Bromance Edition #1: Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo [Update 3]

Okay, this new ‘Bromance Edition’ series is really just me wanting to share these recent photos uploaded by skahee and smnth0102 from Instagram.

Looks like Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo’s bromance never stops. The two were seen heading to Berlin, Germany some unknown location (possibly Japan) for a trip together. They are soooo adorable! Love them together!

Will we be seeing a third face there? 😉 Okinawa perhaps? Sorry, I’ll stop.

Kwang Soo is in Berlin, Germany! (Photo: @novitasiahaan)

A post shared by @ actorleekwangsoo on


Buying suitcases in Berlin. Hmmm, how many things did these two boys buy that they need another suitcase? Maybe they bought gifts for a special someone OR the suitcase is for a surprise visitor?


Okay I take it back. I see why they had to look at suitcases, these two really know how to shop! They’re too adorable! ❤


22 thoughts on “Bromance Edition #1: Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo [Update 3]

  1. astantyontheblog says:

    Oh whattt…I’m currently traveling in Japan, too!!! Where are they Dramapenchant..??? Kyoto…Osaka…pleeease tell me uhuuu.. *love oppa so much*


      • Jill says:

        @dramapenchant Could be that! She even took public transportation and everything. She probably felt it was a good place to go to not be a celebrity.

        Only time will tell us what the F is happening. Hehehe!


      • Jill says:

        @dramapenchant even their get-together at his brother’s cafe was weird. Sure they were with Kim Ki Bang and other celebrities (or not) but they could have invited the other actors too. Why was Lee Sung Kyung the only other cast member there? LOL. What about the guy who played Taeyong or the guy who played her ex? Or anyone else from the cast besides those three? It didn’t seem like a cast get-together to me. It seemed more like an excuse to hang out with two pretty actresses. (Don’t mind me. I will be checked into a mental ward soon)


      • dramapenchant says:

        @jill the shipper in me hates that I’m saying this BUT lsk said that originally, lks was going to join them but he was so busy he had to pass. If he did go, it would have been a get together between 4 of thw younger, close cast members which makes sense. Then again, it might have been lsk trying to help jis and ghj make the situation seem less suspicious. Oh and thinking about it, knowing how close jis is to kkb, making it was a, let me introduce the love of my life to my best friend? 😛 see I always bring it back to our ship.


  2. Jill says:

    Oh yeah, the proof can be seen in Project 577 at about 9 minutes in. It was a personal trip but her buddy, Ha Jung Woo, asked her to bring a camera along with her and film.


  3. fuudeebee says:

    Woah woah, their friendship is going on strong! It makes me happy to see the cast members doing bff things together hahaha. Hopefully we get to see more updates on GHJ hanging out with LSK too! They make such pretty sisters~

    Let’s hope they’ll eventually make their way to Japan….. heheh….. with a certain female lead from IOIL 😛


  4. MoniW says:

    I do love the JIS & LKS bromance! :). They are so cute & tall together lol :). Plus what a PR bonus that they are friends on and off screen (and have been friends before IOTL). I think that with all the “dramas” in JIS’s personal life – spending a private holiday with a good buddy is just what the doctor ordered.


    • dramapenchant says:

      Lol definitely very tall! Giraffe still seems a little awkward with his height though (but adorable) yep, I think the show just made their bromance so much stronger and how much do I love it that jis is the hyung and lks seems like he really looks up to him?


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