Pinocchio Episode 8 Thoughts

Dal Po: The more you know, you just get hurt and miserable.


Damn. I freaking love this show! This was such an intense and eventful episode! So many awesome developments!

First off, kiss, kiss, kiss!!!!! I was totally not expecting a real kiss between In Ha and Dal Po this early in the series. Not that I’m complaining but now I really think that writer Park has a thing with having the first kiss between her leads be in episode 8! That kiss was quite romantic, soft and tender with snow falling and lights in the background! Also, how great was it that it wasn’t the typical closing scene and it wasn’t a dead fish type kiss? I was especially happy that Dal Po didn’t back down when In Ha placed her hand over her mouth and just went for it. And then when he went in for the real kiss(es), I was squealing! The fact that Dal Po had one hand holding In Ha’s and one hand around her waist were nice, swoonworthy touches!

In Ha: Can we get along like before? Chatting just like this as uncle and niece, comfortably as family, can we get along like that again?
Dal Po: I can’t do that anymore. I’m sorry but I can’t. Can you do that? [Ahhhhhhh]
In Ha: Yes, I can. I can *hiccup* do it.

However, I am curious as to how In Ha and Dal Po got over their awkwardness about the whole being ‘family’ issue after the kiss so quickly because we don’t see any discussion of the ramifications afterwards. Also, I’m just going to assume that they’re dating now if the hug at the precinct is any indication. Which yay!!! But I thought we were going to deal with the turmoil a little bit more, which we probably will get loads of down the line when they have to be open about their relationship to dad and grandpa and the whole ‘my hyung is a murderer’ thing so I’ll take as many lovey-dovey scenes I can get now. Also it’s great to know that Dal Po has In ha to lean on when shit really hits the fan. BUT I still want to see a scene where Dal Po confesses to In Ha about just how much and for how long he’s liked her so that better not have happened off-screen!

Dal Po: I will congratulate you, so can you tell me that it will be okay?

I definitely swooned at the kiss but the best parts about of this episode were the interactions between Dal Po and his hyung. They ranged from heartbreaking to fear inducing. Dal Po decided to give his adopted name instead of his real name when hyung asked because he was afraid that hyung might have made a choice he shouldn’t have. His reporter senses were tingling, and rightly so, but it’s also so hard to watch! I love the emphasis on choice, and how both brothers were presented with choices after finding out that their dad has been dead all along and was wrongly framed, but one chose the path less taken and will have to deal with the consequences. It was so sad to see these two brothers together, after 13 years apart, but have to act like strangers. I loved the way Dal Po looked (up) at his hyung. His gaze was filled with longing and apprehension. Well done Lee Jong Seok!

Dal Po (voiceover): I thought if I met my hyung, I would cry a lot, saying “I missed you so much” and bawl. Because my tears had been pent up for the last 10 years, I thought I would cry a river. However…I had a really bad premonition. The premonition that hyung made a choice he shouldn’t have. So I was afraid. So I…couldn’t tell hyung my real name…When I met hyung, I had hundreds and thousands of questions for him. ‘How have you been living?’ ‘Are you sick anywhere?’ ‘Are you married?’ However, now that I have finally met him, the questions I have are just scary. ‘Why is the person who framed our father missing?’ ‘Why is your phone number in his phone log?’ Is this bad feeling merely a coincidence? What if…what if it isn’t just a coincidence? Will I be able to handle that truth? That possibility is so oppressive and cruel that I want to look the other way.

When hyung confronted Dal Po outside of the YGN building after seeing Dal Po snooping around his house and car, it was kind of scary to see hyung be so aggressive towards Dal Po and quite tragic to realize that hyung still bears an intense grudge against reporters, similar to Dal Po’s previous grudge (wait until hyung also finds out that Dal Po fell in love with the enemy’s daughter…). The difference was that Dal Po has found a constructive way to deal with that hatred, whereas hyung’s dislike for reporters is still palpable. Hyung is constantly living in the past and can’t move on from the injustice that has befallen his family. Hyung continues to keep himself distant from others and doesn’t form bonds easily but Dal Po is lucky to have found a people who love and care about him. Hyung’s truly a very pitiful character. *sniff sniff*

Hyung: Never again call me hyung! Don’t even be close to me! Reporters are all horrible and disgusting!

And that ending scene was fantastic! The moment where you see hyung contemplating his choice was brilliant! It was so sad that hyung risked his life to save a little boy from getting hit by a truck because he saw his younger brother, Ha Myeong, in the boy, not know that his real brother is alive and has grown to be a young man! The scene also helps illustrate that hyung still has goodness in him and it was the unfortunate circumstance that he was put in that pushed him over the edge.

Of course, I don’t think jamming your small truck into a bigger truck to stop it was the best idea and I’m doubtful that after a crash like that he managed to WALK away with just a gaping head wound. However, the sad thing is, hyung really doesn’t see himself as having anything to keep living for. His life in exchange for his “dead younger brother’s” life was worth it. That’s so sad and makes me wish that Dal Po had told hyung the truth earlier. The interesting thing is that In Ha and the camera crew caught this scene on camera so hyung becomes a hero and will be getting a lot more attention than a murderer would want. This will probably also lead to hyung having to interact with his sworn nemeses, i.e. reporters, some of whom should be able to recognize him. Soon all the major characters will know of each other’s existence.

Another interesting development is that Chan Soo is now suspicious of Dal Po since he saw him at the square where the phone signal appeared but Dal Po lied about being there to protect hyung from becoming a suspect. Besides hyung, Dal Po would be the other person with the motive to kill those three men. I wonder where this will lead…

Some cute/funny scenes I want to mention:

How adorable was it that dad was telling grandpa that In Ha being the first of her colleagues to go on-air is no big deal but then was bragging about it to everyone they ran into? Dad always says some prickly things to In Ha but we know he loves her. It was so cute that he set her picture as his phone’s wallpaper.

I’m glad that Princess stood up for In Ha when it came to her mom.

Yoo Rae trying to let Dal Po down easy after Beom Jo said Dal Po likes her was hilarious!

I can’t believe In Ha used toilet water to wash her hair. Ha and ew.

Gyo Dong imagining Dal Po’s reaction when he gives him his hyung’s contact info just to have the real reaction be the complete opposite.


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