God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 16 Finale Ramblings

SPOILERS!!!! Obviously. But you have been warned!

What the F*** did I just watch?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Omg I can’t even express how angry, disappointed and frustrated I am right now!

That ending was freaking ridiculous and unnecessary! What happened to my DC?!?! Is he alive?!?!? Was that him I saw standing there waiting for DH’s release with the rest of the family? But what was up with the splash?!?! “For one to live the other must die”? To hell with that! If it made more sense then sure but DC was literally holding a LIVE SB in his hands with Ahjumma literally 20 feet away running towards him (why the hell did she not yell out to DC that SB is alive?!?!?)! So even when he decided to give up his life for SB to live (which was unnecessary!!!), SH should have been able to reach him and stop him since DC would have had to go back to shore to put SB down first! SH would then explain that everything was now alright with the president on their side, everyone will be safe! It was so unnecessary for him to have to die!!!! Did the writer really have to make his character THE MOST TRAGIC CHARACTER IN THE HISTORY OF DRAMAS?!?!?!? SO this freaking ambiguous ending is definitely not up my ally! Did the knight survive?!?!? Million dollar question of the day! He better have because I’m already pissed at the show for pulling something like this! They crammed so much in the last 10 minutes!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And that whole set up!?!?! SO they drugged him up (um why the heck didn’t he stop drinking that water after he felt a little off, he drank like 7 glasses of that water), got a lady whose voice JUST HAPPENS to sound just like his moms, LMH managed to get a specific taxi to pick him up then get in a inject him with strong alcohol just so that he will have induced blackouts and amnesia?!?! How the hell was this all possible?!? And my DC, how could you possibly fall for this? How can you think SB was dead, freaking check her pulse! I know you are much, much smarter than that!!!!!!

And then we are to believe that it was also DC who “killed” SB in the previous timeline to protect his mom, which parallels DH’s hiding of SJ’s body to save DC?!?!? And then it was HJH that told the Big Bear, Brown Bear to kill DC? (Great work, those who guessed this) AHHHHHHHHH, what?!?! It makes some sense with the nightmares and whatnot but seriously?!?!

So what was the whole purpose of this show?!?!?! All their hard detective work led to nothing! They were defeated and outsmarted by LMH throughout the entire last episode (and series if you ask me)! If it wasn’t for the president being on their side they would have been ruined completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The president=deus ex machina!!!!

A little calmer now:

This episode was unnecessarily draggy and seriously, the most important moment of the episode occurred within the last 10 minutes or so. The writer could have totally condensed the other 50 minutes so that we could have been given a bigger chuck of the time to the ending scene and what happens after!! Ahhhh, why wait until that last episode to be bad at pacing! It’s like the writer thinks she has one more episode or something, because I thought this was another cliffhanger!

Therefore these finale ramblings will be a lot different than my previous ones, as you can already tell! Less recapping, more reactionary!

So in fact it was all of the First Lady’s doing and not the President’s. He had no knowledge of this!

I still can’t believe the secretary and the First lady were going to kill an innocent child because she saw some things she shouldn’t have, she doesn’t even understand any of this crap! And seriously, the secretary’s reasons for helping the First Son cover up his crimes were weak sauce! Because he wanted to make Nam Min Joon president and he couldn’t have the son’s crimes reflect on the father! This made it out to be as if the secretary actually had morals! How can a man who supports a moral compass like MNJ do all these heinous crimes without a shred of remorse!?!?!

And then Gramps, what was his purpose in this show really! He barely helped DC, and when he did with the son’s suicide note, it turned out to be pointless since DC was outsmarted by LMH again! And what about his money, did it go to the Ki family?!?


The best part of this episode had to be when DC was preparing to nobly sacrifice for his brother by turning himself in! When he went to have a meal with his mom and YG, it just broke my heart! He thought it would be the last! :(( And the picture they took! 😦 (but those bowl cuts really get their names from putting a bowl on your head or is that just because DC doesn’t really know how to cut hair?)

As always, anytime DC and DH have a conversation in the prison, I know it’ll be a tearjerker! DC bringing YG! And DH asking Dc to be YG’s father if he dies was just heartbreaking, one because of the entire situation and two because we all know DC is thinking that he won’t do that because he is going to turn himself in a take the blame for the crimes to save his brother although he jokingly said he’s a bachelor and YG would weigh him down! ☹

And then when DC went to beat the crap out of the presidents son (the Korean secret service apparently sucks at their job..) and then showed the pictures to prove that he was the mujin murderer I just cringed!

But I think the conversation in the jail cell with SH was really revealing! SH was really very worried for DC. He gave up to protect his brother but this time SH said she do what it takes to save SB, DH and DC. What a reversal! I loved that! This is the first time SH is thinking of other people besides her SB! So I really do hope that she ends up being the person who saved DC, the knight, from his stupidly stupid logic!! He’s done too much and gone through too much to be given such a tragic ending!

BUT most importantly where is my happy SH-DC-SB family?!?!?!? Would it have hurt them to have DC show up at the last moment when SH and SB were at the lake (looking rather longingly at it) to have DC show up and put an arm around SH indicating we got our happy family!?!? WHY SHOW WHY!!!

And I’m also angry that there weren’t more scenes of our dynamic duo in this episode!?!? Seriously, that’s like the magnet of the show!!!!!!!!!

And why didn’t we get to see those bastards suffer for their crimes?!?!

He better be alive!!!!!!!!

I’ve decided, our DC lives:

1) DC is totally the guy, whose back we see when DH is released! Since there were three people there, one was mom, one was YG and man in suit better be DC! And DH is too happy, he must have seen ALL the members of his family.

2) SB is too happy for her Ahjusshi to be dead. (and in my world, SH-SB-DC are a happy family! SH and SB are just visiting mom but will go home to DC…)

3) SH was obviously close enough to save him, as I said in my rant above, since she’s literally 20 feet away, and when DC returns to put SB down, SH would persuade him and save him. She’s his knight now.

Also, poor tattoo hand. He sacrificed to try to help save SB!

Despite my disappointment on the finale’s execution, overall, it’s been quite a great and fun ride! I have to thank GG14D for introducing me to the love of my life, JSW! :p And the show, though it had its bumpy moments and contrived scenes (and this ridiculous ending), was truly a joy to watch and obviously the writer wrote this with a clear plan and ending in mind! I like that the show made me think and that I was a part of the detective investigation just as much as DC and SH were! I’ll truly miss this show and the characters that I have become attached to! It really was a cut above a lot of other shows regardless of its imperfections! It’s been a blast!


6 thoughts on “God’s Gift-14 Days Episode 16 Finale Ramblings

  1. crystal says:

    DC-SH-SB family shipper here! btw, won’t there be any special episode like ‘you who came from the stars’?! I want to see my hero Dong Chan again!!


    • dramapenchant says:

      Hi Crystal,

      Yay a fellow shipper! Yes, there will be a special episode for GG14D airing next Monday at around the same time. However, it’s not supposed to be an epilogue but instead will be filled with NGs, BTS and cast interviews! I’m actually really excited for it since I love watching JSW and LBY’s adorable and childish interactions!!! 😀


      • conanblue says:

        There will? I really hope so. Oh dear… maybe there’ll be a satisfying explanation to the ending. To me the ending wasn’t open ended. It was just crap.


      • dramapenchant says:

        Yep! I hear that it might help explain some of the plot holes but don’t hold your breath! I’m actually just happy we have a special! More JSW=happy me! 😀

        Ha, crap…ambiguous…tomato-tomahto Ambiguous/open-ended is the word I’m using while I’m still in denial lol


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