Highlights from God’s Gift-14 Days Special Episode

I’ve been meaning to write about the special episode but it’s taken me quite a while! I don’t know, it might be because I didn’t want to part with this drama and the characters just yet. 😦 *withdrawal mode*

The special was slightly disappointing, not having very many NGs, and it had no interview with my Jo Seung Woo (but SBS made up for that with the bts video).

However, there were some highlights to the special though, and I especially enjoyed going behind the scenes to see all the effort from the cast and crew needed in order for this show to come together! It adds another level of appreciation for the show and their hard work!

Wow, Jo Seung Woo, I know he had a stunt double for the big jump but dang, I can’t believe Jo Seung Woo did some of it, landing on that car must have been intense and could have led to an injury!

This was what Kang Sung Jin (actor who played serial killer Cha Bong Sub) had to say about Jo Seung Woo, which just shows why I love this actor so much!

“Why people praise Jo Seung Woo. And why people recognize him as a good actor. These questions were answered for me. He concentrates and immerses into his character better than anyone.”

And the narrator goes on to say this about Jo Seung Woo:

“As shooting ends, he takes care of the other person, his colleagues were touched by this.”

And getting to see the BTS of the rain fight scene was pretty awesome! The actors were probably freezing filming that scene, look as Jo Seung Woo’s breath!

Jo Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young continue to crack me up and make me ship their friendship a little more than is healthy! 😛 He stays to help on set even though he doesn’t have a scene and he gives Lee Bo Young the “Let’s Rock and Roll” hand sign and she tells him to “bug off” and then tries to imitate him lol


This was what Lee Bo Young had to say about Jo Seung Woo:

“An actor’s job is to express their emotions at the extreme level constantly. So we all have problems with our emotions being too hyped up. But he is really good at letting it go some times and putting a comical spin to it. I think Jo Seung Woo-shi really brought that to the stage for us.”

I loved what Lee Bo Young had to say about her choosing to act in God’s Gift. I know a lot of fans were disappointed in the ratings for God’s Gift, but in reality, it didn’t do too poorly if you compare it to the ratings of the other dramas, what it was up against and the current drama ratings climate…

“Thinking about its popularity and its positioning in the competitive time slot, I would not have chosen this drama. But thankfully the ratings were also high. More importantly, I wanted to be in it to its completion.”

And what a producer (?) had to say was quite insightful about the current korean drama landscape.

“The genre and construction of Korean dramas are set. Melodrama, family, and sometimes historical. They are verified patterns. But in reality, there’s so much that we can make. But in Korea, they don’t try other dramas. Thrillers are especially difficult because thrillers require audiences to be absorbed into what’s happening on screen. For those reasons, it’s not really a genre that receives high ratings as a drama. So in Korea, such a genre was never tried without mixing in some features of melodrama. A pure thriller was never really tried. And this piece tried that, somewhat recklessly. Stubbornly from the beginning to the end and that deserves an applause.

And did you know that the director kept the real culprit a secret from the cast and crew (except for from Tattoo hand) to avoid spoilers?

OMG Jung Gyeo Woon was so hilarious in the special! He was laying around on the subway car while Lee Bo Young was filming, got kicked out and then when it came for him to deliver his *one* line, he messes up!

It was especially hilarious when he was so excited about the one action scene he got! He had a stunt double but managed to convince the director to let him do the scene on his own with reasons such as the stunt double’s hair looks nothing like his!! Ha he was so determined and devoted to completing the scene perfectly that he did it in one take!! Bravo! 😀

Something I didn’t know was that this show actually used quite a bit of CGI. For example, in the scene where Dong Chan ran away from the thugs by getting on the train in episode 3, the scene was actually computer generated and the train wasn’t really moving!

Also, it took quite a lot of effort to get the underwater scene where Soo Hyun commits suicide and Dong Chan saves her, bringing the two of them back 14 days, just right!

And here’s one last thing I wanted to say about God’s Gift. Although the finale didn’t live up to our expectations, I hope people don’t dismiss the rest of this mostly well-thought out, tightly plotted and suspenseful show! There was a reason we kept coming back for more. As viewers, the show made us think and allowed us to play detective alongside DC and SH. It’s sad that so many people are forgetting how great the show was up until the last 2 episodes or so…(but mainly those last 10 minutes–argh)! A finale can truly taint the greatness of the rest of the show prior, it’s sad! But let’s try to not forget what made us fall in love with the show to begin with! 😀

credit: dramafever for translation and buticut @soompi for screen shots


2 thoughts on “Highlights from God’s Gift-14 Days Special Episode

  1. Hiedi says:

    Thank you for recapping the special ep. I still haven’t watch it yet. But after reading this, I think to give it a try. I’m having a withdrawal syndrome too I guess. ^^


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hey Hiedi!! Thanks for reading!!! ^^ It was actually rather informative and interesting (minus the lack of JSW interviews…)! I’m suffering huge withdrawal symptoms right now as well! Need more of our JSW! 😀


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