Marriage, Not Dating Episode 13 Recap

Love is in the air.


Episode 13: Don’t Expect or Have Expectations

Cold open: Gi Tae and Jang Mi have a heated argument in the park. We don’t hear the words being spoken but it’s intense, almost bordering violent…

Hyun Hee and Hoon Dong head off to their honeymoon. Gi Tae runs back to the party to look for Jang Mi but she’s no where to be seen, so he tries to call her again. Jang Mi also has no luck finding Gi Tae.

Turns out, Yeo Reum, who’s looking gorgeous, also attended the wedding and he sees Jang Mi, standing by the river with a distraught look.

He thinks back to an earlier meeting they had, when Jang Mi handed him an envelope with $5000 since she was the one who ruined the truffles. He refused to accept it and when she pushed it on him, she found out that he had medicinal patches on his shoulders since he had been working at a construction site. He insisted that he’d pay Gi Tae back so that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed in front of her. She apologized and thanked him before getting up to leave. He chased after her and they do a little back and forth with the envelope. Yeo Reum even pulled the age card saying that she’s too old to be without money. LOL This is a noona-dongsaeng relationship I can get behind!

Yeo Reum had enough and said that it seems like she has so much money, she doesn’t need this and was about to rip the envelope in half when she stopped him since it was her severance pay. She pleads with him to take the money since she’s too busy to worry about him as well.

Back in the present, Yeo Reum approaches Jang Mi and asks what she’s doing. She tells him honestly, “I was going to send him away this time in a cool way, but I made a scene myself”. Yeo Reum tells her that now that she’s done making a scene, it’s time for them to find their happiness.

He takes her to a building that is still under construction and asks her to run a business with him. He’ll be the chef and she’ll be the manager. He’ll consider the $5000 she gave him as an investment, along with another investment he got from a mystery person. Jang Mi tells him that there’s nothing as a free lunch in the world and even the location for the restaurant is a bit bad, so she asks what he believed in. “I believed you…I started dreaming because of you”. Awww. She tells him that it’s good he found his dream but she woke up from hers and leaves.

Jang Mi takes a stroll and thinks, “I think I understand a little why people love in such a cool way”. She goes to buy a new phone and think back to when Gi Tae bought her one but now,

“I’m not relying on anyone or expecting anything. It isn’t because I want to be alone, but because even if I’m alone, I have to live. Now that I’ve awakened from my dream, I see the reality in front of my eyes”.

Jang Mi goes to numerous retail stores to apply for a job but her age and the hair-pulling incident prevent her from getting hired.

We also get a random shot of mom, looking rather despondent, as she sits in a hospital. Hmmmm.

Back at Gi Tae’s clinic, Gi Tae dazedly listens to a patient who wants some more work done on her face. He advises against it but the patient just wants him to do what she asks him to do. She wants her eyes re-done and maybe he can throw in a complimentary nose job while he’s at it.

When he gives her some more professional advise, she gets angry and complains about the poor service. She even threatens him with her power as a blogger so he finally can’t take it anymore and tells her that as a doctor, he thinks she needs psychiatric help. He then goes to open the door and basically kicks her out of his office. All his gestures in this scene are priceless!

Gi Tae stops by Hoon Dong’s restaurant for lunch and it’s obvious Hoon Dong is now completely under Hyun Hee’s control. Hyun Hee asks how Gi Tae can still eat and live well, after what he put Jang Mi through. He doesn’t understand so she clarifies and tells him about how Jang Mi lost her job at the department store and that her parents are divorcing. Hyun Hee’s so angry for Jang Mi that she doesn’t even let him eat his meal.

Since her parents’ situation is turning from bad to worse, Jang Mi ends up manning the empty restaurant. She contemplates whether she should have a drink but then decides that she should quit drinking. Gi Tae shows up behind her and says, “If you quit drinking, you wouldn’t be Joo Jang Mi”. True that.

He wants to talk and asks if they should have a drink together. Jang Mi finally stops staring at him and tells him that she has nothing to talk to him about. Regardless, he sits down across from her and tells her that he wants to compensate her somehow after all she’s been through since he needs to take responsibility for his actions. She takes offense at his desire to compensate her and asks him to leave so as to not disrupt business. He points out that there are no customers so she sardonically says that he wouldn’t understand the feelings of a storeowner whose only customers are flies since, “the circumstance is completely different from your hospital, where people come and line up holding money”.

So he takes out his wallet and asks to buy all of the fried chicken. Oh no. She gets angrier but he tells her that he’s just concerned about her. She doesn’t need his concern though; she barely got herself free from him and has found her real self. He finally obliges her demands for him to leave, but not before a longing look in her direction.

At work the next day, Gi Tae reads the bad review from the blogger. His responses to her accusations are hilarious!

Blog: “Just because he’s a doctor, he has so much arrogance, and his sense of superiority stabs the sky”.

Gi Tae: “I am arrogant, but I don’t have a sense of superiority. It’s because I am superior.”

Blog: “The person who should make women beautiful doesn’t understand a woman’s heart.”

Gi Tae: “Well, that is true.”

Blog: “He seems like a jerk who lives in a world by himself”.

Gi Tae: “Well, overall it’s true”.

It turns out his nurse has been standing beside him the entire time and she asks what they should do. Sue her for defamation and ask her to take the post down? Gi Tae thinks that they should just wait and see since how long can a rumor on the internet last? Oh you don’t want to know.

Aunt also sees all the bad reviews Gi Tae is getting online and wonders if they should do something since it doesn’t look like Gi Tae is taking any action. Mom looks unconcerned and tells aunt to let Gi Tae figure out his own life.

Gi Tae sits in his car as he watches Jang Mi at the restaurant swatting flies. He changes his voice by plugging his nose and calls her at the restaurant. He orders 10 fried chickens to be delivered to a park and Jang Mi’s ecstatic at such a large order. It’s adorable that he’s happy that she’s so happy.

When she arrives, a random park-goer claims that he ordered the food but after Jang Mi leaves, Gi Tae comes out from hiding in the bushes and thanks the stranger, giving him some of the boxes of chicken as compensation.

He goes back to his apartment and digs in. He even plays a little game of basketball, trying to throw the chicken bones into the trash can from his couch. He gets them in initially, but eventually, his floor is littered with chicken bones and dirty napkins. And the great thing is, he doesn’t give a damn.

While still eating the chicken, he wonders what Jang Mi’s doing so he goes ahead and calls her to make another order. Cute. The same park-goer claims the chickens but this time, he hands her a drink to cool down from the heat.

For the next few days, Gi Tae continues to make these large orders of chicken anonymously. He ends up giving chicken to everyone he knows: his nurses (who are all depressed at the lack of customers), Hoon Dong (as a wedding gift), and even to grandma (telling her to keep it a secret from mom).

As grandma and aunt eat, grandma says that she thinks Gi Tae still hasn’t forgotten Jang Mi yet. Where else are these chickens coming from? Aunt thinks that Gi Tae is focusing so much on Jang Mi that he has ignored the problem with regards to the hospital. Mom has been secretly listening to this conversation and she doesn’t look happy.

Dad tells mom that he’s going to go out for a “walk” but Mom makes it clear that he needs to come back within 15 minutes. Dad suggests that mom go on an overseas trip with grandma and aunt but mom isn’t falling for his attempt to chase her out of the house. Dad asks what he can do for her so mom tells him that she wants a divorce, otherwise neither of them are leaving the house. Finally.

At Hoon Dong’s restaurant, Jang Mi learns from Hyun Hee about Gi Tae’s hospital situation. Yeo Reum also reads the critical blog post.

That night, the two meet-up for some drinks and they discuss what they should do to help Gi Tae. It’s sweet.

Gi Tae’s in his apartment and he checks out his stomach in the mirror to see how much weight he’s gained since eating all those fried chicken. He gained some but he smiles and says, “This much is cute”. You’re cute. He’s thinking about Jang Mi when the doorbell rings.

Getting super excited thinking that it’s Jang Mi at the door, he starts freaking out about the mess and tries to clean up a little before opening the door.

Of course, when he opens the door, it’s Se Ah on the other side. She goes inside and tells him to sue for defamation of character, but Gi Tae doesn’t think the blogger said anything wrong. Se Ah suggests that he meets the blogger patient to make a settlement but he doesn’t want to meet that psycho again.

Se Ah shows him a folder of evidence that states the patient did see a psychiatrist previously due to her addiction to plastic surgery. He doesn’t want to go that far so Se Ah wonders if he’s the one that needs psychiatric help. Gi Tae assures her that he’s fine since his mind has never been at peace like it is now.

He didn’t know that doing nothing could be so productive. Before he thought that he needed to work harder and more diligently to become more special, more perfect. All he wanted was “more” and he thought something terrible would happen if he stopped in the middle but after he stopped, nothing happened. Since he doesn’t hear that he needs to make women prettier, he feels like he can live now. That’s why people need to learn to let go of things they are holding on to. Se Ah insightfully asks:

“Isn’t it because you’re afraid that you’re not going to catch her? Because it might be embarrassing, when you catch her, if she won’t stay caught?”

Se Ah offers to meet the blogger in his place but he doesn’t want her help. She insists since she has nothing left to be embarrassed about.

Jang Mi and Yeo Reum are also sitting in a café waiting to meet the blogger. Jang Mi feels bad for putting Yeo Reum through this but he assures her that she’s not the only one that likes Gi Tae. He likes him a lot too. That puts a smile on her face and he tries to persuade her to be his business partner again. She declines but he’s not giving up so easily and they just have this little adorable banter. Yeo Reum insists that he needs her and that he’s not expecting anything else other than a business partner. He has no motive. That seems to move her a bit but when he jokes around a bit, she tells him again that she’s not doing it.

The blogger arrives and Jang Mi and Yeo Reum try to approach her but Se Ah beats them to it. Se Ah hands over an envelope of money and threatens to sue. Jang Mi and Yeo Reum think the situation is taken care of so they decide to leave. Se Ah insults the blogger’s looks and even calls her a plastic surgery monster. Harsh! That earns her some coffee to the face and the disruption brings Yeo Reum and Jang Mi running back in to check out what happened.

Yeo Reum stays after to look after Se Ah’s injuries and Jang Mi chases down the blogger with her bike. When she finally catches up to her, Jang Mi sees that the girl has been crying so she invites the blogger back to her restaurant for some drinks.

Mom also checks out the blog post on Gi Tae and gives his clinic a call. The nurse answers and tells her that although Gi Tae is still paying them, he doesn’t come to the clinic except to drop off some fried chicken.

Jang Mi and the blogger bond over some drinks. They’re both slightly drunk and Jang Mi agrees with the blogger that Gi Tae did wrong so the blogger asks why Jang Mi’s making excuses for him then. Jang Mi knows that she’s not in a position to worry about others but she keeps getting haunted by memories of him so she can’t leave him alone.

The blogger can tell that Jang Mi loves Gi Tae a lot and feels sorry for her. LOL Jang Mi asks that the blogger to forgive Gi Tae just this once for her but the blogger doesn’t think that by doing this, Gi Tae will understand Jang Mi’s heart.

Mom arrives at Jang Mi’s family restaurant and sees Jang Mi trying to persuade the blogger to stay for another drink. She also hears Jang Mi’s criticisms of Gi Tae and how she thinks this serves him right. The blogger is the first to notice mom and Jang Mi sobers up quick. Mom thinks Jang Mi was the one who spread those rumors and walks away so Jang Mi chases after her.

Mom apologizes for what she did but she also says that it’s because she had expectations for Jang Mi and she was disappointed. Mom says she came to ask Jang Mi to help end Gi Tae’s feelings for her but she couldn’t believe Jang Mi was planning revenge. Jang Mi’s confused but mom asks if it’s all because of money. She didn’t think Jang Mi was so low. Jang Mi is dumbstruck and thinks back to all those times people asked her if it was because of money. She realizes now that when she’s when Gi Tae, that’s what people see her as.

Mom goes to Gi Tae’s apartment and sees him sadly sitting in his messy apartment. She calls him a pathetic fool and asks if this is how he wanted to live after turning the family upside-down. Mom tells him that he fell into his own trap and he agrees. Mom tells him to forget about Jang Mi since he’s been fooled. Jang Mi’s was behind all of those malicious comments about his clinic.

Yeo Reum and Jang Mi put the drunken blogger in her car. Yeo Reum gets into the drivers seat and casually asks if they should also start selling alcohol at their restaurant. Jang Mi asks if they would make money with that and tells him that she agrees to run the restaurant with him. They need to make a lot of money. He gets super happy about it and makes her promise not to back out on her words.

Gi Tae drives to Jang Mi’s family restaurant and sees a sign that says that the restaurant is temporarily closed.

Jang Mi goes to the park and gives the park-goer who she thinks has been buying all those chickens a complimentary meal. The park goer feels bad so he confesses that he wasn’t really the one who bought all those chickens from her.

She sits on a park bench, taking in this info when Gi Tae calls. He asks where she is and she yells at him for playing with people. He screams back that she’s still the same; making messes everywhere she goes. He tells her to stay put since he’s on his way.

Gi Tae asks if what his mother said is true but Jang Mi doesn’t understand why he came all this way if he already heard everything. He asks what she was thinking but she wonders if he’d believe her if she told him her intentions. “If a girl without anything is doing things for a guy with a lot, she never has innocent intentions. It means she has another agenda”. This brings back memories to the time when Hoon Dong was breaking up with her and Gi Tae accused her of being a gold-digger.

She says that from the beginning he didn’t trust her but he says that it was because she was acting like a fool. She sarcastically says that he’s just so great that she’s lacking next to him but he reminds her that she’s the one that pushed him away, telling him to go to someone else. She tells him that that’s enough, he shouldn’t order any more chickens (ha!).  She doesn’t need his sympathy but he tells her to stop needlessly interfering in other people’s business.

Gi Tae: “You and I…our act is over. After going through all that suffering, we barely finished everything. If you turned away from me so coldly, you should stop being concerned and just go your way. Why did you interfere again and get misunderstood by my mom? Come to your senses.”

He reminds her all the things she’s went through because of him and asks if that wasn’t enough.

“How much more are you going to get hurt because of me? How much more are you going to cry because of me? It’s enough for you to be an idiot, why do you have to turn me into one? The woman I like is being mistreated like that. How much more do you want me to see that?! I like you, you frustrating woman!”

Took you long enough to finally confess.

Jang Mi just backs up and then starts running away. LOL He chases after her and even calls her, “Jang Mi-ah”. Awwww. He asks why she’s running away.

Jang Mi: “I don’t want to be by your side. When I stay by your side, I keep coming to dislike myself. Even if I didn’t have much, I was never ashamed of myself. But I keep feeling ashamed of myself in front of you, and I really hate feeling ashamed.”

Gi Tae: “You don’t think I feel the same? I feel the same. Not even once have I ever doubted myself. But because of you, I’m wavering. I keep hating myself because of you. Even so…I want to be with you.

Jang Mi: “It can’t be. It’s all finished.”

Gi Tae: “The fake dating is over. From now on, let’s do it for real.”

He pulls her in for a tight hug and she puts her hands around his waist and hugs him back.

He wipes the tears from her face and then leans down to kiss her.

They walk back to his apartment and Gi Tae tries to dry the sweat from his hands. He makes a few attempts to hold her hand but fails. He asks why she didn’t even come by once but she asks if he ever welcomed her with a smile. She’s got a point. He reminds her that even when he told her not to come, she still would. She guesses that he waited for her and he tries to deny it.

She confesses to having stopped by once and almost rang the doorbell. That puts a smile on his face and he nudges her while cheerily declaring, “As expected, this girl can’t escape me”. She wonders if he ran to the door after hearing footsteps, which puts a slight smile on his face. He finally manages to hold her hand and they interlock their fingers.

They walk into his apartment but when she sees the mess; she’s shocked. He tries to cover her eyes and tells her to go to the car but she starts laughing and says that he really fell hard for her. He makes the excuse that he has been busy but then she sniffs him and realizes he hasn’t showered either. She tells him to go wash up and it’s obvious he takes that to mean something completely different.

He perks up and immediately starts unbuttoning his shirt. She even drags him to the bathroom and then gives him two pecks on his cheeks before telling him to “clean each nook and cranny well”. LOL He totally thinks he’s getting some. He happily takes a shower and makes sure to clean himself off very well.

When he’s done, he even tries out a few hairstyles. It’s hilarious. Jang Mi asks if he’s done showering and calls him to come out of the bathroom, which makes him think that she’s being impatient.

He enters the living room wearing his bathrobe barely containing his excitement. Jang Mi wonders if he’s going somewhere because of his hair but tells him not to think about it since, “What you’ve pushed back all this time is the size of a mountain. It isn’t enough even if we pull an all nighter”. Hahaha! He gets excited thinking about staying up all night doing-you-know-what and when Jang Mi tells him to move quickly, he pushes her onto the couch and gets on top of her. He leans down for a kiss but she laughs, asking what naughty things he was thinking.

She hands him the vacuum and tells him to put some clothes on. No sexy time for him. It’s cleaning time. I don’t mind that much though since the two of them are adorable as they clean up his apartment together.

After they’re done, Gi Tae suggests that maybe they should take a break now. *wink wink* She agrees and he wonders if he should bring something for them to drink. Wine? She likes that since she’s afraid to do it with a sober mind. LOL He runs to get the glasses and wine. As he’s uncorking the bottle, Jang Mi says that she has something to say before they start but he can’t laugh since she’s serious.

Jang Mi: “You know…let’s…what do you think about a cool relationship?”

Gi Tae: “What?”

Jang Mi: “Let’s just do the dating. Not the marriage.”

From his expression, I’d say he doesn’t think this is a very good idea.


Interesting; so now it’s dating, not marriage, huh? My, how the tables have turned. I actually think it will be good for the both of them to just comfortably date each other without concerns about marriage. There’s no rush. They should just enjoy it. Plus, I see Jang Mi’s declaration as something that just proves how much she loves Gi Tae. In the past, Jang Mi has been in such a hurry to get married that she scared away all of the guys in her life so now she wants to take it slow so that she doesn’t ruin this relationship like before. But that’s not really her personality is it? When she loves, she loves intensely. Let’s wait and see how Gi Tae takes this proposal.

Overall, this episode was just plain cute! Even Se Ah wasn’t totally annoying in this episode! Yay!

Gi Tae definitely upped his game in this episode! How adorable was it that he bought all those chickens from Jang Mi? He respected her distance but he still wanted to look after her in his own way. It’s hilarious that he was just going around giving fried chickens to everybody he knew! *Oprah style* You get a fried chicken, you get a fried chicken!

Our clean freak, perfectionist has finally realized what’s important in life. It’s not money, it’s not success in a job but it’s love. It was adorable while at the same time kind of pitiful when he just stayed in his apartment and ate fried chicken alone, not bothering to go to work or showering. But he actually seemed at peace. All he needed was to be able to see Jang Mi every now and then from afar and he was a happy man.

What I couldn’t believe was that Jang Mi and Gi Tae didn’t run into each other during their Han River seek-out. Seriously, how far did they go? And then I “love” how after the wedding, they kind of just gave up and stopped looking for each other. Really? Where was that spark that caused you both to run for, what looked like, miles? However, I’m just glad they FINALLY found their way back to each other by the end of this episode! How great is it that Gi Tae trusts Jang Mi unconditionally so when he heard his mom’s accusations, all he could think of was how much Jang Mi’s gone through because of him. They both love each other and I’m glad they finally confessed. Albeit, that confession was a little weird; only a drama can make “I hate myself when I’m with you but screw it” sound kind of romantic.

However, those kisses were pretty great. I especially liked the little pecks she gave him on the cheek. Who knew Gi Tae was so cheeky and naughty? He just barely started dating her and he already wants to sleep with her? Not that I’m complaining. I love watching how giddy he is now that he is dating Jang Mi. It’s wonderful to see. They’re so comfortable with each other and I love how seamless their transition into a couple was.

Also, I was happy to see Yeo Reum again, looking better than ever! He was sooooo cute in this episode! I love his rapport with Jang Mi and am glad that although they can’t be lovers, they can still be friends who got each other’s backs. Can’t wait to see what kind of restaurant these two will end up opening. I’d totally go there, if not to just gaze at Yeo Reum’s gorgeous smile. I am curious to find out who the mystery investor is though.

Also, I’m curious as to what’s wrong with mom. Illness? Is that why she’s been pushing dad away? Does noble idiocy run in the family?

Finally, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”-John Keating, Dead Poets Society


14 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 13 Recap

  1. mylovebuggeroos says:

    Ah I have been on vacation so I have been missing all of my dramas this week! Thank goodness for all these reviews! I am so sad this show is ending so soon!! I am going to literally cry when it’s over!!!


      • mylovebuggeroos says:

        I went back to my hometown (Colorado)! I am seriously depressed! I have literally been trying to play catch up on all my kdramas! Haha

        I was hoping since the show is so awesome there will be a second season! Man…He just looks so happy and so does she! I loved the park scene though!! Ah…seriously though, what is up with her always getting on the mom’s bad side?? Yikes! Lol


      • dramapenchant says:

        Who needs a vacation when there’s sooooo many kdramas to watch?!?! LOL

        I would LOVE a second season of just watching GT and JM being all lovey-dovey and them dealing with the ups and downs of married life…if only…


  2. Zee says:

    Thank you for the recap. I can’t believe next week is the final week ):
    What a great drama for me to accidentally stumble across (and I’m so glad I did!)
    I’m always grateful to re-live and re-examine the episodes with your recaps.
    I have to admit that I wasn’t too worried by the cold open since they have been faking us out so much lately.
    The real fight was ADORABLE! I think his confession (finally!) was my favorite “I like you, you frustrating woman!”
    I’m glad that they decided to date for real. They were so cute, cleaning Gi Tae’s apartment together (even if it did mean no nookie).
    I have to say that it would be really nice if both our 2nd leads really did stop interfering. I’m worried we haven’t seen the last of that but I would really like to be proven wrong!
    Looking forward to your recap of the next episode!
    And I hope you will recap more dramas even after Marriage Not Dating ends!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Long time no see! 😀
      Just out of curiosity, how did you stumble across this drama?
      Recapping takes a lot of time and effort, which I wasn’t aware of before, so until I find another drama that hooks me completely (one where I can re-watch each episode at least 3x) I don’t think I’ll be taking on another recapping project any time soon…but who knows….
      In the meantime, I think I’ll just stick to my more breezy “thoughts” posts 🙂


      • Zee says:

        Your thoughts posts on It’d Okay, That’s Love are excellent, too. I’ll have to hope a dra starts in the next cycle that hooks you (:
        I was out of town and missed commenting on a few of your reviews but I still read them all!
        I stumbled across Marriage Not Dating on Viki because when you finish the most recent episode of something you are watching (I think in my case it was either Trot Lovers, which, incidentally, I found disappointing, or Fated to Love You) Viki starts automatically playing an episode of another drama. Marriage Not Dating caught my interest and the rest is history. And that’s how, instead of only 6 simulcast dramas at a time I was a crazy person and watched 7 (which sounds insane but only averaged 2 hrs of KDrama/night, haha. I made up for it by watching 0 American TV during that time. Usually I only watch 2 or 3 simulcast at a time, depending on what type of Dramas are airing.)


      • dramapenchant says:

        Haha I feel you! I’m also watching 6 dramas right now (the 7th one just finished airing). Day in the life of a kdrama addict…

        Oooh sometimes I find that “next video” thing a little annoying and would turn it off since I just want to re-watch the episode immediately 😀


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hey! Word on the “street” is that this song is a yet to be released ost (part 5) by the rock band LEDApple and the title of the song is “Call My Name”. Don’t quote me on this though lol

      Here’s a youtube link to a cut with the song. Until the song is officially released, I guess we can only replay these short snippets for now…


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