You’re All Surrounded Episode 5-6 Ramblings


Sorry for taking so long to put this post up and thank you for your patience! The lack of motivation after God’s Gift ended has finally slowly started to wear off so hopefully we’ll be all caught up with this show by the airing of next week’s new episodes!

These episodes are building up Dae Gu’s attraction to Soo Sun, which is always welcome, and it seems like our boy’s real identity can’t stay hidden for long…

  • The gang celebrates and Soo Sun hints at possibly living with the boys, saying she’ll cook for them and all. Dae Gu isn’t keen on the idea. Let her move in!!!


  • I love how after his shower, Dae Gu walks out topless (yum!) and Soo Sun happens to walk to the bathroom in her sleep induced stupor but then runs right into his chest, lips touching and her reaction is “mmm, strawberry” when his is shock. So of course he kicks her out of his apartment lol He’s pure you know.
  • Ha I love how Dae Gu is softening to Soo Sun and now reluctantly says he won’t do things but he’s soft so he does it anyways! Like apologizing to Detective Seo.
  • The precinct goes to celebrate and all I could think of when they kept saying “you’re all surrounded” was ‘okay, okay we get that the title of this show is YAS, no need to reiterate it over and over again’ -_-
  • Last episode, Soo Sun suddenly started getting voiceovers, which I didn’t mind or care for. But this episode, I just realized how unnecessary and awkward her voiceovers are. Voiceovers work for a show like the Reply series which is built on nostalgia and reminiscing about the past not a show like You’re All Surrounded. They are out of place and are not insightful enough to be worth it.


  • We get introduced to an over the top, evil Prosecutor who seems bent on getting back at Detective Seo who went after him on a case a while back. He says some ridiculous stuff but gets away with it even when the police chief is there. Really, no one could say anything to stop prosecutor Han’s ridiculousness?
  • We get a hit-and-run incident that leaves a 7-year-old child dead. From the reaction from Sa Kyung, I’m guessing that the cause of her and Seo’s divorce has to do with their child. Maybe Seo caused his death? Maybe he went after Dae Gu’s mom’s killer and that was their retaliation? Maybe.
  • Plainclothes detectives are allowed to wear workout clothes to work? LOL


  • OMG Ho Gook from God’s Gift! Nice seeing you here! 😀
  • How is it so easy to break into a detective’s apartment? Dae Gu does it over and over again…
  • Seriously, regardless of Sa Kyung’s emotional state, what right does she have to play the blame game here? The mother feels terrible, as it is bitch. I seriously feel no sympathy for this character.


  • Ha Tae Il’s nickname is white rice cake! HA! So befitting! The gang thinks something similar also happened to Detective Seo and Sa Kyung’s child. Turns out Detective Seo was supposed to pick up their child from school, he didn’t, which caused the child to get kidnapped and killed. Damn.


  • The case finally gets some leads and witnesses, enough to grant an arrest warrant.


  • What does “above the one who is flying, there is the one who is desperate” even mean? I know it’s suppose to be all insightful and what not but I don’t get it…

  • Turns out both Dae Gu and Detective Seo have insomnia. Both stay up all night and need medicine to sleep. The thing that really got me was how in Dae Gu’s habit of having the scanning the tv on in order to sleep, he stops on this cooking channel with these two motherly looking ladies. He really misses his mom a lot. 😦
  • The team gets a warrant to arrest the bastard that hit and killed the child. Of course he gets released when his driver admits to the hit-and-run. Detective Seo is so pissed that he storms Prosecutor Han’s office and gives him a well deserved punch that lands the guy in the hospital which isn’t good for Detective Seo, who gets arrested, or the police department which is trying to get the Independent Police Investigation Bill passed. But seriously though, prosecutors have way too much power and Prosecutor Han punched Detective Seo as well!

  • I really don’t care for Detective Seo and Sa Kyung’s storyline so I’m just going to skip over it.
  • Dae Gu goes to the orphanage he grew up in to tell the director to hide his change of identity to anyone that comes asking. Too bad he was too late and Boots beat him to it by 10 minutes. This is why phones were invented, if you called instead of driving down there, you would have beat him. Now Boots sees Dae Gu and knows his target.

  • Poor Dae Gu, he still has nightmares about being chased by Tattoo Hand Boots. So much so that the next day when Soo Sun sneaks up on him as a prank he pushes her up against the soda machine (totally has the potential to be so sexy in a different scenario and if he wasn’t also trying to choke her at the same time).
  • The gang works together while Detective Seo sits in jail and finds out that, of course, the driver confessed so that he could get money for his younger sister’s surgery. After getting persuaded by Detective Seo about the importance of being there for his sister, rather than going to jail for her, and actually confronting his sister about what he is about to do, the driver hands over some crucial evidence which allows Soo Sun and Dae Gu to cuff the bastard after a hilarious chase at the airport.

  • There’s this funny bit where Soo Sun and Dae Gu are traffic police and after pulling a lady over, she signs her name as “son of a bitch” so Dae Gu goes ahead and calls her just that. LOL

  • What I didn’t understand was why did Dae Gu and Soo Sun ran away from their police car when they received the call from the section chief to get to the airport to stop the hit-and-run bastard from fleeing instead of getting in it to drive off and how did they manage to find to time to change out of their police uniforms and into civilian clothing??
  • Love the bit where Soo Sun stops the bastard from the hit-and-run from going back into the VIP lounge by pretending to be his girlfriend which cause his actual girlfriend to think that he was cheating in her and giving him a slap to the face.

  • Ha, Soo Sun is so happy that Detective Seo is released that she gives him an inappropriate hug to the jealous looks from Dae Gu and Sa Kyung.

  • Detective Seo gets released from prison thanks to Dae Gu’s sneaking around in Prosecutor Han’s wallet. Because of what is on a slip of paper, Detective Seo managed to get released. Dae Gu is prickly towards Detective Seo who is now very curious about Dae Gu. He asks if Dae Gu perhaps knows him and has a grudge against him since Dae Gu has acted cold towards him since the beginning. Dae Gu manages to dodge the question by responding that everyone knows the legendary Seo Pan Seok. That doesn’t get Detective Seo off his tail though, who looks at his file and finds that he was at an orphanage. Dae Gu walks in the next morning and see that Detective Seo has looked at the file.

  • For some peculiar reason, Dae Gu wears glasses again to look at a box of evidence so when Soo Sun walks in she realizes that he looks a lot like Ji Yong and asks him if he’s Ji Yong. Instead of denying it, he tries to leave but Soo Sun is adamant that he’s who she thinks he is so when Dae Gu sees Detective Seo walking towards them, he gives her one of the most awkward kisses in Kdrama history to shut her up. Detective Seo’s reaction is HILARIOUS!


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