Marriage, Not Dating Episode 2 Recap

Revenge is sweet but sometimes forgiveness and forgetting is more satisfying.


Episode 2: People Management

Gi Tae’s Mom makes breakfast in preparation for Jang Mi’s arrival.

Gi Tae drives through the streets of Seoul like a madman, constantly looking at his watch. He has until 10 AM before his aunt signs the rent contract. Thankfully Gi Tae makes it home in time to keep his apartment and it looks like he managed to get Jang Mi to come along. She’s not looking her best; her hair’s a mess and she’s wearing short-shorts with a crop top. Clearly not how you want to look when meeting your potential in-laws. Mom’s facial reaction says as much but Jang Mi is all smiles.

Flashback to 17 Hours Ago

Back in front of the courthouse. Jang Mi now understands that the mom who invited her over the other day was Gi Tae’s mom because mom thinks they are dating and that now Gi Tae wants her to fake a relationship with him. During her entire questioning, all Gi Tae can do is answer with these resigned “yeses”.

Jang Mi asks Gi Tae if she looked like she was that desperate for marriage saying “You’re not asking me to marry you but to fake a relationship. You must think I’m just crazy about getting married? It’s so absurd and rude”. Gi Tae counters by asking Jang Mi if she would actually marry him if he asked. Jang Mi hilariously thinks that Gi Tae is really interested in her and declines his offer! Ha! She even says an amended version of that classic Pride and Prejudice line, “Even if you were the last guy on earth, I wouldn’t choose you ever!” We all know how that’s going to end.

Gi Tae finds her dramatics amusing and says that this is exactly why he needs her. He wants to purposely take her home so that he doesn’t have to get married.  If he has a girlfriend, he will not have to go on any more blind dates. Jang Mi wants Gi Tae to just tell his parents if he doesn’t want to get married but Gi Tae tells her if it was that simple; he wouldn’t have had to run all the way there to meet her. He offers to pay her 5x her current hourly pay. Jang Mi throws back that she wouldn’t do it for a million dollars!

Gi Tae tries to persuade her by asking if she wants to start things over with Hoon Dong but our girl says that she barely survived the humiliation of the break up so no thank you. He then offers her a new face since he’s a plastic surgeon! HAHAHAHA! And he’s soooo proud about it, taking out his business card to prove it to her but Jang Mi just shoves him away! Apparently a lot of dumped girls come to him for a new face to get revenge! Jang Mi just yells at him and says that this is all his fault and that he was present during all of her most humiliating moments! Gi Tae doesn’t help his case by saying that it’s not 100% his fault. Jang Mi threatens to hit him and he actually cowers in fear.

Jang Mi walks around and turns out, Gi Tae is doing a little bit of his own stalking. He follows behind her like a puppy but he makes sure to give her some distance. It’s adorable!

Jang Mi goes to meet up with Hyun Hee and Gi Tae just introduces himself to her as if he really were Jang Mi’s boyfriend. He lays on the compliments and even whips out his business card! He knows his strong points. Even though Jang Mi tells Hyun Hee to just ignore him, Hyun Hee is obviously taken by his charm and potential wealth. He offers to pay for their drinks and Hyun Hee tells him that they are going clubbing. The ever-adorable Jang Mi says that she was promised tofu kimchi and makgulli and is not happy about this turn of events. Hyun Hee even packed her some clubbing clothes and Gi Tae’s compliments her thoughtfulness. Hyun Hee invites him to join, all while Jang Mi protests, and Gi Tae gladly accepts.

At the club, Hyun Hee dances while Jang Mi drinks her weight in alcohol. What’s new? She yells at Gi Tae for making her a convict and taking away her tofu kimchi. Priorities. Gi Tae actually offers his first sincere apology saying that he misunderstood her and unintentionally hurt her. Jang Mi actually looks a little moved but then he goes and ruins it by saying that she did throw juice on him and hit him with a beer bottle so they should just call it even. She gets up and tells him to stop following her since she’s going to the bathroom.

Hyun Hee drags Jang Mi onto the dance floor, and while Hyun Hee is all for the grinding, Jang Mi is content to just dance by herself and she’s rocking it! A guy, who’s wearing shades in a club, dances up to Hyun Hee to inquire about the size of her party. Turns out that he has a party of two too and asks for a double date. Although Jang Mi would much rather keep dancing, Hyun Hee drags her away to meet the two rich guys and of course the second guy in that other party is none other than ex-boyfriend Hoon Dong. They actually dance up against each other until they realize who the other person is.

Hoon Dong basically thinks that Jang Mi stalked him all the way to the club and makes this huge scene causing every one in the club to stop dancing to watch the much more interesting scene unfold. Jang Mi just screams back that “what? I can’t go clubbing? You can have fun and I can’t? I just happened to run into you. It’s no crime!” Hyun Hee also does a wonderful job standing up for her friend. Gi Tae finaly shows up and puts an arm around Jang Mi. Hoon Dong is shocked but Gi Tae just tells him that he’s seeing Jang Mi now. Jang Mi just storms off.

Gi Tae chases after her and asks why she’s leaving; does she want to be made a fool of again? Jang Mi asks why he’s helping her when Hoon Dong is his friend but he tells her that he’ll help her get her revenge. In other words “help me, help you”. Gi Tae lays out this classic drama plot where he’ll make Hoon Dong fall for her and in that moment, she can dump him in the same way that he did to her. Jang Mi justs asks “Will I be able to do that? Do I have that in me?” Looks like Gi Tae doesn’t think so but he tells her to just do as he says.

5 Hours Ago

The two of them go eat some soup to help her sober up and Gi Tae continues to ask her to come meet his parents. She thinks it’s a bit much but he asks if she loves him. She doesn’t so she doesn’t need to get on their good side and can do whatever she wants.

3 Hours Ago

Jang Mi wanders the streets, in her drunken stupor, to look for a gift to bring to his parents’ house since she can’t come empty handed. What a thoughtful girl! Ha! Gi Tae just follows her, all exasperated and afraid of missing the deadline.

1 Hour Ago

Gi Tae has to literally drag Jang Mi and push her into his car since she gets cold feet and decides that she doesn’t want to do this anymore. Jang Mi wants to get changed out of her clubbing attire but Gi Tae thinks it’s perfect.

Now we’re back to the meet-the-parents situation. Mom is still shocked about the way Jang Mi is dressed and says that it must be too early. Gi Tae doesn’t help by saying that he spent all night persuading her, which is true, but his grandma takes this to mean a whole completely different thing. It also turns out that when Jang Mi was looking for something to bring to the house, only the convenience store was open so she hands over a pack of energy drinks in a plastic bag. Fancy! Only dad seems to approve of Jang Mi.

Turns out dad approves of her a little too much. He even checks her out while she’s sitting down, which doesn’t pass mom’s notice. Eww!

To Gi Tae’s delight, Jang Mi does a wonderful job at being a terrible potential daughter-in-law! When mom gives her a blanket to cover herself, she says that she feels drunk when she’s warm. Grandma asks that she must have a high alcohol tolerance (no shit) and she says that her parents own a liquor store. She apologizes for not being able to make it the last time. She also tells the family that it hasn’t been long since the two of them made their relationship official so the family should just sit back and watch their relationship grow. To mom’s displeasure, she continues to say

“I don’t understand why you need to get the family’s permission like this. Yes, the parents can pick who you’ll spend the rest of your life with. But the ones taking responsibility for that choice are the ones getting married. We’ll love wach other and fight like crazy. When we’re sure we want to be together, we’ll come again for office permission. Please wait until then.”

Haha very well said and Gi Tae completely agrees! He also plays the role of a solicitous boyfriend perfectly. Grandma takes what Jang Mi said as her telling them to not get involved but it looks like she and dad both find Jang Mi to be endearing and rather amusing. Mom on the other hand says that Jang Mi should at least know about Gi Tae’s family since he’s the only son for 3 generations. While she says all this, you can see Jang Mi start to space out and next thing you know, Jang Mi has fallen asleep on mom and is snoring loudly! LOL! Gi Tae tries hard to hold back a laugh! Mom’s not happy and just pushes Jang Mi off. They are going to be so good together!

Our couple gets ready to leave and Jang Mi apologizes for falling asleep! Dad thanks her for feeling comfortable around them and grandma tells her to come back again. In the car, Jang Mi tells Gi Tae that his family members are nice people and that she feels bad about lying to them, but Gi Tae just says that she was an expert at it. Turns out she wasn’t acting and that she really was telling them her honest thoughts, except for the fact that he’s involved.

Jang Mi is afraid that his family will really want them to get married but Gi Tae tells her not to worry about that since his mom is difficult to please. He tells her that mom wasn’t being nice but was just training her. Turns out grandma approves of Jang Mi since she’s funny and she get’s a rise out of mom but dad says that his opinions don’t matter and that he always respects and follows his wife’s opinion. That is said, not without some sarcasm. Aunt even laughs at it and tells dad that Jang Mi seems to be his type. Gross.

Gi Tae continues to tell Jang Mi about how his mom won’t accept her and that mom always manages to maintain her angel image by not having to hurt anyone herself. That’s how she deals with people; it’s people management. Gi Tae tells Jang Mi to learn from his mom.

Now it’s time for Jang Mi’s revenge plan. Gi Tae drives her to his office and begins to mark all over her face the places that she needs to get done. He basically thinks she needs a new face! Hahaha!  Next we get the obligatory makeover scene! Jang Mi tries on different clothes; all with a different spunky attitude, and Gi Tae just shuts them all down, telling her that she needs to appeal to men and that she needs to be subtle. He finally settles on an outfit and offers to pay for it but she declines. When Hyun Hee happens upon them, Gi Tae insists on paying since they have to act like a couple. Mom’s real meticulous!

Jang Mi now walks to Hoon Dong’s café with a newfound confidence and even adds a hair flip for good measure. She runs into Yeo Reum and as she turns away, Gi Tae pops up in this little balloon on the screen and walks her through the steps to be a flirt. 1) Players are terrible flirts, 24/7. 2) Think of all men as potential boyfriends. Jang Mi begins to flirt with Yeo Reum and he’s not too bad at it himself, all “why do you look so much prettier today?” Smoooooth. Even the other waitresses laugh at his pick up lines. Jang Mi starts getting all shy but then balloon Gi Tae says, 3) don’t let him fool you, and she snaps right out of it. She laughs off the compliment and tells him that she decided to change her style a bit and that he should give it a try with his nice build. Haha! 4) Be generous with your compliments. Yeo Reum asks her to pick out an outfit for him one day then since she works at the department store. Jang Mi responds with the key phrase, “sure, call me sometime” and gets her order on the house. Bubble Ki Tae rolls in with one last bit of wisdom, Being polite is for your benefit, not others.

Hoon Dong enters the café and starts checking Jang Mi out from her backside, liking what he sees and offers to pay for her drink since he owns the place. He even pulls out the classic line “you look familiar”, just as Jang Mi turns around. Hoon Dong asks her what she wants and what she’s up to just as Gi Tae rolls up in his fancy car to pick her up, leaving behind a very shocked Hoon Dong.

Once far away, Jang Mi’s stern face changes to one of delight. She’s super happy that even the part-time worker was attracted to her and says, without any hint of embarrassment, “I have natural charm”. I love her! Gi Tae asks what she wants for dinner and she tells him to just drop her off as the subway station. That can’t be done though since aunt is actually following them! His family is cray cray and Jang Mi’s shock says as much “your family stalks you?!?!”

They end up at an Italian restaurant and aunt continues to watch them. She’s probably one of the worst stalkers ever. Jang Mi even worries about her, thinking that she must be hungry and that they should invite her to join them. Gi Tae tells her not to turn away from him; don’t care about anything else and just look at him. Jang Mi’s response is killer, “You’re saying such romantic words with such an unromantic expression”. ROFL!

Of course our alcohol lover requests for some wine and when the waitress has trouble opening the bottle, Jang Mi offers to do it, saying that she loves the feeling of opening liquor bottles. It’s sweet of her. Gi Tae remarks that she has an obsession with being kind to others and that she wants other people’s acknowledgement and love. Jang Mi doesn’t see what’s wrong with that, Gi Tae might find those things annoying, but some people live for that. Jang Mi says that people from loving families like him wouldn’t understand but he says that loving families have their issues too. Jang Mi says “being polite is good for both of us. That’s life”. She then pours herself a glass of wine and actually turns around and sends a “cheers” out to Gi Tae’s aunt, outing her super-not-so-secret stalking mission.

Gi Tae asks if people take advantage of her and she just throws back that she’s letting him take advantage of her right now since she also wants revenge but once that’s all over, they are done. She hates his attitude and his way of thinking! She tells him that he should love his mom since his mom also probably just wants some loving. Gi Tae just says that she should never drink.

Gi Tae drops Jang Mi off and asks her to make some time for him this weekend since he wants her to be his date to a charity event that Se Ah is hosting at her hospital. His goal is to get rumors about them to spread so that his mom will really believe that they are a couple. She thanks him for allowing her to date again but he emphasizes the fact that this is 100% all for him. I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Gi Tae then signals Jang Mi to move in for a fake kiss and then tells her to go inside and they both do this hilarious, awkward farewell.

At the department store, Yeo Reum shows up and asks Jang Mi to help him choose a new outfit like she offered the other day. She initially declines but when she sees Hoon Dong, she gladly accepts. While she helps Yeo Reum choose an outfit, she remembers what Gi Tae had said; Being polite is for your benefit, not others and that she probably get’s taken advantage of often.

Hoon Dong does a little shopping on his own with Hyun Hee and he buys 20 of the same wallet to donate to the charity event. Hyun Hee tells Hoon Dong that Jang Mi had her thinking that he was the worst loser ever but she can see why Jang Mi fell so hard for him. Haha!

Se Ah calls Gi Tae and asks him to go to the charity party with her but he declines since he already has a date. Se Ah doesn’t seem too pleased at that news.

Jang Mi waits for Gi Tae but runs into Hoon Dong who says that they need to talk and that he wants to apologize. Jang Mi is moved by his apology but before she can accept his request to go talk elsewhere, Gi Tae shows up, saying that they already have plans. Jang Mi wants to hear him out but Gi Tae just ushers her away and tells her not to forget about ‘people management’. She says that’s not her thing since she’s a one-man kind of gal! That’s my girl! Gi Tae warns Jang Mi not to be too hasty since she might regret it since Hoon Dong might be trying to manage her.

At the charity pool party (my reaction is the same as Jang Mi’s, “what kind of charity event is this?”), Hoon Dong and Se Ah run into Gi Tae and Jang Mi and they exchange some barbs. Se Ah takes Gi Tae away so that they can greet their old professor and Jang Mi finds out that Se Ah is the daughter of the chief director at the hospital. She looks at Gi Tae and Se Ah together, and I can’t tell what expression she has on her face. Jealousy?

Before we can analyze deeper, Yeo Reum appears and all the girls go crazy. Jang Mi waves at him and he returns the gesture…except that he walks right pass her and was actually waving to Se Ah. Don’t you just hate it when that happens! LOL

Hyun Hee arrives at the party to deliver the wallets to Hoon Dong who invites her in to eat. All 6 of ours leads are now in one place. This is going to get interesting. Hoon Dong proudly presents his donation to Se Ah but gets embarrassed when she tells him that this isn’t that kind of charity auction.

At the buffet table, Jang Mi decides to eat since food is the best. Same thing I would do! Yeo Reum approaches her and blocks her from getting any of the food she wants and instead puts it on his own plate. He then gives her his plate and tells her “It’s not nice to see you acting like Hoon Dong”. Awwww.

We now find out that the auction is in fact a male auction and all of our boys get pushed on the stage. Well, everyone except for Hoon Dong, who volunteers since he thinks he would get a lot for the charity. Even Se Ah laughs at his ego. The men get auctioned off one-by-one. When asked to introduce themselves, Gi Tae can only muster up the fact that he’s a plastic surgeon, which doesn’t impress the room full of doctors, and Yeo Reum says that he’s a good cook. I’d go for the cook and so does the crowd. He gets a bid of $1,000. When asked what else Gi Tae has to offer, he stammers out “I’m good at eating”. Hahaha. His highest bid comes from an ajumma for $1,000. He looks towards Jang Mi for help but all she can do is shrug her shoulders. She’s enjoying this way too much!

The MC decides that they’ll have a talent show to see if they can increase the bids and Yeo Reum suggests that they dance. Of course and he gives an amazing performance earning him a bid worth $5,000. It’s Gi Tae’s turn and since he doesn’t want to go to the $1,000 bidder, he decides to dance. This will be interesting! He reluctantly does this hilarious dance and mouths to Jang Mi to hurry up and help him. This is too cute for words! Finally Se Ah offers $10,000 for Gi Tae and he’s put out of his misery, but he looks rather disappointed to learn that the bidder is Se Ah. Jang Mi looks on with shock and sadness? She’s a bit hard to read at this stage.

Night falls and the MC says the show is over, except for the fact that poor Hoon Dong is still there. Hoon Dong introduces himself as the owner of a French restaurant and says that he’ll feed the winner pasta forever. He does know that this is just for one date right? The bidding begins and not a single person wants him, until a hand goes up. It’s Jang Mi who offers a measly $10 for him! Hahahahaha! It’s a low bid but she might just win since no one else wants him. Desperate and not wanting to go to Jang Mi, Hoon Dong offers to sing and dance (poorly) while the crowds laughs at him. Jang Mi is shocked and a bit hurt that he would rather embarrass himself than to accept her bid. Gi Tae takes this all in with a stern expression.

The MC finally offers up another suggestion. How about dunking in the water? Hoon Dong accepts and says that he’s “doing it for her”. Who? Apparently she’ll know who she is and Hyun Hee smiles to herself, probably thinking it to be her. Yeo Reum rolls his eyes and Gi Tae says that he wants everyone. LOL

Hoon Dong jumps into the cold water and Jang Mi just can’t believe he’s actually doing this just to avoid her. The crowd laughs at him and the MC says that Hoon Dong will go for free if any girl will go in after him. No one does and now Dong Hoon is just pitiful. He’s wet and cold. Jang Mi then steps up and solemnly walks into the water, holds his wrist and walks him out of the pool. Gi Tae watches this with exasperation, Se Ah is amused, Yeo Reum is in awe and Hyun Hee seems upset. Jang Mi walks out of the pool with only one shoe on and in a symbolic gesture; let’s go of Hoon Dong’s wrist.

Jang Mi helps Hoon Dong dry off by throwing a towel on his head. Hoon Dong is thankful but wonders if she wants them to start again. This guy is hopeless. Jang Mi tells him that no way in hell would she want to start over with him, she’s not crazy! Hoon Dong then says that he wanted to be friends with her but it probably won’t work. Jang Mi tells Hoon Dong that they shouldn’t meet again, even as friends since her feelings for him were real but now she’s embarrassed by that fact.  Well done!!

She runs into Gi Tae who looks at her worriedly. Jang Mi tells him to forget about her revenge and about their deal but he just asks if he can take her home and goes to grab her a towel. Jang Mi starts limping away on her one shoe and just when she takes it off, prince charming aka Yeo Reum appears with her bag and her other shoe. He even kneels down and wears it for her.

Gi Tae witnesses this with a disappointed expression and looks down at the towel he brought her.

Jang Mi: “It didn’t matter who benefited by his act of compassion whether it was for people management or not. I was glad that someone was with me.”

Yeo Reum invites Jang Mi to dinner, Se Ah wants to have her date with Gi Tae and Hyun Hee also asks Hoon Dong out to eat. All of their requests are for now.

Jang Mi: “No one stooped low. We just all wanted to be with someone.”

Jang Mi and Gi Tae’s phones ring simultaneously and the both of them just stare at each other in shock.


This show just keeps getting better and better!

I absolutely love how Gi Tae is helping Jang Mi get revenge from HIS FRIEND! His allegiance has changed! The final scene is also very telling when he finally puts her needs in front of his. Instead of worrying about their deal, he’s more concerned about her. Not everything has to be for your own benefit. Jang Mi also continues to be an awesome leading lady. Her little speech she gave to Gi Tae’s mom was wonderful! Exactly what I wish all female leads would say in other dramas when meeting their potential in-laws, instead of being the usual meek girl, speak your mind!

How wonderful was it was Gi Tae kept looking at Jang Mi during his dance routine. He obviously wanted her to help him even though he should be aware that she’d no way be able to afford the same amount that the other bidders were willing to pay. It’s almost like he instinctively looks toward her now, even though it would be more feasible to get out of the situation if Se Ah bidded for him. She does, but clearly he wasn’t happy. Jang Mi also looked like she really did want to help get him but she just couldn’t afford it! Their glances and unspoken exchange was still adorable, nonetheless.

The moment when Jang Mi wanted to purchase Hoon Dong for $10 was amazing! That really is what a date with him is worth, maybe less, since he’s a 1st class jerk. Although he would rather jump into a freezing cold pool instead of settle for her bid she still heads into the pool to fish him out. It’s not because she wants to start anew, but it’s her way of moving on and to do so she must forgive him in her own way. She took the high road and it was awesome!

I can’t wait to see Jeong Jin Woon do more than flash that adorable smile of his. His character, Yeo Reum, is obviously a lot more complex than he appears but right now, all I know about him is that he smiles A LOT! Which isn’t a bad thing but I want moar!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention how creepy it is that Gi Tae’s dad has an interest in Jang Mi, not as a potential daughter-in-law, but sexually! I can tell why Gi Tae’s parents aren’t on good terms with each other since he probably cheated on mom multiple times with younger women but I wonder how this creepy attraction will affect Gi Tae down the line.


2 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating Episode 2 Recap

  1. gh says:

    Jang Mi actually bid 18 man won, which is equal to $180. More importantly, it has a sarcastic connotation for sounding like the cuss word “shibal.”


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