50th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards Announces Nominees

What in the what?!?! I just can’t with Korean Award shows. Yesterday, the list of nominees for the 50th Annual Baeksang Arts Award was released and what made me do a double take was the fact that Jo Seung Woo was completely ignored in all categories, most blatantly from the Best Male Actor category. That in itself just shows what a joke this year’s Baeksang Awards are and that these types of awards shows, that in theory should be rewarding actors based on talent, is purely a popularity contest. However, the nomination list was later edited to include Jo in the Male Popularity Award-which begs the question, what “serious” award show does that? I just wished they’d leave him out of the award show entirely if they weren’t going to put his name in the Best Actor category because no one really cares for the Popularity Award and I just feel like it taints his reputation in a way…

What are your thoughts on this year’s list?

Check out the full list here:


4 thoughts on “50th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards Announces Nominees

  1. says:

    wth is going on? Base on Jo Seung Woo’s talent, đeication, and acting experience , he deserves much more than that ! I feel sory for Beaksang !


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