It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 7 Thoughts

Hae Soo: “Why are you smiling?”

Jae Yeol: “Because I like you.”

Hyung is definitely cray-cray. So he stabs Jae Yeol with the syringe in his neck and then stabs him again numerous times. He then beats the hell out of Jae Yeol, which is intercut with similar scenes from Jae Yeol’s childhood. It’s seriously painful to watch these moments, and the background music definitely doesn’t help.

How sad is it that after all of this, Jae Yeol still loves his brother and wants to protect him? His optimism about the possibility of one day living happily with his family is rather heartbreaking. Jae Yeol was definitely lucky that Jo sunbae was prepared for such a scenario and instead of leaving the amytal unattended, he actually brought out water. Phew!

When Jo sunbae first recommended that Jae Yeol report his hyung to the police, I was definitely in agreement since hyung is a very dangerous person; he’s a loose canon. However, after hearing what Jae Yeol had to say, I can totally see where he is coming from but we also have to ask if he’s suffering from something in the vein of the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

“If my brother is really a dangerous person, when he stabbed me with a fork, he would have stabbed my neck, not my shoulder. It would have been a knife, not a needle, this time, right? If my brother is really dangerous he wouldn’t have done what we told him to do because he is fearful of getting reported. He wouldn’t be sitting over there like a kid and eating bread.”

Having spent such a long time in prison since his youth, hyung’s experience with the real world is limited and he reacts to new things in a child-like manner. How happy he was when he ate the bread and ran across the bridge was actually pretty darn moving. His emotional growth was stagnated as a consequence, so regardless of who’s stuck the knife in the abusive stepfather, I still feel bad for both brothers for their sad-fate. Really, a crime in self-defense shouldn’t be punished so harshly, especially when kids are involved. As Jang Yeol laments, if only someone had stepped in to help them, then all this misfortune wouldn’t have had to happen.

Also, after seeing the flashback to when Jae Yeol was a kid with hyung, both characters remain very intriguing and rather complex. Hyung beat up his brother but then took off his shoes so that Jae Yeol could wear them. Their love is of the twisted-variety and it seems like hyung does actually love his younger brother, but his expression of it was/is through violence. He didn’t want Jae Yeol to get beaten by their stepdad. Instead of running away, he wanted Jae Yeol to stand up for himself, but he forgot that Jae Yeol was only a small child. Sadly, he also expressed that concern by beating the crap out of Jae Yeol. He saw violence growing up and that’s what he emulated. It doesn’t forgive his crimes but at least some of it stemmed out of love…? It’s a tricky situation so here’s waiting for more scenes from their painful childhood to truly get a sense of who hyung really is. 

Hyung fascinates me. He may be a psycho but he manages to earn my compassion.

Regardless, I think it should definitely be an unspoken rule that if Jae Yeol doesn’t show up when he says he would, Hae Soo and the gang should just automatically think that he’s in trouble and send a search team out for him. 

Anywaaays, I love the little circle of support that Jae Yeol is building around him. All he’s ever wanted his whole life is a happy family experience and now he sort of has created a makeshift family in the form of his seriously strange housemates. Jo sunbae and Soo Kwang are oddballs but they are there for him when it counts.

And then, of course there is Hae Soo. I was a little saddened by the fact that Hae Soo didn’t see Jae Yeol get dragged away by his brother but what happened afterwards was totally worth it. Jae Yeol continues to be amazing with his openness and honesty towards Hae Soo. I love that he straight out told her that he met with his hyung and got beaten. He was so vulnerable in that moment and the tears in his eyes broke my heart. 

Hae Soo of course ran to his side to show that she is there to support him and she continues to be a wonderfully considerate person in the face of these situations. She didn’t have to say much show him that she understands and is there for him and she didn’t need him to explain to her. All she wanted to make sure was that he was all right. It was nice to see that although Jae Yeol was trying take the situation lightly and he was trying to hold back his pain, in her arms, he was able to let it out. 

How cute was it that by declaring them boyfriend and girlfriend, she managed to cheer him right up.

Of course I can’t forget the cute. Oh the cute. It was wonderful. This episode was filled with so many adorable moments between Jae Yeol and Hae Soo that I’m still giddy from the aftereffects. Besides the opening scene where Jae Yeol gets beaten to a pulp, everything else was sooooooo swoonworthy. They were both sooooooo happy and as a result I was happy for them as well. There was like a smile plastered on my face during the majority of this episode.

So far, Jae Yeol is legitimately one of the best boyfriends. He’s kind and patient with Hae Soo, who by the way has mastered the push-and-pull/hot-and-cold elements of a relationship down to an art form. Who would have known? It’s funny how Jae Yeol is so befuddled by her actions but Jo sunbae and Soo Kwang have memorized her moves. Good thing he’s good humored about it. The way he looks at her seriously melts my heart every time. They are soooo cute together.

Jae Yeol: “Really…A guy is saying that he will protect a girl. Why are you guys acting this way? A man should protect a woman he loves from any unfortunate accidents or other men.”

Jo sunbae: “An unfortunate accident? Other men? Hey! You are the most dangerous! Why are you leaving yourself out?”

Jae Yeol: “Am I included?”

However, I remain a bit cautious since they got together so early and are so happy right now, I wonder what storm is brewing in the horizon.

Who is this Sang Sook Hee and how will she affect our couple?

Something else has also been bothering me regarding Kang Woo. I wonder how his hand injury (and his other injuries in general) is related to Jae Yeol’s unconscious. Anyone have some theories about that? I’d love to hear!

Next episode, we head to Okinawa, Japan for a romantic getaway!


Some new and old songs from the show:

IOIL OST. Part 4


10 thoughts on “It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 7 Thoughts

  1. April says:

    I have a theory about the hand issue, but I am not sure how valid it is. I think that as JY becomes closer to HS and more emotionally healed KW will become sicker and try to hold onto JY tighter. This is not an uncommon occurrence in psychosis, as one personality exerts dominance the the others will act out to maintain a hold on the control they have.


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hmm that is a VERY interesting theory…I never thought about it that way but I can see how that could be the case. Will be paying close attention to any signs that might confirm this theory from now on! Thank you for sharing! 😀


    • jenn says:

      Not sure if this would be considered a spoiler or not, but HS gave us a possible hint in episode 8 saying she knew someone with stiff fingers who coughed and it turned out to be ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease… Poor Kang Woo and JaeYul if it’s true 😦


  2. Carol says:

    Do you know the song played when both leads came back from the accident? When JY is inside the toilet cleaning up to him joggin while thinking of HS. 🙂


  3. Jill says:

    I love your thoughts on this episode. Please keep posting about this show. I also find it touching that he found a new family for himself. He seemed so lonely before, especially after being betrayed. These are some lyrics from that twinforks song:

    Why don’t you stay for awhile.
    It’s been too long since I’ve smiled.
    There’s too few people I trust.
    I won’t ask you for too much,
    Good conversation and such,
    And if I’m being honest…

    From time to time
    You cross my mind.
    Good company
    Is hard to find.
    From time to time
    You cross my mind.
    So stay with me,
    Just for a night. (You cross my mind…)

    I just think of how lonely hew as before whenever i hear this song. 😦


  4. Chin says:

    Glad to have stumbled onto your site. You are one to add the music which sometimes is very daunting to find. So, thank you!

    In ep 7, there’s a upbeat song (26 min into episode) when HS and JY thinks about their new romance / future. Do you know the song / singer?


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hi! Thanks for reading! 😀 I think a lot of the songs that play in each episode are yet to be released OSTs but once I do figure out what they are, I’ll put them in my future posts. 😀


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