You’re All Surrounded Episode 4 Ramblings


This episode really solidified our group of rookies as one united team! They get to work together to solve some cases, be it a hostage situation or resolving some personal turmoil.

  • Thankfully Yoon Jung, the stalking victim didn’t die from the stab would but is in the ICU. Of course Soo Sun and Dae Gu get reprimanded, as they should, for their negligence which almost cost a person her life. They blame each other but both are equally at fault.
  • Detective Seo and Dae Gu get into a heated argument/fight about what happened. Seo actually kicks Dae Gu (wow…) and then Dae Gu tries to throttle Seo. Damn, that’s quite the insubordination there! Just from the look in his eyes, you just know Dae Gu is out to get Seo to avenge his mother. I’ll be surprised if Dae Gu still has a job after that!


  • Tae Il continues with his ambiguous statements  about avoiding ‘table deaths’ and what seems to be flirting with Ji Gook, all “were you always this cute?”. I’d ship them lol


  • Soo Sun is given the cold shoulder at work and prohibited from joining the gang when there’s a case. Poor girl. Dae Gu takes a train back to Masan.
  • While sitting on a beach in Masan, he imagines having his mom next to him. Wow, completely forgot that meant that Lee Seung Gi would be using the satoori dialect! She scolds him like any mother would about getting into trouble and then running away. He acts like such a child in front of his mom and its heartbreaking. He says that although he doesn’t really want to be a detective and just get close to Seo, he’s angry that he of all people almost killed another person, Which FINALLY! I’ve been thinking with his past and all he’d take protecting and serving people a little more seriously. Hopefully this wakes up the hero within. His mom advises him to go face his problems head on since “only those with confidence that they will forget can run away”. He actually blames himself for his mom’s death and thinks that she must hate him. *all this damn dust in my eyes* Aw, and he doesn’t even get to hear his mom’s answer because some kids kick a soccer ball at him and next thing you know, mom is gone.


  • YES!!! Dae Gu, our genius, does in fact remember Soo Sun from their childhood days of biting and pulling on each other’s hair! You know what they say, “love at first fight”? He actually thinks of her fondly which cracks me up because the way he treats her now is as if she betrayed him in a past lifetime or something. So mean!
  • Soo Sun decides to resign since being a detective never was her dream.  Uh huh.
  • Tae Il and Ji Gook try to persuade her otherwise which is when Dae Gu walks upon them and hear about it. He tells her to take the resignation letter back, maybe if he learned to change that tone of voice she might listen!, and she’s pissed that he left her behind to deal with the aftermath of the situation. Soo Sun even wants to call Seo to tell him about Dae Gu’s suspicious activities so he takes her phone and hold it up where she can’t reach it so she regresses to her high school days and yanks at his hair! Ha, it’s awesome. To stop the two kids from fighting, Tae Il handcuffs them together until they can be nice and act like adults.


  • They all go eat and one customer, after one heck of a shitty day and being treated terribly by the restaurant owner and the spoiled high school girls eating there, holds everyone hostage. One of the spoiled high school girls even belittle him further by asking how much money he needs to let them go, as if he were a charity case, so he cuts the gas line and threatens to blow the place up with a lighter. The police arrive to the crime scene and Seo identifies  his rookies as some of the hostages. Man, they are really like trouble magnets. The “detectives” try to empathize with him, Dae Gu even reveals that he also lost his mother when he was young, and gets him to talk to Seo about his demands. He wants an apology from the CEO of the cosmetic company he was working for. One of the high school hostages has asthma so the detectives all handcuff themselves up in exchange for the release of the high school girls. That doesn’t sound like a great idea, but okay. It’s the thought and camaraderie that counts.


  • While being held hostage in an increasingly hard to breathe restaurant (shouldn’t they have turned off the gas for the restaurant by now?), Soo Sun yells at Dae Gu for what he did to her these past two days by running away and having her deal with everything. She’s hurt and she wants him to apologize, a sentiment that the hostage taker agrees with and insists that Dae Gu apologize. Before he can say anything Soo Sun slips on a can of hairspray and in the chaos, and a little hairspray in the hostage takers’ face, the team manages to get a hold of the guy for the cops outside to come in.


  • Once oxygened up, the team run, with Dae Gu leading, to go take back Soo Sun’s resignation letter. Awwwww. And it turns out it’s still on Seo’s desk ‘unopened’, where she left it.
  • The gang walk through a gorgeous corridor with cherry blossom flowers blooming and all are truly enjoying each others’ company, even Mr. Crankypants AKA Dae Gu.


  • However, as Tae Il, Ji Gook and Soo Sun walk ahead, Dae Gu receives a phone call on Seo’s clone phone. The voice on the other end belongs to the man with the scar behind his ear, mom’s killer!! He asks Seo “you haven’t forgotten my voice have you?”. Of course, how can Dae Gu or Seo ever forget?



Random thoughts:

I wonder why the killer is getting in contact with Detective Seo now, after so many years. What does he want?

Can’t wait until Dae Gu becomes smitten with Soo Sun!


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