Marriage, Not Dating Episode 6 Recap

Jang Mi better watch out because she’s got a competitor for best drunk. Also, there may or may not be some kissing in this episode.


Episode 6: I Who Seem Alone but Is Not Alone But Looks Alone aka Am I Single or Not

Cold Open: Jang Mi is on top of Gi Tae. Omo. She tells him to stay still while unbuttoning his shirt. Rawr! He flips her over onto the bed so that now he’s on top of her and then shirts, belts and undergarments are all removed. The two of them laugh and get cozy under the covers.

It turns out that Yeo Reum was actually chasing after Se Ah to give back the bribe. Se Ah tells him that she’s found out what she wanted thanks to him. She insists that Yeo Reum take the money; that’s when Gi Tae and Jang Mi happened upon them.

Gi Tae wants to know what Se Ah is doing and Jang Mi asks Yeo Reum if he was backstabbing her. Yeo Reum tries to explain but gets interrupted when Se Ah tells Gi Tae that since he was playing with Jang Mi, she wanted to join the fun as well. Gi Tae asks if she thinks money can solve everything while Jang Mi asks Yeo Reum if everything he did was for money. Se Ah asks why Jang Mi and Gi Tae put up such a show then.

Tired of not being able to get a word in edgewise, Yeo Reum hilariously suggests that they have only one person talking at a time based on the order in which they raise their hands. Ha! Jang Mi yells that this time around, it was still only her who was serious and then storms off. Yeo Reum tries to follow her but Gi Tae steps in front of him, telling him to stay out of it. Se Ah says that she feels sorry. Uh huh. Gi Tae asks her if it’s fun to make someone feel stupid and play with them. Se Ah angrily asks why he kept secrets from her then. Um because he can. Remind me, who are you to him again? At her ridiculousness, Gi Tae just turns away to run after Jang Mi. Good boy.

At a pojangmacha, Gi Tae pours Jang Mi a cup of soju telling her to drink up since alcohol’s her favorite. He sure knows her best! She’s in no mood for drinking though, so Gi Tae downs the shot and reminds her that he told her to not associate with Yeo Reum but nooooooooo she just wouldn’t listen to him.

“If you already experienced it through Lee Hoon Dong, you should have learned and realized something. And the person after [Hoon Dong] had to be [Yeo Reum]…aiyoo, really. How can a person not change? When you think you chose right, the bad guys only get picked, right? (Jang Mi nods in agreement) But did you know? Those guys aren’t all bad from the beginning. You make them bad. You can’t even refuse favors. If they call you, you go out obediently because you’re so happy. (Jang Mi’s crying by now) You’re serious all by yourself, uselessly. A girl confesses that she likes the guy first? That’s the worst.”

You’re seriously not making this any better. If this is Gi Tae’s idea of consoling someone, they’re probably better off being alone. Surprisingly, Jang Mi agrees with him so Gi Tae continues with his lecture, telling her to be the bad girl instead, “Don’t just give, but receive things you should receive and throw things away that need to be thrown away.”

Jang Mi tells Gi Tae that he’s right and it’s time for her to throw HIM away. You weren’t expecting that huh? Gi Tae’s stunned and chokes on the soju.

Jang Mi: “I couldn’t refuse your favor and when you called, I came obediently. I was serious, uselessly. No matter how much I think about it, you’re the worst. Because of you, I became a part of an unbelievable act and kept looking like a fool. Over and over. Let’s stop meeting.”

Yeah, girl’s been having a pretty crappy day, no pun intended. Gi Tae is clearly shaken but he tries to act cool, joking that if people heard her, they’d think that they were really dating. She tells him that she wants to try being alone too, just like he suggested earlier. Gi Tae watches her leave (hmmmmm this sure seems familiar) and then gloomily drinks the soju alone.

At home, Jang Mi strengthens her resolve to be alone while Gi Tae sits on his couch and mutters, “At one point she said she hated being alone to the point of death”. Aww looks like someone’s worried.

At the bar, Hoon Dong continues to drink while Hyun Hee continues to pour. Hoon Dong’s sad about getting Jang Mi stolen by his friend and cries that he has no one. Hyun Hee, while pouring him another drink, reminds him that he has her.

Later, Hyun Hee carries a very drunk Hoon Dong to a hotel room and he briefly mistakes her for Jang Mi. Hyun Hee corrects him and he says that he knows it’s her. Hyun Hee asks if it’s okay if it’s her and Hoon Dong just says what’s wrong with Hyun Hee since she’s a nice girl. Hyun Hee confesses to not being so nice and asks again if that’s okay. Hoon Dong says yes since he likes bad girls so Hyun Hee takes advantage of the fact that he’s drunk and kisses him. The sheets come up…and I’m uncomfortable at the lack of consent…

The next morning, Gi Tae makes breakfast in the most perfectionist way possible with timers and everything. Before he can enjoy his meal, Se Ah calls, which he rejects. She then texts him and asks if he can guess who she’s with at the moment. Well, she’s with mom at the hair salon of course.

Gi Tae immediately gives Se Ah a call and she just says that mom and her just coincidentally met and that she hasn’t told mom anything, yet. Gi Tae calls her out on her threat and asks if she’s not embarrassed. She just smugly smiles to herself and tells him that he’s not in a position where he can talk to her like that since who knows, she might slip up and say something to his mom. Gi Tae tells her to stop fooling around and to leave but she says that she can’t since mom asked her to go shopping at the department store.

At work, Jang Mi is super energetic but Hyun Hee is exhausted. Hyun Hee tells Jang Mi to just relax a bit since she’ll be a VIP of the store later anyways but Jang Mi tells her that she’s decided to work and get married. Hyun Hee asks if it’s because she got caught kissing Yeo Reum but that just makes Jang Mi angry thinking about how that kiss turned her into a fool. Hyun Hee adds that Jang Mi should have just chosen one of the two guys and worked diligently at the relationship.

Jang Mi tells Hyun Hee that she’s done with both the doc and the flower boy since she’s tired of men now. Just as that sentence leaves her mouth, Yeo Reum pops into the store and asks that they go eat. She asks why she’d eat with him, but he just flashes that signature smile of his and says it’s because she said she liked him which forces Jang Mi to take him elsewhere. Hyun Hee is shaking her her head disapprovingly when Gi Tae runs in and asks about Jang Mi’s whereabouts and she points him in the wrong direction.

Jang Mi confronts Yeo Reum and asks him when the lie started. She can’t believe he even kissed her, all after receiving money. He tells her honestly that he was going to give the money back but she doesn’t believe him. Even if she did believe him, that still doesn’t erase the fact that he took the money to begin with. He says that it was all a joke and Jang Mi asks him if he was just joking with her then. Yeo Reum just sighs and says that she’s making him feel guilty and that he hates explaining things. Well, you should, on both counts. She asks if he always takes things lightly but he tells her that if he starts acting serious, she wouldn’t be able to handle it and leave him anyways.

Mom and Se Ah sees the two of them and mom recognizes Yeo Reum as Hoon Dong’s part-timer. Jang Mi tells Yeo Reum to stop following her and to tell Se Ah that she doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. Mom wants Jang Mi to tell Se Ah that herself and asks Jang Mi to clarify what she just said. Jang Mi says that she’ll tell mom everything but Gi Tae shows up and tells mom that he’ll tell her everything. Se Ah offers to tell mom the truth and the three of them just takes turns saying that they will tell.

Mom wants to hear it from Se Ah but surprisingly, Se Ah helps Gi Tae cover up the lie by saying that she asked Yeo Reum for a favor. She wanted him to get some information about Gi Tae and Jang Mi so she could figure out what to get them as a wedding gift. Mom asks Jang Mi if that’s what she was going to tell her as well but Gi Tae justs interjects and says that he felt bad for Jang Mi since she wouldn’t be happy to be congratulated by a girl that he almost married before. Se Ah apologizes and manages to take mom away for some more shopping.

Jang Mi and Gi Tae grab lunch together and the first thing Jang Mi asks is, “Are you okay?”. Awww. He doesn’t really know what she’s referring to but she’s talking about Se Ah, a person he was close enough to think about getting married to paying someone to dig into his background. He just brushes it off saying that he’s experienced it many times. Jang Mi gets angry for him, “Your family too and even the people closest to you, how could they do that?” Yep, we’ve established, his family is cray-cray.

Jang Mi suggests that they tell his mom everything but he asks if she’s telling him to live forever with someone that he doesn’t even like? Jang Mi reminds him that Se Ah knows now too, so it’s just a matter of time before everything comes to light. Gi Tae assures her that although it might be a bit tiring, with Se Ah knowing his weak points, she’s not the type of person to use that authority lightly. Let’s just say I’m hoping that’s true for your sake.

Jang Mi takes offense at his use of the word, “authority” and tells him to keep her out of his fights since they have no relationship now. There’s not even a reason for the two of them to eat together. Gi Tae reminds her that she was the one that suggested they go eat. Ha! She tries to deny it but then confesses that she was just worried about him. Awwww.

Yeo Reum sits down at their table to join them for lunch so Jang Mi declares, “I’ll say this again. Both of you are out. I am going to think about myself only. I’m not going to get involved in anyone else’s business” before leaving. Gi Tae tells Yeo Reum to stop bothering her but Yeo Reum says that he should talk about himself. They’re so childish!

Hyun Hee meets Jang Mi outside and offers her a coffee before saying that she has something to talk to Jang Mi about. Cut to Hoon Dong, who wakes up and freaks out when he realizes that he slept with Hyun Hee. Jang Mi’s surprised that out of all possible guys, Hyun Hee has chosen Hoon Dong.

Hyun Hee knows what Jang Mi went through so she made sure to confirm that Jang Mi no longer had feelings for Hoon Dong. She says that she won’t go after Hoon Dong if Jang Mi doesn’t approve since Jang Mi’s important to her but she adds that since Jang Mi ended her feelings for Hoon Dong, she should let him go. Especially since she now has two guys chasing her. Jang Mi is just worried for her since Hyun Hee doesn’t really know what kind of guy Hoon Dong is. Hyun Hee says that although Hoon Dong might have been a terrible guy to Jang Mi, he might not be to her. She thinks she’ll be able to reform him.

Hoon Dong cautiously goes to work and asks if a woman came to find him. None have so he goes to the kitchen and requests that the chef put the four cheese Korean pancake on the menu. Chef doesn’t know what Hoon Dong’s talking about until he angrily realizes that Yeo Reum made it.

Jang Mi shows up at Hoon Dong’s restaurant and he hilariously tries to run away. She chases after him on her bike while he’s just limping away as fast as he possibly can. She blocks him with her bike and he asks why she’s chasing him to which she answers, “Because you’re running away”. Isn’t that always the reason? LOL

Jang Mi asks what he did to Hyun Hee and whether or not he’s sincere. He’s surprised Hyun Hee would tell Jang Mi such a thing and assures Jang Mi that she’s his last and only love. Suuuuure. He confesses that he drank and made a mistake but Jang Mi gets caught up on his use of “mistake”. She realizes that he slept with Hyun Hee so she just pulls on his hair and hits him right there and then. Jang Mi pulls him up by the collar and tells him to promise her that he’ll never hurt Hyun Hee and to stop meeting with her. It’s now strictly prohibited. Jang Mi asks why they can’t just end their relationship nicely but Hoon Dong says he can’t since he’s still not over her and he walks away on cue for a dramatic exit.

Jang Mi walks back with her bike when she witnesses chef cornering Yeo Reum about the pancakes and then him punching Yeo Reum in the nose. Jang Mi runs over to check on him but he just tells her to go away since he’s embarrassed. He leaves after saying that this is all because of her. Yep, everybody just go ahead and blame the poor girl for everything.

Mom meets Se Ah for some coffee all while trying to pry the truth out of her. Se Ah sticks to her story for now but does say that she still sees Gi Tae as her man. Why? How? She excuses herself early and heads over to Gi Tae’s office. He’s watching a re-run of a baseball game he missed and Se Ah gets comfortable around him and asks him to watch it later since when there’s a give, there needs to be a take as well. He doesn’t want to so she just spoils the final score for him. He angrily asks what it is that she wants and she just tells him, “a life partner”.

Next thing you know, Gi Tae is answering questions for a nurse. She asks about his habits such as whether or not he smokes (that’s a no. Yay!) and how often he drinks. Then she gets more personal, “Do you get an erection in the morning?” Oh my god! She’s about to write down that he can’t since he get’s all shy about answering but he stops her and tells her that he can, and very well at that. LOL She asks if he’s had sex recently so he lies and says that since he’s been soooo busy, he’s probably rested for 3 days. Haha! Nurse doesn’t really care and then gives him a cup for his sperm.

Gi Tae sits in a dark room where he watches some porn very uncomfortably in his seat while holding the cup. ROFL He can’t bring himself to do it so he slams the cup down and leaves in embarrassment.

Se Ah chases after him but he just tells her that there should be a limit to her joke. She tells him that she’s not joking and although she doesn’t want to get married, she does want to have a child. Since she loves herself most, she thinks it’ll be great to live with a child that looks like her (I guess rather than adopting).

She says that if his genes are good, she’ll accept him as her baby daddy. Gi Tae can’t believe what he’s hearing. How can they take bringing a person into this world so lightly but Se Ah says that she has all the resources necessary to raise a child. She assures him that it wouldn’t be a burden since she’ll keep the identity of the baby’s father a secret. He reminds her that in Korea, single mothers are treated poorly but she’s prepared.

She gives him the ultimatum; either he get the exam or he has to sleep with her. He thinks she’s out of her mind but she leaves with her final threat, choose one or she’s going to tell mom about his lie. Do not make a deal with the devil!!! Gi Tae gets a phone call, and whoever is on the other side makes him change his tone and he even bows.

Jang Mi’s parents are back to arguing and dad refuses to talk to mom. Mom has a one sided conversation, wondering if they didn’t do enough during the memorial. Dad blames mom for Jang Mi’s situation since she’s been obsessed with going to Gi Tae’s clinic. Mom says she was just getting to know her future son-in-law and asks what dad’s done for Jang Mi then. Dad says he’s doing something right now, just as Gi Tae walks in to the restaurant and greets mom and dad with gift in hand.

Dad closes the restaurant and drinks soju with Gi Tae. Seeing that Gi Tae hasn’t touched the chicken, dad asks if he makes Gi Tae uncomfortable or if he has a chicken allergy. Immediately, Gi Tae grabs a drumstick and stuffs his mouth all while complementing how delicious it is. Dad just says that it’s chicken so of course it’s delicious even after one bite. Dad basically compares Jang Mi to the chicken and says, “Jang Mi, too, will just be a woman to someone else. But for me, she’ll always be my only daughter.”

Dad asks Gi Tae to take care of her but Gi Tae says that he should be asking for the favor since Jang Mi dumped him. Dad keeps on pouring Gi Tae shot after shot and tells him that that’s not Jang Mi’s real intention. She’s just afraid of marriage. Ha! Dad continues “To tell you honestly, the relationship between me and my wife is not something you would envy. Because of that, Jang Mi experienced a big shock when she was a child.”

We flash back to Jang Mi’s childhood when mom and dad got into a huge argument. Both parents tell Jang Mi to live with the other parent before storming out, leaving her all alone. Damn, that’s some terrible parenting. That night Jang Mi tried pouring herself some water and the glass broke. She stood in the glass, bleeding. Dad says that Jang Mi was locked in the house for 3 days without eating anything and how sad she must have been, thinking her parents abandoned her.

Gi Tae remembers when Jang Mi dropped by his apartment and told him that she’s worried about people who are alone since she almost died when she was home by herself at the age of 5. Dad thinks that Jang Mi is pessimistic about marriage as a result of having parents like them. He asks that Gi Tae take care of Jang Mi. Dad still feels sorry whenever he thinks about that incident. Ahhhh That’s why dad dotes on Jang Mi so much.

Jang Mi goes home and she freaks out when she hears that dad is having a talk with Gi Tae. When she arrives at the restaurant there are, at least, 10 empty bottles of soju on the table and both dad and Gi Tae are wasted.

Jang Mi tries to stop dad from pouring Gi Tae anymore drinks but Gi Tae just looks at her and repeats, “poop” over and over, before half-passing out on her. Ha! Drunk Gi Tae is pretty darn funny. Dad hands over another shot and Jang Mi just downs it in Gi Tae’s stead. When Gi Tae falls over onto the floor, Jang Mi just sits down with her dad and asks that he give her some alcohol as well. Love her!

Jang Mi takes Gi Tae back to his apartment but has to drag him out of the taxi first and then support him to make sure that he doesn’t fall over. Gi Tae just says her name over and over again as if he just barely saw her and then he puts her in a headlock while petting her hair. Jang Mi ends up piggybacking Gi Tae (again) into his apartment all while complaining about why he’s doing this to her and for how much longer does she have to fake it with him.

She throws him on the couch and asks why he drank alcohol, “Because I feel so sorry. What the hell am I doing?” Jang Mi just tells him that the longer they drag it out, the worse the situation will be. She even suggests that he marry Se Ah. He tells her that there’s no way in hell he would marry Se Ah since she’s too much like his mother. No kidding. Jang Mi doesn’t understand since he was supposed to marry Se Ah once upon a time but he just repeats that Se Ah is too similar to his mom.

He tries to stand up but when he’s about to fall over, Jang Mi catches him. They share a brief moment and I’m thinking he’s going to hug her or something, but instead he just pushes her away.

He tells her that he just wants to be alone and then heads to his room where he falls over again. She helps him up and then throws him on the bed where he starts taking off his clothes and repeating that he wants to be alone. Jang Mi hilariously covers her eyes, all while sneaking peeks at him. He has a difficult time with his pants so Jang Mi decides to help pull off his pants for him all while trying to look away which causes her to almost accidentally pull down his boxers as well.

After she tosses the covers on him, Gi Tae says, “I’m not even asking you for anything hard. I’m not even asking for something incredible either. Just, in this house, with no one in it, to be alone.” Jang Mi asks if he really likes being alone that much but he just smiles and just asks her to let him be by himself. Jang Mi tucks him in and then goes to his kitchen, planning on making something.

Next morning, a very hung-over Gi Tae heads out to see that his kitchen is a mess. Around the kitchen, Jang Mi left post its which read, “Don’t drink coffee, have some soup” and “I also made rice”. Although he complains about the amount of dishes he has to do and how he doesn’t eat rice for breakfast, his stomach says otherwise, so he sits down and basically inhales the food she made him and even says that it’s delicious. When he’s done, he looks around (for more post its perhaps?) and once he opens the fridge he sees her last message, “once your stomach has settled, let’s meet your parents”.

Gi Tae thinks back to 3 years ago when he was still engaged to Se Ah. He had taken her to his current apartment and, although she complains that it’s a bit small, he tells her that it’s a special house to him. He confides in her, telling her that when he was a child, there was a time when he lived in the apartment alone and that turned out to be the happiest time in his life. That’s kind of sad. Therefore when he comes to the apartment, he feels at peace. He embraces her and tells her that now he wants to live together with her for a long, long time.

At his parents’ house, mom brings up the fact that Se Ah still likes Gi Tae. Mom sends aunt on another mission and grandma asks what they are up to now, what happens if this results in Gi Tae really living alone for the rest of his life. Mom just says that she’ll make Gi Tae marry Se Ah one way or another. So one loveless marriage wasn’t enough? Even dad and grandma look shocked.

Back at work, Hyun Hee waits for Hoon Dong’s call but Jang Mi tells her that she should stop waiting since he won’t call. Why did she make such a big mistake? Hyun Hee gets angry about Jang Mi’s interference and thinks that Jang Mi hates her meeting with Hoon Dong. “You have Hoon Dong oppa’s sincere love and I’m just a mistake”. Hyun Hee says that it might not have been a mistake if Jang Mi didn’t meet up with Hoon Dong since natural feelings could have occurred eventually.

In his office, Gi Tae thinks back to Se Ah’s redonkulous threat and wonders if he should just give her what she wants. NOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo. Jang Mi sneaks up on him and he just freaks out, so she thinks he’s watching porn. Ha! She tells him that they should go to his house to beg and ask for forgiveness. He asks if that’s the only way but she steps up and promises that she’ll do the talking if it’s too difficult for him. LOL He tries to delay the inevitable by saying that he’ll go after 3 more patients.

Outside, Yeo Reum is having difficulty taking out the trash so Jang Mi lends a hand. She wants him to explain how him getting punched was all because of her. Yeo Reum says they need the right atmosphere to talk about that but unbeknownst to them, aunt is spying on them and is reporting back to mom.

Gi Tae calls to ask where Jang Mi is and realizes that she’s with Yeo Reum. Gi Tae is flabbergasted and asks if she forgot that Yeo Reum received money to stay next to her but Jang Mi tells him that Yeo Reum was going to return the money. Gi Tae gets frustrated and reminds her about how she said that she would be alone now. She asks for 5 minutes but he just angrily hangs up on her like a kid.

Gi Tae gets intel from aunt about how mom’s newest command is for her to figure out what Jang Mi and Yeo Reum’s relationship is. He tells himself that it doesn’t matter since he’s about to confess with Jang Mi anyways but then he takes out his phone with the GPS app to locate where she’s at. Handy, that.

At a nice scenic location, Yeo Reum tells Jang Mi about how he was the one that made the pancakes with her kimchi and about how his mom abandoned him. Jang Mi is moved and when he gets up to leave, she holds on to his hand and thanks him for sharing his heavy burden with her since through this, she gets to know him better. Turns out they weren’t alone and aunt takes a picture of them smiling while holding hands. Yeo Reum notices and they both start chasing her.

Gi Tae pops up and tackles aunt to the floor but the stalker turns out to no be aunt. He asks who she is, but then Se Ah appears and asks for the memory card. Seriously?!?!?!? Yeo Reum and Jang Mi show up and Jang Mi is shocked to realize that all this was Se Ah’s doing. Se Ah just threatens him with the “definitive evidence” and he just says that she hasn’t changed at all.

Flashback to 3 years ago. Se Ah unilaterally decided to buy the apartment next door since she wants to make their apartment bigger. He reminds her that the house is precious to him but those pleas go in one ear and out the other. He asks why she didn’t tell him about this but she says that his family’s finances are not enough so she didn’t want to burden him. He asks if she did a background check but she just dismisses his concerns, even reminding him to come to her hospital for a health check up. She tells him not to get too sensitive; does he have a dark deep secret? If he does, she can use it against him. Sounds like ingredients to an ideal relationship. Construction workers come in to tear down the wall but Gi Tae has had enough, he tells them to leave and kicks Se Ah out.

Back in the present, Gi Tae reminds her that she did this to him 3 years ago and she just says he’s pushing her away again like he did then as well. Birch please, at least he had a legit reason to do so. Just saying. Jang Mi sees real aunt is hiding in the grass, witnessing this whole exchange.

Jang Mi looks towards Gi Tae and remembers mom’s threat about how if she finds out that they are lying, Gi Tae would have to marry a girl of her choosing. She also remembers how Gi Tae said that he couldn’t marry Se Ah since she’s too much like his mom. Jang Mi finally gets why he likes being alone and why he hates marriage.

Gi Tae just tells Se Ah to reveal everything to his mom, he doesn’t care. Jang Mi has this hilarious struggle with herself, trying to decide if she should get involved or not. Yeo Reum just watches her having her usual crazy gollum-esque conversation and finds it adorable. When she thinks back on how much Gi Tae just wants to be alone, she seems to have made a decision.

Se Ah takes out her phone, intent on calling Gi Tae’s mom. Jang Mi can’t take it anymore so she says,

“Gang Se Ah. I’ve been very patient because you two are old friends. If you keep holding onto Gi Tae like this and sucking up to mother and shaking her resolve, I also won’t leave you alone. Gong Gi Tae is my man.”

You tell her! Gi Tae’s slightly confused but Jang Mi just walks right up to him. He tries to avoid her and backs up when she gets closer, like she’s going to eat him or something. LOL He asks what she’s doing and she just says that she’s the crazy one before standing on her tiptoes, where she wrap her arms around his neck to kiss him.

The kiss starts out like most Korean drama kisses; stilted with no lip movement but then, Gi Tae pulls Jang Mi in close and gives her a kiss worthy of cable. They both close their eyes and make out amidst the beautiful backdrop.


Okay, not cool show. That’s totally not fair play. What happened to the scene we saw in the cold open?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? I was seriously so excited that we were getting a sexy bed scene between out leads this early on in the show but I was deceived. Such a tease. *le sigh* I’m disappointed but I will say this, I’m just excited to know that there’ll be a bed scene in this show at all! So I’ll take what I’m given for now. Let’s just hope we get to watch it in its entirety SOON!!

How sweet was it for Jang Mi to stand up and protect Gi Tae? Even though Jang Mi constantly insisted that she wants nothing to do with his fights and that she’ll only focus on herself from now on, she willingly makes the decision to get involved. Isn’t it great that now Gi Tae let’s her worry about him without getting angry and telling her to mind her own business? These two stand by each other and are there for each other when it counts. And that kiss was pretty damn amazing, except for maybe Gi Tae’s one limp arm but whatevs, it was still great! Who knew my prayers would be answered this early? Let’s just hope Gi Tae will be the only one Jang Mi will be kissing from here on out.

We see in this episode why it can’t be Se Ah but Jang Mi is definitely the one. Jang Mi’s exactly what Gi Tae needs. I didn’t really dislike Se Ah until today’s episode where I got to see just how manipulative she really is. It’s true what Gi Tae said, mom and Se Ah are waaaay too similar. There’s no way he’d be happy with her. She’s a selfish, selfish girl and always has to have it her way. She’s willing to threaten the people she supposedly loves to get what she wants regardless of how much it might hurt them. She doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, thinking she knows best, and only cares about getting what she wants. No wonder why Gi Tae’s experience with her made him marriage-phobic and he would rather spend the rest of his life alone. She broke his trust. Then we have the amazing-pants Jang Mi. She always puts the people she cares about first and is always there to help them even if it means that she’ll be put at a disadvantage. She wants the people around her to be happy and will do whatever it takes to help them achieve it. Of course she might make some mistakes but it’s always with a pure heart.

I couldn’t believe Se Ah was really threatening Gi Tae so that she could have a kid with him? Seriously? That’s wrong on soooo many levels. Gi Tae doesn’t want a kid right now and especially not with Se Ah. Even if she says that the child won’t burden him, Gi Tae will still know that the kid is his flesh and blood so he’ll always feel guilty if he isn’t involved in raising the child. She’s obviously aiming for that since she could get someone else to be the baby daddy but she specifically wants Gi Tae. She knows that this is a good way to hold on to him. If she can’t have him, no one can. Also, even if Gi Tae wanted to have a child, he shouldn’t be forced into it. When the time’s right, he’ll have a kid with the woman he loves. *coughJangMicough*.

Finally, how much do I love the role reversal where Jang Mi is actually the brawns in all of her relationships? She’s like their princess in shining armor, always there to help.


34 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 6 Recap

  1. saboriana says:

    I adored JJM but after this episode I love her, she may become one of the best kdrama heroine that I have ever seen. On her own the girl is great, but when we put her next to the other two ladies on the show she is just in a league of her own. I hate double standard which is why from now on NHH will be a rapist as far as I’m concern. Honestly had it been LHD who got NHH drunk and slept with her we would have all labeled him a bastard, so in that case NHH is nothing more than a gold-ding rapist. There is no reason for her to like LHD other than his wealth, first LHD has made it more than apparent that he’s not over JJM, and NHH knows what an ass he is first hand, so other than the fact that she wants to be a VIP at the department store, I can’t see one good reason for NHH to like LHD. While I’ve not like NHH character since episode 4, this episode was the one that turned me off of KSA completely, for me she is so much worse than GKT mom, because at least GKT mom has a dignity and humanity that makes her come off as sympathetic, where as KSA is just a self servicing, manipulative witch. She has no idea how to love or sympathize with another human being, worse yet, every time GKT opens up to her and share something important with her, KSA uses it as a weapon against him and destroys a little more of his trust. I can see why poor GKT would rather be alone than end up with someone like KSA.

    While I can’t stand the ladies in this drama other than my JJM, I can’t say the same thing for the guys, these three men are just so complicated and wonderfully messy in their own way. First off is LHD, normally I hate guys like him, but for some reason I just find myself feeling bad for this over grown spoil man child who needs not only a heart, but also a brain. I also love JJM and LHD relationship, its almost like they’re becoming a mother at her wits end, and a son going through his rebellious teen years.Then there is HYR who wears this happy playful mask that hides so much maturity and pain and also a bit off desperation, HYR wants to trust JJM and be honest with her, yet at the same time he’s afraid of being rejected once again.Lastly is GKT who I just want to hung, between the women in his family and the crazy KSA, no wonder this poor boy thinks he just wants to be left alone, I love how he’s so honest about his feelings without really realizing that he is doing it. When he tells JJM dad’s to do him a favor because he’s been dump, you can tell he really wants to stay with her but he just doesn’t know it yet. I also love how the more JJM and GKT learn about each other and interact with each other the more they understand each other and fall for each other. It’s such a joy to watch JJM and GKT form a real foundation for a trusting and loving relationship. I don’t want to jinx it but I really hope this show can go the distance. MND Fighting.


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hi saboriana! Glad you decided to drop by again! 😀

      Jang Mi’s definitely one of the best female heroines that I’ve seen in a long, long time. Absolutely love her! She’s spunky and kind but she’s no pushover. I love that she speaks her mind and stands up for herself whenever necessary. The inner struggle she had at the end of the episode was really revealing since she chose to sacrifice her peace to safeguard Gi Tae’s future. It’s beautiful to see the friendship and trust between Jang Mi and Gi Tae slowly grow and blossom into something akin to love, as of right now at least. Unlike Se Ah, Jang Mi uses her knowledge about Gi Tae to protect him rather than to manipulate him. That’s why she’s the one.

      I agree about the double standards. That was the only gripe I had with this episode. Hoon Dong was clearly drunk out of his mind when he was in the hotel with Hyun Hee, which meant that he couldn’t have given her his consent. Without consent, it’s rape. The fact is, Hyun Hee was sober and took advantage of Hoon Dong and it just wasn’t right, especially after seeing Hoon Dong’s reaction the morning after, even if the show tried to play it off lightly.

      I already ranted enough about Se Ah in my thoughts section. She’s definitely in a league of her own, and no, not a good, fun one.

      I think the reason that Hoon Dong is still so lovable even after being a complete jerk is that he does seem sincere in his efforts to win Jang Mi back, even though he’s kind of an idiot. Also, a lot of credit should be given to the actor for his hilarious portrayal.

      Jang Mi’s friendship with all the guys right now are enviable.

      Marriage Not Dating, hwaiting!!! 😀


      • idastravels says:

        With a mom like his, I’m surprised that HD even recognizes real feelings. He only saw JM after the fact – when it was too late. Should be interesting to see how he develops over the course the show. We are only in week 3.


      • dramapenchant says:

        Yeah, that lady spoils him too much; it’s no surprise that he’s a man-child. I’m also curious to see how his character will develop in this show since he has a lot of potential for growth.


  2. Mocha says:

    Aigoo you’re so fast for recap this show.. Thank you forur recap.
    Now we know all the background reason of their character.


  3. idastravels says:

    I would like to give kudos to Jang MI ‘ s dad. The scene between him and KT was so heartwarming, especially since KT ‘ S dad seems far from warm. Not so crazy about JR’S mom but she seems to try.


    • dramapenchant says:

      A father’s relationship with his daughter is sacred. Dad was clearly very uncomfortable having a heart-to-heart with Gi Tae, thus the alcohol, but he stepped up when needed to ensure that his only daughter will be happy. He probably doesn’t know how much that talk affected Gi Tae…

      I think mom’s aight. She may be a little too excited about the fact that her “son-in-law” is a plastic surgeon but this is all in Jang Mi’s best interest. She doesn’t want Jang Mi to suffer the same fate she did and at this point she really does think that the two of them are in love.


      • jomo143 says:

        Oooh! That thing you said about JM Oma “She doesn’t want Jang Mi to suffer the same fate she did.”

        Why oh why is KT’s mom completely willing and able to force her son into a loveless marriage?! She is miserable. Her husband is a big fat jerkface who obviously has no affection or respect for now – if he ever did before. Why should the son be punished? I DON’T UNDERSTAND parents who want to run their ADULT children’s lives. Back off, Lady Robot.


  4. Zee says:

    Yay, you updated! Thank you for doing these recaps! You are amazingly fast and I knew once you posted I would feel less alone in my freak out (in a good way) about the opening scene. I think I will start there.
    When I watched for the first time (I have to admit that I have already re-watched this episode because it was so good-this whole show is so good!) I was so distracted by the opening scene that I barely took in the scenes immediately following, haha. Because on that first watch I wasn’t sure who the girl was (it was obvious that the guy was GKT) and I wanted it to be JJM but I was concerned it was maybe KSA. So as I watched the episode for the first time I noticed when anyone was wearing stripes (and seriously everyone wears them at some point! So frustrating).
    Anyway, on the second watch I was sure it was JJM and GKT in the opening: and they were wearing the clothes they wore when GKT had drinks with JJM’s dad.
    So then my question became: wth? Because, structurally, so far the openers have happened and then we begin the episode and rewind to a point before and count down back to the event in the opening.
    But not this time ): faaaaake out!
    So, I’m really hoping you are right and the opening is a scene that is going to happen and that it wasn’t just the writers trolling us (I read that speculation in a comment section and did not want, haha)
    The rest of this episode was great, too, of course. It’s just easy to obsess over the sex scene that…wasn’t?(but hopefully was).
    I definitely agree about the consent issues and NHH/LHD. Nooooot ok!
    And in general I don’t like the social manipulation on the part of NHH (and the idea that she will somehow be able to change LHD. Not healthy, lady).
    I am still unsure about HYR. I want to like him (though I am not even close to in-danger of second lead syndrome because this OTP just has to be!) but I’m not sure I like his “mysterious concept”.
    I don’t even need to start with KSA. Ick. Ick, ick. I have hated a lot of interfering exes in KDrama but she is in her own, horrible, class!
    JJM for the win! So likable and relatable! I like her quirks and her kind and giving heart!
    GKT, too! The writing and acting are so good that he isn’t just a flat/jerky stereotype. I love that we are learning about his motivations and that he is coming to sincerely care about JJM (even if he is still in denial about it, and he is).
    Lastly, I really love that GKT’s mom isn’t just the “normal” witchy kdrama-momma! Through JJM we are invited to look past her controlling and robotic shell to the hurt and vulnerable woman beneath. I really hope the writers go somewhere nice with her (I agree that I would like to see her and JJM eventually hit it off).
    I agree with your thoughts and thank you, once again, for recapping this show.
    I apologize (really) for the length of this comment! Apparently I have a lot to say about Marriage Not Dating^^


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hey Zee! Welcome back! 😀 Please do not apologize!! Thank you for commenting and creating a discussion here! I always love reading comments!

      Glad I’m not the only one who re-watched that opening scene multiple times. How perverted do we sound? LOL The only reason I knew that the person with Gi Tae was Jang Mi the first time I watched the episode was because of the voices. Jang Mi (well Han Groo) has a pretty distinct voice and then there was a moment where the light shined on her face before the covers came up and I knew it was definitely Jang Mi. Yep, it requires serious detective work. 😀

      A part of me knew that we wouldn’t be seeing the opening scene in it’s entirety in episode 6 since it would be too early. When they sleep together, I want them to both be in love (which they seem to be in the scene) (and sober) but as of right now, their feelings for each other are still too blurry. Also, the lack of the usual “so-and-so hours/days before the incident” kind of gave it away. I’m confident/hopeful we’ll see the scene (well another bed-scene), not anytime soon, but we’ll get it.

      I’m not sure how I feel about Yeo Reum either. He has an adorable smile, I give him that, but behind that smile is something much darker. He constantly approaches Jang Mi in such a passive-aggressive way, if you know what I mean. There’s always this fear of being abandoned that he always acts first so that he won’t get hurt and he knows Jang Mi’s weaknesses and uses them to his advantage. Of course, he’s no where as manipulative as Se Ah but I get a similar vibe from him.

      I seriously can’t wait to see Gi Tae when he’s head-over-heels in love with Jang Mi! He’s going to be soo adorkable! Well even more so than he is now. Also, a bit random, but how much do I love that he lives outside of his parents’ house? That just means that when Jang Mi does marry him, she won’t have to suffer as a live-in daughter-in-law. Yay! But hopefully by then, she has already formed an unbreakable bond with mom.


  5. Jenn says:

    Thanks for the recap…this is my new favorite drama!
    I actually liked that LDH and NHH got together in this episode – I actually said to myself, “Good, now those two are out of the way!”
    And I’m going to get hated for this one, but I think Gi Tae is just like his mom in that he’s manipulative and is the worst of the bunch (agreeing with JJM) especially after he said all those terrible things while she cried and he drank soju and then he literally pushes her away from him when drunk…yeah I was wishing she’d walk out without looking back. I would much rather see her with HYR who hides his pain under a smile but has been honest with her and is interested in a real relationship.
    And I’m sure we totally got played in that opening scene – it’s their clothes (you can even see the chain on JJM’s striped shirt) from the night Gi Tae gets drunk and she helps him undress…so when in the series will they be wearing the exact same thing again at the same time? …Never! It’s as though they gave us an alternate scene with a new interpretation, but the real one was completely hilarious but totally not sexy 🙂


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hi Jenn! Yep, this is totally my favorite drama this season…you probably already knew that since I’m recapping it. LOL Thanks for reading!

      Hmmm an interesting interpretation of the many different scenes/characters. To each his/her own but your comment really made me think.

      Gi Tae definitely knows how to turn a situation to his advantage but I wouldn’t go as far as to label him the worst of the bunch. I definitely think Se Ah wins that award. Gi Tae at least has a heart that gets move by Jang Mi and he does feel bad about the things that he makes her go through. He learns from his mistakes and makes sure not to use her scars to hurt her again. Although I might even argue that he wasn’t the one to tell his aunts at the memorial ceremony about her parents (except when he let it slip that her parents don’t have a good relationship) since his family is one full of stalkers anyways. He cares for Jang Mi and is genuinely worried about her. When he had that soju-talk with her, he came across as harsh, but that was just his way of trying to console and look out for her. He’s not good at it but his intentions are good. I love that Gi Tae and Jang Mi constantly argue and say they want nothing to do with the other person but them always come back to each other. That’s why they are the OTP. Gi Tae was willing to end the lie, even though that might mean he’d end up in a loveless marriage, but he never turned to Jang Mi for help. It was Jang Mi that stepped up, so although Gi Tae sometimes does do things for his benefit, he knows the line.

      I’m iffy about Yeo Reum. Like you said, he hides his pain beneath a smile but I’d also argue that he’s pretty manipulative himself (check out my response to Zee, if you’re interested).

      That scene might be a tease but I think we’ll definitely get a bed scene between our couple. It might not be the exact same one from this episode’s cold open, but I’ll be happy as long as we get one. 😀


      • jenn says:

        Thanks for responding! I agree that SeRa is the worst of the bunch, but I wanted to clarify that JJM’s response to GiTae is that out of the men he accuses her of getting ‘played’ by, she says he is the worst – that’s what I meant and agree with her on… Also, my middle name is Rose and I’m so excited to know that JangMi is the korean translation for Rose! Since I’m new to your blog, I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this or not, but do you have a korean background or did you just fall in love with Kdramas like me? 😉


      • dramapenchant says:

        Ooops saawry! But seriously, sorry for misreading your previous comment!

        I’m not Korean but I am of Asian descent. I grew up watching at lot of different types of dramas, Hong Kong, Chinese, and Taiwanese but grew to love Korean dramas the most. 😀 There’s just something about the way that Korean dramas are unapologetically romantic that gets me…I hope we can share the love of kdramas here!


  6. Em says:

    Thank you so much for the recap. I love that you go into so much detail about the show! I like your writing style as well 🙂


  7. k lava says:

    Just discovered your site today and I have to say I’m definitely now a your writing. thanks for the speedy recap wasn’t expecting episode 6 today ,glad I decided to refresh one more time before going to bed.again love how your writing the recaps smiley faces all around. oh and penniless thoughts – priceless


  8. Roses'n'Rainbows says:

    Hey there! Thank you for the recaps! Please don’t ever stop. Your recaps are seriously awesome – I love all the details that you capture and your insights – you seem to hit all the right spots that totally gets me in the gut. Please keep them coming!


  9. keepwatchinn says:

    i think the prologue was the part where ki tae got drunk. they only presented it with romantic gesture to let the viewrs think theres a SCENE hahahaha.


  10. jomo143 says:

    Thanks for all the words you wrote! I liked all of them. I know it takes time and effort and I appreciate you giving us a place to share our thoughts.

    I thought the cold-open psyche-out was clever. The writers have been playing with us and the opening from the first episode. They are giving us what we say we want – a love scene, right? With all the belts off and rolling in the sheets – but it forced us to wonder: “Isn’t it a little early? I mean they don’t even like each other that much…” They also gave us a couple having sex in the same episode, and what did we say? “Isn’t it a little early? I mean they don’t even like each other that much.” Sort of a “Be careful what you wish for” situation.

    Meanwhile, we got an actual unselfish act of love from one half of the OTP. A good deed that just happened to provide us the skinship we crave as a bonus. All 360 degrees of swirling camera and locked lips. It showed that she was putting him first because she seems to be the only one who understands his desire (to be alone) and she respects that. The caring behind the act made a difference, unlike the kitchen kiss, this one had subtance. The little pull of attraction that MUST be there for them to continually end up in each other’s orbit just converted to a *SPARK* and both of them ignited from the contact. LOVE IT.


    • dramapenchant says:

      Yeah, I have to give it to the writers there. That was definitely a great way to hook the viewers in to the episode. Now let’s just hope we get rewarded with a much steamier bed scene in the future when our OTP is actually in looooove~~~~. 😀

      That kiss was made all the better because of the good intention behind it! Plus it always helps that there was moving lips and everything!


  11. flowern12 says:

    Thank you for the recap! I have read you other recaps and waiting if you really continue write for this series.
    I knew it. I knew that opening is not reality, because I also counting down the time and didn’t see any clue for this scene. I mean, usually we saw “D-…” and “… before” right?
    so the possibility it is just the PD trolling us, alternative life -if…-, or someone’s imagination. If that scene really just imagination, I think that KT’s imagination. from the drunk memories, when JM ask him if he remember anything about that night.
    now I curious if KT really has dark secret. Maybe SA already knew?
    aish… I wish Friday come faster!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Thanks for reading!

      I’m still waiting to find out what grandma did in the past to cause her to be soooo guilty towards Gi Tae. Maybe she forced the marriage between mom and dad? I don’t really know yet…

      Yes, Friday come faster!!!!


  12. Bez.t says:

    ok…time to catch my breath…this episode was so great I don’t have a word for it!!!! and me lost for words belive me…that doesn’t happen that often. I loved the “drunking” part it was well acted, well placed oh God!!! lets just say it was perfect and one more thing we really need more Of the good staff and it better come soon or I will… do sth
    by the way did I say how I liked ur comments I loved them I cannot wait for episode 7 (have high expectation… high expectations indeed)


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