Cast of God’s Gift-14 Days Celebrates Quietly

I’ve said in a previous post that the wrap-up party for God’s Gift-14 Days was cancelled and that the funds were going to be donated to the victims and families of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. I was a little saddened at this news, however, it turns out that all the main cast members had a small get together on April 23rd. It was reported that they went to Jo Seung Woo’s favorite Soju bar in the Gagnam area and that Jo Seung Woo paid. As if I didn’t already love him enough! How generous! 😀 Afterwards the group relocated to a Starbucks near the area.

Cast members in attendance:

I’m glad that this group of people who’ve gone through a lot together for the past couple of months while filming this show could have a small celebration to close this chapter of their professional lives. They deserved it. I also hope they all stay friends for a long, long time! 😀 From the picture, Jo Seung Woo is clean shaven in preparation for his upcoming musical, Hedwig. Maybe some of the cast members will attend one of the showings, although all the tickets for Jo Seung Woo’s scheduled appearances are sold out, he’ll probably be able to get them seats! ^^

Source: and saturn. @soompi


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