It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 11 Thoughts

Hae Soo: “We humans are mistakenly thinking that we are always free and living in a new way. But the thing that dominates us in the end, are the usual habits that we are used to doing every day.”


Hot damn. Those two words basically summarize how I feel after every episode of It’s Okay, It’s Love. Once the credits roll, I’m a bit speechless and then the wheels start turning trying to make sense of it all.

Choi Ho and Jo sunbae finally sit down to talk with the defense lawyer from Jae Beom’s case and as predicted, he holds the key to solving the mystery of the murder. The stab wound was not the cause of death; so neither of the brothers is the culprit to this “murder”. The step-dad died due to smoke inhalation. What we weren’t aware of was that after the stabbing, Jae Beom carried little Jae Yeol outside on his back (aww) and the only person left, who was capable of starting the house fire was mom.

Imagine the heartbreak that both boys are going to face when they realize that it was their mom that caused all of this pain. She probably thought that step-dad was dead and started the fire to burn the evidence (maybe?) but still, her actions put her eldest son in prison for 11 years. She let him take the blame for something she did. No wonder she feels guilty towards Jae Beom; she should. However, the messed up justice system that allowed this injustice to occur should be held responsible for failing to do what it was set up to achieve. I keep thinking back about what Jae Yeol said; even the nicest people are capable of inflicting pain on others.

Lawyer Kang: “There is no chance that the two brothers are the culprit. This is a horrible case, in which the judge, who was about to retire, and the prosecutor who needed attention from the media, made a wrong decision by rushing. Back then, I was a powerless, new public defender. In the murder and arson case at Yangsuri, this is the evidence that the prosecutor turned in. On the knife Jang Jae Beom and Jang Jae Yeol’s fingerprints are mixed up together. And on this lighter there is a name of the poolroom in which Jang Jae Beom went often. So Jang Jae Beom, who was found in the evidence of both, was found guilty.”

Choi Ho: “Then isn’t it possible that Jang Jae Beom is the culprit?”

Jo sunbae: “How about fingerprints in this lighter?”

Lawyer Kang: “There aren’t any. It was damaged because of the fire. (how the hell did you get fingerprints from the knife then?) And this was the corpse of the step-father. The stab wound that was made from the knife, as you can see, isn’t that deep. At that time, the lung or kidney tissue was not found on the knife.”

Choi Ho: “I don’t really understand what you are implying.”

Lawyer Kang: “The stepfather was not killed from the damage of the knife, but was suffocated by smoke until he died. The person that stabbed him isn’t the culprit, but the person that started the fire is the culprit. When the medical examiner and I found out that the cause of death was suffocation, it was before the final hearing. We thought it was a relief and were preparing for the defendant papers. The next day, somebody called. The body was incinerated. The prosecutor used his connections (SAY WHAT NOW?). And in the final decree, the younger brother pointed at his older brother, which was how the case closed. Back then, Jang Jae Beom left the house with his little brother on his back. The only person left in the house was their mother. And the fire started afterwards. “

I’m still not completely sure why Jae Yeol pointed his finger toward Jae Beom during the trial but I think the prosecutor forced him to? Maybe promising a lighter sentence than what hyung would have been giving? I just hope Jae Beom will stop trying to get revenge on Jae Yeol, I just want these two to be happy! Is that too much to ask for?!?!

Jae Yeol is definitely coughing a lot more (ahhh!) and the scene where he moves out of the house and almost seriously hurt himself and Hae Soo was really troubling. His schizophrenic episodes are becoming a lot more dangerous. What, in his psyche, caused him to hallucinate almost hitting Kang Woo at that moment to make him swerve, almost hitting Hae Soo? Thank god no major injuries were incurred. And then there’s also Kang Woo and his mom’s injuries, I’m sooo curious to find out what triggers Jae Yeol to hallucinate Kang Woo as either recently abused, injured or sick. Oh and his Wall of Kang Woo is also pretty disturbing. And what’s up with that NY Yankees cap?

I am super relieve that Jo sunbae finally knows that Jae Yeol is a lot sicker than one could imagine. The way this show intercuts between scenes is brilliant and always manages to elicit an intense emotional reaction from me. The shock and worry that Jo sunbae displayed as he watched the CCTV of Jae Yeol fighting with himself juxtaposed with the happiness that Jae Yeol was experiencing while next to Hae Soo. It’s heartbreaking because Jae Yeol isn’t aware of his mental illness, but we all know that he’s going to have the most difficult time realizing that his reality is not reality.

Really, I should just brace myself every time Chen’s OST song starts playing because you know the scene’s going to be a doozy.

On to more light and sweet scenes, I love the development of Hae Soo and Jae Yeol’s relationship in this episode. They have become a lot more considerate of each other and are not acting, totally, like little kids anymore.

Who else loved Hae Soo’s little Love Actually stunt? SO cute!

Hae Soo’s Messages: The things Jang Jae Yeol must do once he moves 1. Meet Ji Hae Soo every Friday. 2. Must eat, and sleep in a tub rather than a chair. It’s embarrassing, but I’m so sad about you leaving that I might cry, so I’m telling you this through texts. Goodbye.

Water fight! Look at the way Jae Yeol protects Hae Soo from the water!

Jae Yeol: I am perfect for you.

It can’t be a Korean drama without the couple shopping trip (which I LOVE)! It’s when drama couples do the mundane, everyday life thing that really gets me.

Jae Yeol: Why are you buying so much?
Hae Soo: We have a lot of family members. Should we get seasoned soybeans or horseradish soybeans?
Jae Yeol: Seasoned.
Hae Soo: Horseradish is better. Then do you little apple juice or orange juice?
Jae Yeol: Apple juice.
Hae Soo: Let’s juice the apples at home and drink that.

I love the way Hae Soo always plays with the buttons on Jae Yeol’s shirt. It adds a nice touch.

Aww I like how much he likes the evidence of her presence, even though she’s quite the messy girl.

Jae Yeol leaving his laptop to chase after Hae Soo was sweet and then his surprise appearance at her hospital was icing on the cake.

And then we get a proposal!!

Finally,  the It’s Okay, That’s Love OST Part.6 by t-Yoon Mirae has been released! I love this song!


7 thoughts on “It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 11 Thoughts

  1. mylovebuggeroos says:

    Okay, I almost died laughing watching this episode. I cried then I laughed, and then I did that again…over and over again. You know, I don’t think this is very good for my heart. HA HA! Yikes! I really think this is overall my favorite episode. Sagging boobies to your stomach! Oh you know, one on the back and two on the boob! Ah hahahahaha! You know, I wouldn’t mind being his housewife though and bearing him three children! 🙂 Although you know…I am really at lost with all the psychological crap they are pulling though. I mean, I was really sad when he started coughing because we all know what that could mean unless the writers are really pulling our legs! I really hope they are because he has suffered enough. Sometimes the happiest people are the most depressed (e.g. Robin Williams). I honestly think that accident scene was insane right? There must be a meaning behind it. I have been thinking about it off and on. I knew it! I knew somehow his mom was involve in all this. A couple of episodes back, he mentioned that he really loves her and he would do anything for her but there was this weird look in his eyes. I was also curious about that. Ha! He has this very special and close relationship with his mom. I am very, very close to my mom and so is my little brother. Yet, his closeness with his mom is strangely weird to me. Let me ask you, what you do think the meaning behind the accident scene? I am so excited for the next episode. Hopefully I have sometime tonight to catch up on episode 12. Yeah, I know…lol I am slacking.


    • dramapenchant says:

      I just think the accident scene was there to emphasize how much and how fast Jae Yeol is losing control over his own mind. It was a gradual process but he’s almost reaching his breaking point and seriously needs psychological help soon.


      • mylovebuggeroos says:

        Well I just watched the first episode of Plus Nine Boys and it actually pretty interesting! I hope it continues to be that way. I tried discovery of love but I have not yet finish the first episode. I heard from a lot of drama fanatics that What’s with this family is awesome but I am really trying to stay from intensely long dramas. All my favorite dramas are ending or have had already ended. I am having withdrawals…haha. I think I might have to go buy more tissue paper Oh talking about ending…this one is about to end soon too! How is secret hotel? Are you doing any discussions on that? I have no seen any.


      • dramapenchant says:

        I think we’re on the same boat. Withdrawal is going to suck. MND has ended and now IOIL?!?! And the thing is, IOIL is probably my favorite show this season so I’ll be out of it for quite a while once it ends.

        I haven’t picked up any other shows to write about yet since none of the other dramas I’m watching have particularly captured my heart in a way that the shows that motivate me to write about has. I’m basically watching all of the other dramas just casually. Even Secret Hotel is only an okay show. It lives up to its name since there are A LOT of secrets and misunderstandings. Too many perhaps.
        …I’ll probably try PNB but since it’s a legit ensemble cast, there might be too many characters the show have to focus on which are the shows I tend to avoid…

        Hopefully there’ll be another good show out there soon. The fall/winter batch is coming but my favorite shows tend to be the ones from spring/summer since since watching the actors freeze in the winter is too painful. *random I know*


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