Marriage, Not Dating Episode 9 Recap

The truth is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.


Episode 9: One Night in a Faraway Place

Cold Open: All 6 of our leads drink alcohol together near the beach. Jang Mi says in voiceover:

“Starting from today, we are all spending a night together in a faraway place and before the day ends, all 6 of us will kiss someone. That kiss will confirm the love of some people and cause pain to others.”

Jang Mi’s mom goes up to Gi Tae and asks him what’s wrong with Jang Mi. She notices Se Ah and asks who she is but before Se Ah can introduce herself, Gi Tae’s mom explains that Se Ah was once Gi Tae’s fiancée. Mom continues to say that she even chose a wedding dress for Se Ah, but sadly, it was never worn. Jang Mi’s mom is shocked and confirms all of this with a reluctant Gi Tae. Gi Tae’s mom does what she does best and twists this moment to say that she just wanted to be honest with Jang Mi’s mom and for her to understand Gi Tae’s flaws. It’s real bad when even Se Ah looks uncomfortable.

Jang Mi’s mom says she understands since it’s not like Gi Tae is divorced or anything, but what she can’t understand is why Gi Tae and Se Ah are still hanging around each other. Good question! Jang Mi’s mom asks if Gi Tae’s mom gave Jang Mi the dress she selected for Se Ah to wear. Gi Tae’s mom says that it’s not the exact same one and “apologizes” for not thinking it through.

This causes Jang Mi’s mom to say that she now understands why Jang Mi was so hesitant to get married and why she was sad enough to run away in the wedding dress. She addresses Gi Tae as son-in-law Gong before deciding to call him Gong Gi Tae-ssi since she’ll have to rethink this marriage. Jang Mi’s mom storms off, leaving behind a distraught looking Gi Tae and his smug looking mom.

Gi Tae gets in his car and tries to get a hold of Jang Mi, who rejects his calls. For some reason, Se Ah is still with him and is sitting in the passenger seat. She’s a bit sad since she really wanted to help him this time, uh huh, but she finds something a little strange. “It was always a marriage that was supposed to be broken, so what’s the big deal? You’re too serious”.

Gi Tae doesn’t respond and drops her off at Hoon Dong’s restaurant, telling her to take a taxi. You should have done that to her sooner. Gi Tae goes inside and asks Hoon Dong (who’s playing with model airplanes!) where Jang Mi is. Hoon Dong doesn’t know why Gi Tae’s asking him but Gi Tae was sure that it was Hoon Dong’s car he saw. When Hoon Dong says that he had Yeo Reum go wash his car, both realize that Jang Mi’s with Yeo Reum.

Hoon Dong plays the part of a good friend/worried car owner and asks if Yeo Reum kidnapped Jang Mi. Gi Tae just tells him to shut up and gives Yeo Reum a call, demanding to know where he took Jang Mi. Luckily for him, Yeo Reum is an honest fella, and tells Gi Tae that they’re going to the beach. Gi Tae tells Yeo Reum to give Jang Mi the phone and Jang Mi just depressingly says that for the time being, Gi Tae shouldn’t look for her. If she has to hear his mom call her name one more time, she seriously doesn’t know what she’ll do since even she’s afraid of herself before hanging up.

Gi Tae gets in his car to go look for Jang Mi and Hoon Dong calls shotgun. Gi Tae tries to get rid of him but he has a good reason to tag along, he wants his car back. Before he can even get his seatbelt on, Se Ah plops into the back seat and says that she ‘s been wanting to go to the beach. Ummmm Gi Tae seriously needs to learn how to lock his doors.

Jang Mi and Yeo Reum drive along a scenic ocean route and the wind blows Jang Mi’s wedding veil away. Once they arrive at the beach, Jang Mi laughs at how absurd she must look. Yeo Reum asks what was so hard. Jang Mi says that it was a variety of things but mostly it was watching her self-assertive mom bow down to the in-laws and get looked down upon without even realizing it. Yeo Reum chastises her and says that she has once again, become to involved in this fake marriage. Jang Mi agrees and suggests that they go back now since they have to return the expensive dress back to the store.

Yeo Reum just says that Gi Tae will take care of the cost since he’s loaded but Gi Tae shows up and tells Yeo Reum that it’s his money and that Yeo Reum shouldn’t act so nonchalantly about someone else’s money. Hoon Dong also chimes in about them taking his car and then Se ah pops up saying that it’s a perfect day for a tan. LOL the look on Jang Mi and Yeo Reum’s faces are priceless.

Jang Mi asks how they ALL ended up there and then realizes that Gi Tae used the GPS tracker again. I don’t know if it’s an NG, but Gi Tae actually tries to hold back a laugh as she screams at him. Jang Mi can’t take anymore of this invasion of privacy and takes her cellphone, intent on throwing it into the ocean. As she runs, she falls and all 3 guys run to her side and try to flip her back over. Hahaha!

At a little house the gang rented, Hoon Dong checks on his car. Yeo Reum assures him that he only drove it lightly but that earns him a smack from Hoon Dong, who reminds him about messing with Jang Mi. Yeo Reum claims that it hurts but Hoon Dong just says that if that hurts, imagine how much pain Gi Tae must have been in as he was chasing down his runaway fiancée. LOL love him! He keeps smacking Yeo Reum who says that Hoon Dong doesn’t know the whole story before running to Gi Tae and pleading him to tell Hoon Dong the truth. Gi Tae feigns ignorance and says that Yeo Reum deserves a beating. As he walks away, Hoon Dong charges at Yeo Reum and then chases him down with a shop sign.

Inside the house, Jang Mi has changed out of the wedding dress and into some ajumma clothes. She thinks back to the moment when she ran into Gi Tae outside of the bridal store and remembered the way he looked at her in the dress.

She sits outside and Gi Tae comes up to her and I think, makes an attempt at cheering her up. He tells her that the baggy pants suit her perfectly but she just wants to know why he came. Gi Tae says, “Why wouldn’t I come? My future wife ran away with another man”. Jang Mi points at the wedding dress and asks Gi Tae if he knows what she had to go through in it. While he looks, she pushes him and says that even though it’s a fake marriage, while she was preparing for it, he was no where to be found.

Jang Mi: “Do you understand how I felt standing in front of the two mothers?”

Gi Tae: “ Because I know, that’s why I followed you here.”

Jang Mi: “What?”

Gi Tae: “I’m sorry. You must have had a really hard time because of me, but I couldn’t be there with you. I’m also worried that your mother might be upset.”

Jang Mi is curious about the mention of her mother but Se Ah appears, just in time, to tell her that mom found out about the past relationship between Gi Tae and Se Ah and is reconsidering the marriage. Se Ah apologizes about how her appearance has made their fake marriage more risky and makes it seem like Gi Tae only rushed to Jang Mi because of this reason. Jang Mi thinks that Gi Tae’s apology was really just him being worried that his plan to live unmarried forever might fail.

Gi Tae starts to deny such accusations but Se Ah has to butt in and suggests that Jang Mi join her for a tanning sess. Jang Mi declines and says, “I’m leaving, so you two can bake or fry your bodies yourselves”. LOL She sees Yeo Reum and tells him that they are leaving, except neither of them have a car or money. Guess they are stranded.

They all go to the beach and in their alone time, Se Ah tells Jang Mi that she doesn’t have to be so wary of her. They are on the same side. Jang Mi isn’t so sure since she’s on the side of keeping the secret but Se Ah looks like she’s trying to expose the secret. Se Ah tells Jang Mi that she just wants one small present from Gi Tae, but Gi Tae’s being stubborn and won’t give it to her. I wouldn’t call that kind of gift small.

Jang Mi tells Se Ah that it must have been hard for Se Ah as well when she was marrying Gi Tae but Se Ah says that she has no memory of it being hard. Se Ah even rubs in the fact that it is probably only difficult if one grew up in a different sort of environment. Jang Mi tells Se Ah that girls are suppose to bond by bad-mouthing other people and when Gi Tae appears and asks who they were bad-mouthing, Jang Mi just asks who does he think?

Gi Tae just smiles, takes off his shirt and relaxes. Jang Mi doesn’t understand why she has to be in the middle of all this and brings up the fact that Gi Tae is supposed to give Se Ah some kind of gift. Se Ah takes interests and Jang Mi just continues to say that although she doesn’t know what the gift is, Gi Tae should just give it to Se Ah. Is it too expensive and Gi Tae’s being a cheapskate about it? Shhhhh, be quiet girlfriend, you have no idea what they are talking about.

Yeo Reum shows up and also takes off his shirt, unveiling his six-pack; choco-abs. It’s like he’s photoshopped! Jang Mi just fangirls on the side and Gi Tae quickly puts his shirt back on in embarrassment, claiming that it’s too cold. Ha!

Se Ah asks Gi Tae to put on some body oil for her and HE OBLIGES! Say what?!?! Gi Tae’s trying to make Jang Mi jealous and it looks like it’s working. Jang Mi asks Yeo Reum to put some on for her as well but Yeo Reum tells her that it looks like Gi Tae and Se Ah are trying to set the mood so they should leave them alone.

Jang Mi happily agrees but they get stopped by Hoon Dong, who asks if Yeo Reum is trying to steal Jang Mi away again. Se Ah just tells them to go play so Yeo Reum picks up Jang Mi and throws her into the water.

Eventually the other three join them and the 5 have a fun water fight.

Hyun Hee leaves a pharmacy with low spirits. Oh no, she’s pregnant isn’t she? She calls Jang Mi and wants to meet up for a chat but Jang Mi’s a bit far away. Hyun Hee gives her the guilt trip so Jang Mi tells her to come to the beach.

Back at the Gong residence, aunt finds out that Gi Tae and Jang Mi are at the beach. Grandma wonders what happened so that there are talks of canceling the wedding. Mom says that Jang Mi’s mom was upset about Gi Tae once having a fiancée and she tells dad that it must be a good thing for him. Dad seems surprised and Grandma doesn’t understand how that would be good for Gi Tae’s dad.

Mom explains that dad wanted Gi Tae to be with Se Ah since he wanted her dad’s connections and dad tries to say that he didn’t exactly say those words. Mom tsk tsks them since as parents, they shouldn’t be calculating the costs and benefits of their child’s marriage. Dad readily agrees since the happiness of those directly involved is most important which earns him a glare from mom. Mom says that now it’s too late anyways since Jang Mi was the one to put an end to this wedding by running into someone else’s car with her wedding dress still on. Aunt enters the room and shows everyone the picture of Gi Tae and Jang Mi at the beach. Dad and grandma are ecstatic but mom’s disappointed.

Back at the beach, Gi Tae continues to take pictures of him with Jang Mi, who’s busy curling her eyelashes. Jang Mi is exasperated and asks when he’ll stop this lie while Gi Tae just looks at the pictures. When Hoon Dong asks about what lie they’re talking about, both Jang Mi and Gi Tae just shout back that he doesn’t need to know. Poor guy.

Jang Mi’s mom sits in her chicken restaurant, downing away her sorrows with soju. Dad thinks mom is sad about Gi Tae’s ex-fiancée and the fact that she’s from a rich family while their Jang Mi might seem inferior. Mom doesn’t answer so dad takes out his phone and tells her to text it to him instead. Mom’s just says that she’s worried that she might have come off too harsh so dad says that mom still can’t give up that doctor son-in-law of hers. He tells her to look at the cellphone but when she refuses, he shows her the picture of Gi Tae and Jang Mi at the beach, which cheers her right up. That’s sweet.

Yeo Reum, Se Ah, Hoon Dong and Gi Tae sit down for some snacks and soju. Jang Mi asks if they can just go home but Hoon Dong asks if she wants them to drink and drive. Jang Mi suggests that they rent a place to stay at but Gi Tae says that it’s hard to find rooms during the busy season, which makes Jang Mi question if they are all going to sleep together then. Jang Mi asks if she’s the only one who finds this whole situation weird but Hoon Dong points out that it’s weirder that she’s marrying Gi Tae but ran off with Yeo Reum to the beach.

They get Jang Mi to join them and Se Ah suggests that they play the truth game. Hoon Dong spins the bottle and it lands on Gi Tae. Yeo Reum asks how far Gi Tae got with Se Ah when they were together. Gi Tae takes a look at Jang Mi and decides to down the shot of beer and soju instead of answering which earns him a few bits of fanboying from Hoon Dong, who calls him a beast. The next spin lands on Yeo Reum and Gi Tae asks how many women have cried because of him. Yeo Reum starts counting them with his fingers but looks at Jang Mi and decides to take the shot instead. It lands on Se Ah next who gets asked if she’s ever had anyone in her heart. She says that Gi Tae’s fingertips are still in her heart but she clarifies that her breasts are actually Gi Tae’s works. That’s just soooooo weird.

Hoon Dong gets selected next and he’s super excited, but sadly, no one has anything they want to ask him. Jang Mi spins it, hoping that it’ll land on her, but instead it lands on Gi Tae again. Yeo Reum asks the million-dollar question, “Hyung, do you really like Joo Jang Mi?” Everyone is all ears while waiting for Gi Tae’s response. He casually pops a cheese puff in his mouth and says, “yeah”. What a confession.

Jang Mi and Gi Tae stare at each other and Jang Mi asks, “What is this. Why is my heart pounding?” Because you’re in lurve. Jang Mi abruptly stands up and asks Gi Tae why he lied when this is the truth game. Gi Tae just makes this face at her so Jang Mi turns the bottle towards herself and reveals the truth about their relationship. That receives an applause from Yeo Reum who then moves to sit next to Jang Mi.

Hoon Dong is furious and he screams at Gi Tae but everybody ignores him. It gets worse when he realizes that he was the only one to not know about this whole arrangement so Jang Mi tells him to shut up. Poor guy. Hyun Hee shows up and says that she also didn’t know. Hyun Hee lays on the guilt, again, and seeing that they are on the same side, Hoon Dong invites her for a drink, which she surreptitiously puts down. She also can’t eat the raw fish.

Yeo Reum secretly nudges Jang Mi to meet him outside and on the pier, Jang Mi comments on how funny it is to have everyone present. You and me both. Yeo Reum suggests that from this point on, they should be alone together, which earns him a rather ambiguous expression from Jang Mi. She doesn’t get to respond since Gi Tae is running towards them.

Yeo Reum and Jang Mi hide behind a pillar. Se Ah followed Gi Tae and calls him out over his concern for Yeo Reum and Jang Mi even though no one is watching. Se Ah also says that it’s strange that Gi Tae has been doing things that he’s never done before. Gi Tae says that she’s the weird one for following along when she didn’t need to, but Se Ah says that he knows why she’s there.

Se Ah says that she’ll stop threatening him but in return she wants him to grant her a favor. Gi Tae can’t believe she’s being serious but she’s waaaaaay serious. She wants a child. Jang Mi now realizes that this was the gift Se Ah was talking about earlier and Yeo Reum has to cover her mouth so that she doesn’t blow their cover.

Gi Tae thinks he hears something so he tries to go and look for the source but Se Ah pulls him in for a kiss. Jang Mi spins around so she doesn’t have to witness the kiss and asks, “Why do I feel like this? Did my emotions get too invested in this damn fraud?” When she gets up to leave, she stumbles and falls, which causes Gi Tae to FINALLY break from the kiss.

Gi Tae rushes to Jang Mi’s side and it looks like Jang Mi got quite a deep cut. They need to stitch it up and Gi Tae knows a place they can go. Yeo Reum offers her his back but Gi Tae asks if Jang Mi can walk. She says yes but falls over when she tries to stand so piggyback it is. Se Ah smiles and asks if they are going there, and Gi Tae says yes.

The little clinic they go to is locked so they leave for the ER. Before they can go far, they run into a familiar face. Turns out 3 years ago, Gi Tae and Se Ah volunteered as doctors to help children with cleft lips and the person they run into is a grateful mother of one such child.

She opens the door of the clinic for them and Gi Tae stitches Jang Mi up with the help of Se Ah. Jang Mi watches their cooperation and she doesn’t look too happy. Of course it doesn’t help that the grateful mom stands on the side and says that Gi Tae and Se Ah are a match made in heaven and asks if they have kids yet. Gi Tae tries to correct her but Se Ah says that they are currently trying for a child, which earns her some eye rolls from Yeo Reum and Jang Mi. Giving up on correcting the grateful mom, Gi Tae just smiles and reminds her to bring her kid to his clinic for another surgery later to treat the scar on her lip.

Yeo Reum and Gi Tae go to the men’s room and they check out each other’s weeners. Yeo Reum tells Gi Tae that he thought Gi Tae was just egotistical but it looks like he can also be very giving as well.

Se Ah patches Jang Mi up and uses the time to try and persuade Jang Mi for her cause. Se Ah thinks that society’s standards are too restrictive but Jang Mi doesn’t really understand. Se Ah says that Jang Mi doesn’t have to understand since its Gi Tae’s understanding she wants. Jang Mi says that now that she thinks about it, Gi Tae and Se Ah are rather similar.


The boys return and Gi Tae asks what they were talking about. Se Ah lies and says that she was giving Jang Mi a plastic surgery consultation which starts a little bit of Se Ah and Gi Tae just throwing out a bunch of plastic surgery terms and poking Jang Mi’s nose. Jang Mi, “ I don’t understand anything but I feel insulted”. LOL At least Yeo Reum thinks that Jang Mi is pretty enough. Awww.

Se Ah suggests that Gi Tae go get the car since it’ll be tough on Yeo Reum to piggyback Jang Mi back. When Yeo Reum says that he’s fine, jealous Gi Tae runs off to get the car. When Gi Tae is out of earshot, Se Ah asks if Yeo Reum and Jang Mi want to be alone. Yeo Reum happily says “yes” but Jang Mi responds with a surpised, “what?”

Back at the little house on the beach, Hyun Hee lugs a drunk Hoon Dong into the room. She wants to talk with him seriously but he’s too drunk to listen.

When Gi Tae returns to the clinic, Se Ah is alone since the other two left for a hotel. Gi Tae tries to call Jang Mi but she doesn’t answer. Se Ah tells him to leave her alone since she’s with Yeo Reum but Gi Tae yells back, “It’s a problem because she’s with a guy like Han Yeo Reum”. Se Ah says he’s not the type to worry about other people’s business but Gi Tae makes the excuse that Jang Mi’s so clumsy so think of his concern like that of an older brother’s. Ummmm no.

He uses his GPS locator and his eyes widen when he finds out that the two of them are at a hotel. He rushes there and opens every door. Don’t they lock the doors at this place? He tries calling Jang Mi again and hears her phone ringing inside one of the rooms but when he goes inside, only her phone is there. Se Ah steps inside after him and locks the door. OH HELL NAH?!?!

On a boat Yeo Reum and Jang Mi are sitting together and Jang Mi doesn’t know if she made the right decision. I can answer that for you. Yeo Reum thinks Jang Mi regrets leaving Gi Tae and Se Ah alone together but Jang Mi says that she just doesn’t understand their relationship. Yeo Reum tells her “a man-woman relationship shouldn’t be judged by a third person”.

Jang Mi: “The Gong Gi Tae who is with Kang Se Ah doesn’t seem like the Gong Gi Tae I know. He seems to be someone new. Which one is the real Gong Gi Tae?”

Yeo Reum: “What’s real to you?”

Jang Mi is shocked by his question and responds with a hesitant, “just you?” Yeo Reum wonders if it’s really him and Jang Mi just smiles so Yeo Reum goes in for a kiss.

When Yeo Reum pulls Jang Mi in closer, she pushes him off and after moments of awkwardness, she uses Hyun Hee as an excuse to go back. Before she leaves, she thinks back to when Gi Tae said that he liked her during the truth game, when she saw Gi Tae and Se Ah kissing and when she just pushed Yeo Reum away.

Back at Hotel Uncomfortable, Gi Tae is still trying to recover from his disbelief. Se Ah approaches him and says that it’ll be like a one nightstand during a vacation. A small accident anyone can experience. When he goes back, nothing will have changed. Gi Tae doesn’t understand why it has to be him but Se Ah asks if he really doesn’t know. Se Ah wraps her arms around his neck and moves in to kiss him. Gi Tae actually closes his eyes but Jang Mi’s phone rings. Phew!

It’s Hyun Hee. As expected, looks like she’s pregos.

Se Ah takes the phone out of Gi Tae’s hands and resumes her plan. She starts unbuttoning her shirt but Gi Tae holds her hands to stop her. Se Ah, “Is it because of her?” Gi Tae gives her a comforting pat and leaves. Se Ah stands alone, embarrassed and tries to re-button her shirt but then she just breaks down and sobs.

Jang Mi and Yeo Reum return to the house but Hyun Hee is nowhere to be found. Jang Mi finds the positive pregnancy test in the bathroom and realizes why Hyun Hee wanted see her.

Gi Tae returns and Yeo Reum jokingly remarks, “That ended quickly”. Gi Tae asks why Yeo Reum is alone, “Did she abandon you because you weren’t good enough?”Jang Mi asks Gi Tae if he’s seen Hyun Hee. He hasn’t but he notices the positive test in her hands and asks if it’s Hyun Hee’s. Gi Tae realizes the baby is Hoon Dong’s and gives Jang Mi her phone. Hyun Hee had texted her, asking that they not look for her. Jang Mi starts panicking and tries to call her but she left her phone behind so Yeo Reum and Jang Mi run around to look for her.

Gi Tae checks Hyun Hee’s phone and sees that she searched about a temple stay. He drives his car to pick up Yeo Reum and Jang Mi so they can go find her.

They end up lost in the woods and then the car gets stuck. When Jang Mi and Yeo Reum try to push and move the car, Gi Tae notices the mud splatters all over Jang Mi and feels bad so he suggests they call a tow truck.

Gi Tae sends Yeo Reum off to go fetch Hoon Dong since the tow truck will take an hour to come and Hyun Hee’s probably hoping to see Hoon Dong anyways. But I’m worried he’ll get lost.

Jang Mi sits beside the car and Gi Tae tries to sit next to her. She moves away and he just keeps trying to scoot in closer. Cute. Gi Tae tells her to get some sleep in the car but when he gets no response, he sits down next to her and asks to check on her wound. She tells him to not bother her but he doesn’t know why she’s angry when he suffered as well. She thinks that if she had picked up Hyun Hee’s call, she wouldn’t have disappeared. Gi Tae reminds her that she was the one that left the phone in the hotel room but she says that she learned about the GPS locator from him.

She’s been through so much because of him but he thinks that she really wanted to sleep with a guy. OOOH. She agrees and thinks that because she was so into boys, she didn’t notice what happened to Hyun Hee even though she came all the way there to tell her. If something happens to Hyun Hee, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to forgive herself. She blames herself for spending so much time preparing for a fake wedding.

Jang Mi: “If a person spends too much time in virtual reality, they lack reality. I think that’s me. Honestly, I’m really overwhelmed. I lost Hyun Hee while looking after you. And when I was with Han Yeo Reum, I thought of you. What so important about you? You’re fake but because of you, I lost all the real things. This is all because of you!”

During this entire speech, Gi Tae just intensely stares at Jang Mi and then he pulls her in for a kiss. Woohoo!

She’s initially surprised but soon she closes her eyes and kisses him back. Yeo Reum sees this. In voiceover, Jang Mi asks, “Did we come too far? If I go back, will everything return to how they were before, as if nothing happened? Can I…go back?”


Okay I actually feel kind of bad that Yeo Reum had to witness that kiss. I’ll always gladly embrace kisses between our OTP but what I can’t stand is if this kiss leads to…nothing. Again. I don’t want them to sweep their feelings under the rug anymore. They need to fess up to their feelings and stop hurting each other and those around them in the process. What’s sooooo bad about admitting that they have really fallen in love with each other?

We all sensed that Gi Tae was slowly falling in love with Jang Mi but whether it was reciprocal was more of the question. This episode gives Jang Mi (and us) some answers to what her heart truly desires, and it looks like the person her heart yearns for is Gi Tae. She consciously knows that Yeo Reum would be the better choice but she can’t control how she feels. Her heart has finally beaten wildly for the first time today, and it was beating for Gi Tae. You know she got it bad when she was thinking of Gi Tae while kissing Yeo Reum…

Although I enjoyed how this episode shined a light on a lot of the “truths” we already were aware of, I still spent a good chunk of this episode pulling my hair out. First off, I can’t believe that Gi Tae is still friends with Se Ah after all of the ridiculous things that she has pulled and yet, he’s SOOOOOOO surprised when she disappoints him each and every time. The boy has got to learn that sometimes, you just gotta let go of people who are toxic in your life. People just don’t change that fast. I just couldn’t stand how she was able to tag along with Gi Tae EVERY WHERE in this episode. I’ve never wanted to punch a fictional character so much in my life.

However, what I couldn’t really believe was that Jang Mi actually conspired with Se Ah to get him to a hotel room to FORCE him to give Se Ah a baby. I know Se Ah is cray cray and the devil incarnate but I expected so much more from Jang Mi. How could she push him to another woman? Would she be happy if he did end up giving Se Ah what she wanted? But more importantly, she should think about this whole situation from Gi Tae’s perspective. It’s unfair for him and again, it is wrong on soooooo many levels. I just can’t. *So disappointed* Then there’s my disappointment in Gi Tae. He was seriously considering sleeping with Se Ah to give her a baby but luckily for us all, Hyun Hee called at just the right moment to wake him up from his momentary lapse in judgment.

Although I nomu, nomu, nomu dislike Se Ah, I’ll give her one thing. It was refreshing to have her be our resident truth monitor in this episode. She asked Gi Tae some good questions such as why he’s seems so upset yet he should rejoice in the fact that the fake marriage has been canceled. She realizes that Gi Tae is changing because of Jang Mi since just last episode, he rejected Se Ah’s invite to go to the beach, claiming that he hates crowded places, yet in this episode, he willingly went to the beach in search of Jang Mi.

This change is what’s causing Jang Mi to ask, “Who is the real Gi Tae”? Although Gi Tae admitted to liking Jang Mi in this episode, he said it in such a cavalier manner that she just assumed he was joking. Gi Tae will have to really prove his sincerity and worth after today’s kiss to really get Jang Mi to believe that he means every word.

On another topic, I was completely ecstatic when Jang Mi’s mom stood up to Gi Tae and his mom! She’s acting like a mom who treats her daughter as someone precious not to be dragged around by a family that thinks their son is the only thing in the world worth protecting.

Finally, I can’t believe the show pulled the pregnancy card. Is this how the show is going to get Hoon Dong and Hyun Hee together? I really feel for our poor man-child since he never wanted any of this to happen. He was taken advantage of and now he’s also responsible for a child. This means he will have to be with someone he doesn’t love (at the moment) completely out of responsibility. Here’s hoping that was a false positive.

And just because…



14 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 9 Recap

  1. Jenn says:

    Some good things came out of this episode but I must admit that I was holding out for positive changes in our characters and not just a “change” of venue… But it’s back to lather, rinse, repeat for our writer!
    I loved the heartfelt apology from GiTae and if he had followed that up with actions to make things right then I totally was on board, but alas not even a moment for us to digest it and he’s back to taking beach-selfies to continue this ruse…lather, rinse, repeat.
    For a good part of the series, GiTae has been chasing after JangMi (beginning with rushing to the courthouse in the 1st episode) but it really bothered me here – the entire hour was devoted to GiTae following her even after she asks for space (in the car with HYR) and again later for him to stop bothering her (as she crab-walks away from him when they are stranded)…who is the stalker now!? I certainly didn’t like how the 3 others set-up GiTae with false information from her cell phone tracker, but I can’t blame JangMi when she’s repeatedly made her wishes known and it gets ignored. But honestly at one point of the chase, I remembered that line from My Best Friend’s Wedding when Rupert Everett says to Julia Roberts, “Who’s chasing you? Nobody. Get it! There’s your answer.” And GiTae still doesn’t get it but kisses her instead!? Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Another thing I was happy yo see is that JangMi recognizes she’s lost herself in this charade and some other valuable things (possibly a friendship with HH and possibly a good, caring, man in HYR). Now I’m ready to see her get back to being the JangMi she really is!
    Ugh – GiTae there has been ample opportunities for you to deal with this crazy blackmailing-for-sperm ex-girlfriend but he just ignores and avoids the issue. Similarly to how he chooses not to have it out with mom and her crazy marriage-pushing ploys… GiTae, grow a pair and deal with these women. Here, I’ll help you out, say “No, I’m not going to sleep with you or give you my sperm. However, I can direct you to the closest sperm bank”. Or the writers can just let SeAh get to the point where she sneaks into his bed at night and steals what she wants…Lather, rinse, repeat.
    I did appreciate the humor DongHoon brought to the episode but (aside from HYR) I just don’t care about the other side characters and they’re dragging things down. Poor HYR, even though he could see this coming from a mile away, my heart still hurts for him – hopefully he gets someone super hot at the end of the series 🙂
    Wow I loved this series when it began but about 3 episodes ago I was ready for a new plot device and just want the ruse to end now. Hopefully the writers will try something new!? My fingers will be crossed but in the meantime I really feel the need to go wash my hair 😉


  2. Zee says:

    Thanks for the recap!
    This episode was so strange! I’m still enjoying the show but I definitely spent some of this episode pulling at my hair/scolding the characters through the screen.
    It is just so weird to me that they all ended up at the beach and nobody was bothered enough by it for my liking.
    I did like the lack of GT’s mom buuuut Se Ah was everywhere being horrible and making me want to just give GT a shake and ask him why he is continuing to enable her unacceptable behavior.
    I get that he still cares about her but she was so psycho (and, frankly, rape-y) in this episode that I couldn’t stand that everyone was *letting* her get away with it.
    I just feel like, if I were JM I would have been *out* of there!
    I was so put off by Se Ah’s sex trap (and so worried GT was just going to give in, despite knowing he cares about JM). Thank goodness for preggo best friends calling?
    I really felt badly for JM at the end of the episode. She is finally realizing that she has been so busy trying to fill everyone else’s needs (especially GT’s) that other things (her friendship/her *real* relationship) are falling though the cracks. She is having to admit that there must be a reason she is doing so much for GT.
    Poor, confused, lady. Everyone is being so manipulative, either blatantly, or sneakily, that she must feel so manipulated and alone ):
    My heart just breaks for her.
    And for YR having to witness that kiss. I was happy about the kiss for GT and JM (though I’m worried they still won’t take the hint that they are both falling for each other) but there were plenty of hurtful kisses this episode, as promised, I guess.
    I also understand how confused JM must be about GT and where he is/how he is feeling after watching him with Se Ah at the clinic. I can’t really blame her for being duped into helping set the Sex Trap because I think she was confused/hurt by the way GT was with/about Se Ah at the clinic. I think it boils down to JM wanting GT to be happy and being tricked by Se Ah’s blasé attitude about the wantig-GT’s-sperm-thing.
    Hopefully getting kissed at the end clarified some things for her?
    I just don’t want her getting manipulated and tricked by Se Ah anymore. I’m guessing that will be too much to ask.
    I’m looking forward to episode 10 and hoping for some well deserved happiness for our JM soon because the poor girl is NOT having a nice week.


    • dramapenchant says:

      I guess that’s the downside to an ensemble cast! Too much time is spent on characters that we don’t really care about and they’re always available to get in the way of any chance at some alone time for our OTP.

      I was totally rolling my eyes/pulling my hair out when Se Ah pulled that stunt. She’s a real nut job. I was definitely feeling very uncomfortable in that scene and then I hate how the show seems to try and earn Se Ah some sympathy points with that break down. Like seriously, she knew he didn’t want to do it with her yet she forced herself on him. Of course she should keep in mind the possibility that she’ll get rejected…again.

      Poor Jang Mi. I really hope we get the girl we all know and love back by episode 10. Gi Tae needs to quite a bit to make it up to her. I’m just hoping that now that Jang Mi is more aware of her feelings for Gi Tae, she won’t string poor Yeo Reum along and end it cleanly with him.


  3. Teri says:

    Hi, I’m so in love with the show that I’m checking out everything to do with it. Would you happen to recognise the song at 06:00-07:06 of this Ep9?? I’ve tried Naver song recognition but even it doesn’t know. I’m so sad 😦


    • dramapenchant says:

      Thanks for sharing! Read it and it totally reminded me of Jang Mi’s situation as well, especially the overly involved mother-in-law part! Except, I’m hoping Jang Mi and Gi Tae will have the happily ever after that the author of the article didn’t. 😀


  4. priss says:

    hello i have a question . somebody knows the song’s name when joo jang mi is in the car with han yeo rum ? and who’ sing it ?
    i think it’s call my name .
    thank you


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