More God’s Gift-14 Days Behind the Scenes

Heads up, there will be a special GG14D episode airing next Monday, but don’t keep your hopes up, it’s not an epilogue but will be an hour of BTS, NGs, and cast interviews! I’m not complaining! 😀 Any chance to watch more JSW and LBY interactions is always welcome!!!

Until then, let’s get rid of that bad taste in our mouths left behind by the finale by watching the most recently released [Making Of] video released by SBS:

1) HAHA these BTS never fail to get me! I love how JSW and LBY are ALWAYS messing around with each other. Just pay attention to what they are doing in the background!! Their friendship is enviable! 🙂 And JSW poking LBY at the end was like him going “Bo Young-ah, I;m over here! Pay attention to me and stop hugging Baro”-or more likely he’s just being his usual self, trying to annoy and bully LBY lol

2) And my JSW sure seems serious studying his lines! He really is a perfectionist! ❤

3) And OMG 🙂 JSW is like so amazed that someone would have such an hideous hairstyle as the bowl cut! 🙂 He’s keeps petting Baro lol And he was even practicing for when he would have to cut Baro’s hair in ep. 16 LOL

Man I’m going to miss these jokesters!


jsw read script

jsw fight bts





This is also what I imagine JSW to be thinking right now:

Also, the cast and crew of God’s Gift will not be having a wrap-up party, deciding to cancel it in the wake of the national mourning over the Sewol Ferry Tragedy.


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