Marriage, Not Dating Episode 14 Recap

What do you do when talking to each other becomes difficult?


Episode 14: Sorry For Not Being Cool Thanks For Not Being Cool

Cold Open: In his apartment, Gi Tae is getting interviewed and having his pictures taken.

Interviewer: I heard you have an attachment to this house?

Gi Tae: When I was young, there was a time I’ve lived alone in this house for a few days. At that time, I had the memories of happiness and warmth. So even after becoming an adult and I’m in the house alone, my heart feels at ease here.

Interviewer: Yes, so you are still living in this house alone?

(The doorbell starts ringing)

Gi Tae: (looking annoyed) Recently, some woman has started coming here. After that woman flipped this house upside-down, she ruined the innate meaning of the house. (Someone starts knocking on the door) After that woman came to this house, I’ve come to be uncomfortable and dislike being in this house alone.

Interviewer: Yes…

Gi Tae: (starts smiling) I’ve come to want to be together with that person.

 Gi Tae chuckles at Jang Mi’s suggestion to date coolly.

Gi Tae: Who are you?

Jang Mi: I told you not to laugh. I really want to be different this time. Until now, with just the desire to be together, I thought that was all it took and put everything into it. Then, in the end, I messed everything up. I even got a criminal record and got labeled a stalker.

Gi Tae: That’s because your partner was Lee Hoon Dong.

Jang Mi: Yeah. This time, it is Gong Gi Tae. This time, I really don’t want to mess things up.

She also wants them to keep their relationship a secret for the time being since if their parents find out, everything will be chaotic again. She thinks that first; they need to fix the mess they’ve made. Gi Tae needs to put his hospital back to where it was and she needs to find her place as well.

She tells Gi Tae that his mom thinks that she stays next to him because of money. He thinks they can just resolve that misunderstanding but she thinks that unless she changes, the misunderstanding will never get resolved. When people find out about their relationship, she doesn’t want them to call her “Cinderella”. She hates hearing that. After she earns money and becomes a dutiful daughter to her parents, she wants to stand by his side proudly. Gi Tae looks at her seriously until he starts smirking. He asks if she’s not getting a little ahead of herself since he never said he’d marry her. She starts pouting but after she downs her glass of wine, she’s happy. Having said what she wanted, she gets up to leave but he pulls her back, asking what’s the hurry. She knows what he’s thinking so she asks him why he’s in such a hurry. He offers to drive her home but she tells him to stop being so clingy since they agreed to date coolly.

Gi Tae still can’t believe that from all people, he has to hear those words from her. To lessen his grouchiness, Jang Mi gets on her tippy toes and gives him a kiss before saying her farewells. The next day, Gi Tae’s happiness is clear to everyone around him as he walks around with a spring in his step and the best mood possible. At his clinic, his nurses tell him that the blogger took down her critical post about him. When asked how he managed to do it, he just tells them that he had a scene maker better than this scene maker. He’s basically dancing in place as he asks them about his surgery schedule but there are still no clients. That doesn’t faze him since he thinks they’ll recover soon and he tells his staff members to not lose confidence.At Hoon Dong’s restaurant, his mom appears and complains about the lack of customers. She tells him that she’s going to stop giving him allowances and will start enforcing rent. Gi Tae arrives, happier than ever, but immediately bows to Hoon Dong’s mom. Mom tsks tsks Hoon Dong for running a restaurant where his only customers are his family and friends before storming off.Hyun Hee also leaves and Gi Tae sits down at a table, still unable to contain his giddiness. Hoon Dong takes notice and asks if he’s okay. When Gi Tae says he’s fine, Hoon Dong says in English, “You can’t see me” to which Gi Tae responds, also in English, “What?” LOL Hoon Dong’s just happy his wife left and Gi Tae continues to smile from happiness.

Yeo Reum shows Jang Mi the finished restaurant, and it’s looks really nice. Jang Mi tells Yeo Reum to sit down and she tells him that she’s officially dating Gi Tae now. Yeo Reum doesn’t see what’s the problem since he never asked her to date him, just that she’d work with him. Jang Mi laughs at his usual coolness but tells him that she still hasn’t told Gi Tae that she’s working with him yet. She asks if she tells Gi Tae coolly, that he’d understand coolly since they decided to coolly date. Yeo Reum is surprised by her attempt to act cool but she asks if he’d teach her how to be cool like him. He says that if she wants to learn how to be cool, she needs to end it.

Yeo Reum: If you like him, how can you be cool about it? Although you can act cool.

That causes Jang Mi to take pause but Yeo Reum assures her that he’s not acting cool, he really is cool since their relationship has ended. Yeo Reum tells her that not everyone can learn how to be cool and then says that the mystery investor should almost arrive. Turns out, it was Hyun Hee all along!

Hyun Hee apologizes for not tell Jang Mi but she had to keep it a secret from Hoon Dong. Jang Mi asks why, since they’re married, but Hyun Hee says that he might get upset that she’s making her own money. His money is his money so instead of having to pretend to be an angelic wife and daughter-in-law for the next 30 years for it to be her money as well, she would rather just take care of herself before then. That way, she can confidently give her mom allowances as well.Jang Mi wonders if Hyun Hee and Yeo Reum can just do the restaurant thing without her. Hyun Hee wonders why so Yeo Reum informs her that Jang Mi’s a bit hesitant because of her boyfriend. Hyun Hee guesses correctly that her boyfriend is Gi Tae and congratulates her. Hyun Hee asks that Jang Mi keep the business a secret from Gi Tae since if he finds out, so will Hoon Dong. Jang Mi thinks that’s nonsense, since she can’t keep something like this from Gi Tae. The store sign arrives and Hyun Hee and Yeo Reum continue to insist that she join them on this business venture. They even put her name on the sign. The restaurant’s actually called, “Run For It, Joo Jang Mi”. Cute.

Gi Tae is at his parents’ house where mom hands him an envelope of money to give to Jang Mi since everything on the Internet got deleted. Gi Tae explains that mom misunderstood; what she saw was Jang Mi trying to help him convince the blogger to remove her post. Grandma gets excited and asks if Gi Tae is still meeting Jang Mi. Gi Tae thinks back to Jang Mi asking that they keep their relationship a secret so he tells grandma that they’re not meeting. He just likes her on his own and is clinging to her.

Mom asks if Jang Mi is still seeing Yeo Reum but Gi Tae defends Jang Mi saying that if mom thinks about it, Jang Mi met Yeo Reum because of him. If he didn’t treat her so poorly, she wouldn’t have needed someone else to lean on. Aunt hilariously sits on the side and tries to help Gi Tae gain sympathy points by saying that Gi Tae must be so sad, losing his love and regretting is actions. Gi Tae continues to say that Jang Mi only accepted Yeo Reum because he kept smiling at her but they are definitely not in a serious relationship. He concludes by saying that since he’s not in a relationship with Jang Mi, mom should get rid of any misunderstandings or bad feelings she has towards Jang Mi.

Gi Tae: She’s a person that helped me that I am grateful for, and she’s really a good woman.

 Gi Tae runs into dad, who’s talking to his mistress on the phone. Dad invites Gi Tae to sit down and have a drink with him. Dad says that mom allowed Gi Tae to live his life the way he wanted but in the end she called him back and must have meddled in his life. Gi Tae just says that it’s hard for mom to change since she’s lived her whole life that way.

Dad: I understand you. How you had your heart taken away by a woman like Joo Jang Mi. How suffocated you must have felt. We need space in which to breathe. It may not have been an advisable method, but I looked for a realistic and reasonable alternative. Anyway, love and marriage are completely separate issues. Love requires unending change and trembling, but marriage requires stability.

Gi Tae: So, did you get stability from mother? And from that woman did you get change and trembling?

Dad: At your age I thought of it as being something that didn’t make sense, either. But having lived it, life is something that doesn’t make sense. They may be slightly sad lives, but they aren’t bad lives.

Gi Tae: What do you really want to say?

Dad: Marry a woman like Kang Se Ah, and keep Joo Jang Mi as a lover so that your mother doesn’t know.

That’s messed up. Gi Tae’s reaction shows that he thinks so too. Gi Tae tells dad that at one point, he tried to understand him. How bad it must have been for dad to do that? Even though he loved someone else, why didn’t mom let him go? But now he understands that it was dad who held on and wouldn’t let go.

Dad looks unapologetic and makes an excuse saying that if he only thought of himself, then he would have let mom go but there’s a responsibility that comes with their social class and position. Dad thinks Gi Tae understands this burden as well, since why else would he have made a fuss about living alone. Gi Tae says that dad is right, he’s his son and he’s selfish just like dad but he’s just realized how embarrassed he is by that fact.

Gi Tae: But Jang Mi is different from that woman. So don’t treat them the same way.

After his interaction with dad, Gi Tae returns back to his apartment looking rather down. When he finally looks up, he notices a table full of food and Jang Mi’s also there. She wants him to try the food and give her his evaluation on the Korean pancakes and makguli.

She feeds him some of the pancake and he tells her it’s delicious. She’s happy to hear that since if the food suits the taste of a picky eater such as himself, it should fit a normal person’s taste. LOL

Gi Tae asks if she invented all of the different styles of pancakes but she tells him the chef did. When he hears that the chef is Yeo Reum, his chopsticks stop mid-air. Jang Mi tries to explain that Yeo Reum and her have ended all of their romantic feelings for each other coolly and with certainty. She reminds him that they decided to coolly date but Gi Tae didn’t think this was what she meant. Jang Mi argues that since they both know about each other’s past, it would be better to acknowledge it, instead of pretending to not know. Isn’t that what cool dating is? She says that she’ll acknowledge his friendship with Se Ah. She asks him to believe in her since if she still had feelings for Yeo Reum, she wouldn’t have been able to truthfully tell him about all of this.

Gi Tae asks if he has to understand everything just because she told him honestly. Jang Mi assures him that she thought a lot about this as well. She thought about not working with Yeo Reum but since her feelings for Gi Tae have become real, she needs this work even more. She doesn’t want to be like Cinderella; she also wants to be a supportive person. However, if he’s really uncomfortable about the situation, she’ll cleanly put the idea out of her head. If he tells her not to do it, she won’t. Awwwww. Before he answers, he thinks back to his mom giving him money to pass on to Jang Mi and his dad telling him to marry someone like Se Ah and only date someone like Jang Mi. He reluctantly tells her to do it. She’s shocked but he says that he thinks he understands what she’s trying to say so he’ll support her. Jang Mi’s happy to hear those words and the two of them drink. Gi Tae just tells her to be sure to become successful. Since the opening is tomorrow, Jang Mi tells Gi Tae to drop by with some flowers.

The next day, Gi Tae stops by Hoon Dong’s restaurant looking a lot less happy than he did the day before. Hoon Dong asks what he wants to eat but Gi Tae doesn’t have an appetite. Hoon Dong finds that strange since Gi Tae was flying around from excitement just the other day. What’s making his mood swing so abruptly? Is it the hospital? Or is it a woman? Gi Tae leans in closely and asks what Hoon Dong thinks about a woman who’s only cool to him but no one else?

Hoon Dong is excited to hear that it’s a woman and asks if she’s pretty. Gi Tae says that Hoon Dong will be surprised when he sees her. Hoon Dong suggests that Gi Tae introduce him to this lady since it’ll create witnesses to her actions.Hyun Hee and Jang Mi work the front of house for their grand opening and even their department store manager and Hoon Dong’s head chef stops by to show their support. I sense a future romance.

Gi Tae arrives with some orchids and Jang Mi runs out to greet him. When Jang Mi and Hoon Dong notice each other, both are shocked. Hoon Dong laughs at the fact that the girl Gi Tae was talking about is Jang Mi but Jang Mi asks Gi Tae why he brought Hoon Dong along when she asked him to keep their relationship a secret.Hoon Dong doesn’t understand why there is a need to hide it from him since he’d be the first to congratulate them. Gi Tae suggests that they go inside but Jang Mi says that they’re not ready yet even though there are obviously customers already inside. She changes it to say that there are no seats but then Yeo Reum joins them outside. Gi Tae congratulates him but Hoon Dong asks how he can betray them by trying to hold onto Jang Mi. Love him. Just then, Hyun Hee also runs outside and Hoon Dong asks what she’s doing there; “where is the end to your plot twists?” LOL He walks off and Hyun Hee chases after him. Jang Mi asks why Gi Tae had to come with Hoon Dong but he just says that she should have told him. He embraces Jang Mi and they go inside.In the kitchen, Jang Mi and Yeo Reum work closely and happily while making the pancakes. Gi Tae sits at his table and watches them; obviously giving Yeo Reum the stink eye but every time Jang Mi looks his way, he puts on a forced smile.

Gi Tae finally goes up to Yeo Reum and tells him not to be scared since he doesn’t care at all that he’s Jang Mi’s business partner. He goes on to say that Yeo Reum doesn’t have to worry about what he would think or anything like that. Yeo Reum just laughs and nods his head in understanding. Gi Tae says that instead, his Jang Mi shouldn’t be worked too hard, okay? Yeo Reum obliges while Gi Tae and Jang Mi just look at each other and laugh.

Se Ah shows up and congratulates them on their opening as well. Jang Mi doesn’t know how she knew to come but it turns out Gi Tae invited her since her hospital was close by. Why?!?! Gi Tae says that through his connections, he’ll help bring in a lot of customers for her and Jang Mi puts on a forced smile. Se Ah also congratulates them on officially dating but Jang Mi goes ahead and seats her next to Gi Tae. She makes her best effort to seem excited about Se Ah’s presence and loudly tells her to buy a lot from them. Her efforts are so exaggerated that everyone in the restaurant notices. LOL Gi Tae also turns to Yeo Reum and makes his best effort to seem chill about their working relationship. These two.

On the drive home, Gi Tae and Jang Mi sit together awkwardly. Jang Mi tries to initiate some conversation by saying that Gi Tae was really manly and awesome in front of Yeo Reum today. He returns the compliment and says that she was completely confident in front of Se Ah. They just both awkwardly laugh and I’m getting super uncomfortable at how uncomfortable they are.

Jang Mi (voiceover): As we’ve begun real dating, we’ve tried to care for each other sincerely and become cool, but sometimes our conversations become shorter and shorter than when we were fake dating.

Jang Mi closes her eyes and makes a decision, “Let’s go to your house”. Those words get Gi Tae’s immediate attention so he steps on the accelerator.Once inside the apartment, Jang Mi says that she’ll wash up and that just gets Gi Tae even more excited. He even opens the bathroom door for her. When she asks for an extra toothbrush, he rushes in to get her one and also tells her to try his face cleanser. She asks how long he’ll keep standing there since she needs to shower so he immediately leaves her alone. This boy. Inside his room, Gi Tae tries to move her hair aside but she gets on the bed, complaining about her legs.

Seeing that they’re swollen, Gi Tae gives her a massage. Awww. Jang Mi gazes at Gi Tae affectionately and falls asleep.

Gi Tae lays own beside her and pulls her into his embrace. He tells her sweetly that he’s forgiving her for falling asleep because she’s pretty.

Jang Mi (voiceover): It was the sweetest sleep I’ve ever had in my life.

For the next few days, Gi Tae and Jang Mi would go on dates but each and every time, Jang Mi would end up falling asleep on Gi Tae’s shoulder.

On one of their dates in the park, Gi Tae asks her how the restaurant is doing and she tells him that it’s doing great. She asks him about the hospital and he tells her, a bit too forcefully, that it’s recovered. As he chatters on about how awesome he is, Jang Mi falls asleep, again. Gi Tae just pulls her close and caresses her hair.

Jang Mi (voiceover): Thanks to the sweet sleep, I have been able to endure all the time I have to be awake.

At night, Hyun Hee, Yeo Reum and Jang Mi are busy giving makguli samples to passersbys. I don’t know why all three of them have to be outside but okay. Anyways, business looks like it’s bustling and the three of them are super excited.Unbeknownst to the restaurant owners, standing outside their restaurant is Hoon Dong and Gi Tae who watch everything with sad puppy dog expressions. They actually sound a bit disappointed at the number of customers that are going in and out and Hoon Dong points out that Jang Mi is laughing in front of Yeo Reum because she likes it so much. For shame! Gi Tae asks if Hyun Hee should be working there when she’s pregnant. Umm pretty sure you’re the doctor here.

Hoon Dong sees that Hyun Hee has to carry some plates and complains that Jang Mi, who’s very strong, should be carrying heavy stuff like that. Gi Tae nudges Hoon Dong and asks how Jang Mi is strong. Hoon Dong asks if Gi Tae has been punched or pounded on the street by Jang Mi because he has. LOL Turns out, Gi Tae’s clinic hasn’t recovered yet and he still doesn’t have any patients. When he hears someone knock on his office door, he prepares himself, thinking that it’s a patient, but no it’s Se Ah. It’s always Se Ah. He gets deflated and Se Ah can tell that he was waiting for patients. He invites her to lunch.They eat at, where else, but Hoon Dong’s restaurant where Hoon Dong stands by and watches Se Ah closely. Did I say I love him yet? Se Ah suggests that Gi Tae take this opportunity to come to her hospital since her dad has wanted to recruit him for a while now. She tells him that her hospital is thinking about introducing a 3-D printer and asks if that doesn’t tempt him. Gi Tae doesn’t know how to answer but Se Ah assures him that she’s only scouting him as a friend and colleague and not as a woman. Gi Tae still doesn’t think it’s good for him to be relying on her but Se Ah tells him that this is not the time for him to try and act cool. He needs to get back up but Gi Tae looks conflicted.Back at her restaurant, Jang Mi hears from Hoon Dong that Se Ah is trying to recruit Gi Tae. Jang Mi doesn’t understand why since Gi Tae’s hospital is doing fine but Hoon Dong tells her that these days, Gi Tae’s hospital isn’t actually doing so well. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell her but Hyun Hee explains that it’s probably because he didn’t want his pride to get hurt.

Hoon Dong asks if Jang Mi would be okay with Gi Tae going to Se Ah’s hospital. She falsely says that of course, if it’s for Gi Tae’s future, she has to be cool and understanding. Yeo Reum notices how forced she sounds but Hoon Dong just thinks that Jang Mi really is cool. She tells Hoon Dong that she’s no longer the same as before but then she goes on to sadly say that it would be a shame to have to give up the clinic. Everyone looks at her knowingly, but she tries to assure them that she’s just talking about the clinic, not Gi Tae. Gi Tae looks at his desk with an air of nostalgia. He receives a call from Jang Mi who tries to get some words out but he cuts her off, telling her that he’s a bit busy at the moment. Is it urgent? Jang Mi tries to sound unaffected and tells him to get back to his work if he’s so busy. He apologizes and promises to call her later.

Yeo Reum comes out to talk to her. He says that she can’t do it, what she has isn’t a cool face, but a depressed one. She thinks that since Gi Tae understood her working with him, she also needs to understand it if Gi Tae works with Se Ah. She does admit that she feels a little disappointed that he didn’t tell her about the trouble at his hospital but she understands since he probably did that out of consideration for her. Yeo Reum just sighs at her attempts to fool herself.

Yeo Reum: When I was going to school, the teacher said, if you can’t understand something, just memorize it. You look like you’re just memorizing it. This makes you look stupid. Go see Gi Tae and talk to him, face-to-face.

Excellent advice. Jang Mi just makes an excuse about having to work. Aunt, who has been stalking Jang Mi, goes home and reports to grandma that Jang Mi has set up a restaurant. Grandma is proud since Jang Mi’s pancake making skills justifies that but aunt tells her to guess who’s beside Jang Mi. Mom happens to walk in at that moment and asks the same question.Hyun Hee greets a customer but when she looks up, her face drops. Jang Mi looks up and also stops smiling. It’s Gi Tae’s mom and when she looks around, she sees Yeo Reum and thinks back on the hug between him and Jang Mi. Jang Mi serves mom some food and makguli who tries it and says it’s delicious.Mom apologizes for misunderstanding Jang Mi but she can’t thank her for helping either. She looks towards Yeo Reum and says that if Jang Mi really doesn’t have feelings for Gi Tae, she should keep a distance from him. Jang Mi assures mom that she has no thoughts of blocking Gi Tae’s way since she’s busy living her own life, this is the first time she’s been so happy and excited. This is all thanks to Gi Tae and mom. Jang Mi tells mom to enjoy her meal before running off to serve the other customers. Mom just downs her alcohol and says that it’s only Gi Tae who is left looking pitiful. Gi Tae’s busy looking through some information on 3-D printing when Jang Mi comes home. She asks what he’s looking at but his explanation go over her head. She’s about to ask him about his clinic but fearing that it might hurt his pride, she suggests they drink some of the makguli she brought home. He can’t though since he’s busy so Jang Mi goes to put the drinks in the fridge.She spends the rest of the night occupying herself as she keeps him company.She’s finally exhausted so she asks him if he’s going to sleep since she’s sleepy. He jokes and says that she’s always sleepy whenever she sees him. He looks at her and smiles, telling her to go in and sleep first.Jang Mi lies in his bed but she can’t fall asleep. She takes a peek into the living room and sees Gi Tae focused on the documents so she closes the door and gloomily gets back in bed. She leans up and has the conversation she wanted to have with Gi Tae. She wanted to tell him that his mom stopped by the restaurant today and that she didn’t tell her that she was seeing him. Actually, she couldn’t say it since she still doesn’t feel confident about being next to him. Gi Tae and Se Ah are at our Threesome’s restaurant the next day. Jang Mi stares them down before serving them their food.She wants to know what they are talking about but the arrival of Richard, an expert on 3-D printing, interrupts her. Se Ah and Gi Tae converse with him in what is supposed to be English but I just want them to stop. *Cringes* Jang Mi deflatedly goes back to the kitchen as she watches him laugh next to Se Ah. Yeo Reum looks at her worriedly. Gi Tae also sneaks glances at Jang Mi, who’s also laughing next to Yeo Reum.

Jang Mi (voiceover): We like each other. Why do we slowly have less to talk about?

The next day (?), Yeo Reum stops by Gi Tae’s apartment to re-pay him back for the $5000. Yeo Reum asks if Gi Tae doesn’t see Jang Mi overdoing it. Doesn’t he see her being overly considerate so that he won’t get hurt? Gi Tae says that he’s also trying to be considerate of Jang Mi since she said that she doesn’t want to lean on him so that she can stand up by herself. Yeo Reum asks if it were not because Gi Tae doesn’t give her certainty that he wouldn’t run away if she leaned on him. Gi Tae gets defensive and says that he knows Jang Mi best but Yeo Reum says that he knows Jang Mi wants to be next to Gi Tae. He also knows that Jang Mi is working with him so that she can stay next to Gi Tae longer. Yeo Reum asks, “Right now, is it true that you’re next to her?” Gi Tae wonders why he has to listen to this from Yeo Reum but Yeo Reum says that it’s because he likes him.Jang Mi’s dad is out on a fishing trip and he sends some postcards to mom. When mom receives them, she quickly looks at them to see that dad wrote, “fool…idiot…dog poop”, on them. Jang Mi bikes home and asks who sent the postcards, but when she sees them, she’s also at a lost for words.Jang Mi says that mom once told her that by being pen pals, it was like they were fated but mom just says that she was fooled by dad’s smooth talk and ended up ruining her life. Jang Mi asks when mom and dad stopped talking to each other.

Mom: Why does it matter when it started or who started it? I don’t remember anything. It’s just, once I closed my mouth I couldn’t open it again. Love is like that…the moment you close your mouth, it’s the end.

After hearing mom’s words, Jang Mi comes to a realization about her relationship with Gi Tae so she gets back on her bike and head to his apartment. In his apartment, Gi Tae is getting dressed up and thinks back to Yeo Reum’s words about how he fails to give Jang Mi assurance. Jang Mi calls and tells him that she’s coming to the apartment but he tells her it’s not a good time for her to drop by. He tells her that something important came up but she’s adamant on seeing him right now.She arrives outside his apartment and continuously rings the doorbell and knocks on his door. Don’t know why since she knows his passcode…She finally decides to unlock the door herself just as Gi Tae runs out to her. He told her not to come but she wants to know what’s so important that’s happening. He says that it’s something he didn’t want to show her but she says that she’s honestly told him everything regarding her and Yeo Reum, but why isn’t he telling her his story?

He gestures for her to quiet down but when she sees the pair of heels inside his apartment she says she’s tired of him keeping things away from her since she knows it all. She notices that he went all out on his appearance today and he says that he didn’t want to have to go this far either. She pushes her way through but once inside she sees the camera crew. Gi Tae confesses that he’s being interviewed for a magazine to improve his hospital’s image.Jang Mi wonders why he kept it from her but he says it’s because he was embarrassed. He should be recognized for his skills instead of making a living selling his image as a handsome, eligible doctor. The interviewer runs over to ask Gi Tae if Jang Mi is his girlfriend. Jang Mi tries to deny it but Gi Tae confirms it. Jang Mi asks the interviewer to take that off the record since that would ruin his image as an eligible bachelor and what happens if his mother saw?

Gi Tae asks how far they got in the interview so the interviewer tells him that he got to the part where he said that ever since a girl started coming to his house, he became uncomfortable and didn’t like being alone in the house since he wanted to be together with her. Gi Tae asks that that part be taken off the record as well, but it still put a smile on Jang Mi’s face. Afterwards, Jang Mi and Gi Tae sit together on his couch, enjoying some of the makguli. Jang Mi confesses that now that they’ve become a real couple, it’s gotten harder. It was more comfortable when they were faking their relationship since she could say whatever she wanted. Gi Tae teases that she must really want to look good in front of him but seriously says that they should just date comfortably since he’s already seen everything that he should and shouldn’t have. Jang Mi agrees and says that they should say everything they’ve wanted to say before right now.

Jang Mi: You…why didn’t you tell me working at the hospital was hard?

Gi Tae: You think it is only you who wants to act strong in front of me? I am the same, too. Why did I even endure doing that magazine interview that sells my face? Instead of Han Yeo Reum, I would like it if you depended on me.

Jang Mi (smiling): I was always depending on you. You didn’t know? During that time, because I slept on your shoulder and dreamed in such sweet sleep, it gave me strength to run around all day, to flip the Korean pancakes, and be able to serve makguli. Didn’t you know?

Gi Tae (smiling): Was that so? What else? Say more of what you want to say.

Jang Mi: I understand your friendship with Kang Se Ah. But, being scouted by Kang Se Ah’s hospital, I don’t like it.

Gi Tae (smiling): How did you know that? Aigo. If you knew earlier, you should have said so. I’m going to keep and protect my hospital. That’s why I’ve been studying more and publicizing more. All I received from Se Ah was an introduction to Richard.

Jang Mi: Was that it?

Gi Tae: You wanting to work and earn money I fully understand, also. However, I wish you wouldn’t smile at Han Yeo Reum, saying how happy you are. The greatest coldness and prickly attitude, is what I wish for you to maintain.

Jang Mi: I get it.

They clink glasses and Jang Mi declares that they should get rid of their cool relationship. And not a second too soon! Now that they can both be as petty as they like, it’s nice. Gi Tae remembers something and adds one more thing to what he wanted to say earlier.

Gi Tae: You, I like it when you’re sleeping comfortably by my side, but I don’t like just sleeping. Tonight, stay next to me and don’t sleep.

Eeeeey! They both shyly look at each other and smile. It’s adorable! Jang Mi puts her leg on his thigh and his hand slowly moves up her legs. Rawr!The next morning, Jang Mi and Gi Tae are sleeping and cuddling in bed, sans clothes, after their night of sexy time. The door to the apartment opens and some thriller-like music starts playing in the background. Strewn across the apartment floor are Jang Mi and Gi Tae’s clothes. Jang Mi stumbles out of the bedroom, wearing only one of Gi Tae’s t-shirts. She looks up, and there’s Gi Tae’s mom. Dun dun dun.


Man, that was an uncomfortable episode to watch, but weirdly, it was also pretty adorable! It’s great that Jang Mi and Gi Tae wanted to be considerate of each other but when that becomes a barrier to having open, honest discussions, there’s a big problem. I was cringing as I watched them be so cautious around each other with so little to talk about. It’s something I think all of us fear about relationships, that moment when you run out of things to talk about with your significant others. Is that a sign that love has cooled?

That may be the case for some couples but for Jang Mi and Gi Tae, they just needed a little nudge from the people around them to make them understand that they were hurting each other by being so distant. They value their love enough that once they realized what they were doing wasn’t beneficial to the either of them; they immediately made an effort to fix it. I love the conversation they had at the end of the episode because everything they wanted to say was finally out in the open. It’s doesn’t hurt that they also finally did more than sleep as well. 😉 I love that Jang Mi basically moved in with Gi Tae in this episode. There was something so heartwarming to see them come home and find the other person waiting for them. It’s like they’re a married couple already. Jang Mi finds comfort in having Gi Tae next to her, and it’s even more crucial now that her home is falling apart. His presence gives her strength and it was adorable how she always fell asleep next to him. He was the person she knew she could lean on. Well, it could also be interpreted as him putting her to sleep…but I’ll take the romantic explanation.

It was sweet to see Jang Mi stay up to keep Gi Tae company as he was learning about the 3-D printer business. Of course he was so busy so as to not realize that all she wanted was to spend time with him and talk with him but at least his heart was in the right place. How adorable was it that he did something he didn’t want to so that he can keep his hospital, mostly for Jang Mi’s sake?The group of supporters that Jang Mi and Gi Tae are building around them is adorable. That dating secret sure didn’t last very long though. I really enjoyed watching all 6 leads interacting with each other in a way where they weren’t trying to impede our OTP’s progress but they were just enjoying each other’s company and looking out for one another. That’s why I love this restaurant that our threesome have built together; it’s now become a gathering place for friends and family.

Yeo Reum definitely wins the award for best friend in this episode. It’s great that he actively looks out for Jang Mi and Gi Tae’s best interest. Hyun Hee and Hoon Dong aren’t far behind either. I think this was the first episode where I actually liked Hyun Hee. She’s not just going to live off her husband but she’s actively working to make her own money and I say, good for her! I’m also just grateful that Se Ah has accepted her fate as just a friend to Gi Tae. All we have left is convincing the two mothers on both sides.

Lastly, Gi Tae’s dad is a slimy, terrible man. What father advises their son to marry a successful woman while putting the woman he really loves on the side as a mistress? Poor Gi Tae. At least Gi Tae has learned from his parents’ mistakes. He’s his father’s son but he would never hurt the person he loves and I’d say, his own soul, by doing something so despicable. It would only result in pain and suffering for everyone involved. He’d know, he’s lived through it.


8 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 14 Recap

  1. Zee says:

    Yay, episode 14!!!
    I was so afraid Jang Mi wasn’t going to tell Gi Tae that she was working with Yeo Reum and I was really relieved that she did, and I thought: “everything will be okay.”
    Then I was afraid because I was sure Gi Tae was going to work with Se Ah (“it’s *always* Se Ah” haha) and I had a baaaad feeling about that.
    *Then* I was afraid because they weren’t talking and both seemed unhappy and Jang Mi was sleeping all the time (even though I suspected, and was correct, that she was only doing that because she was so profoundly comfortable around him. But it couldn’t have been too easy on his poor ego…) and I thought: “Nooooo, they can’t break up after all that!”
    But finally, FINALLY they talked (and other things). “I was always depending on you, didn’t you know?”
    I was so SO glad that they got everything out into the open so I didn’t have to be anxious or uncomfortable anymore!
    I’m so impressed with the writing. Really, though.
    I actually thought Gi Tae’s confrontation with his dad went a long way toward helping him understand Jang Mi’s need to be financially independent. And that her conversation about the importance of communication in a successful relationship with her mom helped her understand that she needed to talk to Gi Tae.
    And that ending (no, not the sexy time. Though, good for them, haha). Poor Jang Mi! Oh well, only 2 more hours until hopefully our leads can be happily and sincerely wed and successful. Here’s hoping Gi Tae’s mom can get her divorce, too. And his horrible dad can screw right off! What a scum-bag.
    Final week, Fighting!


    • dramapenchant says:

      I think IOIL is making me paranoid because when Jang Mi was falling asleep everywhere, I thought she had narcolepsy or something…

      Right?!?! What a terrible way to look in front of your boyfriend’s mother after you clearly told her you weren’t seeing her son?

      Really hoping for more sexy times between Gi Tae and Jang Mi. This one was more sweet and funny but I hope we get one that’s more serious and just more sexy. LOL


      • Zee says:

        I know what you mean about worrying she had narcolepsy. Characters get sick so easily and often in Dramaland that it is often extremely plausable that they are suffering from some illness or disease so, while I love that we finally have a drama tha is dealing with mental and emotional health IOTL is also opening up new possible Dramaland ailments :/
        I am also hoping the writers here will deliver on more sincere intamacy for our OTP, no one will complain!
        I’m hoping Gi Tae will be awesome, as he tends to be, with the fallout from mom catching Jang Mi in this embarrassing and compromising position.
        At least this time it is obviously *Not* for show? I’m guessing it is too much to hope that this will teach mom not to just walk into his house? That boy needs to change his passcode! At present Jang Mi, Se Ah, and his mom have it. Only 1 of them needs it and it sure as heck isn’t mom!


      • dramapenchant says:

        Right?!?! There’s always someone, somewhere in kdramaland that has such a weak immune system that they get a cold and a fever from standing in the rain for 5 minutes.

        I love boyfriend Gi Tae. He’s really sweet and considerate so I wouldn’t doubt that he’s going to be a strong pillar of support for Jang Mi during the next two episodes of trying to win mom back over to their side.

        I think only Mom, grandma, and Jang Mi know his passcode at the moment. But I agree, change it and he won’t ever have to worry about his sexy times getting interrupted by mom.


  2. Anita says:

    Can there be a worst father then GT’s. The man is an egotistical, low down dirty sleaze. He was really proud to lay it out and pass along his dirt to his son. The problem with the father is he’s had it too good by having the best of both worlds and his wife enabled him to do so.

    I think the only way GT and JM will get out of this last lie and satisfy his mother is to actually get married.


    • dramapenchant says:

      And don’t you just love how after he said those sleazy words to Gi Tae, he lifted his glass as if to say “cheers”. He probably thought his son would actually agree with him or something! Never!

      Haha that solution works just fine for me but before that, I want to see more of their cute dating scenes! 😀


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