Pinocchio Episode 5 Thoughts

Dal Po: Don’t become a reporter, In Ha-ah. Don’t become a reporter, In Ha-ah. When I imagine you as a reporter, the horrible thought of your mother comes to mind. I remember your mother driving my poor father into a corner. If you become a reporter, looking at you might become too much of a heartache. So, I am afraid.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I absolutely loved In Ha’s theatrics at the convenience store. So hilarious!

Of course, dad is amazing and hilarious as always about rubbing In Ha’s pain in her face (with love of course). Dad asking “do men get morning sickness too?” when Dal Po was gagging at the smell of the intestine soup, was great! Took the words out of my mouth!

Seriously, Beom Jo and his mom are soooooo weird. All I’m going to say is that Freud would have a blast with them.

Although I hate that In Ha is now working for MSC, I appreciated the fact that her mom was upfront about using In Ha as a marketing tool. Which means that there won’t be any room for In Ha to misunderstand her mom’s intentions as motherly love or anything. It’s also a bit disheartening that In Ha, the beacon of speaking the truth, sold out and is now working for the news station that ranks pretty darn low on the scale of trustworthiness and reliability. This does force In Ha to think about how far she is willing to go and what is she willing to give up to be a reporter. However, this does allow for interesting drama since this turn of events will pit In Ha and Dal Po against one another. And how much more will In Ha resemble and remind Dal Po of her mother now that In Ha is working for the devil of news broadcasting?

Dal Po-ah. Although he had a reason to be upset and angry during the debate, I still am upset with him for being such a jerk to In Ha and revealing the fact that she was a Pinocchio. And then even after the debate was over and In Ha wanted to make amends, he continued to be cold to her and was rather harsh with In Ha regarding her dreams. He knew all along that her dream was to be a news reporter and after years of cheering her on, now for him to lash out at her about her dreams because he doesn’t want to be reminded of her mom when he sees her is kind of not cool man. At least talk to her about it, she deserves at least that. He also kind of lost the loyalty factor after promising that either they both pass or fail together, and then now deciding to go at it alone. Poor In Ha, that’s some serious whiplash she must be experiencing.

Dal Po: It’s cold. Say what you have to say.
In Ha: I’m not jealous of you. I’m happy you got the reporter position. I don’t resent you. *hiccup*
Dal Po: That again? I’m saying that you are hiccuping right now.
In Ha: Do you know why this hiccup started? It started after I denied that I liked you.
Dal Po: What?
In Ha: I said I like you. I do. After I realized that, I denied it. Because it didn’t make sense because I shouldn’t. However, from that moment on, the hiccups haven’t stopped.
Dal Po: You’re lying. It can’t be.
In Ha: It’s not a lie. Look, the hiccups have stopped. You know, I cannot lie. So, I can’t hide unrequited love and I can’t keep secrets. Even though I know the answer…know that I shouldn’t like you because you’re my uncle, I have to confess because of these darn hiccups. So, pretend that you didn’t hear it. I’ll try to fold my feelings in any way possible. I’ll call you uncle all the time, meet other people, and try my best. Forget what I just said. Then it’ll be fine.
Dal Po: Okay.
In Ha: Thank you.
Dal Po: If you can’t do that?
In Ha: What?
Dal Po: Even if you try your very best..even if you do all sorts of things…what if you still have those feelings? What’s going to happen to us?
In Ha: We can’t do that, since we are family. Don’t worry, I’m not that passionate about it yet. I’ll get over it soon. [she walks away]
Dal Po: It must be nice for you, since you can fold your feelings.

Her awkward relationship with Dal Po at the moment about her dream profession also couldn’t come at a more unfortunate time with In Ha’s blossoming feelings for her “uncle”. I was so glad though that In Ha decided to confess to Dal Po, although it was that or hiccupping forever. But at least one person was honest. Dal Po, not having the disadvantage of a disorder to force him to be honest about his feelings for In Ha, can keep those feelings close to the vest. Let’s wait to see what pushes Dal Po from silence, I’m going to bet one creepy, persistent stalker will do the trick. I also want to comment briefly about how pretty the confession scene was, in the location and the way it was filmed. And how cute was it that In Ha was holding onto her button necklace (the button which she bought from Dal Po) to gain courage in order to admit to Dal Po that she likes him? The button necklace is now an extension of Dal Po.

It was so adorable that Dal Po was the only person in the family to remember In Ha’s birthday (poor girl!) and bought her a cake. Too bad he had to chicken out and didn’t give it to her himself! I am happy that they are back to their adorable, bickering relationship by the end of the episode though, sure missed that!

Who else ‘awwwwwed’ when In Ha, grandpa, AND dad all ended up giving Dal Po medicine for his stomach pains? That’s familial love! It’s cute and great for our Choi family but this just reinforces for Dal Po how family is first and foremost, and he can’t do anything to jeopardize it.

That ending scene was EPIC! The contrast between how the two brothers have decided to deal with the injustice that has been dealt to them was really well done. I knew hyung was up to no good when he swiped the wallet but I seriously was not expecting hyung to do that. Now hyung has the death of (possibly) three people weighing down on his soul. Of course, this all comes down to the difference in circumstance in which hyung and Dal Po lived after the destruction of their family. Compare the difference between the love that Dal Po has gotten from his adopted family and hyung who has been alone with the weight of his family’s tragedy on his shoulder, alone this entire time with no outlet, I can see why hyung thought that murder was the only way for him to get revenge. Hyung has been living the tragedy day in and day out, always reminded of it, whereas Dal Po has been able to go to school, make friends, fall in love. Hyung didn’t have that luxury, so while Dal Po may have felt wronged, Hyung was trapped.

Gyo Dong: Why did you want to become a reporter? Did you suddenly think that it would be good to be a reporter?
Dal Po: Would I think that it would be good to be a reporter? I still can’t breathe normally being around all these reporters and still hate the reporters.
Gyo Dong: But, why did you come?
Dal Po: Because of my name.
Gyo Dong: Your name?
Dal Po: After enduring this internship, when I can be an on-air reporter, I’ll want to reveal my real name.
Gyo Dong: Your real name? Then, you’re saying the name you have now is fake?
Dal Po: Yes.
[Cut to hyung’s conversation with the about-to-be-murdered plant manager]
Plant Manager: Who are you, bastard? What kind of guy are you?
Hyung: You’re still mouthing off after all this time? It’s no use. Like you said, this is a demolished place, so no one comes here.
Plant Manager: Hey, what wrong did I do for you to be doing this? Answer me. Who are you?
[Cut back to Dal Po]
Gyo Dong: What is your real name?
[Cut back to hyung]
Hyung: I am firefighter Gi Ho Sang’s son.
[Cut back to Dal Po]
Dal Po: It’s Gi Ha Myeong.
[Cut back to hyung]
Plant Manager: What? Firefighter Gi Ho Sang?
Hyung: Do you remember that name?
[Cut back to Dal Po]
Dal Po: The bones that were found not too long ago…I’m that firefighter Gi Ho Sang’s son.
Gyo Dong: What?
[Cut back to hyung]
Plant Manager: What are you going to do to me?
Hyung: I want to let you know how my father died.
[Cut back to Dal Po]
Gyo Dong: You’re that firefighter’s son?
Dal Po: Yes. Because of you guys, I lost my parents and my brother. I even lost my name. And recently, because of you guys, I found out how my father died unfairly. I have a lot of things that I want to say and a lot of things that I want to find out. There’s also someone I want to find. I thought about what kind of person could do all of this. And I got an unbelievable answer.
[Cut back to hyung]
Hyung: You’re going to die in there. However, no one will know how you died. They’ll just think that you’re hiding somewhere.
Plant Manager: S-s-save me.
Hyung: And…the world will think of you as the devil who killed your underlings because of money.
Plant Manager: What are you talking about? I didn’t kill anyone.
Hyung: I know. But the world won’t know that. Your family also won’t know. The world will remember you as the shameless murderer who ran away. People will point their fingers at your family, and your family will live being ashamed of you. You’ll see that dead people aren’t the only ones who can go to hell.
[Cut back to Dal Po]
Gyo Dong: That answer is becoming a reporter?
[Cut back to hyung]
Plant Manager: What I did was wrong. I committed a grave sin, mister.
Hyung: After a very long time, when time has passed and your bones are found by luck, the people will have no concern about how and why you died so wrongfully, just like my father!
[Cut back to Dal PO:
Dal Po: Yes. That’s why I became a reporter, because I will be able to do just about everything. So, I will diligently learn, captain.

Now with one brother a murderer and one a reporter sworn to report the truth, this gives us quite a compelling story. When the time comes, will Dal Po be able to condemn his brother? Knowing Dal Po, he has to and he will, that’s what is so heartbreaking. This turn of events reminds me of Hye Sung’s line from I Hear Your Voice, “The moment we kill him, we’re no longer victims. We’ve become murderers”, all the justification they previously had disappears.


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