It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 6 Thoughts

Jae Yeol: “Knock on my door three times or let my phone ring three times. Do that if you want to pursue things with me. If you don’t like me, don’t do anything. Like now.”


NOOOOOOOOOO! SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!?!? How?!? He was standing right across the street in front of you and you didn’t notice him waving OR the fact that he was getting hit with a stick and then had a syringe stabbed into his neck (who leaves amytal unsupervised???)? How many other tall and handsome guys do you know? Also, Jae Yeol why didn’t you scream Hae Soo’s name out as soon as you arrived? No need for waves, even if you were being adorable. I know there are probably more important things to worry about like Jae Yeol’s safety but I seriously hope there won’t be a misunderstanding between our couple as a result of this. Hopefully Hae Soo will see him going unconscious on the street next week because otherwise she will think Jae Yeol stood her up and wasn’t being serious when she finally decided to open her heart and was finally willing to give it a go with him. If he disappoints her, who knows how long it will be before she is willing to step out of that shell of hers again? So pretty please, with a cherry on top, tell me that Hae Soo sees him and runs to him by the beginning of next week’s episodes.

Annnnyways, now that I got that out of the way, let’s revisit the rest of the episode.

I knew he was going to get slapped again but at least this time it wasn’t because Hae Soo didn’t like the kiss or Jae Yeol, but it was more like a reflex she has a result of her anxiety about love and skinship. It’s great that we get to see her finally giving into her desires. Being the observant person that he is, Jae Yeol is also aware of this and I love how honest he was with his confession, but the man still has his pride to protect so of course he can’t just have Hae Soo continually saying, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it”.

Hae Soo: “Stop kissing about kissing, okay? It was one-sided earlier.

Jae Yeol: “One-sided?”

Hae Soo: “Then was it mutual?”

Jae Yeol: “I hear you have an anxiety disorder. Is this reaction due to that? Then I’ll understand.”

Hae Soo: “My anxiety and this situation have nothing to do with each other. Did I panic? Who wouldn’t in a situation like that? Who wouldn’t panic? I was having fun playing in the water, then you suddenly kiss me, not once but twice.”

Jae Yeol: “The second time…”

Hae Soo: “I what?”

Jae Yeol: “…liked it. Just like me.”

Hae Soo: “I didn’t like it if I say I didn’t. Are you the only one who’s right? How about what I think?”

Jae Yeol: “Forget your thoughts. How about your feelings?”

Hae Soo: “I didn’t like it. I’ll say it clearly. I don’t like you. You hit on anyone…”

Jae Yeol: “I don’t just hit on anyone. Only the ones I’m attracted to. And not just because. I’m sincere at that moment. I wasn’t hitting on you. I kissed you because I like you.”

Hae Soo: “You like me? Be honest, Jang Jae Yul. You were being spontaneous earlier. Nice weather, nice surroundings, and you felt good. It was just spontaneous.”

Jae Yeol: “You’re right, it was spontaneous.”

Hae Soo: “So, you acknowledge that? You’re really odd.”

Jae Yeol: “What’s odd? Then do you like men who plan out their kisses? They scheme exactly when the woman would fall for them. Calculating and planning?”

Hae Soo: “Just forget it.”

Jae Yeol: “Date me. Do you need time to think?”

Hae Soo: “No, I don’t need it.”

Jae Yeol: “Fine. Forget it.”

Notice the picture of the cliffside.

Even after this fight, how cute was it that Hae Soo was trying to reconcile with Jae Yeol by offering to make him ramen although he was still angry at her words? She was nagging him like a loved one. It’s nice that the other two men in her life know her well enough to know that she wasn’t acting like herself and her sunbae is just amazing! Love him!

Because sunbae Jo called Jae Yeol a sexual harasser, we got to see Hae Soo defending Jae Yeol even though she was adamant that she didn’t like it. Good thing he’s also a psychiatrist to look past her defense mechanisms to see that she does have feelings for Jae Yeol. When she kissed him, she didn’t think of her mom’s betrayal like she did while kissing other men and, as we all know, she liked the kiss as well. It’s also refreshing that she admitted that much to Jae Yeol the next day even if it was spurred by the fact that Jae Yeol lit the candle for her, which continued to move her heart.

I’m also curious to see if sunbae Jo will ever show the pictures of Jae Yeol’s state of abuse to Hae Soo. I really want to see her reaction when she sees that as a 16 year old, Jae Yeo had injuries that caused him to be hospitalized for 10 weeks. There’s one thing to hear about it but it’s a completely different thing to see the proof of it, that his step-dad beat him until he was half dead.

The way Jae Yeol treats his mom is so heartwarming. He loves her so much and is willing to do anything for her. A man like that can’t be bad. I can see why he would do what he did to protect the one person in his life that loved him unconditionally and protected him from his abusive step-dad while getting beat up herself. It’s also obvious that mom knows something and I’m curious to know what the real truth behind the incident is. Did she really have her older son take the blame for her youngest son? Poor mom, what a painful past she’s had as well.

Once again, every single time there’s a scene between Jae Yeol and Kang Woo, my heart lurches and tears start flowing. Before I go into the most moving scene of the episode, how telling was it that Kang Woo described Hae Soo as a woman who seems like she’ll save Jae Yeol’s soul? Hopefully she will be, if need be.

The Kang Woo abuse scene was simply heartbreaking. It was so sad to watch Jae Yeol getting hit and having to re-live his childhood, when he was weak and helpless in the face of his abusive step-dad. Except this time he doesn’t need mom to protect him and he can actually fight back on his own. It was a lovely moment when he stopped Kang Woo from making the same mistake as him and he told Kang Woo to drop the rock and to take his mom and run. Of course, he wasn’t really fighting with anyone so it will be rather interesting when the police check the CCTV…

It’s like he’s created Kang Woo, a young child who’s suffered the same family situation as himself, so  that he can play the “hero”. Not in the ambitious and egotistical sense, but more, he’s doing what he couldn’t do as a child and what others failed to do.  He’s stepping up to stop an abusive man from harming his family. He’s proving that he’s no longer going to be the victim.

We also got another glimpse into that fateful day. It looks like hyung was the one being beaten and Jae Yeol, who couldn’t bear to watch anymore, grabbed the fruit knife to threaten dad to stop so I’m thinking hyung accidentally pushed dad onto the knife. Who would be at fault in this situation?

How cute was it that Hae Soo was home worrying about him since he didn’t come home to eat the meal she cooked? Good thing she noticed his injuries when Jae Yeol got home and tended to his wounds. It was great that Jae Yeol continues to be Mr. Honest and told her that he got into a fight with an abusive father to protect his good friend. What he says is true, too many people stand by and watch mothers and children (mostly) get abused without stepping up by using the excuse, “it’s someone else’s family issue”. Abuse is a societal issue that should be confronted and prevented together. The way Hae Soo tenderly touched Jae Yeol’s scar from having Jae Soo stab him was also a wonderful moment.

Jae Yeol continues to show his sincerity by showing Hae Soo his most sacred place, his room/bed in the bathroom. The place that is his sanctuary, he let her see because he trusts her. How can she not understand that he is being very sincere about his feelings for her? And then when he carried her nephew and interacted with her father, I can see that he’ll be a very good husband and father in the future. Of course as long as he gets his trauma resolved. Both come from imperfect families and have both been traumatized from their experiences so there’s a certain level of understanding that they share.

When Hae Soo finally succumbed to her feelings and called him with 3 rings, it was sooooooo adorable watching his excitement over the confirmation, but then we had to get that cliffhanger when all I wanted was to see them get together. *le sigh*



11 thoughts on “It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 6 Thoughts

  1. mylovebuggeroos says:

    Something really stood out to me about this episode. When he said, “No one ever intervenes until something really bad happens.” Is that true or a false statement? I think it is absolutely true! We see a lot of bad stuff happening everyday, even something simple as someone’s car overheating and just watching up versus help them. When families are having problems, we try to stay out of it or else we would get stuck in the middle right? I am very guilty of all of this. I have seen some wild stuff but never in my right mind have I ever stopped and helped because of fear of what could happen to me. Honestly though, this show really touches me on a deeper level. I am not saying I am psychotic (ha ha) but it makes me think a lot about the person I am. Strange right? It makes me reflect on life a lot. This episode made me so upset though. I mean, seriously? seriously? WT-crap is that ending? I thought my computer went out or something because it went pitch black. Who in this day in age still waves to people? AH. I am just very annoyed right now and it is probably going to drive me crazy until next week. I thought we were already passed this point. I thought we were going to get to see some real stuff from the OTP. I was waiting for all the beautiful moments they are going to create together. So they can enjoy the “calm” before the storm. As always, love your review and letting me rant about my thoughts.

    P.S. Ah shucks! FTLY is driving me crazy too.


    • Zee says:

      mylovebuggeroos I totally agree about Fated to Love You. Even though I was fairly sure of what was coming I was still so upset that it did (and with amnesia first. Ugh. At least they had a legit/reasonable to the plot excuse for the amnesia?)
      Anyway, I’m still enjoying Fated but it was a rough week in Dramaland, even including Marriage Not Dating. ):

      Liked by 1 person

      • mylovebuggeroos says:

        I knew it was coming too but I was like please…let it be different. Don’t kill the baby…haha! I was a total mess. My eyes are probably still puffy from me crying so much. Amnesia, that is like two shows that they pulled this crap. I am totally not into that. Can’t they think of something else? Something better…? UGH. All that chemistry…boom out the door! OH, don’t even get me started on M/Not Dating. Yay, at least our taste is the same!


    • dramapenchant says:

      The “bystander effect” is definitely a thing that all of us suffer from. We think someone else will take of it, so we just ignore an injustice or someone else’s misfortune,even it happens right in front of us. It’s a sad and cruel truth about our world.

      Haha, I still wave…sometimess…But I agree, in a situation where it looks like his heart is going to jump out of his chest from excitement, it makes no sense that he would wave instead of just scream her name from across the street. *fingers crossed*


      • mylovebuggeroos says:

        HA HA! The funny thing is yesterday I was waving to my neighbors outside. So I retract my statement but still I cannot believe he didn’t say anything! *Sigh…please please let her see! Ah, the suspense is killing me!


  2. Zee says:

    I forgot to mention it in my last note on episode 5 but I love all your screen caps!
    It was so nice that Sunbae Jo was manipulative enough to get Hae Soo to admit to him, herself, and finally Jae Yeol, that she wasn’t thinking about her mom when Jae Yeol kissed her. And that she was a bit of a willing and active participant in kiss #2!

    Oh my gosh that scene at his childhood home broke my heart. I was seriously sobbing (the music was effective, too!). Child abuse is terrible and his flashbacks intercut with his vivid delusions were so, SO heartbreaking. I’ll be interested to see how it plays out/what was caught on camera. I’m really worried about the future of his career if/when these things come out :/

    Jae Yeol with Hae Soo’s nephew! So cute. I love how he was just casually holding the baby and seemed so comfortable and happy at the family picnic/divorce anniversary party. (<-who has those, anyway? People who are still in love with each other is who!)
    I was pleasantly surprised when Hae Soo's sister told their mother that they both knew about Mr. Kim. While I understand that it has probably been hard for their mom (running a business and caring for a handicapped husband) to have Hae Soo always at her throat without knowing the reason I tend to be more sympathetic to Hae Soo since she feels her father's betrayal as well as feeling betrayed for herself. Additionally, I can't imagine the difficulty of being sex-phobic and in your mid 30s ):
    So, I'm glad mom now knows what's up.

    Also, yeah. Jae Yeol got so adorably excited that Hae Soo decided to be with him. I love that she texted him "did you notice how I let it ring 3 times?" They are too cute!
    But: ruined! Ugh. All the positive points sunbae Jo earned when he insisted Hae Soo admit to herself that she likes Jae Yeol + a ton more are lost on his incompetent naïveté! What psychologist in their right mind would leave a just released from prison violent criminal alone with that unlocked medicine cabinet? Especially after his tasteless "joke" with the amyl nitrate? Ugh!
    I also agree that I will be ticked OFF if hyung's neck stabby causes a misunderstanding because you are exactly right that it would then take forever for Hae Soo to reopen to Jae Yeol again (if she ever did!)
    Hopefully she either saw him or sunbae Jo comes to clear things right up (and hopefully put hyung back behind bars. I'm sorry but he is obviously dangerous, even if he didn't kill their stepfather he *did* aid in his little brother's abuse and there is no excuse for that in my book!)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Eagerly awaiting next Wednesday!!!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Thanks for saying that! 😀 I’m always worried that all of my screen caps would be too distracting.

      Every scene with Jae Yeol and Kang Woo kind of breaks my heart. That scene was very well done and really made me tear up.

      I’ve seriously never heard of a divorce party but at least it gave us an excuse to watch Jae Yeol interacting with Hae Soo’s adorable nephew!

      I’m praying that sunbae Jo chased after hyung after he realized the amytal went missing and that’s how we’ll get Hae Soo’s attention. The jury’s still out for me with regards to hyung because watching him get beaten by dad in the flashback and Jae Yeol grabbing the knife makes me think that their relationship wasn’t that bad…


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