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Healer owns my heart and soul. My love for this show is the all consuming variety, it is all I think and dream about. And no, I’m not being melodramatic.

There was so much to love about Healer and I have so many feeeeeeels that I need to let out, so some (read:most) of this will probably just be incoherent ramblings about how much I loved everything about Healer.

I’ve been reluctant to write about Healer, not just because I’ve been short on time, but mainly because I was afraid that what I write will not do the show justice, but to hell with that fear, this is a drama that I have to write about, even if my vocabulary has been exhausted when it comes to Healer and I’ve run out of superlatives to describe how awesome this show is so please bear with me. However, I love this show too much to let it go without so much as a “Love Letter” sort of a post.

If I could, I  would do a comprehensive episode-by-episode, scene-by-scene analysis but that would be near impossible since I just have so much to say about the scenes, characters and plot that it would probably take me years to get this post out. So instead I’ve broken this post into a few key discussion points, more manageable for me, and hopefully easier for you to follow. Enough with the introduction, let’s do this!



The Storyline:

Jung Hoo: “I’m a little confused. I can fight as much as necessary, and the more I fight, I learn how to win. But Young-shin, right now I’m not sure who I’m fighting against.”

Seo Jung Hoo, a night errand boy and the best in his field, goes by the codename Healer and will take on any job as long as it doesn’t involve killing. He’s no hero and will place no moral judgements on his clients. He’s not particularly fond of his job, but it’s a means to an end; the money he saves up will help him achieve his dream of buying an island off the coast of Panama where he can live alone, raising a leopard or a wolf. You know, the usual. After taking on two consecutive jobs, one to deliver a package coming from L.A. and the other to find a girl, he becomes involved in a multigenerational mystery and is confronted by a bigger, scarier conspiracy in society. Trust me, the plot is way better than I’ve described it.

It’s rather impressive how the show managed to take on various elements, such as, humor, romance, thriller, and mystery, and turn it into a cohesive, well thought out story…So what’s not to love about a show that does so many things well?


The Writing:

This drama was amazing in so many ways but it owes most of that praise to the writing, which was seriously top notch. It was apparent that Song Ji Na really knew exactly what she wanted this show to be and never strayed away from her ideals, even when the ratings were less than what the drama deserved. She’s earned my respect and admiration. I can’t tell you enough how much I loved the way she paced the story and the reveals. Most importantly, the show completely avoided all the drama cliches that I’m pretty sure we all hate. This meant that never once did I want to pull my hair out since I always understood the motivations behind the characters’ actions, which is rather novel.

The multi-generational storyline was used very effectively and was so interesting that it captivated my attention throughout. The flashbacks were well utilized and added to the background story rather than as a device to fill up time or to remind viewers exactly what happened 5 minutes ago. They were used in a manner that gave clues to what happened 22 years ago in just enough increments that it never felt like too much or too little. To paraphrase the great Goldilocks, it was just right!

Moon Ho: “In this world, there are too many people whose name doesn’t appear even in one line of a newspaper, no matter how unjustly they have been killed. We will not be able to listen to all these people’s stories, but we wanted to listen to the story of at least one of these people. We remember you.”

I especially enjoyed the political overtones in the storyline. It takes a lot of courage to critique society and the status quo, but writer Song didn’t cower to such fears. People, especially those in power, usually don’t like it when they’re  confronted with the ugly truth about the corrupt nature of their society but writer Song placed a mirror in front of the viewers, showing them how much society has deteriorated . However, the cynicism was also counteracted by a certain level of optimism and idealism that I really enjoyed.

Jung Hoo: “Ever since I was alone up until now, I’ve never expected anything from a human. So, I was okay. Whether someone understood or misunderstood me, it didn’t matter. I was like that.”

I’m generally a cynical drama watcher, and Pavlov would say it’s because I’ve been conditioned to expect the worst from dramas since they usually end with disappointment. Even though Healer was consistently great, I would always approach a new episode with a bit of caution, expecting it to go one way, but then writer Song would always exceed and bypass my expectations. This was the sort of drama where the writing got better week after week. Most dramas suffer from, what seems like an inevitable, mid-drama slump but this never happened to Healer. The cliffhangers were fantastic and always kept me on the edge of my seat.  The show was tightly written and above all else, you could sense how much writer Song loved the world and characters that she had written, which totally bled into the viewing experience and elevated it. It was also greatly appreciated that the writer treated the audience with respect and trusted us to be smart enough to put things together without the need for exposition.

Young Shin: “Why are you always sleeping when I see you?” Jung Hoo: “You always wake me.”

If I could, I would give writer Song a thousand hugs and kisses to show my appreciation. Bring on the restraining order.


The Cast:

Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo/Healer/Park Bong Soo/etc.:

Jung Hoo: “Teacher, I have no reason for living. And I’m afraid…that one day I might just decide like my father, ‘I should just end it. I can’t continue’. I’m afraid I’ll do that.”

I swear, I think I’ve found the love of my life. But this isn’t about Ji Chang Wook, the person, so I’ll try really hard to keep my discussion on just Ji Chang Wook, the actor, and specifically focus on the portrayal of his character(s). Prior to Healer, I didn’t know anything about Ji Chang Wook and actually thought that he didn’t have any defining features that I could remember him by. I know. *Gasp* But he has parkoured his way into my heart and now I can pick him out in a crowd of thousands in a heartbeat. But that’s beside the point.

Jung Hoo: “Would you like to go out for a drive in the middle of the night?”
Young Shin: “Where to?”
Jung Hoo: “Wherever you want.”

After watching Healer, I was sold by his acting. He brought to his character a certain finesse and rawness that was magnetic. Ji Chang Wook portrayed the lonely, abandoned misanthrope so well while also possessing the talent to transition between his many personas flawlessly. As the Healer, he was cool and suave but when he was Jung Hoo, he displayed a vulnerability and loneliness that was palpable. As Bong Soo, he was  the bumbling and socially awkward dork, which like a lost puppy, you couldn’t help but want to hug and protect. I will forever thank Healer for introducing me to Ji Chang Wook and his melt-your-heart stare. Seriously, UNESCO needs to preserve that stare so future generations can enjoy it.


Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin:

Young Shin: “My first and second dreams both feel as if they are further away than 10,000,000 km. Even if it’s rather farfetched, I believe in them. If you don’t give up, the dreams come true, and if you are fated, you will meet.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t (note: past tense) the biggest fan of Park Min Young. I watched her in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and City Hunter but my reaction to her performances were always, “meh”. I never clicked with her as an actress and didn’t think she was particularly good, especially not after watching the first few episodes of A New Leaf. This preconception of her acting led me to purposefully avoid Healer, until one day, on a whim, I decided to give the show a chance. And boy am I glad I did. How wrong I was.

Dad: “I just waited, and you came…Honestly, I could have waited longer but you came to me faster than I thought you would.”

Park Min Young was wonderful in this role. She portrayed the different facets of Young Shin’s personality in the most endearing of ways. Of course, Park Min Young is lucky to have received such an awesome, well-written character but a lot of credit has to be given to the actress behind the character as well. The character was made for her and she in turn, made Young Shin her own. Park Min Young has found her acting center and here’s hoping she continues with this upward trajectory. Hwaiting!

Young Shin: “If you have even just one person who’s truly trustworthy, even when you’re let down, it doesn’t hurt as much. I was like that. Now, rather than mistrusting people, trusting is a bit easier.”

On a completely superficial side note, I don’t know about others but I freaking loved Park Min Young’s short hair in this drama. Hope she keeps it. It gave her this spunk and youthfulness that I think she should embrace. The girl’s only 28 after all.

Also, I have this unfounded theory, based on zero scientific evidence, that actresses who chop off their hair for a drama manage to capture the feel of that character better. And no, I’m not talking about when an actress has to cut her hair to become a “professional woman” or because the role requires her to be taken “seriously”. But I’m talking about how by making the decision to cut off her hair, she is essentially purposefully trying to shed the image of an actress and the constraints that that entails. The short hair allows actresses to have more artistic freedom and to act in a way that doesn’t take into consideration their “image”.


Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho:

Moon Ho: “I’ve committed a sin. The name of my sin is silence.”

What else is there to say about Yoo Ji Tae except for the fact that he is a darn fantastic actor and his performance was amazing? He brought a level of gravitas and intensity to his character that helped ground the past mystery in the present. He portrayed the tortured, guilt-ridden Moon Ho with a nuanced complexity that made my heart hurt for him. Just…bravo!


Kim Mi Kyung as Hacker Ajumma Min Ja:

Min Ja: “You don’t always find happiness at the end of the truth. It could be hell.”

This was my favorite role that Kim Mi Kyung has portrayed, and she’s been in a lot of dramas. Even though she spent much of the series in ajumma’s lair, she was so wonderful as my favorite kimbap making, sweater knitting, comfy sock wearing, pop song singing, cuss word spewing, hacker ajumma. What can you say, she ain’t a veteran for nothing!

Jung Hoo:“Ajumma, I like Chae Young-shin.”
Min Ja: “Did you figure that out now?”
Jung Hoo: “So I’m prepared. Even if I’m hurt, I can’t do anything about it. It’s okay if she doesn’t know; I still have to be next to her. Don’t tell me to run away. I don’t know how to run away.”


The OTP:

The heart of this show was in the love story between Jung Hoo and Young Shin. Gaaaaah, just thinking about the OTP makes me all giddy and happy inside. Just so many feels! Jung Hoo and Young Shin were hands down one of my favorite couples EVER, so be prepared for a lot of love directed their way.

Jung Hoo: “When humans look at chimpanzees or tigers, they just say, ‘It’s just a chimpanzee’, or, ‘It’s just a tiger’. Among those, it’s hard to find a slightly prettier chimpanzee or a slightly more handsome tiger. In my eyes, humans are the same. They all look the same. But, among the similar human beings, she’s quite different. If you ask me how different…she’s like a leopard that I saw from a documentary before. That leopard that had hurt its leg, crossed paths with a pack of hyenas. It was obvious that it definitely wouldn’t win, even more so because it was injured, but that leopard attacked first and did not back away. That girl was the same. It’s not that she wasn’t scared because she did not know better, but she was brave, despite knowing how scary it was. After watching that documentary, I really cried a lot. Thinking about it now, makes me teary-eyed again. Anyway, I’m like that too. Running away and hiding…that’s not my style.”

Jung Hoo is a rare specimen of a male lead in that he was not a jerk. Hurrah. Although just based on the first scene of him playing virtual tennis (abs…yum…) I thought he was going to be another typical male lead who was going to be “cold and aloof”, but as soon as I saw him grab his ready-made-rice from the microwave, in all of his dorky glory, I knew that he was going to be different. And he was. He might not have understood Young Shin and her eccentric ways but he never once looked down at her. When it came to the people he loved, he was the most gentle and warm person you could find. Young Shin, on the other hand, was so relatable. She had real fears, insecurities, hopes, desires and dreams that were understandable and made her so easy to love. It’s great when a show writes their main couple in a way that we can see why Jung Hoo would love Young Shin and vice versa, not just because the show required it.

Young Shin: “There’s someone I’m waiting for.”
Jung Hoo: “Waiting?”
Young Shin: “I thought I would be able to meet him if I wait. I thought he would suddenly appear behind me. But he’s not coming. That person definitely has something to say to me. It’s not right to not say anything like this. I’m…ready to listen. I also have something to say. He’s not coming. I don’t think he’ll come

Of course, I can’t ignore how awesome it was that this show avoided the typical love triangle/square because Jung Hoo was competing with himself! This is the kind of conflict I live for. It brought so many humorous moments as well as heartbreak, but it was reassuring to see that Young Shin did in fact love all of his different personas because they essentially combined to form his true person, who was at the same time kick-ass, dorky, broken, socially awkward, loyal, and loving.

Jung Hoo: “How about me? Would I do? … Instead of someone you’re waiting for who won’t come, how about me, who’s next to you? If you wanted…I could live the way you want me to. For a long time, carefully, by your side.”

Their relationship development was so natural and the relationship itself was actually functional and healthy. This was a couple that actually talked to each other, leaned on each other, respected each other, trusted each other, and loved each other unconditionally. Both partners were seen as being equally competent and could step up to the plate when the situation called for it to protect the other person and to help work through problems together. There was never the dreaded ‘noble-idiocy’ trope where things were decided unilaterally for the other person’s “own good”. And there was no dragging the girl around against her will. Nope, there was none of that patronizing crap. Young Shin was written in a way where she could hold her own and could make her own decisions. There’s something so refreshing when the agency of the female lead is also acknowledged.

Young Shin: “I’m going to wait. I’ll wait, but…still it makes me furious.”

Jung Hoo doesn’t push himself on Young Shin and it was particularly sweet how Jung Hoo always gave Young Shin the time and space to come to him or ask him anything when she was ready. I especially loved how layered their conversations were, and through them, they grew to understand each other at a deeper level. This was evident in their unspoken, almost telepathic conversations. With this understanding as a foundation, it was beautiful to see them grow to become confidantes and then lovers. They were each other’s first priorities and always sought  each other out when they needed a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen to their deepest thoughts, or a person to hug. It’s also really fitting that Jung Hoo is the type of person who never abandons the person he loves while Young Shin has lived being constantly afraid of being abandoned. The two of them were truly a match made in heaven.

Jung Hoo: “Why are you not scared?”
Young Shin: “I’m not scared of you.”
Jung Hoo: “Don’t you know who I am? I’m hiding so much from you, but you…you don’t even have the slightest idea, do you?”
Young Shin: “I don’t care.”
Jung Hoo: “Are you an idiot?”
Young Shin: “Don’t make me leave. If you make me leave, you’ll cry your whole life.”
Jung Hoo: “I…can hurt you.”
Young Shin: “No. You would never hurt me. Ever….Don’t make me leave. Don’t do it.”

They never gave up on each other and didn’t let misunderstandings get between them because they knew their love was worth fighting for. When Jung Hoo pushed her away, Young Shin stayed, and that action spoke louder than any word could relay. Even without knowing all the details when it came to his identity and background, Young Shin instinctively knew that Jung Hoo was a good guy and trusted that he would never hurt her.

Young Shin: “I thought I was abandoned.”
Jung Hoo: “She said you weren’t.”
Young Shin: “I must have been scared. If I don’t smile prettily, if I would ask something they don’t like, I’m scared they might grow tired of me…that they would want to abandon me…”
Jung Hoo: “I am not like that.”
Young Shin: “Then…can I ask?”
Jung Hoo: “Of course.”
Young Shin: “Jung Hoo-ah.”
Jung Hoo: “Uh”
Young Shin: “Have you killed anyone?”
Jung Hoo: “No.”
Young Shin: “I knew it.”

Together, Jung Hoo and Young Shin brought out the best in each other and were stronger as a result of being together. When Jung Hoo had an existential crisis, it was Young Shin who helped him find a reason to live, to interact with the world around him and find who he really is and what he really likes.

Jung Hoo: “Because I want to tell her. Chae Young Shin. That I’m actually a thief. But saying that my father is a murderer is a bit…that’s completely different. You were the one who said that if it was a woman who would follow me to the uninhabited island it would be okay. That I can start that. I think it will be okay if I tell Chae Young Shin who I am and ask if she can come with me. At first she will probably try to beat me up for lying to her up till now. She’ll probably kick and hit me. I can take a few hits. But I think she’ll get over it soon. That’s what she’s like. She’ll sing a strange song and dance an outrageous dance. She’ll get over it quickly.”

Of course, I have to mention the “personal contact” on between this couple, which was on a different level entirely. The handholds, the hugs, the kisses were all handled with such gentleness and simplicity that made them even more beautiful and swoonworthy as a result. All the skinship was seen as being part of a relationship instead of some rare occurrence that needed to be overdramatized with a neon sign that says “THIS IS A MOMENTOUS MOMENT”.

Young Shin: “When I hold his hand, the feeling of ‘it’s okay now’ gradually spreads to my whole body from my hand. A marvelous, unique, one and only hand that can say, ‘it’s okay now’.”

But damn, those handholds were so sensual, tender and electric, I’m blushing just thinking about them. The kisses were soft and tender; and each time, both leads actively participated in the kiss; Young Shin even initiated one of them! The amazing chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young should briefly be mentioned here since without it, those touches would of felt manufactured instead of feeling so real.

Also, it’s the little things that get me right at the heart but I absolutely adored how Jung Hoo had so many terms of endearment for Young Shin. He called her “that kid”, “my girl”, “agasshi”, “Young Shin-ie” and my favorite, “Young Shin-ah”. Young Shin’s ease at calling Jung Hoo “Jung Hoo-ah” also made me swoon because of the level of intimacy that that showcased.

Jung Hoo: “To be honest, I was going to do it until I could buy an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. There’s a particular island that I want. Last time I checked, it was still available. At any rate, then one day, I met a girl. Man, she made me lose my mind. So…I changed my dream. There are also words that my teacher left me. I decided to try living like other people, with my girl, having kids and stuff.”

This was an OTP that knew the true meaning of love and everything that that encompasses. ~swoon~

Young Shin: “You said you want to love like other people.”
Jung Hoo: “Love.”
Young Shin: “Mmhm love.”



Phew, I needed this. I probably forgot to mention a few things but I hope I did this show justice. Maybe now I can have closure and let Healer go.

Jung Hoo: “The things I like: high places, the first snow, small hands, white bedding and that hair.

The things I don’t like: Anything and everything that keeps me away from those things.”

I will admit that if I were to look at Healer completely objectively, it might not earn a perfect “10” (“perfection” is over-rated anyways), but I’ll be honest, I don’t really care to separate my subjective opinions from my objective ones. Yes, there were minor flaws here and there, especially more glaring issues in the finale, but in no way did they detract from the overall quality of the show. And this show was quality.

What matters most to me was that I enjoyed watching every single minute of the show and I know it felt like hole bore in my heart when the show ended. I was that emotionally invested in the story and the characters .

Young Shin: “The things I like: The sound of his shutter, large hands, smiling eyes, and large embrace.

The things I don’t like: Anything and everything that keeps me away from those things.”

Healer will also always hold a special place in my heart as my first “crack” drama (and for introducing me to Ji Chang Wook). I’ve been reluctant to use that term to describe my drama viewing experiences but in this case, it was honestly very true. It was at an addiction level and I’m still trying to withdraw from it.

Even though dramas come and go, Healer, just know that I’m eternally yours.

Now I’ll leave you on these words by writer Song Ji Na: “Love boldly. Instead of being tentative without committing yourself, start with loving with all your heart. Not flirting for a momentary flutter in the heart, but to wholeheartedly love someone.  Then, it would become very difficult to let the world your loved one lives in hurt your loved one.”


53 thoughts on “Series Review: Healer

  1. Nana4ever says:

    What an amazing review. I have yet to let Healer go.. Although I’ve honestly tried to look at other dramas but it’s difficult to get vested in them. I hope you coul add this to the Healer site ( Moru Moru Island ). I would love to be able to read this again and again ….
    Thank you for writing such an interesting and wonderful piece.


  2. Sumee says:

    Dramapenchant the review is so good that I am literally at total loss of words,everything you mentioned here is just perfect(even thought perfection is overrated we still search for it ) its just beautifully amazing ..and healer will always have one of the most special place in my heart and off course ji Chang wook you own me now ..


  3. redsun says:

    This is exactly what i feel about Healer!i second everything you wrote, everything. I really love reading this review, because it sort of walk me through back of my memory lane of Healer. I remember those feeling i had when i watched certain scene. If in the next 3-5 years that i’m ever going back here and read this review again, the sentimental feeling will obviously flooding me, and I’ve got an urge to re-watch this masterpiece again for a zillion times. yes, healer will definitely secure a room in my heart.


    • dramapenchant says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and it brought back some good feelings. 😀

      Writing the review was a similar experience. It was like walking down memory lane with a good friend but at the end of the day, we had to separate. *sobs* If you can’t already tell, I’m still unable to let Healer go yet…


  4. Turkish Rose says:

    So beautifully written. Loved all the quotes, they were my favorite lines. And everything you wrote was an amazzzzzzing summary to those specific scenes. Loved your “love letter” to our healer, because it really deserves that. And life redsun mentioned earlier, I will forever, down the years, want to go back and read your beautiful analysis just to get my fond memories of our healer again.

    I had so many heart flutters, just reading this, great job sweety 🙂


      • dramapenchant says:

        @TurkishRose Although it was a time-consuming endeavor, I can honestly say that I enjoyed every second of it. Any chance that allows me to re-live my love for Healer is greatly appreciated. ❤ (which doesn't help with the withdrawal process at all but whatevs :P)


      • Chrisly says:

        Hi Dramapenchant
        Your review is beautifully written. You have captured the essence of the drama. I was reading your review and smiling all the way. And yes the review stirred up some lovely emotions I have about Healer. I have not moved past the “hole in the heart” feeling at the moment. Really love love love Healer. It’s not a perfect drama like you said, but to me it feels totally perfect. Thank you once again for writing the beautiful review. I love it!


      • dramapenchant says:

        Chrisly, as long as it feels perfect to the person watching it, that should be more than enough! 🙂 Thank you for reading and your kind comment. You don’t know how grateful I am to hear that my review managed to stir up some lovely emotions.


  5. pastmidnite says:

    Dramapenchant, such a fantastic review! I nodded my head along with every sentence you wrote, I probably looked like those car bobble head dolls while reading this review lol This drama to me is really about the feels. People who loves Healer, will always say that it’s not perfect, but it feels perfect. And like you said, we’re emotionally invested in the story and the characters. We LOVE the characters, and that alone puts us, the Healer addicts, where we are now 😉


  6. buticut says:

    This review had me rolling my eyes so much, that they were popping out.

    Ok, ok, just kidding – it’s listed in my job requirements as a sister to tease you. Well, quite honestly, I feel I am unworthy of commenting, because only a true Healer fan can appreciate your comments in their entirety. But since I had to cope with your Healer obsession and sobbing, it was my duty to stop by and give you the last (hopefully? Probably?) tissue.

    Apart from keeping it pretty spoiler-free (sorry guys, I know I am late to the party, but I still haven’t seen anything of it), you complied with the number one rule of writing reviews for people who are unfamiliar with the material: make them intrigued and interested in it.

    And truly, after reading your review, I feel like I want to see it. Was happy to know that there are no noble idiots, that the pair is awesome both together and on their own and that Healer is engaging and engrossing.

    It’s even more of an achievement for someone who is more interested in hate – love relationships than in cute, aww romances. I am a sucker for the heartless S. O. B who gets his block of ice heart melted by love and who starts questioning his morals and has his world turned upside down. So I am more interested in the falling in love than in the actual love and yet, you got me hooked. I could see why you loved it so much and you made me feel like I would love it as well.

    But most of all, it was a passionate review. You loved it and it feels – your admiration /obsession / passion for it is evident in every phrase, every line (ok, maybe except the abs yum part lol), every square feet of the page.

    I am proud of your work, even if writing it meant neglecting other stuff haha. As I can see from the other comments, you truly captured the essence of the show – and in a beautiful manner, that is.

    Yeah sure, you said it wasn’t a perfect 10 and yes, you failed to be more specific for the sake of love; but as someone who likes her potential binge-viewings unspoiled, I i thank you for that. I wish I could just know exactly what you were talking about. For instance, I don’t “get” how the handling of a rice bowl could win you over. Yet.

    I loved your review without loving the show! Ha, with all my distractions, but you made it to the finish line. I am happy you found something that filled with joy and SQUEEEEEE that small heart of yours to the point of bursting. NB: “small” literally, because you are, well… tiny.

    I am happy that your tears were only because it ended and not because of the way it ended (GG trauma still present lol). Although, I hope you will eventually decrease your tissue-usage quota eventually. And, most importantly, I am happy that it gave you the inspiration of writing uplifting and quality blog posts.

    Oh and… Use more periods and semicolons, instead of commas!!!! Haha, had to do it!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Of course. My nemesis. We meet again. 😛

      Awwww, I’m glad my passion and love for this show was evident in my review. That means a lot. But I take offense at the “obsession” remark. Just because I talk about it 24/7 and dream about it sometimes does not mean it’s an obsession. Nope. Totally not.

      You really should invest in some more boxes of tissues though because my tears about the show ending still haven’t stopped. I don’t know when or if they ever will. (I’m dramatic, sue me!)

      But I have to admit, your review of my review was hilarious and mostly very sweet! You should really watch Healer! Thanks for dropping by unni. You should do it more often, considering you know, you’re a co-blogger on this site and what not… B)


  7. Jane says:

    I love your opening line dramapenchant. Reading your review made me think (once more) of why I love Healer,so much so that I still can’t bring myself to watch new dramas. I just can’t let it go yet. 😦
    Anyway I enjoyed reading your review, so profound and beautifully written.


  8. ednasantosmelendez says:

    Let me know when you found your closure, we could use some help here. 🙂 I love the lay out of your review, the pictures, the quotes and your insights. It’s easy to the eyes. Healer is my K drama soul mate. When I found her, my soul said, “Oh there you are, right inside my heart!” When I read through your insights it’s as if I found my soul sister. Will definitely read more of your writings. Thank you very much.


  9. helkwo says:

    Thank you for the beautiful review of our beloved Healer. I fell in love with this drama and it will forever have a special place in my heart.


  10. Emi757 says:

    I agree 100% of what you wrote and written so beautifully, too. It brought back the feeeeels and I had to grab a tissue – that is the power of Healer.


  11. iamhealer says:

    A well-written review, dramapenchant 😀 And you have termed it so accurately: our love for Healer is the “all-consuming variety.” I don’t have a lot of time to watch Kdramas, but of all the ones I was able to sit through, Healer is possibly the best I have seen so far. After rewatching Healer (I’m currently on episode 6), I’m going back to WBDS. Apparently, most of us Healer lovers can’t get enough especially of its lead actor, LOL. One of the most comprehensive and visually beautiful reviews in Healer I have read so far 😀


    • dramapenchant says:

      Thank you for saying that! I was hoping it’d be easy on the eyes. 😀

      I’m still (slowly) working my way through WBDS and am definitely re-watching different scenes from Healer when I get a chance. I also skimmed like 20 episodes of EKi a few weeks back. Like you said, we really can’t get enough of JCW!


  12. Dani says:

    Hi Dramapenchant, thanks for the lovely review. Up to this moment, I can not get my head in to thinking of writing good analysis or even review why I love Healer so much. I am still so much in a puddle, and this is really a new phenomena for me, so I am treading myself gently on this. But, you said it, what makes this drama so good, and what JCW new obsession. Those eyes, those expressions, those lips. I too, must differentiate, is my obsession on Healer/SJH/PBS or to that gorgeous babe solely. Right now, I can not come up with a good conclusion. I am still talking on how gorgeous he is to anyone who would listen, even some that I should just keep my mouth shut #liketalkingabouthowhotjcwistoyourownmotherinlaw.


  13. Rigby says:

    I absolutely loved your review on Healer! It was beautifully written with all sincerity! I can see your heart as you put all the words and came up with this writing! All the things you have written are true of Healer! You captured all the things everyone of us wants to say about this show! I am proud of you dramapenchant, you’ve got magnificent talent in writing!

    Shall i say i also that i loved PMY’s short curly hair? It suits her character as YS especially towards the end of the series, i just loved it more without the curls, she looks stunning!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Rigby, first off, *bear hug*! Thank you for reading and leaving such a sweet and lovely comment. Really means a lot! ❤

      *hi 5* Glad someone else liked her short hair as well! But I have to say, I liked the curls since they gave her hair some volume, but both styles were gorgeous.


  14. Saema says:

    Lovely review, unni. I loooooved the quotes you chose. Those were the ones that had me crying like a baby . Every single one of them. I don’t think you missed out anything though. You have pointed out why our love for Healer is as crazy as it is. Loved your review ❤


  15. dramamama5 says:

    Soooooo much fun reading your review. I am Refusing! !!!…to watch any Healer this week in an attempt to separate myself from the addiction and bring it back into *NORMAL* levels of mild interest but Im in Starvation Mode right now. Very very hard. Your review helped…..a little….I think….:-/


  16. odank says:

    Hi Dramapenchant…

    Reading your review made me cry like a baby. It was a beautiful review. You shout out all what I feel inside. I’ve been watching drama since Winter Sonata era. Then “Healer” came. My dramaland blowing, my drama taste ruined. After Healer, no other drama can attract me. I’ve try to watch the other drama but my mind n soul still in Healer mode. So, I give up.

    As for JCW, my goodness… I have to sorry to my husband cause I think I fall in love now with JCW. Now I watch his previous drama Empress Ki. I have to admitted that he is indeed a good actor.

    Btw, thanks again for ur beautiful review. But u know?? It’s not help me to move on from Healer. Now, I have to rewatch Healer again for…. I dont even know how many time I’ve rewatch Healer.
    Kiss and big hug for u Dramapenchant.😘


  17. Saraswati says:

    This. Is. Awesome.

    I can’t even finish my review for healer because I have so many things to say about how awesome this drama is, and my draft has become so incoherent. I love all the captions and quotes, because I find it difficult to just pick some of them, and you put it in such a memorable way. Maybe you’re right about writing it to give you some closure. But I have to find my senses back before actually finishing my post. 😀


  18. ging says:

    Great review!

    I just finished watching the finale and I have so many questions, there were a lot of things that I didn’t understand, I think mainly because the subs I downloaded was partially decent. Why was Jung Hoo recording himself at the beginning? Was it a confession? I wished the editing was better in the finale and atleast closure for some of the characters such as Moon Shik but it was still a great drama overall.


    • Vy says:

      Thanks for reading! I agree that the finale felt a bit rushed and could have been better but that’s what we get in a live shoot system huh?

      As for your question about the video, writer Song was asked that same thing and here was her answer:

      “Q: Who is JH’s interview video for?
      A: In episode 2, JH copies the content of YS’s laptop onto a USB memory. In episode 20, one of the skipped scenes was JH printing off “Interview questions for Healer” that YS had created that was in that data. In other words, it is him fulfilling one of YS’s dreams, interviewing Healer. At this point, JH thinks of the possibility of his own death as there will be many cops with guns and there’s no sure way of knowing who’d shoot first, but because of the lack of time during the final week of production, the tension was lost. The ending was initially planned to be after about a year’s time had passed, and by then YS would have written her book, but…”

      It makes sense but I just wished it actually was shown in the drama *le sigh*


  19. kfangurl says:

    Bravo! Loved this review – it’s my first time on your site, and this was a treat to read. I myself am having trouble letting Healer go too.. And I work off feels with writing reviews.. And well, writing it would mean working through those feels and eventually reaching some sort of closure *gasp* So, I’m still working my way towards being ready to write. When I do write it, I hope I can do it the kind of heart-justice that you have. 🙂


    • Vy says:

      Thank you for reading and leaving such a sweet comment! 😀

      It was difficult to work through all of my Healer feels in order to produce this review but I realized that instead of making it easier to let the show go, it made it harder! I still don’t think I’ve found my closure with regards to Healer. This has been a different beast entirely!

      Best of luck on your review and I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • kfangurl says:

        Thanks! I think I’m almost ready to write. Sorta. Maybe. 😛 I actually don’t feel ready. But I think soonish, I will bite the bullet and just dive in, ready or not. You are so right. Healer has been a completely different beast, which makes it extra special. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  20. jackie says:

    “Seriously, UNESCO needs to preserve that stare so future generations can enjoy it.”
    i really hope so too! lol.
    you had everything on point here girl! the best healer review i’ve ever come across. Thanks!


  21. heroonthebeach says:

    Thanks so much for this review! I only got into Healer this year and just finished the finale. Searched around for reviews and stumbled upon yours, which I really enjoyed reading. If you don’t mind, I’ve referenced your review in my blog entry on Healer’s finale 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to analyse and share your thoughts in such a detailed manner.

    If you are keen, my entry is here:


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