New Scenes in Rebroadcast of God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 16

Viewers were not pleased with the finale of God’s Gift-14 Days, myself included. It was waaaaaaaay too rushed for anything to make sense. However, it looks like SBS heard the cries and in a rebroadcast of episode 16, some new scenes were included:

(1) We were given the complete scene of Dong Chan reading his altered version of “The Story of A Mother” but sadly we were STILL not privy to his answer of whether the knight lives or dies! -_- But even without subs, you can probably tell how many curse words in included in his version of the story 😀 The evildoers also get arrested!! Would have loved to see this in the original ending!

(2) My personal favorite. A scene was added showing the happier times of when Dong Chan and Woo Jin were partners! They were so adorable! I wish we had more of these types of scenes!

(4) And apparently in the rebroadcast, in the scene where Dong Chan carries Saet Byul in the water, the scene cuts away before we see Saet Byul move. If Dong Chan doesn’t know that Saet Byul is alive, does he kill her?

Source: saturn. @soompi


2 thoughts on “New Scenes in Rebroadcast of God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 16

  1. Pishyyy says:

    tqvm for this news… it’s so satisfying to see the evil ones get handcuffed,finally.. and it’ll be more glorious if it’s DC who did it, but sighhh.. and as for (4), is it a new ending(?).. DC thinks SB is dead and he will drown her, so that stupid prophecy doesnt even cross his mind.. even if he manages to throw SB in the water, SH is just a few meters away from them..and knowing SB alive at the end, it means SH manages to save SB right at the time..and it’s very likely she saves DC too! hence we got those 3 silhouette waiting for DH out from prison with DC indeed included..


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hey thanks for reading! ^^ If Saet Byul didn’t move then DC would have thrown her body into the lake but the fact that SB was walking with SH at the very end would suggest that DC lives since he would never have had the chance to come to that stupid conclusion of “yep, crazy lady says one of us has to die…so I’ll do it”! -_- Hmmm so now I would like to see a scene in between the lake scene and the very end scene! I want to see how SH saves both her daughter and our Knight, because I’m confident she did!!! 😀 She totally managed to save SB, DH and of course our DC! (in my finale rant I give my three top reasons for that conclusion as well)


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