It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 5 Thoughts & Songs

Hae Soo: “Will love really save them?”

Jae Yeol: “Of course it will.”

Hae Soo: “Are you someone who thinks love conquers all too? That love will always give you only happiness, joy, flutters, and courage?”

Jae Yeol: “It will also give pain, blame, hurt, sadness, despair and misery. It’ll also give the strength to overcome those. It has to be at least that to be love.”

Of course there will be spoilers and I may or may not have went a little crazy with the screen caps…it’s just, the show’s SOOOO pretty!!



First off, we got a real, satisfying kiss!!! And this time, Jae Yeol doesn’t get slapped…at least not yet!!! Yay! I love that Hae Soo kissed him back and his hand on her back was just…*swoon*

Okay, can I hug Jae Yeol please? Every time I see him, my hearts hurt. He had such a painful past yet there’s this optimism about him that makes me want to cheer him on and have him succeed in whatever his heart desires. He believes in love and he still trusts in people even though he’s experienced the cruelty that humans can exhibit first hand. Let’s hope that the love between him and Hae Soo will heal both of their wounds. I’ve also noticed that he’s very protective of children, such as Kang Woo and of So Nyeo, probably a direct result of his own childhood. It’s like he suffers from what I’ll call, “The Catcher in the Rye” complex, where like Holden Caulfield, he wants to protect children’s innocence and help them stay away from the complicated and messed up world of adults.

Although surrounded by psychiatrists, whose job it is to treat the illnesses of the mind, Jae Yeol is actually the one who is the most observant when it comes to people. He understands their pain and their desires. He really is the most compassionate and considerate person in this show. Hae Soo might have been skeptical when he said that he’s rather passive and he listens to others’ opinions well but from what I’ve seen, it really is true.

A lot of viewers probably already had inkling as to why Jae Yeol sleeps in the bathroom, but I love that Jae Yeol trusted Hae Soo enough to share his secret with her. It was also comforting to see that although Hae Soo saw Jae Yeol huddled in the corner of the bathroom at the resort (?), sweating from a bad dream, she didn’t hassle him about it or asked him to explain, instead giving him time to tell her when he was ready and I’m glad he was. First step to healing is to talk about it.

He sleeps in the bathroom because as a child, after running away from his abusive stepfather, the only place he could find solace and safety in was the outhouse. He was willing to step inside the dirty toilet to hide himself from his good-for-nothing stepfather *tear* which is why the only place he really feels safe in is the bathroom. It breaks my heart that he tells her all of this with a smile on his face, trying to brush it off as something light, even though it’s clear that it still affects him a great deal. It is probably also important to point out that this scene from his childhood resembles the time when Kang Woo ran away from his countryside home after his father hit him.

Jae Yeol: “Well I want to stay, too, but…”

Hae Soo: “I reject”

Jae Yeol: “Thank you” [pound it]

Though Hae Soo only thought of Jae Yeol as a playboy who doesn’t have a care for the world, I think after he shared a part of his past with her, she has been able to understand him more and has a different opinion of him. These two are so adorable together because he’s so brutally honest and it just irritates her to no end. What guy tells a girl straight up that his heart fluttered for her then but not now? LOL They’re also a good match since as a psychiatrist, I hope Hae Soo will understand him and his pain and when she learns about the murder case, she’ll see where he was coming from and stand beside him. She is the type of girl who light candles and prays that “whoever it is, please help them”.


We also get more hints about the murder case. My theory is that Jae Yeol was holding the knife to scare off his dad but then hyung pushed step-dad onto the knife. Jae Yeol seeing that the stab killed the step-dad passed out from the trauma and before he went unconscious, he saw hyung trying to pull the knife out which is why he thought hyung was the real killer (maybe he is…). Very interesting and the thing is, I feel bad for both brothers and don’t want either one of them to suffer. It was also nice that we got a bit more insight into the relationship between Jae Yeol and his hyung. Who hits their younger brother because the younger brother kept getting hit by their step-father? Tsk tsk. Poor Jae Yeol, abused by his step-dad and his own brother…


IOIL OST Part. 2 (song during kiss)

“You’re My Best Friend”-Queen (Hospital Scene)

“Hero”-FAmily of the Year (from the scene where Jae Yeol runs away from his dad)

“Cross My Mind”-Twin Forks (Playing in the water scene)

In case some people missed it:

IOIL OST Part 3 (song from ep. 4 when Jae Yeol watched Hae Soo sleep & played again in ep. 5)


8 thoughts on “It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 5 Thoughts & Songs

  1. mylovebuggeroos says:

    *Sigh, do you know how often I stalk your page for new updates? Haha! Any ways, FINALLY, I can put my two cents in. It is crazy but this show does make me thing a lot because the truth is, no one lives a perfect life. We all have our past and we all have something we hide from this world and fortunately we have people who are close to us that helps us deal and cope with whatever it is that we have going on. In the car, Dr. Jo said that we feel bad for people who have physical issues but when it comes to the mental ill, we look down upon them. Yet the truth is, what is normal? Can you really tell me your life is normal and if I told you about my life, would you think I was normal or perhaps, would you think I am insane? Mentally, I think the reason why he shares so much with her is because he feels connected at a different level with her. I mean they both experience psychological problems. I watched episode 6 tonight so my thoughts might be rambling on between both episodes but I will try to limit myself from spoiling it for anyone who has not watch it yet. I remember my very first semester of college and I was sitting in a psychology class listening to the professor ramble on about relationships. She mentioned that when we get to know people, we are really not ourselves, we put on an act so that person gets charmed by the act. Eventually, we steady into a relationship where the “real” getting to know each other comes into play and by that time, we are already used to being with that person. Overtime though, the relationship has actually becomes an investment. Just like an investment, if you decided to go cheap…you will find yourself cheated of a good relationship and that person will eventually leave you in your darkest hours. While if you have invested properly (trust, loyalty,honesty, etc), then you will have that person there for you, no matter what. I know it might be confusing but in my head, it makes sense. Any ways, why did I bring that up? Well, I feel like our OTP are feeling something for each other, he is prompting himself in the best way possible so he could “have” her. He is like a lion right now, showing off his beautiful mane to lure her into his heart (cheesy, I know…haha!!). We are barely at episodes 5 and 6, praying that by episode 7, they will have at least a foundation for a relationship because as we all can tell…his life is about to turn upside down and he needs a good backbone or else he might really fall apart. He is honest with her and no matter how hard she tries to reject the idea he is a decent guy, everything he has told her has been truthful.

    Off topic, why are you not watching FTLY? 😦

    Any ways, sorry if it is sloppy but I am so exhausted! Thank you for the review!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Yep, relationships are an investment and right now, Jae Yeol is willing to go all in whereas, Hae Soo is still a bit unsure whether or not she should invest and how much…well at least until she made the decision to follow her heart in ep. 6. I love how this show makes an attempt to normalize mental illness, because it’s true, although society looks down on people who suffers from mental illnesses, all of us are a bit messed up and none of us are perfect. All I’m hoping is that Jae Yeol will have Hae Soo to lean on during the worst and best of times.

      Well…I’m not a fan of any of the cast members of FTLY and when I tried to watch the show, I didn’t really like the show’s vibe…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Zee says:

    There were a lot of things to love about this episode. So much pretty (people and settings, haha)!
    I really like that Hae Soo told Jae Yeol that she had opposed her musician friend marrying his (now) wife because of her Schizotypal Personality Disorder and that he ended his friendship with her because of her lack of support. Seeing that she has decided to support their love and their pregnancy shows me that she has potential to understand Jae Yeol when she is made aware of as-yet-unknown-to-him, trauma-caused (delusions?) hallucinations. I sincerely hope that will be the case because I sincerely like Jae Yeol and I want him to have love and support and I hope that, by helping him, she can help herself heal and the two of them can live happily (and a little crazily) ever after? That would be great!
    I continue to Love the soundtrack for this drama. It is used so effectively!
    Thanks, as always, for sharing your thoughts about this drama (:


    • dramapenchant says:

      Jae Yeol is probably one of my favorite drama characters (let’s hope it stays that way). I believe in Hae Soo! Aja!

      The songs are soooo good and really fit the show perfectly. I personally love the song “Hero”.


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