God’s Gift-14 Days Press Conference [Eng Sub]

I know, I know, but it's so hard to let go of this ship. That look & smile he gives her is precious.

The look & smile he gives her after making this joke with a straight face is precious.

Okay, so I’ve been working on this little baby for a little too long to not give it it’s own post…

Here’s an old clip from the God’s Gift-14 Days press conference back in February(?), it’s Jo Seung Woo-centric, obviously. The clip is very interesting and gives fans a better insight into this magnificent actor’s thoughts.

But first off, a shout out to the amazing saturn. for providing the translation!



Jo Seung Woo once said in an interview:

“The Korean drama system is the kind I can’t stand. If all the dramas were to be pre-produced then I would give it a try but if I have to do it piece by piece almost close to live then I can’t. Dramas don’t even let you sleep. Not sleeping or eating on time changes a person’s personality.”

(source: Hancinema)

From an actor who had this enlightened view on the Korean drama system, many people were probably curious as to why he finally decided to do dramas 10 years after the start of his career. It was of course partially due to his friendship with director Lee Byung Hoon of Horse Doctor but that is not the whole story.

In the clip, Jo Seung Woo explains this change of heart and I find his outlook on the current movie atmosphere really fascinating. And I also really respect the fact that he constantly tries to challenge himself and do things he likes, regardless of if it will be popular or not. That’s a great mindset for an actor to have. His honesty is also greatly appreciated.

Enjoy and share your thoughts below 😀

“The motivation was, it can can sound like blaming words, too many of the movies these days are lacking in materials, the same old stories, sensational or which miss the essence of movie. So I was looking for something original, and I could find it in dramas.”


2 thoughts on “God’s Gift-14 Days Press Conference [Eng Sub]

  1. Hoang says:

    I hope he will do one drama and one movie per year! That would be a gift for the Korean. In Korea, it is very expensive to buy his musical tickets. He does not appear very often on the big screen too so it is hard to see him


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