Free Thought Friday #1: It’s Okay, It’s Love BTS/Making Of

So this is a new segment I’m introducing to the blog in which “every” Friday I’ll post about something that interests me at the moment. It might be a quote, a video, a more lengthy post, etc.

For the first FTF, I wanted to dedicate it to a variety of behind the scenes, making of and other random pictures/videos etc. related to It’s Okay, It’s Love. It’s sort of my final farewell to the show…

This will probably be a work in progress for the next week or so since I really wanted to post it today, but at the moment, I do not have the time to put everything I wanted into the post! 🙂 All is credit to their respective owners. If you have any adorable videos or pictures that aren’t posted here, do share it in the comments section! 😀

Happy Friday!


Press Junket

Prayer ceremony, first script reading and meal

“High” Quality BTS Photos

Gong Hyo Jin Returning to Cake and Flowers After Her Car Accident

Random BTS Pictures

Last Days of Filming and Wrap Party

DVD Commentary


Showbiz Korea – PRESS CONFERENCE OF IT’S OKAY, THAT’S LOVE 드라마 괜찮아 사랑이야

SBS [한밤의TV연예] – ‘괜찮아 사랑이야’ 배우 인터뷰

Thanks to my chingu, hubilai, for letting me use this translation:

Starts from 0:35.

Reporter: What worries me the most is Gong Hyo Jin-ssi, are you alright? It seems like you can’t lift the microphone.

Gong Hyo Jin: We go back and forth from filming site in a hurry, right? Then I got into an accident. Because my arm is being inconvenient, my walking is inconvenient. You may see it in the drama, so please understand my awkward arm.

Reporter: What kind of drama is it that people are so interested in it?

Gong Hyo Jin: Romantic comedy’s are like that, right? They know their feelings, but can’t confess and can’t meet, right? We just do it straightforwardly as “Let’s break up”, “Let’s date”, “You are the one. You are my style”. Quite honest and hot and really breathtaking and thrilling story.

Reporter: Can we expect your lovely side this time?

Gong Hyo Jin: I tried so much not to show it, but it come out without choice. Always

Jo In Sung: Gong Hyo Jin is pretty when she smiles. Her eyes become small and smiles adorably.

Reporter: Jo In Sung’s scene where he makes eye contact made so much headlines.

Reporter: Please greet the viewers with your eyes. I’ve seen you after a long time, how come you become more handsome?

Sung Dong Il: Kwang Soo, not you.

Lee Kwang Soo: I become shy for nothing again.

Reporter: I’m better than Jo In Sung in this?

Gong Hyo Jin: He’s taller.

Jo In Sung: Height, hand, foot.

Sung Dong Il: Big mouth

Lee Kwang Soo: Some people told me “Better not grow, if grows like you”. So saying this is an advantage is a bit…

Reporter: Poster is this naughty.

Jo In Sung: Giving strength to the feet.

Sung Don Il: They are having cramps, but can’t show it. So they are enduring it while smiling. Muscle Strain.

Reporter: When you shoot this what kind of feelings do actors have?

Gong Hyo Jin: We shot this after shooting kiss scenes and other scenes,

Jo In Sung: We shot this comfortably.

Reporter: When you do kiss scenes a lot, every partner is different, right? How was it?

Gong Hyo Jin: His nose is high, so it always poked my eye when shooting kiss scenes.

Jo In Sung: That day, I lowered my nose a bit, but it still touched.

Sung Dong Il: Ya, when will I have that kiss scene? I need to do one before I get older. In “Hearty Paws 2”, I did it once with a dog. That’s the last kiss of my acting career.

Reporter: I heard that your (Sung Dong Il and Gong Hyo Jin’s character) relationship is really unique.

Gong Hyo Jin: My first love during university. He left me behind and got married.

 Jo In Sung: When sunbaenim was young, he was really….. Attractive eyebrows. His eyes are similar to Josh Hartnett’s.

Sung Dong Il: You can also find famous people whom I look alike in Korea. Han Moo sunbaenim.

Reporter: Are you a landlord?

Gong Hyo Jin: It says it’s not just one or two.

Jo In Sung: If I say “Get out”, they have no choice but to leave.

Sung Dong Il: He says get out frequently, so I can’t live there because it’s dirty.

Question: Jo In Sung’s character’s personality?

Gong Hyo Jin: Playboy.

Jo In Sung: He is a free-spirited person.

Reporter: Isn’t it so much different from you?

Jo In Sung: Really different.

Gong Hyo Jin: Almost the same, no?

Jo In Sung: No, what are you talking about?

Gong Hyo Jin: Free-spirited…

Jo In Sung: What are you talking about?

Reporter: Jo In Sung was being slapped…

Gong Hyo Jin: That’s sound. Actually I didn’t slap that hard.

Jo In Sung: Person who was slapped will remember. She has definite skill, so even if I got slapped, I said “Did it hurt, did it not?” ambiguously.

Lee Kwang Soo: It’s been a while since I heard “Biiiii” sound in my ear. (Referring to his own scene beaten by Gong Hyo Jin)


Reporter: Someone who was different from their first impression. (Gong Hyo Jin 3 votes)

Jo In Sung: She’s a woman in soul. She takes care of things while passing by casually.

Reporter: Is there anything uncomfortable? As a woman?

Sung Dong Il: No one on the site sees Gong Hyo Jin as a woman. He is like a man and has more loyalty.

Gong Hyo Jin: That’s different from what has been said just now, sunbaenim. Context is different.

Sung Dong Il: She’s really feminine. Hahaha

Reporter: NG King. (Everyone points at themselves)

Jo In Sung: Kwang Soo doesn’t make NGs. He memorizes so well.

Gong Hyo Jin: He’s aiming for Daesang.

Lee Kwang Soo: Well, if I try my best…

Reporter: Do you have any fun episode on filming site?

Jo In Sung: Kwang Soo doesn’t appear that much.

Lee Kwang Soo: No, no.

Reporter: Someone who treats others the most. (Jo In Sung 3 votes)

Jo In Sung: When you are a bit tired, gathering together and eating and drinking together is the best method to release stress and enjoy filming site.

Sung Dong Il: (Kwang Soo told him that) In Sung calls every night to drink. If it’s not for the drama he doesn’t want to meet him.

Lee Kwang Soo: I’m sorry. I was reckless.

Jo In Sung: Everyone, it’s starting now. Please show love and support until Episode 16.

Everyone: It’s alright, that’s love, fighting!!!

Cr. Hubilai.

[ENGSUB]140715 D.O Talk about fans – Its okay Its love Presscon Cut

[ENGSUB]140715 Its Okay Its Love Presscon cut – D.O fan of Jo In Sung

[Eng Sub] IOIL – interview JIS PARTS

SBS [괜찮아사랑이야] – 이광수, 논란의 휴지 장면에 대해 입을 열다(기자간담회中)

[IOIL] [Poster Shoot] Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il, D.O

It’s Okay, That’s Love Teaser – Korean Drama 2014

It’s Okay, That’s Love Script Reading

It’s Ok, That’s Love- Cute DO BTS

[IOIL] [Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep01-07 NG

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep01

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep02

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep04

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep05

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep06

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep08

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep09

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep10

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep11

[Making Film] IT’S OK, IT’S LOVE – Ep12

Jo In Sung, Sung Dong Il & Lee Kwang Soo – Surprise appearance in ‘Oh, I’ll go to school’

[IOIL] [Engsub] Do Sang Woo: ‘My role model Jo In Sung’

It’s Okay, It’s Love Wrap Party Video


38 thoughts on “Free Thought Friday #1: It’s Okay, It’s Love BTS/Making Of

  1. fuudeebee says:

    Thanks for compiling all the pictures! I especially like the one with JIS, GHJ and the director in the toilet, with JIS in the bathtub and touching the ends of GHJ’s hair 😀 so sweet~ I wish someone subbed the interview with the 4 of them though D:

    Can’t wait for the commentary!!


    • dramapenchant says:

      I’m still curious as to why he was touching her hair in the first place! I feel like he’s especially touchy-feely around GHJ! 😉

      I basically like any picture where JIS and GHJ are together but some of my favorites are the ferris wheel pics, the last script reading pic (he sure leaned in close), and the pictures from the Okinawa cliff where JIS is helping GHJ walk around! Such a sweet guy!


    • dramapenchant says:

      The translation for the SBS segment has been added! 😀

      JIS is a sweetheart and everyone knows it! 😀 I also love how all three boys seem to really adore and take care of GHJ! But then again, who wouldn’t? ❤


    • dramapenchant says:

      “Jo In Sung: Gong Hyo Jin is pretty when she smiles. Her eyes become small and smiles adorably.”

      ^ Did you notice how happy and affectionate he was when he was describing GHJ’s smile? Someone is smitten!!! ❤

      Edit with a gif:

      Liked by 1 person

      • fuudeebee says:


        Thanks so much for adding the translation and to the translator as well!! Omg he looks so cute describing her smile hahaha, using his hands and all XD he seems really happy when he said she looks adorable hahaha MY HEARTEU CANNOT TAKE THIS ARGHJGGFFGGG ❤


  2. Jill says:

    Here’s JIS’s bday video. GHJ was there that night too and you can see her in the background at two different points. It looks like they filmed the scene where they become bf/gf on the night of his birthday! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. readlead says:

    A sort of farewell??? I dont like that words LOL
    thank you very much, I really enjoy reading your blog! ❤
    will check my lappi if there is pic/vid you left out 😀


  4. astantyontheblog says:

    The picture when they both seating in a couch reading script… GHJ looks really comfortable..
    ‘sigh’ I wish I were jealous :p

    I think GHJ is more serious while JIS is a bit more playful on set. They perfectly compliment each other. IMHO.

    How the story should be if they decided to continue a sequel (part 2)? LOL


      • MoniW says:

        Absolutely concur. The possibilities are endless! As we mentioned before – this was a rare show where we enjoyed watching the boring and mundane (apart from the trauma and the mystery) BECAUSE of the way JIS and GHJ portrayed their characters. You would not hear any complaints from me if they did a season of IOTL where both JY & HS are trying to cope with their individual careers while chasing after a toddler and still trying to squeeze in some time for themselves for “special cuddles” lol. And as Dramapenchant pointed out HS would always have to be vigilant and on the lookout for JY’s re-lapses. Plus let’s face it HS being pregnant and cranky would also make for some interesting viewing :).

        Further, all the other characters had also plenty of room to grow. I would have loved to see Dong-min and Young-jin end up together (I REALLY loved their characters as well) AND before everyone hates me – I am suggesting a scenario of (perhaps) Dong-min’s wife dying so that he ends up looking after his daughter with Young-jin’s assistance etc.. etc…. Because we haven’t invested ourselves emotionally into the character of Dong-min’s wife I think we could cope with her “dying”.

        Not to mention the further development of JB and SK’s characters…

        But as we all know this will never happen. If anything because the lead actors themselves wouldn’t agree to it – they both want to improve/stretch themselves acting-wise and they would probably feel that another season of IOTL wouldn’t be challenging enough for them and I totally respect that).


      • Jill says:

        I wholeheartedly concur. I mean, in the earlier previews and music videos, he actually pulls down the strap of her dress and caresses her neck. Was any of that shown in the actual episode? Nope. 😦


      • MoniW says:

        (** JILL – I tried to reply straight under your comment but there is no “Reply” button under your post so I’ll have to do it here – unless our lovely Dramapenchant can fix this for me and shift it 🙂 **)

        Jill – Yes, yes, yes! I totally agree – why oh why did those little “moments” from the “beach scene” did not make it to the final cut. They were very sensuous and would have tied in to the mood of that scene. They were not sleazy at all so that wouldn’t have affected the rating of the show.

        Incidentally, for those of you who have seen the list where actors chose their “most memorable scenes” from IOTL I am SOOO proud of Gong Hyo-Jin for choosing that “beach scene” as HER most memorable scene. Bless her! Honestly, it is so rare for actors to choose a scene like that as their “most memorable” (which I totally understand as well because they would look at a script differently to us viewers). I really do love that scene and the “morning after” one. And it was lovely what GHJ said as well (when she mentioned that her “heart fluttered” when she read about that scene in the script… awww, cute!). I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was to read that.

        And that Writer Noh chose the “bathroom scene” (Ep6) where JY and HS have a silent moment while JY is holding HS’s hand which is also one of my fave’s (mind you I have waaaay too many favourite scenes to pick just one lol).

        Dramapenchant you will be pleased that Jo In Sung nominated the final scene from Ep4 (where the viewers find out KW is not real) as his favourite because I recall that, that scene was pretty special to you too.


      • Jill says:

        @MoniW They ‘made it less sexy’ because of early complaints about the explicit mentions of sex in the first episode. It makes me wonder what could have been…

        There’s also that scene with Sung Dong Il on a bed with a whip that sadly didn’t make it either! I think I really must buy the dvd. I was able to resist buying Master’s Sun, but I can’t do that for this one. I hope there will be plenty of extended scenes. 🙂

        I also loved the hand-holding scene a lot. I think it left a far greater impression on me than their kiss in the pond.

        Liked by 1 person

      • MoniW says:

        @Jill thanks for that info. I wasn’t aware of this (that there were complaints about too many “sex references” etc), and yes, sadly, we will always wonder what “could’ve been” ;). I am definitely lining up for the DVD!

        And for me also the “silent” bathroom scene had definitely more impact than the “pond” scene. Pond scene was lovely of course but EVERYTHING about that bathroom scene pulled me – and in fact it was the first time I felt a proper deep connection between the characters. Also the additional little touches that added to the mood (for me at least) were how sad GHJ’s eyes looked and JIS’s voice sounded a little bit different (deeper?) making the whole scene all that more alluring and poignant – I’m telling you I was in the bathroom with them during that scene :).

        Liked by 1 person

  5. fuudeebee says:

    Now I REALLY can’t wait for the dvd commentary. I want them to review the last few episodes and comment on EVERYTHING. I will rewatch everything again and risk swollen eyes once more to know how exactly they felt about the entire journey. It’s gonna be soooo rewarding (‘:


      • fuudeebee says:


        Really?! Omg I’m seriously considering buying the entire drama boxset now T_T even though I’m nearly broke but I find it so hard to resist when there’s so many extra goodies for us….


  6. MoniW says:

    Oh Bless you Dramapenchant for this blog!!!! At least we’re in this together (grieving over the end lol) and this will definitely help me to ease the “pain” of not having IOTL every week ! I had a huge smile when looking at your pics! My fave BTS is from Ep8 as well – I like the way Jo In Sung just casually stopped Gong Hyo-jin’s skirt from billowing and “flashing” everyone. What a gentleman :).

    I actually missed on “purpose” some of the bits from the press conference when it was originally aired in my attempt to avoid spoilers and/or have any expectations of the show but now that I have seen the show (and all special moments/scenes are well imbedded in my memory) I am looking up EVERYTHING I missed – so this bog is just the thing for me – I have all the interviews, conferences and pics at my fingertips 🙂 Woo Hoo and thank you :)!

    Incidentally, isn’t it nice to see all the warmth between the cast on and off screen and their great relationship with the crew as well. I am so pleased that we don’t hear or see about any temper tantrums or any diva behaviours or problems on the set. AND if there were any I DON’T WANT TO KNOW lol. I always find it sad to hear about leads bickering or ego trips on the set of other international movies. Don’t get me wrong – I have no trouble separating fantasy from reality when watching a movie BUT it’s like icing on the cake to hear that everyone “played nice” on the set :).

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Head doctor says:

    Some adorable fan made videos to hopefully mitigate your IOTL’s withdrawal symptoms until the director’s cut DVD is available for purchase in your country.
    Cr: respective owners

    It’s Okay That’s Love – Sunboat (괜찮아, 사랑이야 OST):

    it’s Ok That’s love | ” You make me Feel the love”:

    It’s okay that’s love || let me go (jae yeol x kang woo):

    ► It’s ok that’s love► Don’t love me:

    It’s Okay, That’s Love || Make You Feel My Love:

    It’s Ok , This is Love | My Clarity ♥:

    IOTL ✲ Crazy In Love MV:

    JaeYeol and HaeSoo “Dust to Dust” –It’s Okay, That’s Love:


  8. MoniW says:

    Since I’m not sure where else to post this (as I don’t have Instagram) but THANK YOU you for the little pics you still keep on posting on Instagram from IOTL. I always read your little comments and go “awww shucks”… I agree that JIS & GHJ look so natural in that scene [of them embracing and kissing after lighting the candle] that it’s very easy to forget they are acting lol


  9. luvKdrama says:

    Guess I am one of those who is still “poisoned” by the drama.
    Anyway, looking at this kissing scene, I questioned if they kissed for real or only acting?
    Looks real to me (or just my delusional mind + eyes playing tricks)… since they both closed their eyes, held each other quite tightly and seems to enjoy this moment.
    How come no news of them lately?? Really hope to see some updates from dispatch soon….!


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