A Decade’s Love: Fairy From the Wonderland/Tian Wai Fei Xian/天外飞仙

Before he was Mei Chang Su, before he was Jing ge ge, before he was Li Xiao Yao, in my heart, Hu Ge was and will always be Di Gua ge ge (地瓜哥哥).

Before she was You Qing, before she was Rong ‘Er, before she was Xiang Qin, in my heart, Ariel Lin was and will always be Xiao Qi(小七).


It has been 10 years, a decade. During this time, too much growth has taken place, too much has been forgotten. Yet, some things will always be remembered.

I remember six feet 7 inches…
I remember the giant swing beneath the tree of life…
I remember the seal of commitment…
I remember how they ate sweet potatoes together everyday…
I remember their 100-days…
I remember the lit lanterns in the dark street…
I remember their “I do not love you”…


On January 15, 2006, Tian Wai Fei Xian premiered. I remember first seeing Di Gua ge ge and thinking there could be no man more handsome, more charming than Hu Ge. Di Gua was righteous, kind and gentle, but above all else, he was a man that loved with intensity and with his whole heart, for all of eternity. All of this was portrayed by Hu Ge with ease. At the same time, there was Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi was cute and clever, naughty but goodnatured, and Ariel Lin took on the character like it was made for her and her alone. As a fairy and the seventh daughter of the Jade Emperor, she was forbidden from having ties with the mortal world. Falling in love, something seen as a uniquely human endeavor, was out of the question. Yet she still followed her heart and loved Di Gua for everything she was worth.

Carrying my youth, there is much too much to say so instead I will mention some of my favorite scenes (out of MANY):

An electrifying moment. There’s obvious chemistry in the air. Xiao Qi approaches a mesmerized Di Gua. She asks if he smells something. It’s the smell of his hand burning.

As the sun sets, Di Gua and Xiao Qi lay on the grass, both knowing Xiao Qi must go save her sister but neither wanting to part knowing they’ll likely not have another tomorrow.
1284941-43c51984a4541432Screen shot 2016-01-15 at 1.26.48 AM

“Let us be nourished together, let us grow together, let us withstand this treacherous weather, experience wind and rain, and emerge to become even stronger than before.”

A quick peck of approval at Di Gua’s actions in deliberately losing to protect Hao Qi’s future.

If she gets fat, he’ll get fat with her. True love.

Of course he doesn’t look at her any differently, he’s always loved her. And lanterns. Lots of lanterns.

A marriage fought for and finally sanctioned by the heavens. But their 100 days were too short. Although filled with happiness, the separation was inevitable.

Xiao Qi watches her Di Gua and Xiao Di Gua from above. Di Gua continues to light the lanterns nightly in hopes that they’ll lead his Xiao Qi home…until one day, the streets go dark. The lanterns are lit no more. No one remains to light them.

“A flying romance, an unordinary love, transcending time, overcoming Heaven and Earth, a reason worth waiting for!”

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Ariel once told Hu Ge that she uses her life to act. That phrase has influenced him greatly and he’s referenced it many times over the years.

Hu Ge once told Ariel that an actor’s job is to give the audience an appreciation for the deeper aspects of human nature. She quoted this during her Golden Bell Best Actress acceptance speech.


They’ve both said they’d like to collaborate again on something modern, something different from the past. It has now almost been 9 years. The years continue to go by and I continue to wait for their third collaboration. Please happen soon!


Music and nostalgia. Goes hand-in-hand.


6 thoughts on “A Decade’s Love: Fairy From the Wonderland/Tian Wai Fei Xian/天外飞仙

  1. Annster says:

    Love Love Love! They were together in Legend of Condor and that was super awesome (minus the fact Hu Ge got hurt while filming). After reading your entry, I have to go rewatch the ending of Fairly from the Wonderland again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lane says:

    Everything about it is perfect. The best Asian drama I ever seen.

    Does anyone know the name of the actress that played the oldest sister?


  3. Robert says:

    They should do a better job on all the people names & listing them all. all cast members, so we know them.There’s lots who have them same name as other people’s when I look up their profiles. Thanks. This is a fair movie,but to much singing. boring part.


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