God’s Gift-14 Days Behind the Scenes Goodies

I’ve been a little lost since God’s Gift-14 Days ended, but thankfully, SBS continues to release great BTS videos of our adorable cast! Take a look at the most recent batch!

First off, are these two purposely trying to make it hard for me to tame that JSW-LBY shipper inside?! They are like too cute for their own good! But at least I can still ship their adorable friendship! ❤
credit: buticut @soompi

(1) One of my favorite videos SBS has released! So many precious moments!!! Loved that JGW’s pants ripped, loved it when LBY touched JSW’s face, the moment where JSW was acting out what he could do to the president’s son, JSW and JGW’s bromance, JSW and KYM (especially JSW joking around with her in the conversation towards the end), basically all of it lol




6ar8veznnq9ro682eryzrrpyzjlfAll gifs credit to buticut @soompi

(2) Ha! So they finally release JSW’s interview that should have been in the special! All I can tell is that he’s super respectful and kind (as if that weren’t obvious before), were friends with the crew, and from the interview, I heard that doing this show made him happy and he’s thankful? (or something like that)!

(3) JSW and JGW are soooooo adorable! Seriously, kicking and chasing each other even when the director was screaming “cut”?!?! The bromance!! 😡 (funny how they show this as one of the BTS when it wasn’t even in the original broadcast)

Best part of the video:

(4) And lastly, LBY’s bts:

BTS Photos:


VPMqn4J GpwbSeb Hs08c3G aR6GJlj Kr0ZSeT (1) rvIK6CJ FbNXdWV pfTMMAN Img0404_20140430120455_7 Img0404_20140430120455_3 Img0404_20140430115908_2 Img0404_20140430115908_4 DExual5

Jo Seung Woo looking damn fine!!!


4 thoughts on “God’s Gift-14 Days Behind the Scenes Goodies

  1. Zs hikari says:

    “This time, I assume the role of Gi Dong Chan in the film God’s Gift 14 Days. The drama ended up over 16 episodes but for me this work really makes sense. In addition, I had chance to cooperate with the exellent colleagues and professional film crew, I really feel happy.

    As an actor, this is probably the first truly works stored in the memory for a long time, the one that took a big role in my life.

    In recent years,I’ve been received so much attention and encouragement , again sincerely thank all …<3" – Jo Seung Woo's interview , engtrans by Jo Seung Woo Vietnam Fanpage


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hi Sash, I did not make those GIFs myself. A friend over at soompi, buticut, made them and gave me permission to use them. She did say that she uses a program called Ulead GIF Animator 5 , but apparently its a huge hassle…


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