Marriage, Not Dating Episode 7 Recap

When you’re not okay, it’s alright to admit it.


Episode 7: Even Though It’s Not Okay, It’s Okay

Cold Open: Gi Tae is performing a surgery and blood splatters on his face (again). I think someone needs to invest in a face shield or some safety goggles. We go flash back to a scene where Gi Tae is speeding through the streets, running red lights and almost hitting pedestrian. He storms into his clinic and frantically looks around. He worriedly looks down and yells, Joo Jang Mi!

“I’m okay. I really was okay. I usually didn’t waver for most things. I wasn’t really afraid of anything either. There was no door that wouldn’t open with my strength anywhere in the world until I met that girl.”

Ha! I can think of one bathroom door.

After the events of last episode, aunt goes to show mom a picture of the kiss between Jang Mi and Gi Tae. Aunt’s worried that mom won’t be okay after seeing the picture but mom insists she’ll be fine. Before mom can see the picture, grandma catches a glimpse and starts laughing in delight. Aunt’s even proud at the angle she took the picture in. When mom does finally see the picture, she can barely look at it for longer than 2 seconds before getting a headache. LOL so dramatic.

In bed, Gi Tae thinks back to the kiss. After they pulled apart, Jang Mi informed Gi Tae that his aunt’s watching them. Gi Tae, all while touching his lips, reminds Jang Mi that she said she was throwing him away but she tells him, “Because you really didn’t look okay”. Awwwwwwwwwww.

Both Jang Mi and Gi Tae get out of bed, claiming it’s too hot and goes to the kitchen for something to drink. Gi Tae goes for a bottle of water while our little alcoholic goes for a nice cold can of beer. Everyone seems to have their own way of dealing with the recent events. Yeo Reum cleans the restaurant kitchen and Se Ah drinks alone at a bar.

At a drive-in theater, Gi Tae’s cheating dad is on a date with his mistress. Mistress is totally annoying and asks dad if mom is still putting her neck out for Gi Tae’s marriage. Dad seems to get uncomfortable at the mention of his family, but mistress continues to say that marriage is only one out of many ways and then gets snuggly with Mr. Cheater McCheaterson again.

Next day, Mr. Cheater McCheaterson tries to start a conversation with mom and she just wants him to get to the point. He asks for a glass of water, which makes me think that along with a lack of fidelity, he also doesn’t have arms or legs since he can’t seem to do anything for himself. He asks if there’s still hope left between Gi Tae and Se Ah and then continues to creep me out by saying that a director at his company is trying to date Se Ah. Ewwww. Mom says she understands and that she always plays the part of the villain. Aint nobody making you do that. Just sayin. She picks up her phone and calls Se Ah.

Back at the restaurant, Yeo Reum fawns over some expensive truffles that chef jut bought for the kitchen. Chef puts it in the fridge all while giving off a shady vibe.

Jang Mi bikes up to the restaurant and spots aunt spying on her. Gotta say, aunt’s not very good at her job. When Gi Tae rolls up in his car, Jang Mi acts excited, links arms with a very uncomfortable Gi Tae and drags him into the restaurant for breakfast.

Once inside, Gi Tae pushes her off but she just pulls him over to a window table. When they sit down, all Gi Tae can focus on are her mesmerizing lips. Ha! Jang Mi says that they should straighten out what happened yesterday and Gi Tae says that he chose Jang Mi so that those pesky things called feelings won’t happen between the two of them. He barely gets that out before Jang Mi’s lips captivate him again. He stutters that the only reason they are doing this is so that he can be alone and he wishes that she wouldn’t approach him if he doesn’t need her and that she’d refrain from touching him.

Jang Mi reminds him that she did all that because of him and even a moment ago, it was because aunt was watching them. She gives him a pat on the hand and he goes for an empty glass, hoping that there’d be water. She can’t believe that she wasted her precious lips on a guy like him and especially in front of Yeo Reum.

Yeo Reum appears and agrees that she was a little too much. She just kisses anyone, anywhere and Gi Tae chimes in and says that it was probably because she couldn’t hold back her feelings before getting shushed by Jang Mi. Yeo Reum continues to say that Jang Mi’s a fool for kissing a guy that means nothing to her, which earns a “What do I not have?” from Gi Tae. Though she’s a fool, Yeo Reum ends by saying that he likes the fool-like Joo Jang Mi.

After introducing the truffle special, Yeo Reum leaves and Jang Mi asks Gi Tae if Yeo Reum just confessed to her. Gi Tae says no but when Jang Mi still thinks that she just received a confession, Gi Tae sourly says, “Is there a confession where a girl is called a fool?” Jang Mi just glares at Gi Tae before receiving a text from Yeo Reum asking her to come at night. She’s all smiles until she sees Gi Tae sneaking a peek at her the text, which prompts her to get up and leave.

In the car, Hoon Dong’s mom goes through the restaurants expense reports and wonders if the ingredients, and their hefty price tags, aren’t a bit excessive. Hoon Dong says that the chef is a bit greedy when it comes to his cooking but mom tells Hoon Dong to keep his employees in line, fearing that Hoon Dong might be harboring some rat-like bastards in his kitchen.

That night, Jang Mi and Yeo Reum go to their usual hang out spot aka the kitchen. Jang Mi confesses that she feels like she’s doing something bad but Yeo Reum says that he’s not bad, he’s just thrilling. He says that it’s fun since it’s like he’s meeting a woman whose about to get married. Okaaaay. Jang Mi tells him that for now, it’ll be hard for the two of them to meet since if they get caught, Gi Tae will have to marry someone he doesn’t like. Awwww, I love that she puts Gi Tae first.

Yeo Reum says he doesn’t really care about Gi Tae and the only reason he meets at night is so that he can cook her delicious meals. He takes out a savory egg custard and tops it with some super duper thick slices of truffles. Although the smells a bit weird, Jang Mi still thinks it’s delicious. What doesn’t she like?

Chef comes back to the restaurant, talking to someone about the best quality truffles he just bought. Jang Mi and Yeo Reum hears someone coming so they frantically run, which causes the same exact pack of expensive truffles to fall on the ground and get stepped on by Jang Mi. Chef arrives in the kitchen, still talking on the phone about how his boss doesn’t have time to care about what he buys, and when he sees his precious truffles, all smushed on the floor, he starts screaming and tearing up.

The next day, Hoon Dong, who’s looking rather dapper, finds out that Yeo Reum stepped on the truffles and he’s not happy. He says that he never considered Yeo Reum as an employee, trusting him 100%, yet this is how he gets repaid. Hoon Dong thinks that Yeo Reum is the same person that has been sneaking into the kitchen to steal ingredients but Yeo Reum denies the accusation. He admits that he uses the kitchen to cook, but he only uses ingredients that are going to be thrown out anyways.

Hoon Dong takes out a USB with the CCTV footage and says that he’ll watch it if Yeo Reum doesn’t admit to the crime. Chef looks a little too uncomfortable to be innocent. Chef suggests that Hoon Dong just fire Yeo Reum, but thankfully, Hoon Dong also finds it suspicious that Chef was in the kitchen at that time. Chef lies and says it’s because he forgot his cellphone. In the kitchen, Yeo Reum confronts chef about his blatant lie and then turns to go find $5000 dollars to pay for the truffles.

At work, Hyun Hee cries and tells Jang Mi that she’ll have to leave, no longer being able to look at Jang Mi since when she does, she thinks of Hoon Dong. She apologizes and Jang Mi feels guilty since it looks like Hyun Hee’s feelings are sincere. Why do I feel like those are crocodile tears?

Back at the restaurant, Hoon Dong looks through the CCTV footage and sees Jang Mi secretly meeting with Yeo Reum. He’s shocked and that’s when Jang Mi decides to appear in front of him. She tells him to meet with Hyun Hee since she sincerely likes him but Hoon Dong asks if that’s really okay. Jang Mi tells him to meet Hyun Hee with a sincere heart and to not hurt Hyun Hee like he did to her.

Hoon Dong listens to this with a sardonic smile and then asks how Jang Mi could do that to him as he shows her the CCTV footage. In his own restaurant, behind his back, she was acting all lovey-dovey with Yeo Reum. Jang Mi looks around and thinks that Hoon Dong might have fired Yeo Reum so she stands up for him. Hoon Dong just can’t believe that during the day Jang Mi would say that she’s marrying his closest friend and then at night, spend time with a younger flower boy who happens to be an employee at his restaurant.

Jang Mi tells him that not all he sees is the truth (this really should be the tag-line to all the dramas I’m watching right now) and starts to explain when he cuts her off, saying it’ll only hurt his heart more. He gets up and goes outside to meet an “innocent” looking Hyun Hee. He apologizes for messing around with her when he had someone else in his heart. He tells Hyun Hee that he can’t comfortably two-time two friends at once, while pointedly looking towards Jang Mi. Hyun Hee tears up and says that she hates Jang Mi. Really?!?!

Hoon Dong meets up with Gi Tae and tells him what he knows but Gi Tae just says that he doesn’t care since marriage and dating are two different things. Yeo Reum isn’t worth worrying about and he gives them two months. Uh huh. Surprisingly, Hoon Dong’s the insightful one who points out that Gi Tae must really like Jang Mi. Gi Tae chokes on his wine and Hoon Dong calls him pathetic. He says that he’s known Gi Tae for a long time now and he knows that Gi Tae’s just trying to rationalize the situation. Gi Tae’s acting cool and unaffected in order to keep Jang Mi next to him. Gi Tae argues that he’s not acting cool, he is cool, but Hoon Dong says he knows that Gi Tae really cares a lot just by seeing the way he fusses over Yeo Reum. Gi Tae gets defensive and methinks, he doth protests too much.

Hoon Dong says that he talked to Gi Tae’s mom earlier and was going to show her the CCTV of Yeo Reum and Jang Mi but decided against it. Gi Tae freaks out and begs Hoon Dong to keep his mouth shut and Hoon Dong just thinks Gi Tae must really like Jang Mi a lot. Gi Tae starts downing glass after glass of wine and when Hoon Dong asks if he’s okay, he says that he’s fine. Love their friendship!

Yeo Reum waits for Jang Mi to get off of work and he tells her that although he didn’t get fired, he did get kicked onto the streets. It cost his entire fortune to pay for the truffles they ruined. Jang Mi feels sorry so Yeo Reum asks if he can stay at her place for the time being.

Gi Tae is in his apartment playing some videogames but he can’t concentrate since he keeps thinking about his kiss with Jang Mi and Hoon Dong’s words. He’s in denial when Jang Mi walks in, as if she owns the place, and asks if he didn’t hear her ringing the doorbell. Ha! If you’re gonna walk in anyways, what’s the point of ringing the doorbell? Courtesy? LOL Gi Tae actually looks happy to see her until he’s greeted by Yeo Reum.

Jang Mi asks Gi Tae for a favor, let Yeo Reum crash in his apartment for a few days. Gi Tae just glares at her and she tries to appease him with her smile. It obviously doesn’t work since next thing you know, Gi Tae is throwing Jang Mi and Yeo Reum out the door. Jang Mi can’t believe he’s doing this to her after all she’s done for him but Gi Tae just asks what she’s done for him. Ummmm pick me, pick me, I know!!! Before going inside, he reminds her that the reason for their fake marriage is so that he can live alone.

Once inside his apartment, Gi Tae’s fuming when he receives a call from Se Ah. She knows he’s still mad yet decides that she’s going to drop by since he’s alone. Mom’s with her so Gi Tae freaks out when he realizes that Jang Mi and Yeo Reum are still on the premises.

Outside, Yeo Reum decides that he’ll stay at a sauna for the time being and Jang Mi apologizes. Yeo Reum tells her that they’ll call it even now when Gi Tae approaches them and asks what they are still doing there. Jang Mi, steps in front of Yeo Reum to protect him from Gi Tae’s wrath but he just takes Yeo Reum’s belongings and throws them behind a pillar. When Gi Tae tells Jang Mi that his mom is coming, Jang Mi actually helps Gi Tae push Yeo Reum behind the pillar to hide. LOL

They act like a lovey-dovey couple, with arms around each other, just as mom and Se Ah arrives. Se Ah says that she was told he was alone but Gi Tae tells her that he said that so he and Jang Mi wouldn’t be disturbed. He knows what mom’s intentions are coming with Se Ah, but Se Ah just pipes in, saying that mom’s only intention is for her son to live and eat well. Bootlicker.

Gi Tae tells mom to bring the cucumber kimchi home but Jang Mi grabs it, which earns her a light nudge from Gi Tae, and says she’ll eat it all. She points out that if mom was going to come with side dishes, mom could have told her instead of bringing Se Ah. Mom says that it’s because she’s been friends with Se Ah for a long time but Jang Mi asks, “Not because you hate me? You’re against me, right? If you’re going to be against me like this, our Gi Tae may have to live alone forever.” Oooooooh. Mom can’t believe that Jang Mi would dare threaten her but Jang Mi just tells mom that she’s just worried the Gong family line might end.

Mom clarifies, saying she’s not against Jang Mi so Jang Mi grabs mom’s arm and says that’s good, since she wants to get closer to mom. Mom pushes Jang Mi’s hand off but Jang Mi just continues to say that she’d like to have a girl’s day out with mom. Gi Tae just stands next to her with this look that I can only describe as proud. Yep, our girl’s all grown up and ready for this game. Mom loses this round and decides to leave.

Jang Mi tells Gi Tae that she’ll make it so that he lives alone for the rest of his life, but for the next few days, he needs to live with Yeo Reum. Yeo Reum reappears and puts an arm around Jang Mi which earns him a rather disgruntled look from Gi Tae.

Back inside the apartment, Yeo Reum is basically a Jang Mi 2.0. He runs around the house, curious about everything, so Gi Tae just forbids him from doing just about anything and everything. The only thing he’s given is an 8-hour window from 11 PM until 8 AM where he’ll be allowed to sleep on the couch.

Yeo Reum runs to the massage chair and asks if he can sleep there instead but Gi Tae pulls him off. Jang Mi grabs onto Gi Tae’s sweater, and you can see Gi Tae is shaken by her touch. He didn’t know she was still there and she asks if he’s okay before she grabs the two boy’s hands and tells them to get along. She leaves and Gi Tae just looks after her with a longing look, probably wishing she were his roommate instead.

In the car, mom apologizes to Se Ah for having to see that sort of scene. Se Ah doesn’t mind since when they were younger, every time Gi Tae dated other girls, she experienced similar situations. She arrogantly says the even though she and Gi Tae were just friends, other girls would be jealous and wary of her. Bleh! Mom wonders where all those girls went so that now there’s only Se Ah next to him. You forgot Jang Mi!

Mom asks about Se Ah’s dad and wonders if he’s gotten over the broken engagement from 3 years ago. Se Ah says that her dad still likes Gi Tae and wants to bring him over to their hospital. Se Ah slyly brings up the fact that dad wants to meet with Gi Tae but thinking Jang Mi might misunderstand, Gi Tae will probably decline. Mom says that she’ll take care of it. Dun dun dun. That’s never a good thing to hear.

The next morning, Gi Tae is freezing in bed. He reaches for some of the blankets and cuddles up to the person lying in bed next to him until he realizes it is Yeo Reum. Turns out, it was so cold in the morning that Yeo Reum snuck into bed with Gi Tae. Gi Tae tells Yeo Reum to get out but Yeo Reum doesn’t know why it’s such a big deal. Gi Tae even looks under the covers to make sure all clothes are on before storming out.

Gi Tae sits down to eat breakfast and Yeo Reum just watches him eat like a puppy since it’s forbidden for him to eat inside the apartment. Gi Tae wonders if Yeo Reum is doing all this just to anger him and asks if Yeo Reum doesn’t have any other place to go. Yeo Reum says that all his friends are girls, he lost contact with his relatives, he never had a dad and his mom ran away. Gi Tae is taken aback and feels a pang of sympathy so he leaves and lets Yeo Reum eat the rest of the breakfast.

Yeo Reum tries to hitch a ride to work with Gi Tae but gets denied! So petty. Although rejected, Yeo Reum says that Gi Tae is cuter than he looks. I agree. In the car Gi Tae starts coughing. Looks like another drama character with a super weak immune system is getting sick!

At the clinic, Gi Tae tells his nurse that he’s going to go home to rest. Before he leaves, he asks the nurse about the electrical maintenance that’s happening tonight. Apparently, it’s going to occur between 8 PM until tomorrow morning and the entrance with be blocked and all the phones lines will be out. Hmmm, I wonder how this will play into our story…

As he leaves, Jang Mi’s mom calls to make an appointment but is told that the doc is out due to a cold. Mom decides to make Gi Tae some samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and tells Jang Mi to deliver it. Jang Mi’s surprised to hear that he’s sick but she’s too tired to go. Mom offers to deliver it so off Jang Mi goes.

On her way, she gets a call from mom about having a girl’s day right now. Jang Mi meets with aunt at a department store, while carrying her pot of soup, and aunt makes her try on numerous outfits. Mom also calls Gi Tae and tells him to meet her and Jang Mi for dinner. Gi Tae calls Jang Mi while she’s in the dressing room and she begs him to save her. Jang Mi is worried that his mom probably really likes her now but Gi Tae assures her that that’s not the case. LOL Gi Tae instructs her to go along and just buy anything she wants for a “wasteful, mindless chick” concept. She’s amazed that he can be so wicked even when sick and before she hangs up, he tells her “hwaiting”! Cute.

Aunt tortures Jang Mi with multiple outfit changes, a staircase workout and a complete makeover. Jang Mi continues to carry the pot of soup with her throughout the day. After, I assume many, many hours; both are exhausted so they go to Gi Tae’s clinic to rest up. Aunt says that Gi Tae and mom will come pick them up but when Jang Mi takes out her phone to call Gi Tae, aunt stops her, saying it’s unattractive for a girl to rush a guy. Suuure.


When Jang Mi falls asleep, aunt grabs her phone and leaves her behind. Uh oh. Aunt reports back to mom, who asks how aunt can leave Jang Mi alone. It’s not out of concern for Jang Mi’s safety, she’s just worried Jang Mi would call Gi Tae. Aunt tells mom that not possible since she stole Jang Mi’s phone and she gives it to mom to hold onto.

Gi Tae arrives at the restaurant and sees Se Ah. He asks her why she’s there but Se Ah just says that her dad will come later to meet him as well. Gi Tae doesn’t understand why she’s involving their parents and Se Ah says that she’s uncomfortable about it as well. Suuuuuuuure. She suggests that they leave while their parents talk and slides over a hotel room key. She tells him that if he goes with her, she’ll give him a present in the form of the SD card from the camera. OMG, violence is not the answer but I want to smack her so bad right now. She threatens him with the pictures but I’’m just rolling my yes, it’s seriously just a picture of Jang Mi and Yeo Reum holding hands, not like they were kissing or anything.

Mom shows up and Gi Tae immediately asks about Jang Mi. Is aunt holding onto her? When Mom lies and says that Jang Mi is having a good time on her girl’s day out, Gi Tae doesn’t believe her and takes out his phone to call Jang Mi. Gi Tae realizes that Jang Mi’s phone is vibrating in Mom’s purse so Gi Tae hangs up and calls again to make sure he’s hearing it correctly.

Gi Tae tells his mom to pick up the call and mom tries to excuse herself. Gi Tae asks how mom has Jang Mi’s phone and asks where Jang Mi’s at right now.

Jang Mi finally wakes up and finds her phone gone. It’s 8 PM sharp so the lights go out. Jang Mi struggles to find a way out (even though it’s really not that dark…) but soon realizes it’s not a prank and she’s locked in. Ummmmm this seems like a fire hazard. Shouldn’t someone have checked to make sure no one was inside before locking the doors? Jang Mi starts freaking out since she’s alone and struggles again to find a phone to call 911. She accidentally knocks the soup over onto herself.

Gi Tae finds out that Jang Mi is at his clinic.

Gi Tae: “You’re saying Jang Mi is there alone? (he looks at his watch and thinks back to his nurse telling him about the maintenance) Now you kidnap and imprison her there?”

Mom: “Kidnap? Imprisonment? Don’t overdo it. And people are watching, lower your voice.”

Gi Tae: “Do you even know embarrassment?”

Se Ah: (don’t know why she’s chiming in) Don’t get angry at her. I asked her to. (to mom) I’m really sorry.”

Mom: “It’s not your fault, Se Ah. It’s okay.”

Se Ah: “I’m really sorry to Jang Mi too.”

Mom: “It’s okay”.

Gi Tae: “I’M NOT OKAY! You can’t leave her alone. YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE HER ALONE!”

Bravo! Shut them down! Seriously, those two were pissing me off in that conversation. Gi Tae storms out and leaves behind two very speechless ladies.

Gi Tae drives to his clinic like a mad-man, running red lights and almost hitting pedestrians. All he can think of is Jang Mi’s fear of being left alone and what her dad told him when they drank together. (we also get a new OST) Once he reaches his clinic, he runs into Yeo Reum (does this boy ever go home???) and tells him that Jang Mi got locked up in the clinic.

Gi Tae and Yeo Reum pry the door open…but shouldn’t Gi Tae have a key for his own clinic?

Anywaaays, once inside, the two frantically search for Jang Mi. Gi Tae sees the spilled ginseng chicken soup and really starts to worry. He goes into his office and sees Jang Mi huddled under his desk.

Jang Mi is relieved to see him and Gi Tae, who’s sweating bullets, starts scolding her out of worry. He asks why she’s here and when Jang Mi says that it’s because aunt told her to wait, he just continues to yell at her to have some common sense even if she’s stupid. Jang Mi starts crying and says she suffered so much because of him and Gi Tae looks like he’s feeling guilty and angry, probably at himself. Hug her, hug her, hug her!

Too late, Yeo Reum takes the opportunity and swoops in to give Jang Mi a hug. Jang Mi continues to cry into Yeo Reum and says that she was really scared while Yeo Reum tries to sooth her. Poor girl.

Back at the apartment, Jang Mi is sad about wasting the soup and then goes to clean herself up. Yeo Reum thinks he can make something delicious out of what’s left and Gi Tae actually lets him use the kitchen to do so. Awww, you want to cheer her up, don’t you?

Yeo Reum makes a pasta dish out of what’s left and Jang Mi’s impressed. Gi Tae just sits on the side, remarking that pasta is what you make when you can’t cook, even though he was totally salivating while Yeo Reum was cooking. Jang Mi tries it and surprise; she thinks it’s delicious. She tells Gi Tae to try some but he claims he has no appetite so she goes over to where he’s sitting and feeds him. They’re sooooo cute. Yeo Reum notices their sweet moment.

Gi Tae tells Jang Mi that he feels guilty towards her mother and that he doesn’t deserve such things. Jang Mi tells him that it’s okay, when else would her mom possibly think of having a doctor as a son-in-law? Yeo Reum interrupts their heart-to-heart and Jang Mi suggests that they drink wine. Gi Tae, foolishly tries to stop them from having a drinking party while he’s sick, but eventually just smiles in resignation.

The three of them have a cute little party and they all feed each other the food. Yeo Reum shows off his singing and guitar playing talents but Gi Tae just stares at Jang Mi. She notices and signals him to pay attention to Yeo Reum.

They all start messing around and doing some adorable top-body dance moves while laughing at each other.

Juxtaposing the fun our three’s having, we cut to Se Ah who’s sadly drinking alone in a bar. She thinks back to Gi Tae’s outburst and remembers back to when Gi Tae broke up with her 3 years ago, telling her that they’re both better suited alone. She starts tearing up, asking what she should do since she’s not okay. If she’s trying for some sympathy, sorry there’s none from me. I’m all out. Actually, I just don’t want to waste any on the devil incarnate.

Gi Tae can’t sleep due to his cough so he goes out to the kitchen for some water and finds a huge mess. He’s about to clean up when he notices Jang Mi sleeping, her head snuggled on Yeo Reum’s shoulder. By the way, Yeo Reum, who sleeps with their hand in their pockets?! Looking at Jang Mi, he thinks back to all the times that people have asked if he’s okay and he finally admits, “No. I’m not okay.” Yaaaaaay!!!


Awwwww, how much do I love that outburst Gi Tae had towards his mom? It was long overdue. I keep saying this, but Gi Tae and Jang Mi know each other best. He knows that she is afraid of being alone, so even though he had a chance of getting back the so-called definitive evidence of his lie, he put Jang Mi first. It’s nice to see him genuinely worried about her and it’s his turn to step up and try to protect her, just like she constantly does for him. It was great that Gi Tae was the first one to find Jang Mi but who else was disappointed that Yeo Reum had to be present for the saving scene at all? Argh! Seriously, couldn’t we just get one moment of Gi Tae being the knight in shining armor without someone stealing his thunder/hug from him?

Anywaaays, I’m also really enjoying the gradual influence Jang Mi is slowly having on Gi Tae. He’s obviously falling for her, and whether he likes it or not, he’s listening to her and doing things for her that he wouldn’t normally do. Who would ever imagine that Gi Tae would have a roommate because Jang Mi begged him to let Yeo Reum stay with him? Even though I can’t stand Yeo Reum as the third wheel, I have to admit that their little wine party was adorable. Plus, it’s thanks to him that Gi Tae is forced to look inside his own heart.

Hoon Dong was all sorts amazing in this episode. Who would have guessed that Hoon Dong would be the observant one of the group? It’s so wonderful that he remains a loyal friend to Gi Tae even though Gi Tae may or may not have stolen his girl. It was nice of him to tell Gi Tae the truth and he honestly seems worried for Gi Tae. We should also thank Hoon Dong for pointing out the obvious to the emotionally slow Gi Tae. Let’s hope Gi Tae will finally act on his feelings now that it seems like he has finally realized that Jang Mi is in his heart.

We all probably knew that Gi Tae would be the first to fall in love, but let’s hope Jang Mi’s not too far behind on her feelings. I want the two of them to start dating for realz!

Now time for a little rant.

The overbearing mom gimmick is running a little thin for me. Initially the stalking was a bit amusing but now it’s just a little over the top. Just how much can a mom try to control her son’s life? Stalking, blackmailing, and kidnapping? Really? Just because she’s unhappy doesn’t mean she has to make her son suffer the same fate. And seriously, why in the world does she think that Gi Tae was just going to follow along with her little plan? The only redeeming part of all of these shenanigans is that they work to bring our couple closer together.

And then there’s Se Ah. Every time she appears on screen, I just want to reach in and wipe that annoying smirk off her face. Seriously, girl needs to take a hint. He’s just not that into you!! She needs to learn where the line for “friends” are and not cross it. Arghhhhhh!

I still don’t like Yeo Reum. He can be sweet at times but there’s something about him that makes me feel like his approach towards Jang Mi is a bit controlling and passive-aggressive. I know some might say that Gi Tae is no different, but at least Gi Tae doesn’t hide behind his smile. He is upfront about his motives and Jang Mi accepts it. On the other hand, when Yeo Reum interacts with Jang Mi, there’s this feeling that he pressures Jang Mi to do things she doesn’t want to with the help of his glib tongue. He uses his charm to get what he wants and it feels like he actually enjoys making Jang Mi feel guilty in order to get his way. I might be over-thinking it, and I’m definitely biased, but something about Yeo Reum just rubs me the wrong way.


10 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 7 Recap

  1. saboriana says:

    I never thought I would be saying this but LHD is way too go for NHH. Not only is he an honest and loyal friend, telling GKT about the CCTV and helping him face his feelings, LHD is also smart in that he can read people and did not take the chef’s words as truth instead he checked the CCTV. I don’t know if the writers will redeem NHH later, but as of right now I hope LHD doesn’t end up with her. On a side not, while I love all the bromance the writers are giving us, I’m sad the same thing could not be done for the women. Why can’t friendship and mutual respect be the central theme for these women, instead of a men being their end all in be all. I’m really tired of seeing these one dimensional depictions of female in dramas.


  2. jenn says:

    I’m sorry but between the guy who yells at me when I’m upset and it not my fault AND the guy who hugs me and cooks for me… it’s a no brain-er, I’m going for hugs, food, and sweet smiles – oh and bonus, there is no crazy family or whacked ex-girlfriend to bother us!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hiya Jenn! 🙂

      You definitely have a point there about the crazy family and ex. However, I have to defend Gi Tae, on the yelling point. It’s not like he was blaming her but he was lashing out since he was probably angry at himself for putting her through that sort of situation. He was beyond worried about her and he is just the type of person who yells when they are worried or scared. It’s just his way of showing concern. Plus if Yeo Reum didn’t budge in, I’d bet Gi Tae would have given her a hug while apologizing…classic drama scene.


  3. Zee says:

    I feel like my hopes for Gi Tae’s mom were really dashed this episode. And if not, well, the writers are going to have to do a lot to redeem her for me because the crap she pulled in this episode was just super unacceptable. What the actual heck is with her? And Se Ah. Jeeze. What a crazy witch. I continue to be SO relieved that Gi Tai isn’t having any of that. I find it refreshing that our male lead isn’t constantly having misunderstandings with our female lead caused by his inability to imagine his first love being manipulative. He *knows* what Se Ah is like!
    I was right there with you wanting to smack her smug face. Ugh.
    I also have to agree with you about Yeo Reum. Whhhhy? I don’t hate him or anything but I am unimpressed and not delighted about the turn of events which have lead to him shacking up with Gi Tai. So many opportunities to kiss-block (the only slight upside was that it allowed Gi Tai to figure out his feeling but: he’s got that now so YR needs to hit the road).
    I also agree about the lack of strong female friendships/support going on in this show (and in dramaland in general. I really like that in Fated to Love You the female lead has a strong mom, sisters, and even a best friend. But I digress).
    Thanks, as always, for the recap as well as your thoughts.
    Can’t wait for your episode 8 recap (:


    • dramapenchant says:

      As always, thanks for reading Zee! 😀

      I was actually vacillating towards liking mom a little after the scene where she stepped up to protect Jang Mi after the “typhoon” incident but after episode 7, I am back on the side of dislike. She’s just too much (let’s not even mention her actions and words in ep. 8)!

      Yeah, I’m glad that Gi Tae is aware of what kind of person Se Ah is, but I guess it’s also nice that Se Ah doesn’t hide her manipulativeness from him…


  4. miss Baee says:

    What the title of song that play when ki-tae hurriedly drive to find jang-mi at clinic ? What the titles and the singer ? Anyone please 😓😓


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