Pinocchio Episode 6 Thoughts

Dal Po’s Narration: When we find out something’s not true, the truth sends us a small signal to try looking again. That’s what we call doubt…What you see isn’t everything.

Well, I guess I spoke too soon last time when I said that the relationship between In Ha and Dal Po has returned back to their normal bickering & comfortable rapport. There were, however, some cute/sweet moments between our petty, dueling couple this episode.

(1) In Ha’s confession:

In Ha: Uncle. Dal Po-ah.
Dal Po: Let go.
In Ha: Listen to what I have to say!
Dal Po: Why do you want to be a reporter so much? Do you want to see your mom that badly? She threw you away, she used you, and she stepped on your pride, yet you still…
In Ha: It’s not my mom; it’s because of you!
Dal Po: What?
In Ha: Choi Dal Po, you started all of this. I started because of you.
Dal Po: What are you talking about?
In Ha: Eight years ago…When you went out on the quiz show and destroyed the rumors that the kids spread about you, my heart was full to overflowing to the point of feeling hot as I watched the broadcast. As the teacher and kids who watched you come out on television changed their minds about you, do you know how satisfying and electrifying that was for me? It started then. That was when I started dreaming of becoming a reporter.
Dal Po: You’re saying it was because of me?
In Ha: Yes. It wasn’t my mom, it was you. That day has remained here [hand on heart] like it’s something wonderful. I couldn’t forget even for a second. That’s why I’ve come this far. No matter how much my dad opposes, no matter how much my mom steps on my pride, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to keep going until I make it in. I no longer need your support. No, I wish that you would keep nitpicking and opposing me like you are now. That way, I can lose my affection for you and easily end my feelings toward you.

(2) The scene with the button was so cute and funny:

In Ha: [places button in Dal Po’s hand] I’ll return this.
Dal Po: Why?
In Ha: I think I’ve settled my feelings for you. *hiccup* It’s not settled yet. Sorry. I guess I was in such a rush. Don’t worry, I will be able to settle it soon. [takes button back]

(3) Sleeping together

As we already know, like Dal Po, hyung is rather smart and we see him use that intelligence to cover up his tracks. Rather brilliant I might add, if only he didn’t have a detective with such great instincts on the case. Although hyung will have to pay for his crimes, at the moment I still feel sympathy for him since I view him as a victim of society. He was forced into a corner and unlike Dal Po who is aware of his brother’s existence; hyung believes himself to be all alone in this world. Hyung has lost all hope and there’s nothing left to tether him to society.

I’m praying that Dal Po didn’t jump the gun and report a false story regarding the lady who died at the gym. Any of the other reporters can but not Dal Po. I don’t want to see him make the same mistake as the reporters that destroyed his family. Of course, if Dal Po did in fact make a report without all the facts, and In Ha was the one that reported the real story, then it’ll force Dal Po to re-evaluate his previous views on reporters in general and In Ha’s abilities in particular. This might lead to some interesting character developments.

We’re also laying the foundation for hyung’s case to be a big news story with Chan Soo finding the whole situation a bit fishy. However, all I could think of when Chan Soo offered the case to Dal Po was, why wouldn’t Dal Po be excited about taking on this case? If I were a reporter and a police officer offered me that case, I jump on it in a heartbeat. Also, having the past that he did with people making assumptions based on the “facts”, shouldn’t Dal Po be more cautious when approaching a story as truth? Now the question is, will In Ha or Dal Po get hyung’s case first?

Annnnd, is it just me or are the cliffhangers for the even episodes on this show kind of…weird? So far, they definitely don’t have the same ‘punch’ factor as the cliffhangers for the odd episodes, and when there’s a whole week wait for new episodes, here’s hoping we get better cliffhangers.

Looking forward to this week’s episodes and hopefully we’ll be moving forward on the romance front like these stills suggest:


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