You’re All Surrounded Episode 2 Mini-recap


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Wow, this post took a lot longer than expected…but here it is 😀

We definitely have quite the team of incompetent cops on our hands yet somehow they manage to be endearing and hilarious at the same time. This episode also delves a little deeper into the mysterious Dae Goo and his grudge against Detective Seo…

  • Thankfully Dae Goo didn’t actually shoot the disturber of the peace, but instead took out his taser and tazed the man instead.


  • There’s a hilarious sequence where the rookies are back at the sequence writing up their reports and a group of young fans girls start swooning over the boys. Who wouldn’t? And of course the overly confident about his womanizing skills, Tae Il, takes on the role of the perfect model.


  • It looks like the tension between Detective Seo and the new leader of the Missing Persons Unit, Sa Kyung, has to do with a past relationship that turned sour for a reason we are not privy to yet.
  • As Dae Goo and Soo Sun transport the disturber of the peace to the holding cell, unbeknownst to the both of them, he had grabbed a knife placed on the table by Ji Gook and is slowly cutting at the ropes. As Dae Goo and Soo Sun bicker, i.e., Soo Sun claiming she’s seen Dae Goo somewhere but having him deny it, the culprit manages to run away, get into the driver’s seat of a police van and is about to drive off when the van hits with another police van. This one driven by Detective Seo. Uh oh, this is not good for our rookies. Detective Seo gives the group a scolding


  • Later that night, Dae Goo goes on a *super secret* mission where he clones Detective Seo’s phone and also breaks into his apartment to install a hidden camera.


  • Turns out the boys are roommates. I can already see the future shenanigans that are going to happen here. But after prickly Dae Goo prohibits all forms of Ji Gook’s activities, Ji Gook ends up rooming with Tae Il instead. Dae Goo sits and watches his computer screen which is showing the feed from the camera in Detective Seo’s apartment.
  • While Dae Goo is looking at his wall of mystery, he receives a mysterious phone call and he tells the person on the other end that he received the package sent but is a little worried about Soo Sun whose from his hometown of Masan, but thankfully, Detective Seo doesn’t recognize him as the Ji Yong of many years ago.


  • The entire rookie team is taken off of cases and assigned desk duty. Detective Seo and his colleague, Eung Do, go out to try and catch some girls from a nightclub who are involved in some credit card scam. Turns out they are too obvious as detectives so the rookies are brought in to be ‘undercover’ and go to the nightclub to see if they can find these girls. Hilarity ensues.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 1.35.00 AM

  • Soo Sun actually manages to record a crucial conversation between some scammers while camping out in the women’s bathroom.
  • Later, the rookies find a man who had been stabbed on the dance floor and Dae Goo actually takes out his gun and shoots the speakers to get some silence. Of course the who gang get taken to a police station but they all remain silent, not revealing their identities to ensure that the girls at the clubs don’t know they are actual cops.
  • Detective Seo get the group out and reprimands them back at the precinct. He demands that they all quit and that he never wants to see their faces again. Dae Goo then plays the conversation that Soo Sun recorded from the bathroom and Ji Gook explains why they didn’t revel themselves at the police station and that they had dates with the girls scheduled. Soo Sun tears up, saying that they worked really hard.
  • Detective Seo is surprised but then his phone starts to vibrate. And so does Dae Goo’s phone (since you know, he made a secret copy of Detective Soo’s phone). Detective Seo’s phone stops vibrating and so does Dae Goo’s but then both start vibrating again. Detective Seo seems to notice something suspicious and approaches Dae Goo with the tension palpable.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 1.35.35 AM


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