She Was Pretty Episode 2 Thoughts

I know this is a dumb thing to do but whenever I’m with him, I feel like a sock with a hole. ‘What if he realizes?’ ‘Wouldn’t I be caught?’ I feel embarrassed and poor, so I shrink not knowing that I am. I’d end up hiding and concealing myself over and over again. Like a sock with a hole. I don’t want to be a sock with a hole anymore. 

Well when the girl puts it like that, how can you not root for her? It looks like viewers in Korea also really enjoyed the first episode of She Was Pretty seeing as the ratings jumped from 4.8% to 7.2% for episode two! Yay!

With Sung Joon revealed to be her new boss, Hye Jin must decide whether she should give her fullest to her new job while having to face Sung Joon day-in-and-day-out with the chance of her secret being blown or whether it’s better to resign and help both of them preserve the beautiful memories from their past. It’s a difficult decision to make but she must make it on her own and by the end of the hour, Hye Jin realizes that the past is the past, and all she has is the present.

Of course, Hye Jin’s decision to stay with The Most–what a name–magazine’s editing team was made easier by Sung Joon’s assholery behavior. Why should she try to protect him and his sweet memories when he had quite the endless stream of harsh put downs directed towards her: “Are you mentally challenged?” “Don’t just contaminate the oxygen in the room” “I thought only your work skills were lacking but it looks like your eyesight is lacking too” Like daaang, give the girl a break! I can’t wait until Hye Jin takes the wind out of his sails and makes him regret he ever treated her in such a manner! He would never have treated her that way had he known that she was his Hye Jin from the beginning.

This point brings up my chief concern with the future direction of this show. As stated by Hye Jin herself, no matter how much she has changed (physically) over the years, there must be some traces of her past self that remain until this day. So although I can understand that Sung Joon currently thinks Ha Ri is Hye Jin and therefore thinks nothing of the real Hye Jin, if he doesn’t soon realize the “umbrella” he’s been searching for has been right in front of him this entire time then that brings up the tricky question of what it was about Hye Jin that made him fall for her in the first place: her looks or her personality.

This is also why I cringed when Sung Joon answered Hye Jin’s question as to why he hates her so much with, “…that the name of somebody like you is Kim Hye Jin. I feel like it’s a name that is too good for you”. This basically confirmed all of her fears and reinforced her belief that she’s not good enough, that her decision to switch identities with Ha Ri was the correct one because to Hye Jin, the memory Sung Joon has of her consists solely of the pretty girl that no longer exists in the present.

Random thoughts/highlights:

  • So it’s revealed that both Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk (Choi SiWon) were on the elevator from yesterday’s episode. It was Shin Hyuk’s voice that we heard tell Hye Jin to get back on but the credit still definitely goes to Sung Joon for having the good conscience to call the ‘pretty girl’ out on her behavior, and essentially forcing her off the elevator.
  • Sung Joon is a jerk to his staff…but at least he has a reason. He wants to motivate the team, in his own way, so that The Most goes back to its number 1 spot or else the Korea branch goes under.
  • That elevator scene was priceless! “ARE YOU PERHAPS CLAUSTROPHOBIC?” “How do I breathe again?” Hye Jin was such a complete mess in there! 
  • Ha! Sung Joon walking into the door and then getting up as if nothing happened was quite funny! But…that totally means there’s something wrong with his health isn’t there? *worried*
  • The friendship between Ha Ri and Hye Jin is still as awesome as ever! 
  • Sung Joon knows that Hye Jin has naturally frizzy hair! Hopefully it won’t be long before he puts 2+2 together 😀 
  • I absolutely love the eccentric characters that populate this show. The editor with her mix of English, Italian and Korean is hilarious! Also love that she just outright admitted that she came to her position through nepotism! Lol I wonder who her nephew is, I think it’s the equally hilarious and odd Shin Hyuk but it could also be Joon Woo (Park Yu Kwan)? Hmmmm 
  • I like most of The Most’s staff members
  • This show has a great OST!

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