacher (a teacher dating her student) and Master’s Sun (a servant dating a land lord). Waaaah…despite the challenge they would face in portraying them that made them intrigued to involve in certain projects..imho both are very likely have some believe that love against all odds are worth fighting for. (sorry KMH…Fireeeee!!!)
      3. On some interviews when the news about JIS dating KMH were spreading up, JIS mention what he likes about his type and he said a woman who can understand his total stupidity/ridiculousness would be his choice. That’s what he probably found in KMH. But, on one recent interview for Tudou (JIS together with GHJ), JIS mentioned that GHJ is type of actress that make the male lead feel HANSOME, and that they don’t have to be too polite to each other. Please ask your boyfriend (or any guys who mature enough), which one would they preferred (and probably end up proposing): a woman who completely accepted their child-like behavior, or a woman who makes them feel like a BETTER person…like a real MAN?? Guess who make JIS a better person in this case 😀 And, why do I feel that Unnie GHJ was a bit flirty in that whole Tudou interview (touching her hair often, leaning on him instead of sit straight)…which from female perspective all of it completely understandable since I would also do the same while sitting next to a HOT guy like JIS…gaaah!!
      4. Last but not least (this can be the worst and the most delusional thought everrrr): The suspicious announcement from the IOK company could probably made to protect their/the company’s own business to secure the project/money…not the actor/actress!! Well I won’t argue that the actor/actress would take benefit as well in the end. But, who knows.. 😉

      I know…I know..its too much, provocative, and close to crazy. Whether it is just a temporary co-star struck, OR a more serious one…only time will tell. Forgive me JIS, GHJ, KMH and IOK company.

      What do you think, gals? Shippers gotta ship..:D


      • fuudeebee says:


        OMO you’re too cute!!! HAHAHA.Yes yes, I agree we’re all delulu, sailing on the ship far far into the horizon~ but we’re not complaining~

        I saw the IOIL bts for the Okinawa trip and yes! They looked like they were having a lot of fun ^^; especially when the cameras stopped rolling and they just joked around each other. JIS seemed really touchy during the entire time. I’m not sure if it’s because he felt protective of GHJ because of her accident, but he certainly was touching her gently quite a lot :3 smoothing her hair, arranging her dress, hugging her head etc. TuT huhu makes people envious~

        As for their other shows I gotta admit I’m not very familiar with them cause I don’t watch a lot of dramas heh. In fact, it’s my first time watching a drama with JIS and GHJ in them! That’s how rarely I watch dramas lol. But IOIL was the perfect choice. I’m glad I discovered them through IOIL; they left me a very deep and good impression ^o^/

        And I think for JIS’s company to step in regarding the break-up rumours it might be because of IOIL. Viewers are bound to want to see their on-screen couples together irl, so maybe they just didn’t want the false assumption to spread like wildfire? It’s gonna be dangerous for JIS-KMH’s relationship as well :/ Idk who KMH is tbh but that doesn’t mean I’ll be happy if their relationship suffers setbacks because of the rumours ): and I really don’t want for JIS and GHJ to be awkward so it’s best if the rumours die down quickly! (cause I REALLY REALLY want them to work together again in the future ^w^)


      • dramapenchant says:

        Keep calm and ship on! 😀

        @fuudeebee and @astantyontheblog Thank you for making my Delulu Land less lonely!! 😀 Now get ready for a barrage of pictures and videos that might help keep our ship sailing a little bit longer…

        First off, I agree. Those BTS from Okinawa were super adorable. I especially thought the bts where JIS holds GHJ’s face to bring her in for a whisper was cute yet peculiar. Like was it necessary to get that close to each other? Even director Kim thought it was odd (his facial reaction was priceless) and he made fun of JIS about it….suspicious?

        JIS was extra protective of GHJ after her accident. It was super sweet!

        And then this picture is simply ❤ It was when JIS and GHJ were hanging out during a break while filming IOIL. (Notice GHJ sitting in the wheelchair 😦 ) By seeing their (past) friendly camaraderie off camera, let's not doubt their friendship now, even if we didn't get to see many pictures of them together in Thailand (and even if they might have been avoiding each other in public to quell any rumors that might arise) Just look at that comfort level in the placement of their hands/arms!


  7. astantyontheblog says:

    He he he..I know the idea is a bit embarrassing. That’s why I mention my apologies earlier.

    Does anyone know celebrity relationship that able to survive rumors? ? JIS probably build some ethics to ‘not to date his co-star’ post any production. He never did. Or did he??


  8. fuudeebee says:

    @dramapenchant @astantyontheblog

    Heheh wow thanks for the additional photos!! 😀 I love seeing pictures of them together, makes me feel like they brought their intimacy from real life to the screen. They’re so comfortable together it doesn’t help my shipper heart ❤

    Imho even if they might have expressed interest in each other, I think it's wise that they're not acting on it yet, considering that they are (or were, in GHJ's case) 2 very influential couples. If JIS have already secretly broken up with KMH it doesn't mean he can announce his interest in GHJ because a lot of people actually liked the GHJ-LJW couple :/ and it'll look kind of bad on both their parts anyway, for getting into another relationship right after their break-up. So yeah, even if we delulu shippers MIGHT in the off-chance be right with our delulu assumptions (haha TuT) I don't think we'll be seeing them getting together anytime soon~

    But that aside, I really really liked it whenever JIS puts his hands/arms around GHJ's head as if to protect her from something everytime! It's so sweet and sincerely caring! Reminds me of the Taiwanese couple Liu Shi Shi and Wu Qi Long (you can search them online! They're a real-life couple that got together after acting in the drama Scarlett Heart, Bu Bu Jing Xi and everyone really went crazy over them!) 😀


  9. astantyontheblog says:

    @dramapenchant @fuudeebee
    please bare with me becoz I may make lots of grammatical errors here and there when expressing my thoughts in English 😀

    @dramapenchat…ohh my dear…how could you tell us (JIS-GHJ shippers) to calm down while you keep entertaining us with lots and lots of wonderful pics/video of them together…??? (please please pleeeease do continue…;-) or this Delulu would get a very serious FEVER haha!). I did not really pay attention to the other Okinawa shoot until now. Sooo..adorable!! Thanks sooo much for sharing! JIS would never do that if the co-star is SHK imho (very much so..hehe). They (JIS-GHJ) do seem very comfortable. Agree with you that only two people who have very strong connection will do that (either a long time good friend…OR a real-life couple (really hoping for the latest…). I found you also have some interests in reading celebrity body language too. That’s also my cup of tea. Starting this habit when ‘stalking’ ROBSTEN 😉 —-> OOT Hey I dont know if if its just me, but it takes longer than usual to access/open your Blog lately 😦 If its just me, it probably becoz if a very weak internet connection I am currently having)

    @fuudeebee..gaaah! you’ve answered my curiosity. So there is at least one couple (hihi) who able to survived the waved of hazardous rumors (I hope it wasn’t as bad as what GHJ face: a bad timing break up and rumored ‘stealing’ her good friend’s bf). But, the ‘scenario’ if JIS might secretly break up with KMH never cross my mind either (should it be good..or not good? ;-). I do have some slight curiosity if JIS-KMH ever really dating and he did secretly dating her for 4 months before the news spreading. Anyway, you have some points, my friend and I’m 100% agree with you. Should there be anything happen between them, it will be very awkward to publish new relationship right after a break up. Despite the reaction of other people might have to that kind of sudden relationship, I may also question myself (if I were in their situation)…is this a true love or just a type of rebound love?? But the situation probably different if you end up dating your long time good/best friend.

    It is breaking my heart though (big time!) that the announcement of GHJ break up might already ruin the fun of the OTP Thai vacation (errr…why would you do a tour to such big malls in Thailand anyway..?? You should go island hopping somewhere remote like Phuket or Krabi..which is beautiful and romantic)

    Sail further Delulu 😀


  10. IOTL fan says:

    Thank you so much for your great effort of sharing everything about IOTL. Jjang.

    The Thailand update was the best.

    xx from Denmark


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