Marriage, Not Dating Episode 15 Recap

Looks like all we really needed was a bit of alcohol.

Episode 15: Two Girls Who Loved One Guy Cold Open: Jang Mi angrily glares at someone. In a voiceover she says that she has always been a scene maker but in front of that person, she no longer wants to appear as such. She determinedly walks towards a frightened looking Gi Tae and his mom and they both yell ‘no!’ and cower in fear as she dumps a jug of makguli on them. Jang Mi gleefully cackles as she narrates, “people really don’t change”. Mom walks into Gi Tae’s apartment and sees the remnants of a grown-up sleepover sprinkled across the floor. She comes face-to-face with Jang Mi, wearing only Gi Tae’s shirt. Jang Mi’s shocked as mom just quietly judges. Gi Tae sleepily walks out into the living room looking like he had one hell of a night but freezes as soon as he sees mom. Mom gives him a once over and then turns around to leave. Jang Mi hurriedly tries to put on some clothes and in her haste, she accidentally wears Gi Tae’s boxers, which he calls his panty. LOL They both start wearing their clothes and Jang Mi even pushes Gi Tae away since she’s embarrassed.

They catch up to mom outside and mom wonders how many times this situation has happened. Ummm well if you didn’t walk in on your adult son, unannounced all the time, this wouldn’t have had to happen at all. Mom says that she’s been backstabbed too many times by the two of them and wants to know what it is this time. Jang Mi explains that she asked Gi Tae to keep it a secret from fear of upsetting the parents but mom wants to know if after all that, they’re going to ask for permission to get married for real this time around. Mom tells Jang Mi that she doesn’t understand her and after all the times Jang Mi has stabbed her in the back, how is she supposed to accept her again.Gi Tae tells mom not to worry, “We were thinking of just dating, anyway. Not marriage.” Those words land uncomfortably for both mom and Jang Mi. Mom thinks Gi Tae’s telling her to mind her own business since Jang Mi won’t be her daughter-in-law but regardless, it’s just another stab in the back to her. Mom walks away and Jang Mi wonders what they should do but Gi Tae tells Jang Mi not to worry.


Back at her restaurant, Jang Mi tells Hyun Hee that she felt strangely upset when Gi Tae told his mom that they’ll only be dating even though she was the one to suggest that in the first place. Hyun Hee thinks Jang Mi wants to get married but Jang Mi says that’s not the case. Yeo Reum chimes in and says that Jang Mi wants to be acknowledged by Gi Tae’s mom as someone good enough to stay by Gi Tae’s side.Hyun Hee doesn’t see the need in trying to get his mom’s approval since Gi Tae is self-sufficient. There’s no need to be cautious around his mom when they don’t need her to help them financially. Jang Mi still thinks it’s necessary since she is the mom of the person she likes.


Hyun Hee: “How could two women who love one guy get along well?”


Gi Tae goes to visit his mom and grandma is ecstatic to find out that Gi Tae and Jang Mi are dating. Gi Tae apologizes to his mom for not being able to tell her about their relationship. Gi Tae explains that he knew mom was going to react this way but he’s not doing this to hurt mom; he’s sincere about Jang Mi. Mom asks if Jang Mi feels the same way and Gi Tae says that yes, he can feel her sincerity.Mom wants to know if that is the case, why is Jang Mi working with Yeo Reum? Gi Tae looks towards aunt who quickly apologizes for divulging that piece of information. He defends Jang Mi and says that Yeo Reum and her are just business partners. Jang Mi even asked him for his “permission” before starting so he understands everything.

Mom mockingly says that Gi Tae sure is cool to understand that kind of situation, but then again, what could he have learned from watching how she and his father have lived all these years. Really?!? You only realize that now? Mom even says that Jang Mi must want to live like they did.

Mom: “The person she loves, and the person she needs, separately. She doesn’t want to lose either one of them, huh?”

Oh hell no. She did not just compare Jang Mi to that slimy bastard of a husband. But why isn’t Gi Tae saying anything to defend her?Gi Tae leaves the house with a depressed mood but when he receives a call from Jang Mi, he tries to sound chipper over the phone. She wants to know where he is but he lies and says that he’s at his hospital. Jang Mi thinks that they should go visit his mom but Gi Tae tells her not to worry. She still thinks that it’s only right for her to meet his mom and apologize but he tells her not to.

“We can just go on our own path together. Let’s not get shaken again because of our parents.”

Back inside the house, grandma thinks that Gi Tae has really grown up a lot. Before, even if he was caught fooling around with a girl by his mom he wouldn’t move a muscle but this time around, he immediately dropped by the house to make excuses for Jang Mi. Grandma is pleased since it shows that Gi Tae has sincerely started to care about someone.Mom stoically listens to all of this and then tells grandma and aunt not to have their hopes up since Gi Tae said that he’s not going to get married and will only date. They’re shocked but grandma thinks that Gi Tae meant they’ll date first and then get married later. Mom doesn’t think so, since if that’s the case, why would Jang Mi feel the need to hide behind Gi Tae’s back.

Grandma realizes that mom’s actually upset at the fact that Jang Mi didn’t come with Gi Tae. Aww. Mom tries to deny it but grandma asks if they shouldn’t try and figure out whether Jang Mi really doesn’t have thoughts about getting married or whether she will only hide behind Gi Tae’s back. Mom looks at grandma, now suddenly very interested in what she has to say.

At Jang Mi’s house, her mom has received more postcards from dad, this time with nicer things written on them such as, “It is hot” and “It is raining”. Jang Mi comes home and mom asks where she goes all night and day. Mom asks how long Jang Mi will be frying chicken. Shouldn’t she look for a job? Jang Mi finally tells mom that she opened a fusion bar restaurant with her friends. Jang Mi explains that their restaurant sells Korean pancakes, pasta and makguli but mom hates the fact that Jang Mi is selling alcohol. Jang Mi says that if mom sees the restaurant, she’ll think differently but mom angrily says that at least now Jang Mi can testify in the divorce hearing that the marriage was a complete failure. Jang Mi says that although mom might see her as a failure, she was never ashamed about the way mom or dad made their livelihood.

Jang Mi: “What’s wrong with selling alcohol? People can laugh, even if it is just for a moment, and also talk honestly. Even for just a moment, they can forget about their pain.”

She tells her mom that she’ll sell the alcohol mom hates so much and she’ll be successful. She goes to her room and mom starts tearing up.The next day, Jang Mi is so consumed by her thoughts that she burns the pancake she’s making. She tells Hyun Hee that there are barely any customers today but Yeo Reum chimes in and says that that’s business; some days they’ll have customers and some days they won’t. Hyun Hee says that it’s obvious that their number of customers is declining from when they first opened and Yeo Reum says that it’s because of the kimchi in their kimchi pancakes. They need tastier kimchi. Yeo Reum asks where Jang Mi got the kimchi she gave him but she says that it is Gi Tae’s mom’s kimchi, so it’s unlikely they’ll be able to procure some. Aunt runs into the restaurant and implies that something is wrong with grandma.

Gi Tae receives a call from Yeo Reum who tells him that his grandma is sick but Gi Tae says that grandma was fine yesterday. Yeo Reum continues to say that grandma’s consciousness is also unstable and that she is craving Jang Mi’s scallion pancakes. Haha! Gi Tae immediately understands that grandma is faking her illness to lure Jang Mi in and Yeo Reum says that aunt’s acting was also very unnatural. Gi Tae knows his girlfriend well and says that Jang Mi probably got tricked, didn’t she? Yeo Reum informs him that Jang Mi went there crying.Jang Mi cries beside grandma’s bedside and apologizes profusely. Grandma feels bad and tries to confess but Jang Mi tells her not to force herself to talk in her weak condition. LOL Jang Mi explains that this time it’s for real; she really has come to like Gi Tae. Hearing this, mom tells Jang Mi to stop crying since grandma is only faking.

Jang Mi can’t believe it but grandma says that this is her revenge for getting tricked by Jang Mi and Gi Tae so many times. She also says that since Jang Mi’s there already, she should make her some scallion pancakes.

Gi Tae drives to his parents’ house and wonders why Jang Mi would go there. What kind of humiliation does she want to suffer this time?

Cut to Jang Mi having a blast as she makes pancakes for grandma and aunt. Jang Mi sits down to join them and eats the kimchi. Mom walks into the kitchen to grab some water and declines to join them until Jang Mi says that she has something to tell mom. Everyone expectantly looks towards Jang Mi who asks if mom will please sell her kimchi to her. The look on grandma and aunt’s face are priceless. 

Mom can’t believe that Jang Mi wants to sell her kimchi at a restaurant that she runs with Yeo Reum. Jang Mi explains that she wants to be more careful around mom because she understands the scar that they’ve given her but mom wonders if Jang Mi’s definition of careful is to say that they’ll only date or telling mom not to be bothered by the fact. Mom angrily says that even though Jang Mi is careful, she’s still keeping her options open with Yeo Reum. Since Jang Mi’s seeing Gi Tae now, why is she still hanging around Yeo Reum?

Jang Mi: “Because I want to be acknowledged by you…You’re not easy. Because I wanted to be acknowledged by someone like you, who is not easy, I really needed that job to show that there is something that I am good at and that I have the right to stay beside Gi Tae. I wanted to show you that.”

Grandma, aunt and even mom seem moved by her words, and mom says that if Jang Mi wants to match her preferences, Jang Mi better be prepared. Gi Tae hears that last bit and yells at his mom. He walks up to Jang Mi to lead her out but before then, he tells his family that from now on, they shouldn’t call Jang Mi without his knowledge. Grandma explains that she called Jang Mi since she wanted to talk with her and his mom also has the right to hear what Jang Mi has to say but Gi Tae says that if they have anything to say, then they can say it to him. Aw. He drags Jang Mi outside and asks why she’s at his house again. Jang Mi says it was because grandma was ill but Gi Tae wonders if she’s really an idiot for believing that. Jang Mi thinks it just means that grandma missed her but Gi Tae asks if she already forgot about all the things that happened to her in his house. What happens if something like that happens again? Jang Mi thinks that after all they’ve done, getting scolded a little is only right. Gi Tae wants to know if she got scolded and asks her to tell him what happened before he came. Jang Mi can tell that he’s worried about her but she insists that she’s not done talking to his mom. She thinks that mom will understand but Gi Tae doesn’t think so.

Gi Tae: “No, she can’t understand. No! She won’t! She isn’t someone who will understand, and I don’t need her understanding. When people can’t understand each other, it is best to maintain some distance.”

Jang Mi (thinking): “What is he afraid of?”

Back at her restaurant, Dr. Phil I mean Yeo Reum tells Jang Mi that Gi Tae is afraid that he won’t be understood. Jang Mi can see that although Gi Tae says that it doesn’t matter, he really wants his mom to understand him the most. Yeo Reum asks if the fact that he’s beside her is the problem but Jang Mi insists that that’s not the reason.

Gi Tae is also having his own advice session with Hoon Dong who tells him that of course Jang Mi would be worried. Gi Tae doesn’t understand why since Jang Mi was the first to suggest that they only date but Hoon Dong tells him that she only said that because she was wary of him. Gi Tae should remember how much Jang Mi wants to get married and he says that even Hyun Hee has told him that Jang Mi wants to get married. Now that his mother has caught them, Hoon Dong welcomes Gi Tae to his world where he is caught between his mom and his wife.

Hoon Dong’s mom stops by the restaurant and when she sees Gi Tae, she asks Hoon Dong if Gi Tae is still his only customer. LOL She asks where Hyun Hee is and Hoon Dong tells her that she’s at home like mom suggested. Jang Mi closes up shop for the night and Gi Tae stops by to help her. He’s doesn’t like the fact that she has to do this by herself late at night. Jang Mi doesn’t think he has to worry since her very cool boyfriend will pick her up. Cute. That puts a smile on Gi Tae’s face. He pulls her in close and asks if there’s anything she wants to eat. She says that she wants to eat some really spicy dukbokki, and he readily agrees.The two of them go to his apartment and are adorable as they eat the dukbokki. Gi Tae even gets a few kisses from Jang Mi in the process. After dinner, they brush their teeth together and then head to bed. Jang Mi puts her leg on Gi Tae, which makes him excited, thinking he’s getting some but Jang Mi asks for a massage. He jokingly says that she doesn’t want to be Cinderella; she wants to be a queen but of course he complies and gives her the leg massage. Suddenly, both their expressions change and Jang Mi starts to say something when Gi Tae cuts her off and tells her that girls shouldn’t bring that topic up first. It’ll make her look bad. Jang Mi doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Gi Tae says that she wants to get married, doesn’t she? He sweetly says that now that he brought it up first, it’s okay for her to tell him honestly. Jang Mi says that she does want to get married but not right now. After being burned by marriage so many times, she wants to be certain before she gets married.

Gi Tae asks why then, does she care so much about what his mom thinks. Jang Mi says because he does. Gi Tae explains that it was because he was worried about her but Jang Mi says he doesn’t need to worry since she’s learned a few things interacting with his mom so many times and most importantly, they’re real now.

Gi Tae: “That’s why it’s harder. When we were deceiving them we could say what we wanted to and made scenes, but if it becomes real, we’ll probably experience worse things.”

Jang Mi: “That’s why we have to work harder. We have to work harder too, and conviction will start to form. It’s true. If we just wait while not doing anything, the one day, suddenly, will the bells on the street ring, and will a halo light the back of your head? Will that be conviction? So try to be nice to mother—“

Gi Tae: “Let’s stop talking about useless stuff. You also said you don’t want to get married immediately. The we don’t need to bring mother into our relationship.”

Jang Mi: “Gong Gi Tae.”

Gi Tae: “It just want to be with you. Not mother.”

Aww, that’s sweet and kind of sad at the same time. Gi Tae then places a comforting hand on Jang Mi’s arm and they lay down in each other’s arms.

Gi Tae: “You alone is enough for me. Just like this. When it’s so good, like this. When I’m this happy.”

Jang Mi doesn’t look very at ease and in a voiceover she says, “In the past, those words would have sounded really sweet. Why am I only hearing those words with sadness now? With only the two of us together, will we really be happy?” I want to say, yes!At the Gong residence, grandma and aunt try to get mom to give Jang Mi another chance. Dad excitedly runs in and exclaims that he has passed the evaluation as the newly nominated university’s chancellor. Grandma and mom briefly congratulate him and then resume eating. Dad, who’s feeling pretty awkward by their reaction, sits down and holds mom’s hand. He says that it’s all thanks to her and then asks if she’ll meet with President Lee’s wife and maybe have Gi Tae give her some laser treatment at his hospital. Grandma huffs and puffs and angrily leaves the table and aunt follows. Mom also pulls her hand away and walks off. But next thing you know, mom has brought the president’s wife to Gi Tae’s hospital and after her laser treatment, mom asks if Gi Tae wants to join them for a meal. Gi Tae declines but as soon as he hears that the reservation is a Jang Mi’s restaurant, he gives Jang Mi a call. He asks why she’d accept his mom’s reservation when it’s clear what mom’s intention is for going to her restaurant. Jang Mi laughs and says that mom must want to brag about her and then changes tone and asks Gi Tae if he’s ashamed of her for selling alcohol. Gi Tae, smartly, drops the subject and just confirms that she’ll be okay. She says that she’ll be fine, especially since she has her dream team to help her. Hyun Hee properly greets the guests, along with Gi Tae who decided to tag along. As they enter the dining room, there’s Yeo Reum in the kitchen, just nonchalantly flambaying something or other. LOL Gi Tae’s reaction to it is even more hilarious, “wow”.

Jang Mi sits the trio down and serves them multiple dishes, which the president’s wife thinks are all delicious. However, when it comes to the cuatro cheese kimchi pancake, the president’s wife notices that it doesn’t taste the same. Jang Mi explains that it’s hard to recreate that taste since the kimchi they used previously was “mother-in-law’s” kimchi. Jang Mi even says that it is an honor for them to be able to serve the two special people who gave them inspiration and courage to start their restaurant. I love how Yeo Reum’s just nodding in agreement in the background. The president’s wife says that Jang Mi sure has some great energy but mom is quick to say that that’s too much of a compliment. She then suggests that they try some of the restaurant’s makguli, since it’s pretty good. Gi Tae sits on the side and gives Jang Mi a thumbs up as well as a wink. Cute.

Turns out dad is out on a date with his mistress who takes him to Jang Mi’s restaurant, saying that it’s an up-and-coming restaurant. Dad sees the name of the restaurant and thinks that it must be a coincidence so he goes in and runs into the gang. Dad tries to turn around but the president’s wife notices him before he can leave. She asks why he’s there so he lies and says that Gi Tae called and asked him out to eat. Gi Tae, “I didn’t though”. Haha! He’s the best!The president’s wife notices that his mistress so he lies again and says that she’s his younger sister. Eww. He says that his sister told him about this restaurant and that they should try it, which causes the president’s wife to bring up the fact that this restaurant is opened by his future daughter-in-law. He fumbles for an excuse and everyone just looks on as he fails epically. Even the president’s wife doesn’t seem to believe his story but she does invite him to sit down and join them. He wonders if that wouldn’t be uncomfortable but the president’s wife asks why that would be when he said that the lady next to him is his younger sister. Dad finally sits down and even calls his “younger sister” to join them. This is so awkward but also pretty awesome. Jang Mi glares at dad and tries to convince herself not to make a scene but she can’t hol it back any longer and takes the jug of makguli in her hands and dumps it onto dad. She starts laughing like her crazy self and “apologizes” to dad. Sadly, that was only her imagination. Jang Mi takes a step forward to really carry that scene out but before she can, mom tips over a bottle of water and the water gets all over dad’s pants. Mom stares at dad’s mistress and tells her to bring dad away since he needs a change of clothes. It’s great to see the mistress so meek and nervous in this situation but she complies. Jang Mi just looks at mom and smiles to herself.

The president’s wife asks if that was the lady that mom fought with at the department store. She heard the rumor and wanted to confirm it with mom since she wants to know if dad has the qualifications to be an educator. Mom says that it’s her fault, which earns her a glare from Gi Tae and an eye roll from Jang Mi. Mom says that she’s the type of person to make other people tired. While trying to make her family perfect, she was overly controlling and didn’t allow for the tiniest of mistakes, which makes her family members feel suffocated.She goes on to say that her husband must have wanted to talk to someone and GOES ALONG WITH HIS STORY and says that her sister-in-law is different from her and has the ability to make other people feel comfortable. OMG. She continues to say that her husband bore her reprimands while her sister-in-law took her older brother’s side. Gi Tae is internally screaming on the side. Mom says that she was unable to protect her sister-in-law and grabbed her hair.

The president’s wife says that she understands. Since mom went through the trouble to tell her that story, she should at least act like she’s been fooled.

Once at their house, mom goes straight to her room to rest but Gi Tae follows in after her. Gi Tae asks mom what she wanted to protect that she went that far. Mom isn’t in the mood to talk but Gi Tae says that’s the reason why she’s living like this.

Gi Tae: “The perfect daughter-in-law, the perfect wife, the perfect mother. Everything had to be perfect. You only did that so that you wouldn’t have to hear anything from other people? Because I did this much, you guys should keep your mouth shut about me. Don’t dare talk. You think that’s cool, don’t you? That just refusing to yield. You close your ears and close your mouth. You’re just refusing to yield, by yourself.”

This entire time, mom has just been looking up at Gi Tae with tears falling from her eyes. Grandma finally steps in and tells him to stop.Later, grandma sits and thinks about what just transpired between mom and Gi Tae. Aunt is next to her and happens to be flipping through the magazine that Gi Tae did the interview for. Grandma reads the part of the interview where Gi Tae talks about his attachment to the apartment and something clicks, so she tells aunt to ready the car, she needs to go see Gi Tae.Grandma shows Gi Tae the magazine interview and asks if he really remembers that time in his childhood as him being alone in the apartment. Grandma explains that he wasn’t alone. Mom had taken him to live in the apartment after she found out about dad’s affair. She wanted a divorce as well but it was grandma who came and took Gi Tae as hostage, since she couldn’t give mom her 3rd generation grandson. Ahhh that explains grandma’s guilt.

Gi Tae realizes that it was because of him but grandma tells him that she doesn’t want him to blame himself.

Grandma: “In the moment you remember where you were happiest, you weren’t alone but with your mother, together. That’s what I wanted to tell you.”

Gi Tae: “Then why, in my memories, was I alone?”

Grandma: “At that young age, in this house alone, with what means would you have stayed in this house comfortably? Someone must have been by your side. Who else could it be? The one who was by your side, even in the moments that you can’t remember, the air-like one that you can’t see with your eyes….That is what a mom’s presence is.”

Gi Tae’s mom sits alone brooding in her living room when Jang Mi drops by to have a drink with mom. They drink together and Jang Mi thinks that mom must still love dad in her own way seeing how she wanted to protect the marriage until the end. Mom explains that that’s because her marriage is all she has. The family’s happiness is her happiness; the family’s life is her life. If you take that away then her whole life boils down to nothing. If she doesn’t try to protect it, then her whole life would have been in vain. Damn, that’s pretty sad when you think about it that way.

Jang Mi: “The only thing I have is Gi Tae, mother. That’s why I needed to work. Because I only relied on Gong Gi Tae, I might actually lose Gong Gi Tae. ‘I look at you this much, but why won’t you look at me as much as I do you?’ My heart would worry, and I’d be upset and disappointed. I’m trying not to bother him with those things. I’m thinking I want to keep Gong Gi Tae and see him for a long, long time.”

Aw. It finally looks like Jang Mi and mom are on the road to truly understand one another. Mom does have one last query, why does Jang Mi try to understand her more than she needs to and why does Jang Mi want to be understood by her?

Jang Mi: “Because mother-in-law and I love one man.”

That answer is enough to satisfy mom. Jang Mi brings up her bowl for another ‘cheers’ but mom tells her to leave now since they’ve already had a lot to drink. As Jang Mi prepares to get up, mom says that she’ll sell her kimchi to Jang Mi for ~$15/kilo. Jang Mi thinks that overpriced but mom says that her kimchi is on a different level, starting with the ingredients. Jang Mi spends the night pestering mom to lower the price and finally gets mom to agree on ~$8.74/kilo. It’s adorable.Gi Tae sits alone in his dark apartment, thinking about what grandma told him earlier. He picks up his phone and calls mom. They start with this wonderfully mundane conversation, perhaps for the first time ever, where he simply asks her what she’s doing. Mom tells him that she had a drink with Jang Mi and that from looking at her, she can see that Jang Mi has the same disease as she does.

Mom: “The disease of putting everything on the line to get acknowledgment from others.”

Gi Tae: “I know, huh? At first, I was attracted to Jang Mi because she was the total opposite of you. I’m in big trouble because she’s, more and more, a carbon copy of you, as time passes. Although her methods are a bit different, both of you are tenacious meddlers, who can’t leave a person alone, and who annoy people. (choking up) Mother.”

Mom: “Yeah, tell me.”

Tears fall and Gi Tae starts sobbing. Mom listens with tears in her eyes, understanding what Gi Tae wants to say without him having to actually say it. It’s a lovely scene.

A little bit later in the night, Jang Mi comes back to Gi Tae’s apartment and finds him sleeping in bed. She snuggles in right next to him and hugs him at the waist. She softly tells him that his mom has finally acknowledged her…as a business partner. She tells him that her mom wouldn’t acknowledge her either because she hates that she’s selling alcohol so for someone like his mom to acknowledge her makes her happy. She lies down and sleeps with her arm around him, which resembles how his mom used to hug him to sleep. Gi Tae wasn’t actually asleep and he finally opens his eyes.

Jang Mi (voiceover): “If you want to stay with someone, you need a prepared heart to accept a person’s past and the relationships that the person has made.”

Jang Mi’s mom has received more postcards from dad and this time they read, “Did you eat?” and “You aren’t ill, right?” Mom talks to herself and asks why didn’t he ask sooner as she starts tearing up. Dad is actually sadly eating by himself at a restaurant and grumbles about the fact that he still hasn’t gotten a response from mom. Gi Tae, who’s dressed mighty fine, carries a bouquet of flowers as he leaves his hospital. He walks by Hoon Dong who’s curious about what he has in his hands and where he’s going. Gi Tae responses are hilariously succinct, he’s holding roses (jang mi) and he’s going to Jang Mi’s house. Hoon Dong wonders if Gi Tae really wants to throw the rest on his life in a grave but Gi Tae explains that he heard the sound of bells in his ears and he saw a halo. Haha! Gi Tae walks away, all while smelling the flowers, and Hoon Dong just starts laughing and gives him a cheer of encouragement.Gi Tae’s down on one knee as he presents Jang Mi’s mom with the flowers. Mom doesn’t take them and just stares at him while asking what this is all about. Gi Tae tells her that he wants to apologize. Mom doesn’t understand why he needs to since it’s all over but Gi Tae says that, actually, it isn’t over yet; he’s seeing Jang Mi. Mom’s surprised at this news but Gi Tae pushes forward and says that he wants to apologize to mom and receive her acknowledgement of their relationship. He puts the bouquet in her hands and then tries to aegyo his way through her tough demeanor. Apparently, he needs to work on his charming skills because just takes the bouquet and starts hitting him with it. After hitting/chasing him around the living room, she finally throws the bouquet in his face and tells him to leave. Gi Tae sits on the floor in a daze but then a sheet of paper on the floor catches his attention: medical report. He picks it up and reads that the diagnosis is breast cancer. Mom quickly snatches the paper away from him so Gi Tae asks if Jang Mi knows about this.


Of course it’s cancer. It’s always cancer. However, since there’s only one episode left, I’m assuming that it’s in its early stages and mom will be all right.

Anywaays, how interesting is it that Gi Tae is the first person to find out? It was Jang Mi that saw the hurt behind Gi Tae’s mom’s cold exterior and this time, it’s Gi Tae’s turn to step up and be a pillar of support for her family.

Gi Tae continues to be an amazing boyfriend and I love how protective he is of Jang Mi. Of course, Jang Mi deserves every ounce of his love since she’s an amazing girlfriend. She continually tries to understand mom and get on her good side because she knows that Gi Tae really wants mom’s approval even if he doesn’t admit it. Jang Mi really knows him best and she continues to love and protect him.

I do adore the fact that mom has really softened towards Jang Mi. You can clearly see that she wants to give Jang Mi the benefit of the doubt. She approved of Jang Mi as her daughter-in-law before and she hasn’t stopped loving Jang Mi, in her own way, even after the betrayal.

The best thing about this episode was its focus on mom and the mending on her relationship with Gi Tae. Gi Tae finally understands his mom’s love for him. That phone conversation between mom and Gi Tae really tugged at my heart. It was so beautiful how no words needed to be spoken yet they both understand each other fully, probably for the first time ever. I’m also glad the show answered the question as to why grandma felt so guilty towards Gi Tae.

The scene with the mistress and dad was so cathartic! Even if Jang Mi didn’t get to really dump the makguli on the cheater’s face, I’m content with the imagination. Glad that mom just went ahead and poured all that water on his pants. What I didn’t like was why mom felt the need to cover up her cheating husband’s affair. It was so embarrassing to watch her make up that unbelievable story. She’s lucky the president’s wife let her slide. However, I appreciated that the show gave us a glimpse into another side of mom, the side before her loveless marriage turned her into a person who desired perfection from everyone. After hearing that she did want a divorce right after finding out about her husband’s affair but stuck through it to be with Gi Tae made me like mom more than I thought possible.

Finally, I’m truly sorry about taking forever to get this posted! Thank you for your patience! One more episode to go!


2 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 15 Recap

  1. chom2 says:

    This drama was a bit of a roller-coaster ride for me. When it was good, it was blindingly so. When the wishy-washy gets muddled in and everyone seems to be stuck in marshland – Aargh! Thank god I don’t have the powers to turn into The Hulk. XD

    Love your blog! 😀


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