It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 7 [Preview w/ Translation]

OMG, OMG!!! Yay, it looks like our couple really do get together and they are looking mighty happy! So cute!!

Ep. 13 Preview Translation (cr. viki)

Hae Soo: He isn’t finding me weird, right?
Jae Yeol: Are we going to keep going?
Hae Soo: Even if you want to back out now, you can’t. You already gave your handle to me. We have to go till the end
Soo Kwang to Hae Soo: Jang Jae Yeol was in front of the room. Did you guys progress on your relationship?
Hae Soo & Jae Yeol: It’s perfect!
Jae Yeol: She’s hotter than she looks (in temper?)
Soo Kwang: 300 days of tears. Conquer that.
Jae Yeol: I’m not Choi Ho. I’m Jang Jae Yeol
Jae Yeol to Hae Soo: Let’s go on a vacation together.
Hae Soo: If we go,  can you protect me? Let’s do well, from now on till the end.


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