Pinocchio Episode 7 Thoughts

Song Cha Ok: Often, people say that news is like an onion. It’s because the more you peel off a layer called the truth, the more a new truth is revealed.


Awe, so Dal Po reported the false story. At least he gets credit for finally acting on that niggling feeling of doubt and trying to get the real story before airtime, but unfortunately, it was too late. This error does force him to truly take in the words that he threw at In Ha during the debate. Before, Dal Po knew that reporters’ words weigh more than normal people’s words since he experienced the consequences first hand but he didn’t truly understand those words. After this incident, the fear of those words will turn him into a better reporter and he’ll approach each story with more caution. He saw how his story affected the daughter of the deceased woman and with his own history with reporters; he’ll truly know now that he has influence as a reporter and that means that he has the responsibility to ensure that his words don’t harm people needlessly.

It did kind of suck that Dal Po and hyung had to hear In Ha’s mom spout those words about the truth being like an onion because of all the people to rub in the fact that Dal Po reported an false story it had to be mom, the epitome of sensationalism.

Dal Po completely deserved In Ha’s dressing-down in this episode. But I love how by that time, he knew everything she said was true so he just accepted it, which hilariously took the wind out of her sails, aka, her very carefully thought-out speech. It was sweet that although In Ha had every right to gloat about the success of her first story, she was instead more worried about Dal Po and how he was feeling. And how adorable was it that she avoided him at the precinct so that she wouldn’t give him her illness? That sure says a lot about how much Beom Jo means to her since she definitely didn’t mind being around him while thinking she was contagious.

In Ha: Hey! I really have a lot to say to you. I’m not going to avoid you anymore. I’m just going to tell you.
Dal Po: I understand. Go ahead.
In Ha: You know it right? The health club ahjumma. I found that out but I was just about to report it like you but suddenly I got hiccups. Why? Because it didn’t feel right. That’s why I went to the hospital again. I met her separately.
Dal Po: I know.
In Ha: You said that I can’t be a reporter because I’m a Pinocchio, right? But what can we do? Because I am a Pinocchio, you got humiliated!
Dal Po: I know. You were right, and I was wrong. I’m sorry. I apologize as to what I said during the interview.
In Ha: Hey! You can’t apologize that quickly! I’m still not done!
Dal Po: Okay. Say more.
In Ha: I remember everything that you said during the interview. I hold grudges, you know. You told me this: that people like me who don’t know the weight of their words and thoughtlessly saying them can’t be a reporter. But what are you? Do you know the weight of the words that you are spouting? Do you think that you have the qualifications to become a reporter? I don’t think so.
Dal Po: That’s right. As you said, I wasn’t a reporter. Without even a chance.
In Ha: Is that so? I feel so relieved. All this time you disregarded me and seeing you get screwed, it felt great! *hiccup* I felt vindicated. I’ll upstage you many more times. Seeing how I’ll get to see you many more times in this listless state, it feels exciting. *hiccup*
Dal Po: Lies.
In Ha: Fine, I lied. I am right and you’re wrong but I worried about you to the point that it’s annoying.
Dal Po: [putting her shoes on for her] I’m listening.
In Ha: I’m worried because I couldn’t see you. Perhaps you’re resenting yourself or hurt…I was worried over and over again. [Dal Po puts her coat on her] You’re a competing reporter. Because you are on my mind, I feel annoyed, like an amateur reporter. Why is it so hard? It’s nothing much but why is settling my feelings not going well? Pretend you didn’t hear this too. I’m sorry. I always tell you to forget what I say. You think I’m pathetic, right? What am I doing? I must not be in my right mind because I’m cold. [Dal Po goes in for a back hug] Hey, you…
Dal Po: Because it’s cold. Even if you’re not in your right mind because you’re cold.
In Ha: Dal Po-ah.

[The above scene reminded me why I’m not a big fan of winter dramas…Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok looked like they were freezing! Burrrr!]

I was simultaneously excited and fretful about the brothers’ reunion in this episode. After thirteen years apart, this is how they meet? With hyung being the person at the other end of the call, Dal Po must suspect that hyung has something to do with the murders. Who else would have the motive to kill these factory workers? This is like the worst possible nightmare for Dal Po right now. There’s no time for hugs and kisses because Dal Po has to decide whether or not he’s the type of reporter who’ll report the truth regardless of who is involved in the case. It’s simply heartbreaking. Dal Po is trying to become a reporter so that he can report the truth about his father’s case but now he’s faced with his own brother’s crimes. What I am curious about is why Dal Po decided to give his adopted name instead of his birth name when hyung asked. Poor hyung, when he finds out that his younger brother has been alive all this time, the joy and pain that’ll cause is already hurting my heart. Why couldn’t you two have met earlier!?!

Dal Po: How was it when you returned? Did it seem worthwhile being a reporter?
Gyo Dong: Are you asking whether you can handle being a reporter?
Dal Po: Yes.
Gyo Dong: I’m not sure. I think it is too early for you to ask such questions now. From now on, you are going to see many cases and report many things. Cases that are harder to figure out than the gym lady case. A case where you don’t have a choice and can’t have an opinion, a case that you can’t imagine. If you cover that case, a scary case that determines whether someone lives or dies. When you meet that kind of a case, then you ask me that again. Would you be able to handle it?

I really hope hyung doesn’t do anything stupid towards In Ha. We know he’s on a revenge-killing spree and the one person left on the list is In Ha’s mom but from today’s episode, it looks like hyung is eyeing In Ha as a means to get to her mom. Don’t do it hyung (but if you do, it’ll be great for plot development)!!!

I was seriously getting annoyed at Beom Jo this episode. Who does he think he is to be acting that way towards Dal Po and stopping In Ha from what she wants to do? When he prevented her from getting Dal Po’s phone call, I was close to flipping a lid.

It sure felt good when Dal Po finally told Beom Jo off regarding his constant pestering about In Ha: “I like her as a woman. Am I not allowed?” The look on Beom Jo’s face was priceless.

On a random side note, I think Beom Jo’s mom should be a reporter herself! She’s hilarious!

Lastly, enjoy some sexy ahjusshi:


5 thoughts on “Pinocchio Episode 7 Thoughts

  1. carolies541 says:

    I still haven’t had the chance to start this drama but coming from the same writer of I Hear Your Voice, I have a lot of expectations. I’m not the biggest fan of PSH’s recent drama choices but I hope this will be the drama that I can rekindle my affections for her. Plus, the quotes you wrote seems very engaging, I think I’ll probably marathon this drama soon^^.


    • dramapenchant says:

      I think you’ll enjoy it! 🙂 Seriously, best drama airing right now (and for the past few months)!

      I actually wasn’t a fan of PSH prior to this drama. I’ve seen bits and pieces of her previous dramas and found her to be a bland actress, but she definitely upped her game for Pinocchio. This character was made for her!


      • carolies541 says:

        For the past few months, actually for this year I think, Misaeng is the best drama for me but I think I will probably give Pinocchio a shot, reviews have been very positive.


      • dramapenchant says:

        Hey! I was actually just on your blog browsing the new upgrade! Looking good! 😀

        I’ve heard great things about Misaeng but I couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll try again later.


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