Marriage, Not Dating Episode 12 Recap

This episode may cause some people to pull their hair out but hopefully it’ll all be worth it. Who needs that much hair anyways?


Episode 12: Will Sincerity Be Understood?

Cold Open: Gi Tae chases behind Jang Mi. He calls her name and she turns to look at him. Simultaneously, both start to say something. They both tell the other person to go first. Gi Tae smiles and tells Jang Mi to go first.

Se Ah tells Gi Tae that she told his mom everything so it’s over. Gi Tae’s furious but Se Ah just tells him that they should start from the beginning again. She tells him that she didn’t know he had so much pain and that’s why he found marriage so cumbersome. He reminds her that she thought that way as well but she tells him that was the only way for her to protect herself. If he tells her his story, she’ll listen to him and console him. Ummmm no. You’ll probably just use it against him later.

She proposes that they get married but Gi Tae just scoffs. He wishes that they didn’t have to see each other at their worst but Se Ah throws back that she threw away her pride and everything for him. Gi Tae asks if she really had to go this far. She has everything already, what else does she want? Se Ah claim that she’s a person too and that she also has sincerity in her. Gi Tae, rightly asks, “If your feelings are sincere, does that mean it doesn’t matter what you do to other people?” Word.

Se Ah screams that she’s done everything, but regardless of what she does, all he sees is Jang Mi so what should she do? Gi Tae finally tells Se Ah, “Don’t show up in front of me ever again”. Se Ah cries and turns around to leave.

Back at situation Jang Mi-Yeo Reum, Jang Mi pushes Yeo Reum away and notices that Gi Tae’s mom has seen the hug. Jang Mi tries to call after her but mom just stalks off. Jang Mi turns towards a guilty looking Yeo Reum, who can’t even make eye contact with her, and asks if he did it on purpose. She asks why he did it but the answer’s obvious, because he likes her. Jang Mi’s disappointed and walks away.

Gi Tae tries to get a hold of Jang Mi. She finally answers and apologizes for ruining everything. His mom knows the truth because of her. Gi Tae tells her that it’s not her fault and wants to talk to her in person but Jang Mi tells him that she feels so sorry that she can’t bear to see his face at the moment.

Jang Mi goes to her parents’ restaurant and tells dad that she has something to him regarding Gi Tae. She finds out that mom went to Gi Tae’s house after receiving a call from Gi Tae’s mom and that she also brought with her the newlywed bed quilt as a wedding gift. Jang Mi runs after her mom.

Jang Mi’s mom arrives at the in-laws’ house, lugging the quilt on her back. She’s told to wait since Gi Tae’s mom is busy washing up.

Gi Tae also arrives at Jang Mi’s parents’ restaurant and when he hears that her mom brought gifts to his house, he gets back in his car and drives off.

Gi Tae’s mom sits in her room and thinks about the hug between Jang Mi and Yeo Reum. She finally goes down to meet with Jang Mi’s mom and says that mom has dreamed a pointless dream. Jang Mi runs into the house and Gi Tae’s mom asks if she should tell her mom or Jang Mi should. Jang Mi tries to escort mom out but mom doesn’t understand why Gi Tae’s mom is acting this way.

Gi Tae’s mom finally says that she can’t go through with this marriage; she won’t have it. She tells mom that Gi Tae put on a show because he didn’t want to get married. Jang Mi’s mom doesn’t believe it and asks Jang Mi to say something. Jang Mi gets down on her knees and apologizes. Grandma tries to defend Jang Mi by saying that although it may have started out as a lie; she doesn’t think they did this with any bad intentions. Gi Tae’s mom realizes that grandma knew about this but grandma says that mom has been watching Gi Tae and Jang Mi all this time so she should understand how Jang Mi has been treating her.

Gi Tae’s mom says that she can’t accept someone who was hugged in another man’s embrace as her daughter-in-law. This news shocks everyone and Jang Mi’s mom asks if Jang Mi has another man. Grandma thinks that mom saw wrong but Jang Mi can only apologize as tears stream down her face. Gi Tae’s mom just mockingly says that Jang Mi sure has a talent for bewitching people’s hearts. Jang Mi’s mom grabs her hand to leave but Gi Tae’s mom asks her to take the quilt with her. Mom lifts it up and the weight causes her to fall over. Mom just gets back up and drags the quilt out.

Outside, Jang Mi tries to get her mom to give her the quilt. Gi Tae gets out of his car and calls mom by “mother-in-law”. Mom gets angry and throws the quilt at him. She tells Gi Tae that they shouldn’t meet again and that he shouldn’t even linger around Jang Mi. Gi Tae tries to explain but mom has already walked off. Jang Mi tells him that mom won’t listen to anything right now so he should just go.

Back at the house, grandma asks why mom had to go that far since Jang Mi’s mom didn’t commit any sins. Gi Tae storms in and grandma and aunt tries to get him to beg earnestly, instead of saying something that’ll just provoke his mom. He ignores their advice and beelines towards mom and asks what she did to Jang Mi’s mom. Did she embarrass her?

Mom asks if he’s going to act until the end but he confesses, “Mother. I have become sincere towards Jang Mi”. Mom thinks that Jang Mi has fooled even him. He doesn’t understand so aunt clarifies that mom is talking about a man. He realizes that mom saw Jang Mi with Yeo Reum and says that that was just a momentary bump and then he gets defensive.

Gi Tae: “So what? In our house there’s someone who has openly two-timed for his whole life…?!”

That little outburst earns him a slap from mom who tells him to leave. He doesn’t need to get married and he can live alone if he wants to since she doesn’t need anyone.

Jang Mi stands before her angry father who can’t believe what he is hearing especially after all that’s happened. Gi Tae goes to her parents’ restaurant and finds it dark and empty so he tries to call Jang Mi. She tries to hide her phone but dad grabs the phone from her and yells at Gi Tae. How dare he play around with his daughter? He tells Gi Tae to stay where he is since he is going to kill him tonight.

Dad grabs his baseball bat and heads for the door but Jang Mi holds him back. She tells him that it isn’t Gi Tae’s fault; it’s all her fault. She asked him to keep up with the charade because mom and dad liked him so much. She wanted to see her parents talk to each other and laugh while looking at each other’s faces. Dad tries to console her and mom cries as she listens to all this.


At the abortion clinic, Hyun Hee goes in for the procedure while Hoon Dong waits outside. When he tries to leave, he hears the baby’s heartbeat on the other side so he goes in and takes Hyun Hee away. Outside, Hyun Hee admits that she was never going to go through with the abortion and she knew that having Hoon Dong hear the baby’s heartbeat would weaken his resolve.

Back at his house, Hoon Dong gets kicked out, wearing only his boxers again. He tries to get mom to look at the sonogram photos of her grandchild but she won’t have any of it until after a DNA test confirms that the baby is really his. He tells mom that he’s going to get married and this time, Hyun Hee is outside, ready to give him some clothes to wear.

The next morning, Jang Mi’s mom prepares breakfast and everyone sits down to eat. Jang Mi tries to apologize but mom says that she understands, this is their fault. How much Jang Mi must have wanted to see her parents get along to go this far? She tells dad that they didn’t raise their daughter well and asks for a divorce. Jang Mi doesn’t think mom’s being serious until mom stamps the divorce papers with her seal and hands it over to dad.

At Hoon Dong’s restaurant, Yeo Reum quits so that he can go make a lot of money but he also doesn’t want to work near a person that makes him uncomfortable when he runs into them. Hoon Dong thinks that Yeo Reum is talking about him and the whole scene plays out like they are breaking up. Hoon Dong is adamant on making Yeo Reum stay but when Yeo Reum walks out, Hoon Dong says that he’s firing him first. Hoon Dong’s mom walks in and fires him from the restaurant.

Jang Mi also gets fired from the department store after her fight with the mistress. Back in the store, Hyun Hee has resigned and Hoon Dong is offering to take all of her now ex-colleagues out for a meal. Hoon Dong sees Jang Mi leaving with her shoulders drooping so he follows her outside.

Jang Mi tells him that the elders caught them. She starts tearing up so Hoon Dong reminds her that she still has Yeo Reum. Hoon Dong says that the one who is probably crying is Gi Tae since he really likes her. Jang Mi doesn’t think this makes any sense since why would he treat her that way if he liked her. Hoon Dong explains that it’s because Gi Tae’s an elementary school kid who bothers the person he likes because he wants to be with and play with her.

Jang Mi starts to cry and tells Hoon Dong that he shouldn’t have told her since now it would be harder for her to forget him now. Hoon Dong realizes that Jang Mi really likes Gi Tae. If they’re both sincere, what’s the problem? Jang Mi says it’s too late now and she can’t make Gi Tae turn his back on his mom any further. She tells Hoon Dong to never tell Gi Tae about her feelings because before they get any deeper, she’s going to get rid of them. It’s for everyone’s best interest. Oh no, it’s not the noble idiot coming through is it?

Jang Mi finds out that Yeo Reum quit working at the restaurant and then the two of them jut cry their eyes out as they share their misfortunes with each other. Hoon Dong can’t believe he’s going to be a father, “Who am I raising? I want to spend all my money on myself!” LOL and then when it starts raining, Hoon Dong tells Jang Mi, “Let’s go over there and finish crying”. Hahaha!

Gi Tae keeps trying to call Jang Mi but she continues to reject his calls. Gi Tae dejectedly asks, “Joo Jang Mi, you’re really not going to pick up?”

After work, Gi Tae gloomily walks home and finds Jang Mi waiting for him outside his apartment building. He smiles but when Jang Mi looks up at him, he pretends to be upset and asks why she didn’t go inside instead of sitting there waiting for him. Especially since she used to go in and out of his apartment as if it were hers.

He smiles and invites her in. He leans down to give her a hand but she stands up on her own and says that they can’t do that anymore since there’s no reason to.


Jang Mi: “I shouldn’t have done it from the beginning. I shouldn’t have crossed the line when you said not to. When you wanted to be alone I should have let you be by yourself. If I could return things to the way they were before, I would return everything. I regret it.”

Gi Tae: “I don’t regret it.”

Jang Mi: “To our parents, it gave a big scar.”

Gi Tae: “From now on, our parents don’t matter.”

Jang Mi: “They don’t matter?”

Gi Tae: “Joo Jang Mi. Truthfully, I…You…”

Jang Mi: “You are really the worst. How could you just think about yourself in this situation? Don’t you know what kind of wound your mother has? Because of her husband who has another woman, she’s been heartsick her entire life. And in front of her, I was in the arms of Han Yeo Reum. Do you get it now, what we have done?”

Gi Tae wants to go inside and talk but Jang Mi tells him that his wish to be alone has come true. It’s really over between them now.

Back home, Jang Mi’s parents get into a huge fight and they both leave the house. This is too familiar for Jang Mi, who thinks back to when they left her alone when she was 5 years old. She takes out her phone and is about to call Gi Tae before she reminds herself that she’s no longer a little child.

She goes to bed and tears roll down her face. Gi Tae also sits alone in his dark apartment looking pretty dejected.

At the Gong residence, grandma wonders what Gi Tae is up to but mom says that it’s good now that everything is peaceful again. Dad looks pensive and when asked about what he’s thinking, he tells everyone that he wonders if any rumors have spread after the department store fiasco. Grandma and aunt tsks tsks him and leaves while Mom tells dad to sleep at home for the time being, until everything settles down.

Gi Tae enters his empty apartment. When he hears the door’s keypad go off, he lights up and asks, “You came again?” When he turns around, he realizes that he was just hearing things. When he cleans Nemo’s tank, eats his ramen and takes a bath, he keeps imagining Jang Mi is next to him and he gets all happy until he realizes that she’s not really there.

That night he can’t fall asleep since he finds his apartment to be uncomfortable. He goes to the jjimjilbang and runs into Hoon Dong. Hoon Dong tells Gi Tae about getting kicked out of his house and that after using his savings to buy a newlywed house; his bank account is in the negative region. Gi Tae offers Hoon Dong a job as his clinic’s janitor. LOL such a good friend.

Hoon Dong invites Gi Tae to the wedding and Gi Tae asks if Jang Mi will be going. Hyun Hee also invites Jang Mi to the wedding, and she gets the same question, will Gi Tae be there?

Jang Mi goes home and looks through her closet for an outfit to wear. She’s excited as she tries on all of her dresses but then she pauses and asks, “Why am I putting in so much effort?” Gi Tae also gets dressed and thinks back to when Hoon Dong told him that Jang Mi would be at the wedding. Gi Tae had said that it would be awkward for him if he went so Hoon Dong told him not to go. Gi Tae said that he’ll at least show his face. Suuuuure.

Gi Tae arrives at the wedding, which is taking place near the Han River, and looks around for Jang Mi. Jang Mi also arrives at the wedding but doesn’t think she has the courage to see Gi Tae since if she sees him, her heart will hurt, so she vacillates between going in and leaving. Hyun Hee’s mom shows up and drags Jang Mi inside.

Gi Tae goes to grab a fluorescent blue drink and runs into Se Ah but he just ignores her and walks off. Bravo! As he’s walking, he sees Jang Mi and their eyes make contact. As if there’s a magnetic force pulling them together, Gi Tae just continues to slowly walk towards Jang Mi without once taking his eyes off of her. The use of music here is wonderful. When he gets closer, Jang Mi turns around and freaks out, “He’s coming this way. He’s coming this way. He’s coming this way!”

Before Gi Tae can get any closer, the bride and groom walk in between them and the wedding ceremony takes place. Even Hoon Dong’s mom makes an appearance. Jang Mi and Gi Tae just watch with smiles on their faces.

Jang Mi takes a walk and runs into Se Ah who asks if she’ll have a drink with her. Se Ah tells Jang Mi that she has been next to Gi Tae for the past 10 years and during all this time; she has been too considerate of him. Okaaaaay, go on. Se Ah admits that she’s never begged for someone’s heart but the one heart she wants to gain, she can’t have.

Se Ah: “You said that sincerity will always make its way through, right? But why can’t my sincerity be understood?”

Jang Mi: “I know, huh? Who do you think spread such absurd rumors? What kind of bullshit is it that sincerity will make its way through? It hurts because our sincerity isn’t understood. Right? If you really nitpick about it, there’s no one in this world who isn’t sincere. Wanting to be happy and wanting to receive love…everyone wants that sincerely. Perhaps, that’s why it’s harder, right?”

Gi Tae has seen this exchange take place so when Jang Mi leaves; he goes after her and calls her name.

Jang Mi [thinking]: “I don’t know how many times I imagined this situation in my mind.”

Gi Tae [thinking]: “I’ve thought about what to tell her first…”

Jang Mi [thinking]: “Should I tell him that I missed him? “

Gi Tae [thinking]: “Then, will she believe me? If not, will she just laugh at it?”

Jang Mi [thinking]: “Should I ask him to live seeing each other’s faces again?”

Gi Tae [thinking]: “Can I do that?”

Jang Mi [thinking]: “I can’t do that, right?”

OMG just say it!!! Gi Tae tells Jang Mi to say what she wants to first. Nooooo, this is going to be bad. In her head, Jang Mi is dying to tell him that she missed him and that she wanted to see him but then she closes her eyes and says this:

Jang Mi: “Be nice to Kang Se Ah.”

Gi Tae: “What? Why Kang Se Ah?”

Jang Mi: “She still likes you a lot.”

Gi Tae: “I don’t.”

Jang Mi: “She’s having a hard time because of you.”

Gi Tae: “What can I do for her? If I can’t give her my heart, it is only right for me to cleanly cut ties with her. To just pointlessly lessen the guilt will only bring her even more pain.”

Jang Mi: “Even if it’s in the past, it’s not right to ignore someone’s feelings for you. Can you say those feelings aren’t, even a little bit, your responsibility?”

Gi Tae: “Then do you have to take responsibility for Han Yeo Reum?”

Jang Mi: “I am in the middle of taking responsibility for the mess that I’ve made.”

Gi Tae: “Do you really hope that I do that?! I…I am asking you if it is really okay for me to go to Kang Se Ah?”

Jang Mi: “Yeah.”

Gi Tae: “Okay. I got it.”

There are tears in their eyes and Gi Tae looks like someone just broke his heart. Well, someone kind of just did. When Gi Tae sees Se Ah walking out, he goes and grabs her wrist (!) and they walk past Jang Mi and her tears finally fall.

Once they’re far enough away, Gi Tae lets go of Se Ah, who tells him to go, since just by looking at his back, she knows his sincerity. Se Ah walks away and cries.

An epiphany hits, and Gi Tae turns around and starts running as fast as he can towards Jang Mi.

Jang Mi stand by the river and looks at her phone that Gi Tae gave her. She thinks that now she’ll finally be alone thanks to him. She decides to throw the phone into the river, just as she receives a call from Gi Tae.

As soon as the phone leaves her hand, Jang Mi comes to the realization that she doesn’t want to let Gi Tae go. So she starts running to look for Gi Tae as well.


You have got to be kidding me!!!!! If they don’t run into each other by the beginning of the next episode I’m going to be soooooo pissed at this show!!! I don’t even know if they’re even running in the right direction! Man, that phone would sure come in handy at a moment like this, wouldn’t it? Even though I didn’t like how the show cuts before we get to see them run into each other, I still thought the running scene was really well done. Also, who else found Gi Tae to be extra hot in that scene?

Finally, the lie is out and our leads have to deal with the fall-out but I didn’t think we were going to go down the path of noble idiocy. Well, maybe a little, but I expected so much more from Jang Mi and this show over-all. Gi Tae was ready to finally follow his heart and say, “screw it”. He doesn’t care about what his mom wants him to do, all he needs is Jang Mi to stay by his side but Jang Mi had to unilaterally decide what was best for everybody. Is hurting yourself and the person you love really the best solution? NO! It never should be.

Of course, a little angst and separation between our OTP isn’t necessarily a bad thing when done well, and I guess this episode did a good job a tugging at my heartstrings! I just want them to get together already! Let’s just hope this noble idiocy doesn’t last long because it’s obvious Gi Tae and Jang Mi are drawn to each other in ways that are beyond their control. They always manage to find a way back to each other so let’s hope that remains true for this Han River seek-out.

In their moments of solitude, both tried to seek out the other person in their own way. Gi Tae started imagining Jang Mi everywhere in his apartment, which was kind of weird and sweet at the same time. How telling is it that because Jang Mi’s not there, he find his apartment, the place he found to be most comforting, to be uncomfortable? I’ve said before that his apartment is a metaphor for his heart so how apt is it that when his heart feels empty, so does his apartment? On the other hand, we have Jang Mi who just automatically thinks of reaching out to Gi Tae when she needs someone to lean on. It’s a shame she didn’t because he would have come running.

I personally thought their reunion at Hyun Hee and Hoon Dong’s wedding was beautiful! The way Gi Tae looked at Jang Mi expressed all of his longing, and if people didn’t know it, it would have looked like the groom was fawning over his bride as she prepares to walk down the aisle.

I’m upset that Jang Mi and Gi Tae continue to over-think things and never say what they really want to. Especially Jang Mi during the confrontation. No matter how much she’s trying to end things with Gi Tae, she should never push him to another woman. That definitely hurts so I’m glad that by the end of the episode, both decided to throw caution to the wind and accept that they can’t cut off their ties from each other. They love each other too much to do that.

Se Ah continues to be cray-cray and delusional. Considerate my-ass! I’m sooooooo glad that Gi Tae finally told her that he never wants to see her again. It was a long time coming! She’s annoying but at least she had the decency to finally realize that Gi Tae’s heart belongs to Jang Mi now and told him go to her. Hopefully she has finally given up and we won’t have to see her again.

Hoon Dong continues to be a good friend to both Jang Mi and Gi Tae. I’m really liking the older brother-younger sister relationship between him and Jang Mi now. Too bad he wasn’t more loose-lipped to tell Gi Tae that Jang Mi also likes him a lot. I’m worried for our little man-child now that he’s hitched with such a manipulative person that is Hyun Hee.

I also feel pretty bad for Yeo Reum. The look on his face after the hug was heartbreaking. He really likes Jang Mi but unfortunately for him, she can no longer reciprocate his feelings. I’m curious to know what’s in store for his future. Will he come back and try to win back Jang Mi or has he finally let her go?

Fingers crossed that we’ll get a lot of lovey-dovey scenes between our OTP by next week’s episode.


2 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 12 Recap

  1. Rigby says:

    Thank you for a well thought review on this episode. This made me feel better since i was really upset about this episode 😩can’t they just blurt out how they feel about each other??? But then again we are not the writers nor the director of this great series! I am really hoping for a more lovey dovey scenes in the last 4 eps as you said!
    Thank you very much been really waiting for your review 😄


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