Marriage, Not Dating Episode 5 Recap

Sometimes there are things that you just can’t hold back.


Episode: Words That I Could Only Say to You

Cold open: Gi Tae calls after Jang Mi and she turns to face him. He tries to approach her but she tells him to not come closer. He’s worried and asks if she’s okay. She has tears in her eyes and continues to reject his advances, telling him that all this is his fault. He acknowledges that and apologizes. He steps towards her but she just yells at him to leave until her screams become a desperate plea for him to just go. No, don’t, give her a hug! The two just stay frozen in space.

One Day Before the Typhoon Invasion

Jang Mi and Yeo Reum are still sleeping in the restaurant. Yeo Reum wakes up first, and smiles while watching Jang Mi sleep. When he hears the front door open, he starts panicking. He tries to wake Jang Mi up but there’s no time so he hides behind the couch before he is seen. It’s Hoon Dong who has arrived to work early. He see’s someone wrapped in a blanket so he approaches ever so cautiously until he realizes that it’s just Jang Mi.

Jang Mi’s eyes open and sees Hoon Dong right above her. The two of them flip out. Jang Mi can’t remember why she’s there, since you know, she was drinking an entire bottle of wine last night and looks towards Yeo Reum for help.

Hoon Dong gets all dramatic, thinking that she waited all night just for him. He starts holding her hand and then grabs her into a hug. While he’s petting her hair, Jang Mi reaches out for Yeo Reum who apologizes and runs into the kitchen.

Of course his mom and Gi Tae’s mom come in right at that moment and Hoon Dong’s mom identifies Jang Mi as the stalker. Gi Tae’s mom is veeeery interested and learns that the stalking and beer incident only happened a few weeks ago. Hoon Dong’s mom takes out her phone to call the police but Hoon Dong stops her saying that he loves Jang Mi.

His mom asks if he’s already forgotten what Jang Mi did to him but he justs says, “No. How do I forget? The feelings that Jang Mi gave to me, and the scar that I gave to Jang Mi. I won’t forget it until I die.” Okay, that’s kind of sweet and I like that he’s standing up for her. Not that she needs it but it’s still sweet.

Hoon Dong throws a tantrum at his mom’s objections, saying that it’s making it hard on him. Such a man-child. His mom says he’s embarrassing her but Gi Tae’s mom just coolly says, “Love is nothing to be embarrassed about” but then turns to Jang Mi “The most embarrassing thing is lying”.

Jang Mi tells mom that she’s sorry but Gi Tae shows up and asks her what she’s done wrong to apologize. Thank you! Gi Tae then apologizes to Hoon Dong’s mom for making things hard on her son since Jang Mi has stolen his heart and he’s going to marry her. Mom tells him to stop and wants the two of them to follow her since she’s embarrassed. Gi Tae throws her words back at her since she said that love is nothing to be embarrassed about but by then, she’s already out the door. Yeo Reum has been listening to all this with interest.

Hoon Dong’s mom is confused about what’s happening but Hoon Dong tells her it’s just as she saw, he’s having his girl stolen by his friend. He throws another one of his tantrums, telling mom that she has to help him win Jang Mi back. Will she be happy if he really gets a good girl such as Jang Mi stolen? Especially since Mom’s the type to run out at buy the exact same handbag as Gi Tae’s mom whenever mom buys a new one?

In Gi Tae’s office, mom tells Jang Mi to leave since the play-acting is over. Gi Tae continues with the lie and says that mom has misunderstood. Mom’s no fool and says that yes, initially she thought Jang Mi was Gi Tae’s girlfriend so she invited her home but now she understands the situation perfectly. Gi Tae wanted to get out of the pressure to get married by bringing home a ridiculous woman that she wouldn’t approve of. Who would’ve known that Jang Mi was in fact Hoon Dong’s stalker?

Gi Tae: “That’s a scar for Jang Mi. Don’t bother it and make her hurt even more. I told you already. If it isn’t Joo Jang Mi, I won’t get married.”

Oooh, looks like someone learned from the memorial ceremony fiasco. Jang Mi and mom are both shocked at the words coming out of Gi Tae’s mouth. Gi Tae insist that Jang Mi is the one but mom reminds him that Jang Mi was Hoon Dong’s stalker and the same girl that made a mess at his grandpa’s memorial. He says that he’s surprised that he’d like such a girl as well but that’s love, right? Mom tells him to stop messing around, as the only son in the family he shouldn’t be doing such things. Gi Tae just threatens to just stay a bachelor forever if she doesn’t approve of his marriage to Jang Mi. During this whole conversation, Jang Mi has tried to get a word in and has agreed with mom on all counts but she get’s shushed. LOL

Gi Tae tells his mom to admit that it’s not because she doesn’t believe him but that she just hates Jang Mi. Mom comes back with her own threat and tells Gi Tae that if she finds evidence that their relationship is a lie, he’ll have to marry a girl of her choosing. Well, that escalated quickly. So a deal’s made, if mom doesn’t approve of Jang Mi, then Gi Tae gets to stay a bachelor like he wanted, but if mom finds out that it’s a lie, Gi Tae will be forced into marriage.

When mom leaves, Jang Mi gives Gi Tae a smack down and asks why he’s trying to force something even though they’ve already been caught. Jang Mi reminds him that they agreed to end it last night and asks him how far he plans to go with this. Gi Tae just tells her that he will go until he gets the right to live the life he wants without other people’s interference. He tells Jang Mi about how he declared to his entire family that if it’s not her, he’ll live alone forever so now her role is more important than ever. She just asks why he’s doing this to her but he asks why she got caught. What was she doing at the restaurant all night, since she’s still wearing the same clothes as yesterday?

Gi Tae is shocked to learn that Jang Mi was with Yeo Reum all night and asks, “did you do it?” Ha! She’s shocked and says she most certainly did not. All she did was drink alcohol and then passed out. He clarifies and asks if she told Yeo Reum about their relationship. Well she’s pretty sure she didn’t but then again, she might have, being so drunk and all.

Gi Tae pulls up to a cell phone store and buys Jang Mi a smartphone. She doesn’t know why she should accept it from him but he tells her that she has to tell him whenever and wherever she goes somewhere. He’ll be tracking her 24/7. Great, more stalking. But he does end with, “use it for whatever you want”. Just tell her you’re sorry about breaking her phone yesterday.

She still doesn’t understand but he tells her the situation is now dire. There’s no going back. She says that it’s his situation to deal with and turns to leave but he holds onto her and places the phone in her hand. He tells her that he’ll give her whatever she needs, including money. She grabs his hand and calls him out, telling him to just say, “I’m sorry that your phone broke because of me” if he’s sorry rather than trying to smooth things over with money. She gives him the phone and leaves but he stops her asking if it’ll be okay to not contact Yeo Reum. After spending the night together, would it be okay if she couldn’t be reached? Haha he sure knows her weaknesses well.

Sooo next day, Jang Mi sits with her new phone and Yeo Reum texts her, apologizing about earlier and offers to take her out to eat. Just as she’s about to agree, she receives a text from Gi Tae asking her to meet him. She rejects him but he tells her that he has something to threaten her with.

Turns out, Jang Mi’s mom stopped by his office to get filler injections for her face. Mom asks if she’s a burden but Gi Tae is as solicitous as ever and even calls her mother-in-law.

This means that Jang Mi is stuck with Gi Tae after work. . He takes her to eat some ice cream, which she doesn’t want but he just tells her to hold it. Why? Well, he wants to take some couple pictures to post on his SNS to prove that their relationship is real. Jang Mi is reluctant at first until he gets some ice cream on her lips so she takes her cone and sticks it in his face. They both laugh and take a picture.

Then it’s a picture of them drinking from the same glass, Gi Tae buying her a rose and the two of them at the movies. Each time, they both smile for the camera and then hilariously pull away once the picture is taken. It cracks me up!

After the movie, the two of them go to a bar, take their usual picture but this time, Jang Mi asks that he take it again since she looks weird in that one. He jokes around, saying that it looks good and that she always looks like that anyways. Maybe she should stop by his office. They both laugh, clearly enjoying their time together and Gi Tae finally gives in and they take another picture. They sure look like a real couple to me!

Back at the restaurant, Yeo Reum has seen all of the pictures that Gi Tae uploaded and thinks back to the other night when Jang Mi confessed that without her knowing, it became sincere even though she denied the fact that she and Gi Tae are in a relationship.

Gi Tae drives Jang Mi home after their date and just before she gets out of his car, she receives a text from Yeo Reum telling her that he’ll be meeting her at the same place as yesterday. Gi Tae tries to sneak a peak but Jang Mi tells him he should leave now. He replies that he’ll leave after he sees her go in. Awwwwwww. Even Jang Mi tells him to stop acting like he’s really her boyfriend since there doesn’t seem to be anyone following them. Nonetheless, Gi Tae gets out of the car to open her door for her and tells Jang Mi to go in.

She tells him to leave and turns to go inside, but not before thanking him for the rose, which causes Gi Tae to smile. As she’s heading inside, he tells her not to go anywhere and just sleep since it’s already late. Awwww If I didn’t know any better, it sure looks like they’re a couple that are reluctantly separating after the end of a date.

Inside her room, Jang Mi looks at the rose and smiles. Someone looks smitten! That is until she remembers about Yeo Reum’s texts.

Next thing you see is Yeo Reum opening the door to the restaurant and the person is none other than Jang Mi, who’s wearing a cap and a mask as a disguise. LOL He just laughs at her antics and asks if she’s a robber but she just says that this is a precaution in case someone catches them again. She suggests that they go somewhere else but he asks her for a minute since he was in the middle of doing something.

Back at his apartment, Gi Tae lays in bed, looking through the pictures from their date and smiles before catching himself. He decides to go to his GPS tracker app and sees that Jang Mi is currently at Hoon Dong’s restaurant, Bon Weekend, which causes him to sit up in anger. We legitimately have a show full of stalkers. LOL

At the restaurant, Jang Mi sees that Yeo Reum has been cooking and tells him that it smells great. He says that it’s not for eating and will be thrown away especially since Jang Mi had already ate a lot of delicious things with Gi Tae anyways. She realizes he saw the pictures and he lays on the guilt, saying that he was waiting for someone’s phone call until his eyes were about to fall out so yes, he ended up seeing them.

She apologizes and it looks like she’s about to tell him the truth about her relationship with Gi Tae when he calls her. Gi Tae asks where she’s at, already knowing the answer, but she lies and tells him she’s at home. He says that he already knows she’s with Yeo Reum but she just tells him that this is an invasion of privacy. Before Jang Mi hangs up on him, Gi Tae warns, “Don’t trust Han Yeo Reum. It’s dangerous…!”

Yeo Reum notices her new phone and when she tells him that Gi Tae bought it for her, Yeo Reum asks if she’s meeting Gi Tae because of money. She asks if that’s what he sees her as and says that she’s not thankful for this new phone. She loves her old phone since she used it for 6 years and Yeo Reum is in disbelief that someone can use the same phone for so long. Jang Mi just tells him that she can’t throw items away easily.

So if it’s not money, then why is she in a relationship with Gi Tae? Jang Mi thinks back to Gi Tae’s warning and decides to ask Yeo Reum why he’s sooo interested about her relationship with Gi Tae. Yeo Reum says it’s just because he wants to and when Jang Mi asks what kind of person he is, she gets, “Being mysterious is my concept” as a response.

He then takes the pot of food he was cooking and is about to throw it away when Jang Mi stops him. She can’t believe he was serious about throwing away the food but he tells her that it’s food that’ll expire tomorrow anyways so he just made it for fun. Jang Mi gets a spoon and starts eating, thinking that it’s delicious. He tells her that she’ll get sick since he made it with shrimp heads but she just says that’s perfect for making soup. True dat. She sits on the table, takes off her blazer and starts stuffing herself with the soup. Eating is a serious endeavor ya’know. Yeo Reum just sits next to her and watches her eat while smiling. What’s new?

Jang Mi: “I think I kind of know now. Like me, you can’t abandon things easily, right? And you feel sorry for abandoning.”

Yeo Reum: “What are you saying, it was made to be thrown away.”

Jang Mi: “Isn’t it because you think you’ll be abandoned so you’re abandoning it first?”

Yeo Reum: “What are you talking about…”

Jang Mi: Because for me, I hate being abandoned and I feel scared too. I, who is not good at throwing things away, and you, who throw things away easily, I thought maybe it’s the same reason.

Yeo Reum: “What do you know…”

She just tells him that’s what she thought after tasting it so he swoops in close and asks her if he can have a taste as well before giving her a kiss. They break apart but he pulls her in for a second kiss and they basically just start making out on the kitchen table.

Back at his apartment, Gi Tae has run down stairs, still in his pajamas, fuming, ready to catch Jang Mi and Yeo Reum. When he realizes that he’s wearing mismatched shoes, he starts laughing at his ridiculous behavior asking himself, “What am I doing? Catching a wife who’s cheating?”

20 Hours Before the Typhoon Invasion

At Gi Tae’s parents’ house, aunt and grandma are doing yoga when dad returns from work. He greets grandma who just, knowingly, remarks how hard it must have been for him since he couldn’t even come home last night. He goes to mom who’s ironing his clothes and gives her a bag of his dirty clothes and tells her he has to leave soon. She knows and prepares an outfit for him. It seems like this is a routine for them. Dad asks how Jang Mi found out since people around him are super careful and wonders if Gi Tae told her. He says that he doesn’t think Jang Mi is a bad person but they need to take this seriously since they don’t know when she’ll tell others which might negatively affect their family. Ummm how about you stop having affairs? I think that’ll really benefit your family. Mom is silent during this whole exchange.

At work, Jang Mi thinks about her kiss with Yeo Reum and calls herself crazy. Hyun Hee notices her strange behavior and asks what’s wrong. Jang Mi turns around and giddily tells Hyun Hee about the kiss. Hyun Hee just asks about the plastic surgeon and Hoon Dong but Jang Mi stomach starts hurting. Uh oh, looks like Yeo Reum was right about that soup.

Before Jang Mi can get to the bathroom, Gi Tae’s mom appears and asks to talk. She tells Jang Mi that the situation must be making her uncomfortable as well but she doesn’t understand why Jang Mi’s going along with her son. Did she get paid? Jang Mi justs mutters under her breath that if she knew this was going to happen, she would have taken a lot of money and even calls Gi Tae a bastard, which earns her a look from mom. She tells mom that getting involved with Gi Tae is both emotionally and physically tiring.

Mom takes out a voice recorder and tells Jang Mi to confess that everything was a lie, even offering to pay her more than what she received from Gi Tae. Well, that wouldn’t be too much, since she received $0 for all this crap, but whatever. Jang Mi laughs at the ridiculousness and tells mom,

“When you first met me, I was sort of jealous, you know. That there’s such an elegant mother and calm father. I thought that you were both very different from my parents. I thought that the nice, peaceful families I saw in dramas actually existed. But the more I got to know, I learned that the drama was a makjang drama.”

Mom is appalled but Jang Mi tells her that as mother and son, they should be able to talk about problems instead of resorting to such methods. Mom tells her to shut up but Jang Mi just says that she felt bad for mom. Mom can’t believe what she’s hearing and moves in her seat, which causes Jang Mi to think that mom’s going to slap her again so she throws her arms up to block her. Haha! Just then mom sees dad’s mistress and runs to hide. Awe.

Jang Mi sees mom hiding and recognizes dad’s mistress as well. She tells mom that it’s fine to come out and that she shouldn’t be the one that has to hide, the other woman should. Word. Mom pretends that she doesn’t know what Jang Mi is talking about and walks away, ever so epically with her jacket collar up and the wind blowing in her hair.

11 Hours Before the Typhoon Invasion

Mom goes to meet Gi Tae to ask about how Jang Mi found out about the affair. She reminds Gi Tae that his dad’s presidential election (note: university/company’s election, not political one) is coming up and if the world knew about it everything would be ruined. Gi Tae tells mom he’s surprised that mom’s talking about dad’s mistress since he thought that topic was forbidden. Mom asks if he purposely told Jang Mi to shorten her breathing.

“No. I’m trying to breathe. In front of that person, without me knowing, everything just comes out. It’s refreshing, telling at least one person. Someone you can tell comfortably.”

Okay, there’s definitely a lot of truth in that. Mom can’t believe that he’ll choose comfort even when his family’s future is at stake but Gi Tae just asks if mom’s rejecting Jang Mi then. Should he just live alone? Mom says that she will bring conclusive evidence that his relationship with Jang Mi is fake.

Back at Hoon dong’s restaurant, Yeo Reum asks if the head chef would try the soup he made last night. The chef tries it and says that it is so-so before going in for another spoonful.

At the hair salon, Hoon Dong’s mom thinks back to Hoon Dong’s words and gets angry that he’s calling her a copycat. Just then, Hoon Dong’s mom sees Gi Tae’s mom and excitedly greets her. Gi Tae’s mom thinks that Hoon Dong’s mom is especially nice today but turns out, Hoon Dong’s mom was calling out to Se Ah. Both mom’s exchange some veiled comments and Hoon Dong’s mom invites Se Ah to their wine party which will be held at Hoon Dong’s restaurant, and although Gi Tae’s mom tries to stop her from attending, Se Ah agrees to go.

Hoon Dong runs to Gi Tae and tells him that his mom is planning on having her wine party at his restaurant and Se Ah’s attending. Hoon Dong hilariously says, “They want to get Jang Mi off of us. What should we do?” to which Gi Tae responds, “It’s not us but me”. Hoon Dong says he was trying to play fair, that’s why he gave Gi Tae the information but Gi Tae’s acting like a jerk.

At work, Jang Mi’s stomach is still hurting so she asks her boss if she can leave to go to the hospital. Of course, before she can, she gets a call from Gi Tae asking where she’s at and she says she’s at work and has to work late. He says that he knows she’s lying just as he walks up to her and drags her away saying that it’s urgent.

Yeo Reum finds his pot of soup completely empty and asks if the chef ate it all. He lies and says that he threw it away, even though his stomach is clearly not feeling too great. Chef finds the container of kimchi that Jang Mi gave Yeo Reum and Yeo Reum tells the chef that sometimes customers request for kimchi at their restaurant. The chef just tells him to throw it away before running to the bathroom. Yeo Reum can’t bring himself to throw the kimchi away since he thinks back to Jang Mi’s words and flashes back to his childhood when his mom made him a Korean pancake before grabbing her bag and leaving him behind. Ahh so that’s why he doesn’t like kimchi.

Outside of the restaurant, Jang Mi and Gi Tae are in another one of their usual arguments. She tells him that she won’t go in and tells him to stop bothering his mother. She’s about to tell him what happened at the department store but mom appears and tells her to stop. Mom asks Gi Tae what he’s doing there but Gi Tae just says that he’ll introduce Jang Mi to all of mom’s important friends. When mom says not today, Gi Tae asks if she’s rejecting Jang Mi then.

Mom tells him that the wife of the CEO at dad’s workplace is going to be in attendance today so they shouldn’t play around. Just then, CEO wife appears and before Gi Tae can introduce Jang Mi, mom has already escorted her inside. Jang Mi wants to leave but Gi Tae begs her, saying it’ll be the last time, since this is a prime opportunity for him to get the disapproval that he needs in order to stay a bachelor. Jang Mi, after holding it in for sooooo long, just wants to go to the bathroom so Gi Tae takes her inside.

2 Hours Before the Typhoon Invasion

Inside, Jang Mi tries to head to the bathroom but Gi Tae introduces her as his fiancée to the room full of his mom’s friends. CEO wife wants Jang Mi to join but Jang Mi declines. Mom agrees, saying that it might be uncomfortable for a stranger to attend their wine party but Se Ah appears and says that then she’ll have to leave too then. Mom generously welcomes her so Jang Mi and Gi Tae gets to stay.

Hoon Dong’s mom points out the fact that Gi Tae is sitting next to his ex-girlfriend his current girlfriend, to everyone’s surprise. Se Ah just tells them that they broke up coolly and are now friends so there’s nothing to be awkward about. Hoon Dong’s mom continues and tells CEO wife that Jang Mi was actually Hoon Dong’s girl up until a bit ago and says that Gi Tae must like to use recycled goods.

Jang Mi could care less about what’s happening at the table and runs off to find a bathroom. Hoon Dong stops Jang Mi to apologize about his mom. He should have protected her. She in such a hurry that she just tells him that she understands before pushing him away. As she’s opening the door to the woman’s bathroom, the chef swoops in telling her that the man’s bathroom is clogged. Poor girl, someone just let her use a bathroom already!!! Hoon Dong asks Yeo Reum to prepare some food for the ladies since the chef is having a case of the runs.

Yeo Reum doesn’t know what to make until he sees the kimchi and decides to make a kimchi pancake covered in four types of cheeses. When he serves it to the ladies, everyone’s a little taken aback and complains about the fusion cuisine. Yeo Reum looks towards Jang Mi who runs off to find a bathroom. Back in the kitchen, Yeo Reum is upset and throws the rest of the kimchi in the trash.

Jang Mi tries to get the chef to hurry it up but it’s no use. As she’s about to return to the party, she get’s dragged to the side by Yeo Reum. Seriously, you boys are lucky Jang Mi is not feeling well; otherwise she’d beat you all up with all this grabbing and dragging that’s being done in this episode! Yeo Reum asks Jang Mi why she’s acting innocent in front of all the other ladies. Jang Mi tries to leave but he blocks her, asking if she’s avoiding him in case the ladies see. He asks if she has two faces; last night she ate up all of his food and kissed him but today she’s acting innocent and is a doctor’s fiancée.

Jang Mi finally confesses that she and Gi Tae are just acting since Gi Tae doesn’t want to get married. Yeo Reum wants to know why she’s involved but she just tells him that it’s a long story and since she helped to start the lie, it’s partially her responsibility. Yeo Reum still doesn’t understand but Jang Mi tells him that she likes him. She tells him that she has a lot she wants to tell him and asks him to wait a bit. Se Ah stumbles upon the entire conversation and returns to her seat with a knowing smile.

Back at the wine party, CEO wife takes the first bite of the pancake and loves it. Everyone else tries it and readily agrees. Jang Mi returns to the table and tries to leave but CEO wife wants her to stay for some wine. Jang Mi’s in so much pain that time moves by ridiculously slow and everything’s a bit of a blur. Once she gets her wine, she just downs her drink so that she can leave faster. They tell Jang MI to try the pancake so she just stuffs it all in her mouth. CEO wife is impressed and says that how the pancake should be enjoyed.

CEO wife notices that the pancake isn’t to mom’s liking and mom just says that CEO wife is so ahead of everyone else that it’s hard to follow her. CEO wife can’t tell if that’s a complement or an insult but mom just says that she meant CEO wife is open-minded. Hoon Dong’s mom says that Gi Tae’s mom is more open-minded, since she’s willing to accept a girl with a criminal record as a daughter-in-law. Hoon Dong chokes on his drink and tries to shush his mom but it’s no use. Gi Tae worriedly looks towards Jang Mi but Jang Mi can’t hold it back any longer. She admits that she’s a stalker with a criminal record and was fined $50, swallows her food and downs her wine before leaving.

Typhoon Invasion

Once outside, Jang Mi desperately looks for a bathroom. When she’s hobbling along, we see lightning strike. Oh no…she didn’t! Poor girl!


Gi Tae approaches her and apologizes. She tells him not to come any closer and blames him for what just happened. She begs him to leave. Just then the wind blows and he gets a sniff of you know what. He backs up and notices that she’s trying to cover her butt with her bag.

He’s in disbelief when his mom shows up and wraps her up in a jacket. Mom walks her towards his office and tells Gi Tae not to follow them. Awwww mom!!!!

After Jang Mi’s all cleaned up and changed, mom tells Jang Mi that since they’ve exchanged secrets, Jang Mi shouldn’t go around spreading rumors.

Jang Mi: “It’s like a poop that you made in your pants, right? The events that exploded without my will or care. You’re fearful and ashamed and you’re hurt that you just couldn’t watch or say anything, right?”

Mom asks if Jang Mi is only satisfied after saying what she wants but Jang Mi promises not to say anything. Gi Tae shows up and asks what they talked about. Jang Mi tells him that they should stop it since she’s confessed to Yeo Reum.

Mom shows up when the party has ended and CEO wife tells mom that she saw another side of her today. Mom apologizes and says she’s embarrassed but CEO wife just says that she’s relieved. She thought mom would bring a “robot-like woman” just like her but instead Jang Mi’s such a human person. CEO wife is also happy that mom seems to be the type of person who understands and forgives people regardless of the situation. Ha!

At the bar, Hoon Dong calls Hyun Hee to come since he thinks he can talk to her about everything.

Back at the restaurant, Jang Mi tells Gi tae that she thinks she can tell Yeo Reum everything. Gi Tae is still shocked that she told Yeo Reum about their relationship but she just tells him that since she’s decided to date Yeo Reum for real, she can’t keep secrets; she can’t sacrifice her love life for Gi Tae any longer. Gi Tae brings up the poop incident and asks if she’s going to tell Yeo Reum that as well then. No secrets and all. She tries to mitigate the situation saying that it was only a little bit but then they come upon Yeo Reum and Se Ah.

Se Ah hands Yeo Reum an envelope and says “now I know what Gi Tae has been planning. It’s refreshing. You worked hard”.

Gi Tae looks over at Jang Mi and they both look a bit shaken.


The stakes have been raised and the line between fiction and truth is becoming blurry for all parties involved. It’s clear that Gi Tae is slowly becoming more and more attached to Jang Mi than he initially thought possible. He is finally showing her some of his real feelings. There was so much truth behind his words when he told his mom that when he’s around Jang Mi, things he wanted to hide just comes out and it’s actually a relief to have someone to share those things with. She’s exactly the kind of person that he needs in his life and when he’s able to face his true feelings and is able to convince her likewise, she will be his constant companion for life.

Okay I have to talk about that date! So cute! I had such a difficult time choosing which screencaps to use since I wanted to use all of them! I love how they were joking around about the quality of the pictures and how Gi Tae was teasing Jang Mi. They are comfortable around each other and seem to really enjoy each other’s company, especially when they can forget the real reason they are even together. How adorable was it that they were sharing the same drink at the movie theatre even though they weren’t even taking a picture of it. And that rose. Jang Mi clearly loved the rose Gi Tae bought for her. When she was looking at the rose sweetly, it just shows that Gi Tae is also affecting her. Isn’t it telling that she only get’s shaken out of her reverie when she thinks of Yeo Reum; he’s a last minute thought for Jang Mi.

Then we have Yeo Reum who’s really falling for Jang Mi but that doesn’t negate the fact that he took money from Se Ah to be her spy. This is is why Gi Tae has constantly been warning Jang Mi that Yeo Reum is a dangerous guy. He’s a player and he hides behind his smile and easygoing personality. It’s hard to tell when he’s being sincere and when he’s not. Of course, now that we see a bit of his past, I can understand why. After his mom left him, he’s afraid to form a real and honest attachment to another person. He’s been abandoned by the one person who was supposed to stick by his side regardless so he’s not willing to put his heart out their to be hurt again. But he seems to have a pretty scary side to him as well. Who else got a bit uncomfortable when he grabbed Jang Mi’s wrist and confronted her. I know he doesn’t like being played with but I seriously thought he was going to do something he’ll regret later but thankfully he softened when Jang Mi confessed to liking him.

Seriously though, poor Jang Mi. A girl can only hold it in for so long! But it was thanks to that incident that we got to see the more human side to mom. I’m glad she was there for Jang Mi and it also looks like mom has a reason for needing Jang Mi now with the CEO’s wife taking a like to the real-down-to-earth Jang Mi. See, Jang Mi is definitely what the Gi family needs. Also, poor mom! I felt really bad for her in this episode. She’s so ashamed that her husband’s cheating on her that she prefers to not talk about it and would rather be in denial. As Jang Mi said, it’s something she can’t control but she thinks that it’s her responsibility. As a result, she’s resigned herself to the role of the “good” wife who stands behind her husband regardless of what mistakes he makes. I can’t wait until she realizes that she’s better than that and ditches that terrible husband of hers.

Isn’t it a sign that Jang Mi and Gi Tae are meant for each other when they are always witnessing the other person’s most embarrassing and painful moments?  Sometimes they help the other person get out of the sticky situation but sometimes it’s just nice that they can joke around about it with each other after the fact. Most importantly though, they stay when the other person needs them most, even if it doesn’t look like it.

So Jang Mi has had a kiss with Hoon Dong and Yeo Reum, next it better be Gi Tae, and hopefully he’ll be the last guy she’ll be kissing on the show! 😀


12 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 5 Recap

  1. saboriana says:

    I love this show, usually Kdramas are so clean cut, but MND has so many interesting layers and not one character is one dimension. I really love watching a drama that can make may feel an array of emotion, and always leaves me with the feeling of wanting more. Thank you for recapping this show.


    • dramapenchant says:

      Exactly! I love a show where all of the characters are generally likable and are more complex than a cardboard cutout…which shouldn’t be hard to find but we both know that in dramaland, it is rather rare…

      Annnnywaaaay, before I go off on a tagent, let me just say thank you for reading!


  2. Millilitres says:

    Thank you for posting these recaps! I stumbled across your blog looking for marriage not dating recaps and really enjoyed reading them. You have a really refreshing style and I like your personal interjections. 🙂


  3. Zee says:

    So glad you are recapping this show! Just finished episode 6 and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it. Continuing to enjoy this show and your recaps. I’ll definitely be back for more!


  4. Bez.t says:

    I am new here but I would like to say that I enjoy ur comment so very much!!! I love this show and fact ur recaping it!!! thanks again!!!!


  5. dakira29 says:

    Similar to mililitres I too stumbled across ur post whilst looking for recaps…thank you for posting such lovely posts. I will be coming back for more.<3


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