Jo Seung Woo Begins Rehearsal for Hedwig

God’s Gift-14 Days has just barely finished filming and airing its last episode on April 22, but that doesn’t mean its lead actor, Jo Seung Woo, is going to be taking a break. Jo immediately joined the cast of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ in rehearsals with the first showing only three weeks away. Jo first portrayed the titular character back in 2005 to much critical acclaim. This will be his fourth reprisal of the role which has given him the nickname ‘Cho-dwig’.

Jo is currently the highest paid musical star in Korea and is often credited with bringing the vibrancy back to the musical theatre scene with his performance in ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ back in 2004 and ‘Hedwig’ in 2005. The tickets to his performances always sell out within minutes.

Hedwig has created a sort of cult following in Korea and fans are especially fond of Jo’s portrayal due to the emotional depth he gives the character along with his spontaneous performances on stage.

This man is such a workaholic! But since he does love performing on stage more than any other medium, and he finds the role of Hedwig liberating, I guess it’s a nice respite from the crazy Korean drama filming system that he just completed.

Hedwig is a musical about a tortured transsexual rock star. Here are some clips of Jo’s performance in the musical:

All YT videos Cr. to Uploader

Source: allkpop


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