Healer Episode 13 Thoughts w/ Spoilers

“I’m going to wait. I’m going to wait but I’m still angry. A lot.”–Young Shin

Gaaaaaaaaaah, Healer just gets better and better. Here’s a little post on episode 13, probably won’t do this for all of the other episodes though. Haven’t had the time to blog as much as I’ve been wanting to but since it’s a holiday weekend, I found some time ^^ (Do look out for a series review when the show’s done airing!)

1. It was teacher who came to the rescue! He even sliced his arm so that it would be believable.

2. Young Shin finally realizes that Bong Soo is Healer. I LOVE that it’s a hand hold that sparks her epiphany. The use of flashbacks in this scene was especially well done. I was especially glad that Young Shin thought back to when Bong Soo confessed to her and told her that he was willing to stay by her side, in effect giving up his Healer persona. She didn’t understand the significance of what he was willing to do for her, but she does now. Well, really all the things he’s done for her up until this point has been amazing.

3. Gaaah, the tension when Jung Hoo wakes up was totally palpable. He hates lying to her but now she knows that he’s lying which makes it so much worse. I love that Young Shin has this moment where she wants to question him and almost exposes that she knows his true identity but she can’t bring herself to go all the way, afraid he’ll leave, so she makes up an excuse for him herself as to how his sidekick knew where to find him.

4. This just broke my heart.

5. Awww, I never knew that Bong Soo was the first friend she brought home. And as well all know, Young Shin’s appa is amazing! I like that Young Shin decides to wait for Jung Hoo like how dad waited for her. Good things come to those who wait.

6. Poor Jung Hoo. No matter how much he tries to put on a happy face when he sees his mom, the scar of being abandoned by his mom runs deep. Although, I understand where mom was coming from (to protect him from Moon Shik) it’s still a rather unforgivable act. She’s lucky Jung Hoo was so mature for his age and truly loved her unconditionally. He just wants his mom to be happy.

7. Jealous Bong Soo is the best. And it looks like Moon Ho is playing matchmaker between our OTP. Score!

8. This scene rocked my socks off. This is the kind of angst I live for. Young Shin finally gives it away that she knows. I love her confession of wanting to hold his hand, kiss and spend the night talking to each other (*head in gutter*). Healer has always done a wonderful job at showing the longing between Young Shin and Jung Hoo. Their love is obvious but they’re unable to act on their feelings at the moment which is heartbreaking. Instead they have to express their true feelings for each other in this round-about way where they talk about Healer as if he’s this other person. Just a lovely scene.

9. I totally wasn’t expecting this but Moon Shik (pretty confident it’s him) MURDERS TEACHER!! AAHHHH! *sobs* Teacher just finished making a declaration to protect our baby bears but now he’s gone. *tears* Too soon. Too soon. How will this turn of events affect Jung Hoo? We all know how protective he is of his loved ones. They are his kryptonite as hacker ajumma said. The death of teacher will probably push Jung Hoo over the edge. He was already prepared to kill Moon Shik in this episode so how far will he go now that Moon Shik has passed the point of no return?

Lastly, can I just mention how great the symbolism was in this scene? Myung Hee is now suspicious of Moon Shik and is pushing him away. That’s something that Moon Shik cannot handle and this pushes him off the edge. He’s essentially declaring that’ll he’ll cross the line completely and there’s no turning back.

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 6.25.57 PM


6 thoughts on “Healer Episode 13 Thoughts w/ Spoilers

  1. blacksesame88 says:

    Ahh great recap!! This episode brought so many tears in my eyes and all the significant things that had happened. I’m so angry Teacher is gone so quickly T_T
    Can’t wait to see more in tmr’s ep!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Thanks! Right?! Teacher totally redeems himself and then Moon Shik had to go and murder him! (makes his death all the more poignant of course but still, he was going to protect our baby bears!!)


      • blacksesame88 says:

        Ah I just wanted to let u know while in the middle of screencapping Healer finale my Twitter account got locked for some reason. So I cannot use it right now and I’m having issues unlocking it =( Just letting u know since this is the only way I could contact u lol.


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