You’re All Surrounded Episode 1 Mini-Recap

I have a feeling I’m going to like this drama A LOT! 😀 Which is good since of all the new dramas being released, this was the one drama that I was super excited for! And after GG14D, I’ve been in need of a good comedy! The cast is wonderful with some of my favorites in the form of Cha Seung Won, Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara! So far the show seems to indicate that it has some great potential and although the show is a comedy, that managed to make me laugh out loud a number of times, it also possesses a heart, also managing to make me cry–which is rare for dramas. And this was all just in the first episode! Ignoring the awkwardness of the first scene, I say we are in for one great, hilarious ride!

The episode starts with our rag-tag team of police officers on a car chase pursuing two criminals. The first thought that came to my mind was how inept this team was. First they have no sirens on to indicate to the public that they are officers and they are driving pretty dangerously with other civilian cars present.

This first scene was basically a mess, with police officers dropping like flies to car sickness and a lack of physical endurance. One funny bit was when Park Tae Il (played by our adorable puppy Ahn Jae Hyun) was told to catch the criminal and before he does so, he takes off his trench coat and puts it on some random girl! We have a womanizer on our hands! Eventually the other cops manage to catch up to one of the criminals who is holding a person hostage with a knife and one of our cops takes out a gun, to everyone’s shock. We hear a gun shot. Fade to black. 11 years earlier. I was so not expecting a flashback.

We are thrown in the middle of a confrontation in Masan (Reply 1994 throwback?). At the helm is a young Eo Soo Seon (played by Ji Woo, later by Go Ara) who is taking the lead against an affair perpetrated by her brother with a pretty girl from school against a friend of hers. An 8th grade boy, Kim Ji Yong (played by Ahn Do Gyu, later by Lee Seung Gi), tries to defend his noona (the one who’s a part of the affair) and soon a fight breaks out.

They are all sent to the police department and after her parents bail her and her brother out, Soo Seon hears the rumor that Ji Yong’s mom is a woman who seduced a married man and is now hiding with her young son.

We are also introduced to police detective Seo Pan Suk (played by Cha Seung Won–his voice just makes me melt). He’s a hardworking and dedicated detective, willing to go through an entire building looking for cigarette butts in order to find the DNA of a culprit.

Back at the station, a older grandma stops by to talk to him about her granddaughter’s (?) case and he ensures her that everything will turn out well since they have found a witness willing to testify.

The next day, Ji Yong drops by Soo Seon’s high school to surprise his noona, her name is Shim Hae Ji, by playing her favorite hit songs using the school’s broadcast room. He makes an announcement all while Soo Seon is singing her heart out (terribly) in the practice room in preparation for her audition to be an idol. Ha. Of course, Ji Yong leaves before the teachers arrive to the broadcast room and Soo Seon ends up getting in trouble for ditching class.

Soo Seon later confronts Ji Yong about his little stunt which caused her to miss her precious audition. He on the other hand has quite a mouth as well which causes Soo Seon to be so angry that she blurts out the rumor she heard about his mom being a mistress. At that Ji Yong storms off to think about the possibility. He even gets into a fight with a friend who calls his mom a mistress.

After his mom takes him out of the teacher’s office, they walk home where in front of their house waits a man in a suit and a shady man in black with a cap (who else automatically thought of Tattoo Hand from GG14D?). Turns out Ji Yong’s mom is the witness to the case that Detective Seo is in charge of and these men are here to threaten her with Ji Yong’s safety to keep her off the witness stand. She agrees to stay quiet.

Inside the house, Ji Yong confronts his mom about the rumors to which his mom has no answers to give him.

Later, Detective Seo hearing that Ji Yong’s mom has decided to not get on the witness stand drops by the house to persuade her, promising that he will get a restraining order so that those men can’t come near her in the future and that he would do his best to protect her.

Ji Yong hears all of this and Detective Seo give them the pictures of the girl murdered and his business card telling mom that if she changes her mind to call him. That night Ji Yong sneaks a peak at the pictures and decides to confront his mom.

Hilariously, his mom thinks he can’t sleep and offers him some hot chocolate which he declines stating that he’s too old for that. And then quickly asks if he can have some!

The mom-son duo is really sweet, being able to have mature and honest conversations with each other. He tells her that in his opinion it’d be great if mom testifies since he feels bad for ‘that noona’ but in the end he tells his mom that it’s her decision of make.

His mom also confesses that he was not a mistress, his dad really did pass away and she was angry at him for leaving mother and son behind. Ji Yong, sweetly tells his mom that he understands and that since he grew up without a father, she also lived without a husband all these years. He says he’ll grow up fast to protect her. She tears up and he grabs her some toilet paper which he complains about, suggesting they get real tissues to lighten her mood.

Mom stops by Detective Seo’s department the next day to tell him that she will be a witness and he reassures her that he will protect her. That’s going to come back and bite you isn’t it?

The next day, there’s a rain storm and Soo Sun runs through the street without an umbrella and tries to hide from the rain under a tree. Ji Yong appears with an umbrella to give her and tells her that his mom is not a mistress, just a single mom who he loves and appreciates for raising him by herself.

Soo Sun feels guilty and doesn’t want to take the umbrella but as she tries to run off, she notices her shoes are untied. Ji Yong gives her the umbrella and offers to tie her shoes for her. She’s obviously moved by the gesture, making sure that the umbrella covers him rather than herself. Ji Yong runs off and Soo Sun notices the unique shoe tie that Ji Yong made (I have a feeling that way of tying shoe-laces will be coming back in the future).

Ji Yong’s mom is at home, she hears the door and thinks it’s Ji Yong. Of course it’s not. When Ji Yong finally get’s home he finds a pendant at the front door which he thinks is pretty so he puts it in his pocket.

Once he enters the house, he sees the huge mess left behind from a struggle and when he looks in his mom’s room, he see that she is lying on the floor, bleeding from the head but still alive and conscious. He struggles to call 911 but before he can, the man in a cap returns, appearing to look for something. Ji Yong is hiding under his mom’s bed, frightened, as anybody would be, and before the capped man can lift the covers, his mom makes the final sacrifice and grabs onto the man’s leg. Realizing she’s still alive, he strangles her until she dies, all while Ji Yong watches. *tears*

The man makes a call to someone saying that he’s looking for a pendant, the one Ji Yong picked up, and that he’ll make sure no loose ends are left untied since they have Detective Seo on them.

Cut to Ji Yong’s house being a crime scene. He’s catatonic from the experience and Detective Seo obviously feels extremely guilty. When he goes to talk to Ji Yong about staying at his place tonight, Ji Yong lays it on him, blaming him for pressuring his mom to be a witness and then not keeping his promise to protect her.

Ji Yong goes to Soo Sun’s high school and then thinks back to the conversation the capped man had about the pendant and realizes it’s the one he picked up. He immediately calls Detective Seo to inform him and tells him that it’s in his coat jacket. Detective Seo wants to come pick him up and tells him to wait 30 minutes at the school.

Soo Sun also happens to still be at school and she see’s Ji Yong wandering the halls aimlessly. Ji Yong hears a noise and of course it’s capped man. He runs for his life, and although this is a intense scene, it’s also actually rather hilarious since Soo Sun uses the loud speaker to apologize to Ji Yong about the comment she made about his mom. And when he doesn’t give her a response, since you know, he’s running for his life, she looks out the window and since she can see him, says over the loud speaker exactly where’s he’s hiding which just helps the bad guy find him.

Finally, Ji Yong hides in the science classroom and smartly takes some acid out to throw at the capped man. Before he runs off he sees the pendant on the ground but he doesn’t grab it and runs.

Soo Sun heads over to the same hallway and hides when she sees the capped man leave, and notices the scar behind his ears.

As Ji Yong wanders alone, he comes to the conclusion that it was Detective Seo that gave away his location and was in fact working with the evil guys leading to his mom’s death since he was mentioned in the phone conversation after his mom’s murder and only Detective Seo knew that Ji Yong was at the school.

Flash forward to the present. We are introduced to our new recruits who are going to be working at the Gangnam precinct under Detective Seo. Here are their reasons for working in the Gangnam Violent Crimes Unit, they pretty hilarious and of course get sighs of disbelief from Detective Seo:

Ji Gook (played by Park Jung Min): Hometown is Chungnam-buyeo. He wanted to live in Gangnam so bad that he even volunteered for Gangnam traffic control but since they had no openings, here he is at the crimes unit! He’s obviously our talkative one and doesn’t seem to get discouraged very easy!

Adult Eo Soo Sun (portrayed by Go Ara): Hometown is Masan. Since she’s the type to go to bed early, the patrol division is not for her! Plus she’s heard that the Criminal Department is paid the best! LOL It’s important to note the Ji Yong (played by Lee Seung Gi) takes a note of her name since he obviously knows who she is (as long as he didn’t experience any case of amnesia…)

Park Tae Il:Hometown is Seoul and thought that working at the criminal department would be fun.

And last but not least, our hero, who’s now going by the name Eun Dae Goo. His intro is short with just his name to everyone’s shock. When asked to elaborate, he just says that he doesn’t want to. He also glares at Detective Seo the entire time which Seo notices and calls him out on it. Man the animosity between them already, can’t wait until they both find out the truth. Before he can get an answer, a call comes in about a disturbance of piece. So our rookies head out for their first case, in a hilariously epic walk.

Quick thoughts:

Lee Seung Gi topless? Hubba hubba! And I can already feel the chemistry between our leads! Go Ara and Lee Seung Gi are going to be amazing together and theirs is a love story I will be rooting for!

Also, the young actors were fantastic! I was loathe to part with them! 😦 They also did a good job convincing me that they grew up to be our present day leads. Can’t wait for the next episode!


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