You’re All Surrounded Episode 3 Ramblings

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Our group of rookies are slowly looking more like a team. Of course they are all still new to this detective-ing business so they will have to fall and learn from their mistakes. But sometimes are the mistakes too much to bear?

  • After their little stunt at the club in ep. 2, the detectives meet to decide what to do with the rookies. Although Detective Seo rants about them, he request that everyone gives him at least 3 months to train them.
  • I love the mini missions that Detective Seo have the team carry out. First it was to find a specific location. All of them went their separate ways and had their own method of getting there. Dae Gu used his photographic memory to find the location on a map he saw in the office, Soo Sun went to a realtor (who tried to sell her a ‘better’ place), Ji Gook asked a delivery man to bring him there while Tae Il gets help from a pretty lady. All very resourceful and fits their characters, but sadly, Detective Seo wanted all of them to come together as a team.


  • So next we get Detective Seo forcing the four of them to sit in the police van together for 12 hours straight. If anyone dares to leave then they will be assigned another mission. It starts out well enough, with some bonding and talking until Ji Gook has to go to the bathroom. Then everyone is suffering and then we see everyones face go dark. Someone i.e., the very serious Dae Gu released some gas! Hahaha And everyone looks at him suspiciously but he just pretends like he doesn’t notice anything is off. Ji Gook can’t hold it anymore and opens the door, but hilariously, its Dae Gu that runs out first and right into Detective Seo. The four can’t hold it and all run while Detective Seo looks on with a hint of a smile!


  • His next assignment is for the team to find a piece of gum that was thrown away by a thief since that’s the only piece of DNA they have. Cut to our team with pink gloves in front of a pile of trash. Soo Sun is motivated to find that gum amongst all the trash (all this trash talk is reminding me of Reply 1994). Dae Gu can’t deal with it anymore and decides to quit and the other two boys want to do the same. All they got to say is that they tried and couldn’t find it. Soo Sun gets up in their faces and commands them to get back to digging through the trash and they obediently listen to Dae Gu’s consternation. I LOVE that the boys are afraid of Soo Sun, who wouldn’t, she’s badass yo! While Soo Sun is beating Dae Gu with some trash bags, the gum in question falls out and the group fights over it. Perks of being the only girl on the team, Soo Sun can hide that piece of old chewed gum near her chest! The group returns to the office triumphant but everyone else at the precinct is trying to not throw up from the terrible smell.


  • Aw, how sad, turns out Dae Gu is afraid to sleep alone and needs some sort of sound playing in the background in order to sleep while balled up in the fetal position. He lost his mom, his only family member, when he was 15 and was forced to grow up so fast, yet when he shows these moments of vulnerability, it’s just so heartbreaking!

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  • Soo Sun gets gets kicked out of her temporary leased apartment, which she paid the advance for, and now has to find a new place to stay. Please tell me she’s going to move into the top bunk of Dae Gu’s apartment with the other two boys! Roommate hijinks please!
  • Soo Sun catches Dae Gu going through Detective Seo’s desk. How much do I love that Dae Gu is always ‘super secretive’ yet always gets caught by Soo Sun who’s standing behind him.
  • Detective Seo leaves for a police retreat and gives the gang their first cases. Ji Gook and Tae Il are partners on a case about some theft reports at a plastic surgery office. Dae Gu and Soo Sun are partners who are in charge of handling a stalker case.


  • While Soo Sun and Dae Gu head out to meet the victim of the stalker case, Soo Sun gets busy talking on phone with the strike leader about her temporary lease while driving, which Dae Gu complains about. Soo Sun ignores him so Dae Goo honks to get the attention of the traffic police standing on the side of the street telling them to give her a ticket for driving and talking of the phone. Cut to  one traffic violation ticket later and Soo Sun glaring holes at Dae Gu.


  • The two meet with the victim but sadly, according to Korean law, stalking is only a misdemeanor that can be punishable by a small fine. The victim feels hopeless so Soo Sun wants to help further telling her that if they get more solid evidence they can arrest the guy. Dae Gu would prefer to go by the books and leave but Soo Sun threatens him with catching him go through Detective Seo’s desk so next thing we see is Dae Gu flashing his police badge to gain access to the CCTV footage.


  • OMG the bit with Tae Il and Ji Gook going to the plastic surgery office is hilarious! “Korea is the world’s leader in cosmetic surgery” haha And Ji Gook noting on a CCTV footage that it’s suspicious that all the girls who are going in and out of the office look identical. He’s shocked to hear the nurse say that they aren’t the same, they all just have the same ‘father’, i.e. plastic surgeon ROFL


  • In ep 2 when Ji Gook moved into Tae Il’s room I was thinking that Tae Il was a little too concerned about Ji Gook but the incident with the plastic surgeon kinds of suggests that Tae Il might be gay.
  • OMG the epic, unneccesary face close ups during the meeting with the stalking totally reminds me of a sageuk!!
  • At the police academy, Detective Seo gives a speech and one student asks him about the first case that he couldn’t solve. Of course it was Dae Gu’s mom’s murder. He speaks of it with great sadness and regret.

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  • I really hope the guy that threatened mom in ep. 1 isn’t the guy that is driving Dae Gu towards revenge against Detective Seo!
  • The statute of limitation on the murder case of Dae Gu’s mom is almost up.
  • Of course, there is the obligatory girl falls asleep, guy looks on scene when Dae Gu and Soo Sun are camped outside of the stalker victims apartment. Except instead of the graceful sleeping beauty, we have Soo Sun who snores like crazy. But the soft music continues to play, Dae Gu sees she’s cold (and I’m waiting for him to zip up his jacket) but he takes it off like a gentleman and…throws it unceremoniously on her face! She remains asleep and snoring!


  • Using his genius, Dae Gu goes through all of the stalkers social messages and the CCTV clips and concludes that the guy is a perfectionist and has a rigid smile. He never shows up after midnight. He’s so confident, as sure as the fact that the earth rotates around the sun, that he leaves. Soo Sun is swayed by his confidence and is driving away when she gets a phone call from her strike leader. Turns out the victim, Yoon Jung, is planning on meeting the stalker tonight to get more solid evidence but as she calls Soo Sun, it goes to voicemail, so Yoon Jung leaves Soo Sun a message with her plans to meet the stalker at a cafe on the corner.
  • But as she gets in the stalkers car and drives off, she looks over at Soo Sun’s car and sees that she’s busy on the phone! I’d be freaking out too!


  • Dae Gu realizes that he made a mistake and that the stalker has cracked, his recent messages has many spelling errors etc. Soo Sun and Dae Gu run to the cafe to find Yoon Jung but she never got there. Dae Gu uses his impressive memory and remembers about the stalkers emphasis on the place they first met which was a park.
  • When Dae Gu and Soo Sun get to the park and find Yoon Jung, she’s lying on the floor bleed from a stab wound.

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Random thought:

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 12.08.53 AM

At this point, I’m really curious about why Soo Sun is a detective. She said that it’s because of the money, but I think there’s a lot more to it than that. She’s too dedicated and eager to help. The fact that during their childhood years, 11 years ago, Dae gu’s mom was murdered on the same day that he ran away and Soo Sun saw the murderer and the scar behind the ear, maybe that drove her towards carrying out justice?




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