It’s Okay, It’s Love Script Books

My dear readers! I am calling on all of the It’s Okay, It’s Love fans to sign a petition, requesting that the script books be published in English as well. Writer Noh has released her scripts in two volumes, but there are so many of us international fans who are English speaking and are thus unable to read the Korean scripts. Therefore, Buticut and I started an online petition to request that the powers that be publish English versions of the two script books! I beg of you, sign the petition since there is no harm but will help all the fans that want to buy the scripts have a higher chance of getting them! Please share with everyone you know (twitter, FB)! It is greatly appreciated!! Also, is a well-known, well-trusted online petitioning platform and your addresses will not be made public!


Also, do reach out to the following people as well if you want to do more!

The lovely people at kdrama:
And yesasia:


9 thoughts on “It’s Okay, It’s Love Script Books

  1. Klava says:

    The wording for the tweet exceeds by 16 characters, could you edit it,so whoever wants to help doesn’t give up halfway. I tweeted but had to shorten to writer Noh and deleted Soompi TV. which I guess may not be the best way invade its offensive.
    Also try posting on the drama fever page on fb.


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