Picking Up and Dropping Off

Hello to the handful of followers that read my small and humble blog! I just wanted to say sorry to those who are reading the You’re All Surrounded recaps since I have decided to drop the show. Although probably not much of a surprise, it was still a difficult decision to make since I really hate not finishing something I’ve started (it might not look like it with the poor track record) but I’ve tried and tried and still haven’t been able to connect with the show! I love the cast and really wanted to like the show but the writing and execution are both too weak! Once again I am sorry, but if my heart’s not with a show, I just can’t recap it. My good friend and fellow blog master Buticut will probably still post the recaps for episode 7 & 8 and if there are more YAS recaps to come, it will be thanks to her but I’m out.


However, with that being said, I have decided to pick up Marriage Not Dating starring Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo. I watched the first two episodes last weekend and simply loved it! The show is refreshing and the cast and characters are all simply amazing! The show has really managed to strike the right balance of humor and heart and I’ve even been re-watching both episodes while waiting for new ones to air which is a clear sign that the show is a keeper!

Here is the preview for episode 3 which airs tomorrow!!!

Since I’m already a week behind on recaps, please be patient as I catch up! Hopefully, this time around the show sticks! 😀 I’m a sucker for rom-coms, especially ones that make me swooooooon, and I think this show definitely has the potential to be ridiculously romantic. Also, it never hurts that the show is on tvN (a channel that has consistently released great shows) which also means we will get some REAL, cable-worthy kisses!



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