Marriage, Not Dating Episode 3 Recap

This episode shows our hero that sometimes it’s nice to not be alone. Gi Tae thinks he likes solitude but what he really needs is a person to stand next to him, to be there when he needs them most and Jang Mi just might fit the bill.


Episode 3: Being Happy on Your Own. Actually, Surviving on Your Own.

A wrist falls limply. Jang Mi knocks on Gi Tae’s door frantically and when she finally manages to open it, she sees an unconscious Gi Tae.

2 Days Before the Incident

We cut from our cold open to Jang Mi and Gi Tae swerving through the streets. She asks if he’ll confess everything and he tells her not to worry. Jang Mi fears that he’ll just end up making everything worse.

Turns out that Gi Tae’s mom has made a surprise visit to Jang Mi’s house. Jang Mi’s mom talks comfortably to Gi Tae’s mom, who’s obviously very uncomfortable. You can really see that she looks down at Jang Mi’s mom for her profession and doesn’t find her to be very “classy”. Gi Tae’s mom apologizes for her son since he has no intention of getting married even though Jang Mi expects it. She continues to say that she doesn’t want Jang Mi to waste her time on Gi Tae so that’s why she mustered up the courage to come talk to mom today. Jang Mi’s mom is confused. Should she be thankful? Shouldn’t Gi Tae’s mom work on persuading her son to get married? Gi Tae’s mom says that she’s tried everything but it looks like Jang Mi and Gi Tae are currently happy with their relationship.

Gi Tae’s mom gets up to leave when Jang Mi and Gi Tae barge in. Mom asks Jang Mi if Gi Tae’s the restaurant owner she has been talking about but Gi Tae’s mom corrects her, Gi Tae is a plastic surgeon. Gi Tae thinks fast and tells Jang Mi’s mom that it was Jang Mi’s idea to lie about his job. He even goes on to say that he wanted to make their relationship public and come visit mom sooner but Jang Mi is just soooo stubborn, wanting to keep him a secret until she has confirmation of his feelings! He acts all meek and asks what more does Jang Mi want when he already tells her that he loves her, he needs her and that he wants them to be happy. Ha! Even his mom rolls her eyes at his obvious lies. He even goes as far as to call her mother-in-law and gives her a bow.

Gi Tae escorts his mom home, well more likes forces her to leave, and Jang Mi’s mom is clearly very happy that her prospective son-in-law is a plastic surgeon. She immediately runs to tell dad the news, who’s equally excited, especially after confirming with mom that Gi Tae is good looking and has  a great personality. They are so happy that they even put a pause to their ridiculous way of communicating via text  and actually talk to each other face-to-face. Seeing how happy her parents are and how they are finally talking to each other again, Jang Mi doesn’t have the heart to tell them it was all a misunderstanding. The lie holds.

Jang Mi lies in bed and happily thinks about Yeo Reum’s sweet gesture earlier that night. Just then, she receives a message from Hoon Dong asking if she’s asleep and she just drops the phone like she just saw a ghost or something and goes to bed.

1 Day Before the Incident

At work, Jang Mi confides in Hyun Hee and shows her the text. Hyun Hee is obviously jealous and asks if she thinks Hoon Dong is having regrets. Jang Mi doubts it since he texts a lot of girl and says that he even gave an expensive gift to some girl at the party. It turns out Hoon Dong was just returning the wallets he bought back to Hyun Hee. Jang Mi tells her that she’s completely over Hoon Dong and now sees him for what he really is. Ugly! 

Gi Tae is asleep when he hears his front door open. It’s mom. She has come to check up on him and after seeing all the processed food in his kitchen (which she throws away); she concludes that he doesn’t have guests over and that includes Jang Mi. She wonders if his ultimate goal is to keep his apartment but he smooooooothly says that his goal is to protect Jang Mi. She doesn’t believe it but he insists that mom needs to give him his privacy in order for him to get married. Mom says that she can’t take her oldest son’s rebellion anymore and tells him to stop. He just shoots back “Why don’t you stop it. The whole thing.” These two!

Hoon Dong continues to bother Jang Mi with texts such as “Morning!” “Jang Mi-ah, what are you doing?” and “Busy?” Looks like someone is regretting the break up and is taking some “stalking” lessons from Jang Mi’s handbook. He actually pouts and laments the fact that she hasn’t responded or even opened any of the texts. When he looks out the balcony and sees Jang Mi on her bike, he gets excited and thinks that she’s there to see him!

Nope. She’s there to see Yeo Reum and return his jacket back to him. Yeo Reum is so engrossed in learning how to cook from the chef that he basically ignores Jang Mi. She asks if they can go out to eat but he tells her he just finished eating. He tells her maybe next time but she doesn’t have his number. He tells her that he has her number so he’ll call her. As she’s leaving, Hoon Dong tells her that she can stop it now; she doesn’t have to use Yeo Reum as an excuse to see him. Just come whenever she wishes! Haha the size of this man’s ego!

Gi Tae leaves work and receives  a text from his aunt telling him that mom has just left and that he owes her $50 for the info. Ha, I love how he has an informant in his aunt. Since Gi Tae’s office is right behind Hoon Dong’s café, he catches Hoon Dong following after Jang Mi, saying he’ll try to like her again. As if it’s a favor or something. Jang Mi can’t believe what she’s hearing so when Gi Tae walks up and puts an arm around her saying that she’s his girlfriend, Jang Mi plays along. Gi Tae even uses this opportunity to take her back to his apartment since he knows mom is stopping by.

In the car, Gi Tae tells Jang Mi that her revenge seems to be a success, and I’d agree since Hoon Dong is actually chasing them in his own car. Once they arrive at Gi Tae’s apartment building, Hoon Dong asks if this is all an act just to screw with him. Gi Tae says that they just wanted to be alone, that’s why they’re at his apartment. Hoon Dong doesn’t believe it since Gi Tae never has visitors over, especially girls, and especially not jang Mi just as the door slams in his face. He deduces that Jang Mi is just playing hard to get. Yeah, keep thinking that bud.

Gi Tae rubs it in reminding her that she said she wanted nothing to do with him yet here she is, at this apartment. He must be too wasteful to throw away. Jang Mi asks Gi Tae to help her until Hoon Dong leaves and Gi Tae basically compares her to Hoon Dong saying, “Hoon Dong was like that to me too. To drop Joo Jang Mi.” Jang Mi adorably says that now that the roles have been reversed, she understands what its like but it’s so unfair that Hoon Dong isn’t even being tried for being a stalker! Hahaha how many stalkers do we have in this show?

Gi Tae reluctantly invites Jang Mi into his “humble” abode and Jang Mi is fascinated at how a single man’s house is so clean. Gi Tae corrects her

“I’m not single but a bachelor. A single man has a strong nuance with not being able to get married.  I’m a person that chose not to get married.”

The house is so clean that Jang Mi asks, “Is his a house where a person lives?” After getting pushed off the couch, Jang Mi runs around that apartment and finds everything Gi Tae owns just soooooo fascinating. She sees a coffee grinder and asks Gi Tae to make her some coffee but he pulls it from her hands since it’s not to use, but something to look at. She sees that he has a gramophone and starts playing with his records, which he pulls out of her hand and reminds her that it’s just to look at, not to touch.

She then sees his fish tank and finds Nemo! Hahaha Gi Tae corrects her that it’s not Nemo, it’s a clown fish and starts wiping down her fingerprints from the glass. To spite him, Jang Mi just rubs her hands all over the glass and he frantically starts wiping the prints off. He sure seems like one fun guy…

She ends up in his massage chair and by that time he’s exhausted from chasing her around his apartment. He even hates the fact that she’s changing the settings on his chair. She’s feels so at home that she even takes off her socks and throws them on the ground to Gi Tae’s utter disgust. Jang Mi tells Gi Tae to stop scolding her so much since she did sacrifice her dinner date with Yeo Reum for him and he just counters that it wasn’t him who ruined her plans but his mother. Just then he hears the sound of the door’s keypad, mom’s here!

Jang Mi tries to find a place to hide and Gi Tae rushes her into his room (not before slipping and falling a couple to times). He throws the sheets over her and starts taking off his clothes to Jang Mi’s bewilderment. LOL I know what you’re trying to do. Jang Mi tries to get up and put a pause to this whole ridiculous situation but Gi Tae just pushes her back down on the bed. Rawr. He manages to take off his shirt and then he makes sure to expose her bare legs from under the covers.

When mom arrives, she sees a pair of shoes, as well as Jang Mi’s discarded socks. Gi Tae just saunters out to the living room, making sure that his door is open and Jang Mi’s legs are visible before modestly closing the door. OMG! He apologizes to his mom, telling her that the reason he doesn’t want her to come to his apartment is because he doesn’t want to show her this side of him. Mom says she didn’t see anything and leaves in a daze. Mission complete but Gi Tae does look a bit guilty with his over-the-top methods.

Jang Mi realizes that he brought her to his apartment so that he could chase his mom away. She thinks he’s being a jerk since mom even came with side dishes for him and everything. She says that it’s time for them to clear up the situation with their parents and Gi Tae asks, “you didn’t tell them yet?” He assumes that her mom must really like him and attributes it to his ability to captivate adults. She just screams at him that she’s going to tell and he kind of flinches. How much do I love that he’s a bit afraid of her?

Of course when Jang Mi does go to mom and pop’s chicken and beer restaurant, she can’t bring herself to confess since her parents have been so happy. They are still talking to each other and have been bragging about their plastic surgeon son-in-law with all the customers, saying the wedding invitations will be sent out soon. Oops, looks like they are in a bit deeper than she thought.

Despondent, she wanders alone saying she wants alcohol. I seriously think that she might just be an alcoholic. She decides to call Hyun Hee to talk about the situation but Hyun Hee declines, saying she has an urgent family matter. Jang Mi understands completely and then thinks about Yeo Reum saying that he’ll call her. Since he still hasn’t, she does what every other normal girl would do, she goes to the café to look for him.

Turns out Hyun Hee didn’t have a family matter after all and is actually meeting up with Hoon Dong about refunding him the 20 wallets. Hoon Dong tells her that she didn’t have to come personally and that he would have come to the store. Hyun Hee uses Jang Mi, saying she didn’t want Jang Mi to feel uncomfortable by his presence. Hoon Dong asks if Jang Mi finds him uncomfortable and she just smiles and asks him if Jang Mi responded to any of his texts. Not cool girl. Hoon Dong still thinks Jang Mi is playing hard to get.

Jang Mi tries to sneak into the café kitchen without getting noticed by Hoon Dong but she fails when Hoon Dong catches her and thinks she came back for him.  Ha He seriously needs to get the memo. Hyun Hee initially tries to hide her face but then decides against it and stands up next to Hoon Dong looking apologetic. Jang Mi can’t believe her eyes and asks when the two of them started going out. Hoon Dong tries to clear up the situation but before he can, Jang Mi runs away, hurt by her friend’s betrayal. Hoon Dong wants to chase after her but Hyun Hee holds him back telling him that Jang Mi was the one who played hard to get first, now he’s just giving back as good as he got. Birch! Once outside, Jang Mi even runs into Yeo Reum coming back from his date for the charity event. It’s too much for one day so she just turns away from him and walks home.

At the pool, Se Ah and Gi Tae are having their date and Gi Tae does his part since the date did cost Se Ah $10,000. They go for a swim and then have a nice fancy steak dinner by the pool. Se Ah points out that she specifically chose the pool since he doesn’t like crowded places. She says pointedly

“Since there’s no people, its nice and quiet. I thought your preference changed to liking loud and wild things.”

Her real meaning isn’t los

t of Gi Tae and he asks if she’s talking about Jang Mi. Se Ah continues “If you’re bored, play with me. Don’t food around with other people.” Gi Tae asks “who said it was fooling around?”

Se Ah: “We confirmed that as we broke the relationship 3 years ago. Me and you, we are not meant to marry anyone. Don’t harm anyone on the way. Let’s just live in solitude.”

That’s depressing. Gi Tae gets up to leave and Se Ah asks if she can go to his house. Looking at Gi tae’s reaction, I’m going to venture a guess and say that’s probably a no.  She realizes as much and lets him off the hook, knowing he likes to stay at home alone.

Jang Mi walks home with a soju juice box in hand. Once inside, Jang Mi says “I don’t like being by myself”. We get a flashback to when she was a child at home alone and she cried for her mom. Gi Tae’s lying in bed and he also thinks back to his childhood when he happily fell asleep while someone asked him, “Why do you like this house so much? Did you hide something good?” The contrast between the smiling Ki Tae when he was a kid to the now sad and lonely Gi Tae is stark.

Just as he’s about to fall asleep, his door bell rings and he thinks it’s mom. Nope, it’s some one much more entertaining, a very drunk Jang Mi. She runs into his apartment yelling that she brought ramen since she didn’t have anything to eat yet.

Gi Tae: “You left acting like you were never going to see me again, why did you come here again?”

Jang Mi: “Everyone has that day, the day when you hate staying alone.”

Gi Tae: “I don’t have that day.”

Jang Mi: “You probably don’t, the trash that doesn’t even let his mother in.”

She goes through his kitchen looking for a pot to make her ramen in and Gi Tae just asks her ever not-so-politely to please leave his house. Instead she says that she should be more sorry for being sooooo drunk but continues on her quest to make ramen. Ha! He offers to call a taxi and while he’s distracted, Jang Mi sees his fish tank and she gets an idea. She wants to eat spicy seafood stew, not ramen. Uh oh. So she sticks her hand in the fish tank and tries to grab Nemo! Gi tae tries to stop her but she says she just wants one fish. She actually manages to catch one and it falls on the floor. Gi Tae gets so worried that he yells “Nemo-ah!!!” and Jang Mi says “So it is Nemo!” LOL I’m dying!

He puts Nemo back into the tank and don’t worry, Nemo’s still alive. Gi Tae can’t take it anymore and screams at her to leave. Jang Mi cries and says “You are so mean. I didn’t even get to eat food . I drank a can of beer without food in my stomach.”

Awww, how can you be mean to such an adorable person?!? Gi Tae doesn’t seem to be in the mood for her antics and mutters to himself, “I tried to get rid of a fox and now there’s a tiger”. She continues crying since she’s SO SAD so Gi Tae gives in and starts making the ramen! Ha I knew you were a big ol’ softy. He measures out the water precisely with a measuring cup and sets the timer for 4 minutes exactly. I think we have a perfectionist on our hands. Jang Mi sits down and starts questioning why Yeo Reum fished her shoe out, offered to take her out for dinner and said he’ll call her and make her all confuzled if he was just going to go ahead and date someone else. Gi Tae listens to all of this and asks if she wants him to teach her about Yeo Reum’s real feelings and then throws the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” in her face! HA! She gets offended and then goes and takes the ramen pot off the stove even though there’s 2 minutes left on Gi Tae’s timer and uses the book as a coaster.

Jang Mi: “ Do you think everything can be done by following a manual?”

Gi Tae: “At least, know the motives and approach them. Don’t just go ahead by yourself.”

Jang Mi: “If you learn to love through a manual, terrible things will happen.”

Gi Tae: “Who’s worrying about you?”

Jang Mi: “Why do you dislike marriage so much?”

Gi Tae: “Because I might end up picking someone wrong like you and have to suffer forever.”

Someone’s going to end up eating his own words. Jang Mi asks him about what’s his relationship with Se Ah. She heard that they have a history together. He tells her that their relationship is one where they know each other best and take care of each other so it’s a relationship where it’ll be a waste to get married.

Jang Mi just goes ahead and eats directly from the pot which earns her Gi Tae’s derision for being so dirty. “You should put some on your plate before eating!” Jang Mi doesn’t care and goes ahead and eats the kimchi that mom brought over. She looooves it and Gi Tae tells her to just take it since he was going to throw it away anyways. When she goes in for another bite of ramen, Gi Tae pushes her away and gives her a bowl but not without scolding her

“That’s your problem. Your feelings are your feelings. You don’t need to cry because my feeling are different from yours, and you don’t need to be angry saying that I betrayed you. The fake feelings will be taken care of in a fake way. Cleanly.”

Jang Mi tells him that she just trusts people but Gi Tae counters that it’s not that she trusted people but that she just thought as she’s liked. He says that the crime for being oblivious is the greatest and tells her that Yeo’s Reum’s SNS is filled with pictures of food. There’s no way he ate all of it alone. He even tells her that if she wants to date she needs to first buy a smartphone! Ha! She says, most reasonably

“Don’t you know how lonely a smarphone makes a person feel? What is that? Oh yeah, solitude of modern men.”

Gi Tae: “You need a bit more solitude. It hasn’t even been that long since you got dumped.”

He’s about to take a bite of ramen but decides to continue his lecture

“Men shouldn’t be your way of forgetting your ex. Have some time to yourself.”

Jang Mi: “Don’t love being by yourself too much, what are you going to do if you die alone?”

Gi Tae: ”You’re a burden to others.”

Jang Mi: “A human is human because it communicates.”

Gi Tae: “What communication are you talking about, you stubborn girl.” (while glaring pointedly at her phone)

Just then her phone rings, proving her point that people with 2G phones can still date. LOL It’s Yeo Reum (girl save that number!) who invites her out to meet. Gi Tae yells in the background reminding her that she should spend some time alone.Yeo Reum hears and assumes she’s with a guy but she just says that it’s the television which Gi Tae balks at “you’re treating a person like an electronic?!?”

Since Gi Tae is being so obnoxious, she runs to the bathroom to get some peace and quiet to talk on the phone and Gi Tae calls after her saying that the ramen will get cold. Yeo Reum explains that the person he was with earlier was the lady from the charity event. Jang Mi understands and says she’ll go meet him now. When she tries to open the door, it won’t open. Turns out Gi Tae is holding onto the handle from the other side and tells her to spend some time alone! Really, you are going to force her to spend alone time in your bathroom?

She demands that he let her out and he tells her that “for a man, it’s a 1 or a 0. If he likes, he likes, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. If you feel anything in between, it is just a 0”. Jang Mi thinks she’s on her way from being a 0 to a 1 with Yeo Reum and she tries to free herself. Gi Tae continues to say that any girl who comes out right after she is called will never be a 1. The two of them does this hilarious push and pull, where he’s holding onto the door and she’s trying to open it. So childish!

She’s crazy strong and breaks the handles from the bathroom door. He’s shocked by her brute strength and she asks him how can she be a 1. Will she have to wait in the room until the 1 falls from the sky? Of course not, our girl is a go-getter. She tells him that if he wants to stay alone then go right ahead but she’s not going to be by herself even if she dies. She storms off but not before grabbing the box of kimchi he offered earlier. LOL.

Jang Mi meets with Yeo Reum who made her some food and she realizes that he likes to cook, that’s why his SNS is filled with food pictures. She tries the food he made and compliments it. She gives him the kinchi that she took from Gi Tae’s house but Yeo Reum says he doesn’t really like Kinchi. She even eats it with the pasta he made and then feeds it to a reluctant Yeo Reum who agrees that the combo is pretty darn delicious. Jang Mi offers that the two of them should be food buddies. They’ll eat together whenever they don’t want to eat alone and he agrees. In a voice over she says “Okay, don’t be hasty, just slowly go from 0 to 1.” Back at the apartment, Gi Tae ends up eating the ramen by himself while complaining that Jang Mi just comes and leaves whenever she wants, making people waste their time. Awwww just admit you wanted her to stay.

On the Day of the Incident

Gi Tae’s family finds out that Jang Mi works at a department store. Did you guys really stalk her too? Mom doesn’t see what Gi Tae sees in Jang Mi but grandma thinks that he has a reason in liking someone who’s completely opposite from his mom. Grandma says that she understands since why would Gi Tae want to return to a home that blackmails and stalks him. That’s what I’m saying. Mom asks grandma to figure out what Gi Tae’s thinking and grandma’s happy to oblige. She thinks that he’ll open up his feelings to her.

Next thing you see, Grandma arrives in front of Gi Tae’s office and gets rejected even though she tells him that she’s on his side. Just then it starts raining, poor grandma! It turns out that Gi Tae is too busy to meet with grandma since Jang Mi’s mom has stopped by for surprise visit. He puts on his happy face when he faces mom again and when she apologizes for showing up unannounced, he tells her it’s okay. He wants to know what brought her to his office but she says she was curious. She sees that business is going well and that she worries for his complexion. He blames it on the ramen from last night but she jokes that it must be because he was crying himself to sleep since Jang Mi is making him work so hard. He laughs it off and gladly blames everything on Jang Mi. Mom assures him that she’ll help change Jang Mi’s mind. She then caresses his face and hands, which makes him super uncomfortable, and then she tells him to stop eating ramen if he can.

Gi Tae calls Jang Mi and tells her about what’s happening and asks why she’s didn’t tell her mom the truth but instead told her where his office is. Jang Mi apologizes but she has her own problems to deal with at the moment. Grandma, who’s soaking wet, has come to Jang Mi’s department store. Grandma asks that Jang Mi spend some time with her and to make her some pancakes like she promised the last time she visited their house.

Sooooo off they go to Gi Tae’s apartment. Since Jang Mi doesn’t know the password, grandma starts guessing. She thinks its probably her birthday since Gi Tae was suuuuuuper attached to her growing up or maybe it’s the last four digits of his phone number? Nope. Jang Mi thinks that since Gi Tae is so narcissistic, the password is probably his birthday. Grandma doesn’t think so but when she puts it in, the door opens right up. Ha!

Once inside, Jang Mi goes about making her pancake. She does this hilarious stretch before attempting to flip the pancake and succeeds to the epic theme from Wong Fei Hung. Grandma is impressed!

Aunt calls Gi Tae to ask about grandma but of course he has no idea where she could possibly be. He tries calling her but grandma is drunk as a fish so he runs out in the rain to look for her. Jang Mi and grandma continue drinking more makgulli and grandma asks Jang Mi what she thinks of her grandson. Jang Mi tell her that Gi Tae is a rude bastard who doesn’t know anything but himself. Not the response she was expecting. Gandma tells Jang Mi “From the outside, he seems really cold. But he is a really warm person. That guy needs an honest girl like you. Please look after him.”

Jang Mi tells grandma that Gi Tae likes being alone.

Grandma: “I know that too. Our Gi Kae isn’t easy. Our household isn’t easy either. It’s all because of me. The reason why he left the house and says that he’ll live by himself and holding out…It’s all because of me. (now crying) Since I have sinned so much, I can’t sleep well at night. Even when I do sleep, I get nightmares. If you get old, you should just die.”

Jang mi tries to console her and tells her not to think that way. Grandma downs her drink and says that she should just die before falling face first into the pancake. Who else thinks that she is just sleeping?

Jang Mi starts freaking out and she calls Gi Tae to tell him what happened and asks him to come to his apartment since grandma fainted. By the time he arrives, the paramedics are already there and are carrying grandma out. How much do I love that she called 911? It’s common sense but so often our drama heroines forget the basics.

Jang Mi apologizes to Gi Tae. He takes in the mess and sees all of the empty alcohol bottle and asks her what she did. Jang Mi explains to him that grandma came to her soaking wet so she couldn’t just tell her to go back. He tells her to leave.

The family arrives at the hospital and mom asks what happened. Gi Tae tells her that grandma drank too much alcohol and when mom asks who she drank with, Gi Tae says him. Awwwwwwww. Jang Mi also arrives at the hospital but decides to stay outside. Turns out nothing is wrong with grandma, she is just sleeping out of exhaustion.

Mom asks to see Gi Tae outside and they run into a pacing and very worrid Jang Mi. Aunt can smell the alcohol on Jang Mi and deduces that grandma was drinking with her and not Gi Tae. Aung even insults her by saying that she knows that Jang Mi is the daughter of people who own a bar but even so, her scale is a bit different. Mom wants an explanation but Gi Tae drags Jang Mi away before she can say anything.

Gi Tae asks her why she came.

“I told you not to cross the line. Not being able to keep the distance and crossing the line, it is only cute the first few times. After that, it is just annoying. You even got a criminal record for being a stalker because you annoyed Hoon Dong, yet you are still the same…What is the reason I worked with you from the start? I want to live alone quietly. How is it that it gets more and more complicated and louder every time I see you? …What’s your motive? Do you actually want to marry me? So you go into the house of a man who lives alone by yourself, and makes his grandma come to her side by giving her alcohol making my mother come to the hospital! … Wake up from your dream. I don’t have any thought of marrying. I hate girls like you.”

Harsh words. Jang Mi tells him that she’s sorry for annoying him and that she’ll get lost.

Gi Tae returns home to clean up his apartment and then takes his usual calming bath. He says that he’s finally alone at last and it feels nice. When he’s all done, he tries to open the door but it’s locked and won’t open. Blame Jang Mi’s strength.

Gong Gi Tae’s Bathroom Confinement Incident HAHA

Jang Mi returns home and says “Be happy alone, live well.” This is all while Gi Tae is screaming for help, yelling “I’m in apartment #3003. I trapped myself in the bathroom.” Ha. No one can hear him of course and he just sits down and desperately says, “Someone…just come”. Awe.

Jang Mi is determined not to go visit him but she’s worried abot grandma. She’s tries text grandma but grandma’s phone is in Gi tae’s apartment.

15 Hours Past the Incident

Jang mi thinks back to when Aunt asked if she was the one who drank with grandma and not Gi Tae. She wonders if Gi Tae lied to protect her. She tries to give him a call.

24 Hours Past the Incident

Gi Tae is still in the bathroom. He decides to keep himself preoccupied by practicing his boxing, playing with the candles, doing sit-ups while reading, and checking himself out in the mirror.

When Jang Mi stops by his office to ask about him, she finds out that he didn’t show up to work and that his nurse hasn’t been able to contact him since yesterday. Now super worried, Jang Mi continues to try and contact him. Se Ah happens upon Jang Mi while shopping and Jang Mi asks if Se Ah has been able to get a hold of Gi Tae lately since she’s worried something might have happened to him. Se Ah asks Jang Mi if she hasn’t learned from Hoon Dong yet the reason why a man doesn’t answer his calls. Birch please. Se Ah even tells Jang Mi to leave Gi Tae alone since that’s probably what he wants. So much for knowing each other inside and out.

Gi Tae is looking defeated and starts thinking about people who might come to save him. It probably won’t be mom, Se Ah or Hoon Dong. How about Jang Mi. Nah, she probably won’t come after the harsh words he said to her the other night.  He’s exhausted and decides to lay down, unable to stay awake any longer. What I don’t understand is why his lips are so chapped…if he’s thirsty, just drink the sink water, he is stuck in a bathroom after all! Anywaaays….

36 Hours Past the Incident

Jang Mi returns home but as she’s pouring herself some water, the glass breaks. Always an ominous sign that something is wrong. Jang Mi thinks back to her when she was a little girl and her feet were bleeding from standing on broken glass, crying for help but no one responded since she was home alone. This causes Jang Mi to think about Gi Tae and she immediately runs to his apartment.

Turns out Se Ah is also going to his apartment after thinking back on Jang Mi’s worries.

Jang Mi arrives at Gi Tae’s apartment. She rings the doorbell but know one answers so she just goes ahead and put in his password. She sneaks into his apartment and asks if he’s inside. She thinks  back on his harsh words from the other night telling her to stop crossing the line, so asks him to answer her. She’ll leave once she knows that he is okay.

48 Hours After the Incident

She tells him that she almost died at the age of 5 when she was home alone. That’s why she doesn’t like being alone and she worries for people who are alone. He doesn’t respond and she thinks that she might have annoyed him. But she hilariously continues to tell him that her parent’s relationship got better after they found out that she was going to marry a plastic surgeon. That’s why she couldn’t tell them the truth and apologizes. She actually gets irritated when he continues to ignore her.

She hears Gi Tae mutter out a “Here I am”. She realizes that he is locked in the bathroom so she runs to grab a knife to pry the door open. Once she gets it open, she finds a Gi Tae who doesn’t look like he’s in the best condition. She starts to freak out and tries to get him to wake up. When she lifts him up, he pulls her in for a very tight embrace! Awwwwwwww.


Gi Tae is probably really glad that Jang Mi doesn’t know where the line is now huh? That hug at the end was just so heartbreaking and sweet. He thought he was going to die alone, since he basically distanced himself from all the people that loves and cares about him. When Jang Mi showed up, he must have been overwhelmed with emotions. She showed up when he needed her most, even without him asking. She just instinctively knew that he was in trouble!

With the ending out of the way, I just want to say that Gi Tae and Jang Mi are hilarious together! I love drunk Jang Mi! Poor Nemo! Also, isn’t it great that when Jang Mi was sad, she went looking for Gi Tae? She was drunk but it shows that she sees him as a friend regardless of what she says. He’s a clean freak and a perfectionist (I can see why he’s a plastic surgeon) while she’s the type to just go with the flow! They balance each other out so well!

I love that Gi Tae’s apartment is kind of like a metaphor for his heart! It’s his sacred place where he goes for peace and quiet and he doesn’t let other people enter…except for Jang Mi. He brings her there willingly the first time, but after that, she comes uninvited and there’s nothing he can do about it. He believes that he likes solitude but we know he’s just fooling himself and that he actually does enjoy Jang Mi’s wild and crazy ways. Just like his apartment, she will slowly make herself at home in his heart and Gi Tae will eventually enjoy and love her presence. Soon he’ll examine his heart and he will find Jang Mi there.

Lastly, I’m a bit saddened by the turn of events regarding Hyun Hee. She seemed like such a good friend but now she’s just the usual jealous backstabber who would rather find herself a rich man than stand beside her friend. I hope I’m wrong and Hyun Hee won’t go over to the dark side.


10 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 3 Recap

  1. jomo143 says:

    Thanks for doing these recaps. I know they take a lot of time.

    I love what you said in your comments about GT’s apartment and his heart. How insightful! His password being his own birthday is such a great joke on his character.
    I don’t know if you are going to keep writing these, but I will keep reading if you do.


    • dramapenchant says:

      Jomo! It really means a lot that you are enjoying the recaps since I’m a fan of your blog!

      I’m loving this show and will most definitely continue recapping it so do continue to read them!


  2. idastravels says:

    Several people are recapping this wonderful rom com but I find yours the best and most insightful. It has to do with your insights and the bits which don’t appear in the subtitles. Thanks!


  3. Hana_M says:

    Thank you for the recap. You have such a wonderful way with words. I haven’t watched the actual show yet, but how you recapped it captures the humor and the heart behind the story and I’m really digging the characters. I’m so glad I found your blog.


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