Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook Announce Break-Up [Updated]

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It was recently confirmed that Lee Jin Wook and Gong Hyo Jin have broken up after dating for 5 months. Break-ups are an unfortunate occasion, and I am sad to hear that they’ve ended their relationship since I love them both. I do have this inkling, though, that they probably broke up a while back but waited for It’s Okay, That’s Love to finish airing before announcing the news. But when you start dating because of your “mutual love of fashion”…Regardless, I wish them both well; in love, work and life! (source: allkpop)



HOWEVER….since the end of It’s Okay, That’s Love, I have been living in Delulu Land, so deep down, I’m a bit, dare I say, happy about this news. I know, I’m a terrible person to be rejoicing in someone else’s pain but if you join me, I’ll give you some cookies, and no, not rotten ones…

As a result of us delulu shippers, Jo In Sung’s company felt a need to release the following statement:


Source: netizenbuzz

Now I feel terrible that the company even had to issue this statement, so  my delulu self will now go back and hide in the cave. I just have to remind myself that at the moment, Jo In Sung is a taken man, so out of respect for his personal life and his very cool girlfriend, Kim Min Hee, I shouldn’t be too delusional. Although I would love to see Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin as a couple in real life when their timing is right, there are just no guarantees about the future. If only they worked together earlier…

Also if we think about this rationally, just think about how huge of a scandal it would become if Jo In Sung also broke up with Kim Min Hee and then got together with Gong Hyo Jin? There’s that “betrayal” factor attached, where Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Min Hee are good friends and dating a girlfriends’ ex is usually frowned upon. If their feelings are real and strong enough, they can say f*** it but that’s probably not going to happen, especially in a country where basically anything and everything is considered a “scandal”. Also, Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee do seem like a very cute couple. Now, I’m actually really super sad that Lee Jin Wook and Gong Hyo Jing broke up!!!! If Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin can’t be together, I would like it if Gong Hyo Jin were still with Lee Jin Wook. Ah well, it was sweet while it lasted and they must have had their own reasons for separating.

I actually find it a bit amusing that the news of the break-up was released as Gong Hyo Jin is vacationing in Thailand with the cast and crew of It’s Okay, That’s Love. I just hope all of us delusional shippers haven’t made it awkward between Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin! I believe they are more mature and professional than to care about this kind of delulu talk online though.



22 thoughts on “Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook Announce Break-Up [Updated]

  1. mylovebuggeroos says:

    *cries laughing. My goodness…. PSH these days everyone dates each other even in our perfect dramaland! I do like them together… I totally hope they are reunited for another drama someday SOON! Since all my favorite shows ended, I feel lonely. I get on WordPress and scroll my feeds…just hoping and wishing, you updated something on our OTP! ****read that to the most depressing theme song! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 On the other hand…I have clean laundry and I even mopped the floors twice this week! Haha


    • dramapenchant says:

      *to the song of Hero* Hopefully one day….we never know what the future has in store!

      I feel you! The withdrawal symptoms are especially terrible today, this being the first Wednesday without our lovely Hae Soo and Jae Yeol!

      Haha even though all my favorite shows have finished airing, I’m definitely not as productive as you are! 😀


      • mylovebuggeroos says:

        Haha you know! I keep forgetting to ask you, do you know how Tae-Yong is connected? I mean I know that they are best friends and childhood friend but I feel like I am missing something. He seems very, very close to the family. I don’t know why it has been on my mind but I feel like he is a piece of the puzzle I am trying to finish connecting before I can totally let go of this show.
        Oh yeah, on Wednesday, I managed to click on my IOTL tab and realized…it is over. I totally wanted more of my OTP. *UGH. Lets go spy on them! You said they were in Thailand right? haha!


      • dramapenchant says:

        I don’t know if you’ve seen, but I’ve gone stalker 101 on the cast while they’re in Thailand! (Just check out my most recent post! ^_^)

        As you said, Tae Yong is just a really close childhood friend…when you’ve grown up together and know of each other’s past pains, I guess you grow a strong (brotherly) attachment…(sorry if I wasn’t of much help here!)


  2. hjlyon says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels awful and yet happy that this happened. I ship her with two men, what can I say, and neither are him. I’ll go down with a sinker for her and SJS, but the chemistry between JIS and GHJ made me board two ships at once, how is that possible!? I wouldn’t be surprised if JIS has an announcement soon….


    • dramapenchant says:

      Haha I’m just on one delusional ship at the moment!

      You know what, I hate myself for wishing such terrible things on other people, but I have to say that the fact that JIS’s company had to release that statement was a bit suspicious….You know what I mean? Like they didn’t have to say anything but by releasing that statement, it’s almost like adding fuel to the fire. Also, which one of us really knows about the lives of celebrities…?


  3. dongsaeng killer says:

    LOL @ the delulu shipping. I wont lie though, that’s the first thought that came to my head as well :p
    Anyway, I wish everyone love and happiness


  4. Jill says:

    The first thing that came to mind when this thing blew up was that the slim (super slim) chance of anything remotely happening between the two officially shrunk even more. I always thought that’s what stopped GHJ and SJS from staying close friends after Master’s Sun ended. Even if there were feelings, there is nothing more burdensome than dating rumors and fans egging them on to date. I admit I am just as guilty for entertaining such thoughts too. Hehe.


    • dramapenchant says:

      What can you do? Shippers gotta ship! 😀 (Respectfully…….)

      I really don’t think these “rumors” will cause any distance between JIS and GHJ! They really do seem like good friends and also, they are both really down to earth and have been in the industry for so long so they know how it works. They probably won’t sacrifice a good friendship just to avoid us fans’ delusional speculations! (As evidenced from their Thailand trip, which I’ll be posting about soon…) Also, if fans are shipping you to go from reel–>real, that must mean you did something right in the portrayal of your characters! Take it as a compliment! 😀

      BTW Jill, you never commented on the finale episode of IOTL! I would love to know your thoughts on it! 😀


      • Jill says:

        Perhaps if Kim Min Hee dates Lee Jin Wook it’ll be okay? Kidding kidding. I will be fine as long as they all remain good friends and colleagues. Both are cool and talented individuals.

        I hope this bunch stays tight for a long, long time – occassionally meeting up and having dinner at Sung Dong Il’s house and such. 😀 His kids are too cute, and seeing JIS (and GHJ) with them makes me swooooon.

        About the finale, all I can say is I watched the reunion and pregnant scenes about….hmmm….400 times? Plus, you pretty much expressed everything I felt in your post perfectly. 🙂 I smiled from ear to ear when they kissed. When her pregnancy test came out positive, I thought, “yay, now they have to get married.” The big reveal that they were already married was the icing on top of the cake. I couldn’t have asked for a more gratuitous ending to a drama I really loved from beginning to end!

        The tomato scene was jarring at first. I think they probably planned to end the show with that scene. I’m glad they decided to end with GHJ and JIS on a date instead.


      • dramapenchant says:

        I agree! I just want them to remain good friends for a long, long time, since, who knows what can happen in the future? 😉 kidding..but not kidding

        Haha I don’t think it’ll be hard for this group of people to stay close! They absolutely adore each other! Wouldn’t it would be a hilarious variety show if they just film the cast and crew having dinner at Sung Dong Il’s house every now and then?! I’d pay to watch that!

        Funny how you mention GHJ and JIS playing with SDI’s kids since I literally just posted about their Thai vacation! 😀 They seriously aren’t helping with my attempt to force my delulu self back into the cave….

        The ending was perfect! I especially loved JY’s response, both before and after he found out she was pregnant. Before: punishing self, thinking he did something to make her angry…again LOL After: Nonchalantly bragging about becoming a father to SK and Jo sunbae. Those scenes were precious.

        As I was watching it, I was actually really afraid that the show was going to end with the tomato fight scene since I would have felt like something was missing! I’m glad they chose to end it with JY and HS being adorable!


  5. uctqepe (@uctqepe) says:

    Oh my lovely JoGong… My ship that would never sail… well, at least not in the near future.. #LESIGH.. i just hope the agency’s statement was only to respond paparazzi’s questions to JIS (my poor oppa being dragged in the mud), not that it’s a crisis management strategy.. kekekekeke *delusionalModeON *shippersconspiracy LOOOOOOOLLL


  6. kangaroo says:


    “Also if we think about this rationally, just think about how huge of a scandal it would become if Jo In Sung also broke up with Kim Min Hee [BINGO. REMOVE THE REST] and then got together with Gong Hyo Jin?”

    ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if JIS has an announcement soon…”.[BINGO, BUT ONLY ON THE BREAK-UP]


  7. Hannah says:

    Ghj and ljw has been an item? Omg! I thot it was cjw and ljw? Where hv I been hiding all these years? Lolz omg, omg! Both actresses were my two favorites! Kdrama sure is a small world to get linked to the same man. I think the problem lies on ljw.


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